How important is NATO?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Thursday, July 19th
Tommy talks to Peter Brookes, a Senior Fellow of National Security Affairs at the Heritage Foundation, about President Trump, the US, and NATO.

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The president is it generated a lot of the controversy I guess the night. After his interview as I understand it to you with is. The summit was Vladimir Putin before he left Helsinki sat down with. Tucker Carlson from fox and he made reference to one in response to a question. Why should we jumped to Montenegro's response a member of NATO he says because. They're very aggressive people and could start world war three and I'm paraphrasing. All of that Peter Brooks joins us right now senior fellow national security affairs at The Heritage Foundation to morning and you Dylan. Remark. John McCain tweeted I think that. It's in Putin's dream or something along those lines they have NATO split up and it's the only thing nets kept Russia from. Advancing give us a little bit about NATO for people would know of that but they know known about it Peter please. Yeah I mean the North Atlantic Treaty Organization with that up after. A World War II. Like the Soviet threat two western to a two year includes. Point nine kind of like spears 26 27 countries in Europe and the United States and Canada Canada's ball so part of that oh. Europe. I've been very successful organization over the years many people feel that the strength NATO was. One of the reasons to the end of the Cold War Soviets couldn't keep up with with our defense capabilities. And things could change in the early 1990. Unfortunately. Where her back to a place. Where Russia is against a threat. Has been rationing US and NATO military forces. Has been violating some arms control treaty in Albany. Military military. Alba and it is that. Been expansion of the many of the country's per the Warsaw pact which was that the Soviet union's eastern European military. Warsaw pact. NATO. Some of the former rip the Soviet republics. Such as the Baltic state Lithuania Latvia Estonia. Poland from the from former Warsaw pact the Czech Republic which was tripled to block it and so that and so a lot of countries are now part. NATO one thing important thing to point out is that Ukraine is not is not part some people for a repeat the plate that they do not. I'm so they the it's it's very important that these are very except polite and certainly America's largest. Military alliance we have other military alliances it. I Japan. It's Cingular would too cute and Cingular with South Korea. We have them Australia the Philippines and Thailand. So that that about it as a military liked is that this is certainly. Certainly the animal like that it point nine countries and Montenegro is the newest member of NATO smoke or smoke a trip anyway. A very small population I heard somebody mention the check in at the new line up on Russia but I had a chance to look at that so. So comment but I think about the end of the population of the city of Baltimore or something along so. The smaller the public but that this was the one that was part of that. Conversation interview with. Tucker Carlson. You know it's enters sing and it has nothing to do with anything but. As the last NATO meeting it was the president of Montenegro I think the president kind of put his hands off moved out of the way and he was talking about Mon may girl being an aggressive people. Tweet from the president says had a great meeting with NATO they've paid 33 billion dollars more and more pay hundreds of billions knows more. In a future only because of mean NATO was weak but now it is strong again bad for Russia the media only says so is drew two leaders never mentions the money. To be clear there is no big pot of money from which NATO. The arms itself or uniforms itself or anything else trying. Well it could be made each country has its military OK now we have 1 march NATO military force there is pretty general and that the countries pay into the United States and the biggest donor can happen in most cases. The country is providing for its own defense. And in the thing that the president is talking about concerns that I share those concerns as per share. The president feel that the United States. Polish shouldering too much of the burden this can take instruction in Europe. And I think he's saying hey you're more threat by Russia and we'll be your right there. I'm in need anymore and NATO. Going back to. 2006. And then reiterated in 2014 that generated this year so that each country within eight and 2% of its gross domestic product. Understand. And right now between countries there's only five in Europe that are doing so of course United States is spending. Over 3% of our GDP quick huge GDP. Bill and and there are three more countries that will join that 2% club this year will be eager. But yes it eight or nine point nine cents to one in an art including countries like wealthy countries like Germany. Amazing how everything is viewed through. Apolitical prison today we're talking to Peter Brookes senior fellow of national stares at The Heritage Foundation and the taxes even your liberal friend agrees with trump on NATO's problems. There it is transportation is a conservative think tank so. Believe would you want but you can Google it if you don't believe me so let me get back to what I asked you before Peter when it comes as 2% announcing and they shouldn't contribute. But 2% are not winning comes sewage Croatia. Denmark Estonia ticket country even France and Germany they're look and tell us to save their bacon are they not. Well court where the big deal with the Victorian grow. In question about by the fact is they need to contribute and it's only fair that they make a contribution and guess our responsibility to defend. I guess I'm asking me would be better for them to contribute to the general fund and their own defense does. Would it really matter when it comes Croatia. Yeah you bring up you bring it bring up an important point. You know the fact is is that the other there's the general fund and they do make a contribution there and then there's also. Either on defense but they're getting them 2% are reasonable but of course the question is what are they spent on. Some of the countries actually that are spending Q percent or spending it on personal impact and tensions so what are the other arm has been. That they spent 20% on major equipment purchases. Furthering my uttered by this seems like it seems like when it comes to Bulgaria comment taken on Bulgaria. 2% signed a mega dam that a difference it's still needs they still need us who would seem like that money would be better spent. Contributing to a NATO fund that we could draw from when it comes time to save their rear ends. I don't think I don't think it's I'm not they've looked a bit and they decided this is that the outgoing no I didn't talk to me under. Yeah I think mentally in relation really tell that about it I think. That need to. Know I'd say your church throw it out. Now for the time Indian. Look tell me about Putin's motivation in all of this and come up the who's point what. Who can. Beat you at the weekend. I you know unfortunately. Russia beat them in 2000 by pollutants that. Intimately in my mind that the greatest geopolitical strategies that Tony sentry with all the so we union. He recently reiterated that in another's in another place another time. And he you know that this is now he thinks he think he made the threat you know it's always been a defensive. The deliberate defensive organization it's to defend Europe from aggression not to initiated correction. I'm glad you are and is it reminds me of the questioning at will be about article five. As it relates to NATO and if for example Montenegro were to invade somebody at that point their on their own we don't come to their defense correct. What article five it calls for common defense but. As it every treaty we have defense treaty there are each country have to go through their constitutional. Process the Miller people sign up for. Subtle sort of monocle takes the fight with another country or country expects to play with a another country. He did that the diplomat with that written treaties that we could drag into something we didn't we we don't support. Well actually no not forget that you mention to Peter Estonia could. Declare war on Croatia and just pick and a couple of countries off the list them what do you do you can't defend the most. That's not collective till the that's different but I mean again that aggression. Collective they'll or if there's aggression against NATO. The countries would decide. You know how they're going to act and eat because you don't like it drag in somebody else is ridiculous fight. There each speedy treaty have been cool room and diplomatic wiggle room that say that the countries have to go through there. That there won't give constitutional. And you know congressional parliamentary process. Regarding participation. In their collective felt that it's not automatic. So that that where there's there's room there if somebody starts the fight in of course that that been entered Intron neo fight night. What we're talking a collective self defense where you know we're talking about aggression in the past that'd been so union. Today unfortunately it it's Russia get another possibility particularly if gitmo got my head. So what it's protect against aggression not to not to initiate aggression. You have I hear you quickly in terms of the president did does it make a damn what he says during an interview or is it more about his actions in terms of by extracting more money in not extorting extracting more money from the NATO countries and get them to pay their fair share. All the policies are good and you know the policies are good the president is right about see you write about asking enters its pay their fair share. He's right about our church is well just to not to worry about Europe would not issue any potential North Korea and China. I think that the other things that we are military we have military specific military and Atlantic. I'm and so we need people to be able to you know. Do their fair share on any unease that is defense issues so the president is absolutely right about that he's not the first one it's up. Present Obama brought up President Bush brought up it's been an issue for a long time and that but the president I think has been a little bit more vocal about it stronger terms this rhetoric. I another day we talk about these islands in the China sega's those really bother me today. That I thought they should that seems beyond that back burner and seems like we had a Serb movement toward the front thank you Peter. You gotta have today Peter Brookes senior fellow of national security affairs at The Heritage Foundation.