How impactful will the NFL's new helmet rule be?

Bobby & Kristian talk with WWL listeners about the NFL's new helmet rule, then discuss the Pelicans' 2018-2019 schedule with Pelicans TV color analyst David Wesley. And WWL-TV's Doug Mouton calls in to talk Saints.

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Often run an hour to hear of sports talk David Wesley pelicans TV color analyst Jonas and about ten minutes talk about the pelicans upcoming schedule. They opened up against Houston. On October 17 and are on the road against the defending champs. On Halloween talk about the schedule with David Wesley momentarily phone lines are open at 50426018. Semi tech's 870. Eight Sony should the NFL revise these leading with a helmet. Penalties and policy. Zurich clarity for the players to understand what they're to me flagged for it and 25 of those flags thrown in the pre season Bobby. Well I know what they got to see would you hit amenities bullet hands in his kamikaze and how Lucy Neville wanna Lorie ahead. The last. Tenth in the second you might do it to deliverable a blow because though the weapon a hard helmet is like is like a weapon. But you know on emphasizing you gotta see what you hit. And with interest in and then the new rule reads simply this. It is the Powell if a player Moses had to initiating made contact when his helmet against an opponent. So bottom line dole or you helmet. Could this human instinct when you see something. Not yet to Mobil's now realize have a face masks and all that. It's human instinct to duck. With something's coming and you are you going it's out of Norris Williams of full speed yet so. But is playing itself right now is a problem player Moses had to initiating made contact his helmet against an opponent. What's different from in the past. The contact doesn't have to be helmet to helmet he goes oh we got a voice goes oh collisions. But it it was college NFL McCain have helmet to helmet now it applies. To the office to deal with the player just the same. If you Gloria helmet and you hit him in the gut. You know and it died whoever you hit them and as a whistle that did in getting kicked out. Now are their could be a penalty. I think they get up. If you couldn't board the severity. Are they intention. That they had a montage of tackles. They'll be considered illegal in a new rule that prohibits a player. But from initiating Qaeda who in his helmet. But I think is still going to be a judgment call which a lot of fans don't want the officials to have that kind of power. But it's and is sick of the speed of the gain. Yeah I think understood coming down here on their runners lowing the shoulder enduring your shoulder. Is just one of those things that easily could be a bang bang play. And nothing antenna intentional or vicious. As far as just trying to play pro ball wouldn't. The running back I'll try to go forward and break the tackle or to defend them trying to get him down there what an attack is gonna do then. Is giving a lighting and add to a lot of shoulder tackle of the gonna have to make it work. And we got these big running backs when you're trying trip them. Because the speed of the game I mean is as hard as it is. His thing it's got a big time in adjustment and the hardest thing to me is going to be when likeness in a ball Carol Moses had to do is getting low and actually. Your head's gonna drop we have to almost fight through that. And like you said not accommodate calls the officials when he putts so okay. So really one of the pre season so let's say that's average throughout the season on and and though he's yes than a city that happens every game. But I 125 Christian how many actually decade ago. One okay three I think that's who's gonna haven't you get penalized but not necessarily egg AK Italian art it's almost like what you haven't soccer on I know you love this rule. We have a yellow card are right guard I think everybody at soccer star Elkhart oh they make it much more Juliet is that what I'm saying a yellow card lately but you got a red card. You're got to go but you never could get it phobos would ye all you play with it can't on defense. I did sort of you know it's targeted okay yeah at a disadvantage at one less player would inevitably do that but I think that brought this up today before. You look at Walt Coleman a household name. I mean here's a guy is entering his thirtieth NFL season. End. You know he's talking about all these years calling a game and he said in the past it's been just about football for us. You know we knew we know what a personal follow is it was flagrant or not. But he said now all it has gone from being a regular football played him being a file. You know dealing with a helmet goes going to be how fast do the players adjust. And I think he openers are just. More there might even and its future might get obviously not even in the league now. But I may be have a great opportunity to adjust is probably going to be taught. And again old dog new tricks kind of scenario. Within it's also going to be how fast did officials are just. That this is now foul. So he said that is gonna be challenging so again that's why have pre season also for the officials to see how they got a call things. I don't back when David Wesley pelicans TV color LC called the final four to 6018 semi tech's 870. 87 and Patrick writes that type this is sports talk here on W two well. Patrick your new worlds Brian Biloxi Mississippi in Nikki matter sit tight tunnel Pelz we get back to the helmet rules be patient this. David Wesley join us now. You hate pelicans TV color analyst and David are. So David now what does schedule coming out below what's intriguing to you know what number of fans. I brought up to me is like oh. We don't get that face bogey cousins in the war is at the last game in a regular season that was. It kind of bizarre how they had that scheduled breakdown. You know face to bogey the warriors. It's important answer you know there might want to see him and in some of them wanna get back at him by. You know does this schedule on him. You know I mean they're going to do about it is you know lose some tough stretches start he's been. Kind of a mixed bag how well they do it. All to a good start. In and also in December they had been at Milwaukee at LA at Sacramento Dallas which news. A lot of apple. But winnable game and so. You know it it. It's going to be is gonna determine it's going to be determined by healthy and can be dropped the user is outlawed them. Now David you look at and you been involved a number of years with the pelicans with the New Orleans organization. And when you look at getting off to hot star in your rights to people in these pars the kind of wade to the new year. To really embrace whether it was the hornets sort of paladins are you look at the start. Of the season is things like that people are more optimistic guess somehow. Looking at the first closing games when you look at the schedule there is well what are you what are your expectations as far as that fast start because. I guess like you do with the saints. I mean you look the first 45 games can you be for a one maybe undefeated vs a 500 type team what is your take at the start of season when you look at the schedule. Well you know respectfully you know. You wanna Wear purple and there's some political gains hold. Com when you start looking at big game that they had talked about the first Sacramento. The clippers. Portland you'd call build it there for. Couple Rubin the home and then they go out on the road Cornel West Coast trip and come back in Chicago Phoenix so. You know it it's a chance to get all of the art in the Pallet and you know in my seven or six years. Don't normally do that because of injury and things like that they in the training yeah. Come out ready to play. They certainly did you know have a winning record in the first well in and kind of set the tone for the dispute. David Wesley pelicans TV color analyst Reagan down the pelicans schedule senior David Wesley four on Twitter. What stable what's not David about the scale schedule for the pelicans. The line angle I don't really think you know night and I. Go back to. You know something now is that everybody play everybody and scheduled what it is. I don't see it as favorable or unfavorable. They do have some low road trip. But there are some bees in between here. You know we have machines and to get Brett and and he'll about the apple. So. You know this is just about how they approach that topic and he's been out there and well and they got a piece is that. An appeal to avoid the guy that with Rondo and cut and so. They haven't yet to get off to a good start and that they you know it's starting to operate earlier. And beat it beat it. Now David being the veteran that. That you are obviously played the game and understand. The significant. Being of certain players. A number of fans they look so well known bug because his damaged goods whatever and they you know they wish him well. But the dealer really distraught. That Rondo wasn't back on board not to understand Rondo. You know his opportunity to go play when LeBron what the lakers but what is your take and and obviously a look at Rondo. Being heavily a coach on the court but. His skill set how would you compare. The expectations now are Rondo no longer being arrogant and Alfred Peyton and the challenges he's gonna face. The lie I think he's there are certain players and we just can't replace I don't care. He's still with two people three people just replete what they marine unit in May not OP. Their style of play which run agree outplayed everybody in to a point where. He also coached on the board that also hard to replace the leader on. But I think it's going to be kind of a group effort in the backcourt. Would polity have missed that he is leadership role with him at that take more out. One of those role to kind of help comfort. And acclimate himself in it is seen. Alpert have to be aggressive and do what he's. And not. Sit back I think this team plays better when guys are doing their job. Doing what they do best as opposed to watching somebody I thought that the reason why. This can turn around because Beatty finally. Right ago. And it made all the different he's sitting back watching. You know dominant player like cousins do what he's done. And it took away from him but I've got to get back to do and eighty stop in the teens who call. And I Davis speaking of AD. Going to this season now Julius Randall how you think big and a co exists and I'm optimistic guy I think the Julius ran as a future stud. I mean I think hearing has kids on the wall whoa what did you take as far as accommodation. Emanate the. He's another player that I I think that. Kind of boundaries known grew. Out Nellie that black patent fees and he played. Like a complete stud in the patent beauty can bring Beckett again not sit back. And take a backseat. I mean everyone on the team nobody used the main. But you have to play the way you're capable of playing for this to be effective in defeat and distraught being aggressive and tried it. To do what he's capable of doing. He he's gonna get 8081. Finds ways no matter who's on the court so you have to be your cell. I think if he played like back. And he's helping. They're not there are some good success with them in the pay. David Wesley at senior David Wesley for on Twitter pelicans TV color Els breaking down the schedule thanks for the time Wasilla appreciated it. They data back to the phones we go Nickey matter what's going on making year on WWL. I still in Bosnia and questions. One man you would let bill. What part of loss column. Audit in the. I OK today what you could do that even before to helmet rule that you can't take somebody's head off. Yep what that means the I can tackle Bobbie. You do show that you got a gig you shall in there and changes like the old school and had the leather helmets when you pull the hill putting your back pocket. And you know what colleges thing about that Nicky. That. Listen to helmet is a weapon because it's our highways two pounds to 2000. It's like yeah it's a battering ram so why not. All on both sides you have soak on it protects the head but it would be more salt and and not have that weight behind it. I got a big players that did they use their shoulders more. Get a has hit another question yeah. LSU. How do you feel. About Ellis should initiate do you think. ESPN. And the quality of the things how do you feel about Alice you. I'll take over even though it called adversity maybe I'm a homer. Because you know my relationship with coach Joseph right exactly but I'm going wed seven is over another round going. All Barnum take it eight wins and I think and and ate him for reading you in the ball game then united Ford tag team. I'm not as optimistic as as Bobby Nikki I'm I'm counting the wise guys in Vegas got a right I think seven wood would be. Where I would land on that with a with a bowl game victory but he got a crazy out of bent over on the high either it's a Demi you're taking six and cynics. Now when you've got they about that when you bad joke about the K seven I think seven wins is that to push united into exactly what damage it I'm betting I'm not betting and Northampton little. And over on the web totals about a Zorn you're gonna go right at the push you don't like Vegas seven and now Agassi and give Nate if they steal one against. Florida on the road which is possible. I but beginning. I'd still enough of Florida this IPO almost. Listen right now in Florida I Florida although one against Georgia. Not now that's a different story now you still there and I think you got eight or nine west to Chicago went out now start out wanted to you look at and a seven. Maybe they went season no for me to get to my eight win total. In the regular season they gotta start on two and one and I think Miami would be. Easier and easier accomplishment in vs Auburn so I truly that and I still think I don't know how is gonna happen but in Baton Rouge got upset. Either Georgia Alabama and I think most tiger fans that bonding we can beat the bulldogs' only because Alabama's been such an Achilles heel. Come back for Patrick and brining you to a final four to 601 hates everybody Christian here. On sports talk on WW well. I'm right back in full Israel Brian Biloxi miss abuse going on Brian you're on WWL. It. Rule change at all now. Be. It. One Leah Super Bowl that parole agent on. The planet Asia whatever they can. I. Just don't be so subjective that this economic. Exception ought to do. Iowa and conspiracy players that from ten years ago now I mean about the bride how well agree what you hear that it might because local and meets it's against the home team. The fish is might have to have an extra security. Exit this they only because. And they feel like the aid the fans the mad. That it was a bullet by an outcome of the game Doggett see that happening. A grinding dale ovals. Because. What has occurred. Let's and used to be while you're not Cobb opposing quarterback that was kind of the name of the game to try to win the game. But. You know. The more you against progresses aside the and you. And you learn things I mean you can't just leave it on the road. A look with got a call about the future would artificial intelligence I mean now I don't know what. To me I took I think we can revert back now Brian Kelly from Albany's. But I don't know if you played football or not but I know the helmet was a weapon. And it has been uses the weapon because it's hard. And our aunt and all of a sudden into work it out you know we're trying to figure neck muscles strong and all that goes after a battering ram so. Would that being said what is the take away the heart heart ailment and everybody has a south ailment that the impact. Kabul human is they not only going. Just playing ahead in there if you don't have that security of heart ailment I think you'd utilize more shoulder. I think you said and Bartlett are putting a body about he cellular and that is simply. The generations and Allenby talk a different way to tackle that's when you'll see this not now not as big an impact. But but there aren't bubble yeah what do you think about that the this softer Helm. Well I. Played football. I was quarterback and an eight single bar home single bar but he is man. And limit to its own and I was real careful networks that are now broke a couple of times. Right. Right Amanda if you think about that you you notice that trivia thing you know. It's amazing. That Uganda and of the Thomas and a couple of things to influence. American global professional football. And and lack cheap now three things come to mind you ever heard the name Paul Brown. The Cleveland Browns. Nothing about this is because of Paul Brown the brown family and Indian doubled to Cincinnati Bengals pick Bob that. He was the first one. And those that are acrylic face masks. To put a face at all on helmet. And he was the first one. Tennis scene and plays from the sidelines. That if you are delighted impacting history of America is at the time. But yeah and Chris I though about. My cutting it my early sixties whenever. But but I mean Rihanna a few decades of football professional football writer for the depression right after World War I when it started. The bidding get faced man still wanna say. Maybe lay fit these I think some of thinking right now early sixties. And I think it does matter. You know lead all we wanna make their helmet banner. But all of a sudden this thing weighs a couple of pounds and is. And you have dead. False sense of security. Because you have this Hellman and you can utilize that as a weapon in not people I'll. Whether you're running over people or you are you hit them as a linebacker or are just tackling so that's why now. The obviously good if you know the beating surging deadly when wanna be in. In this in this shoulder repair. Department. Because I. Tackling like. Whether as high school college or professional how they want you to tackle going forward. Great texture and a seven eights having a look at the hockey helmets thin plastic. I don't think he was the greatest impact that that NFL teams and those little butt heads and a hockey when you check it against the boards and my shoulders in the show you did you run age your head up against the glass RW's the board and but I'm going head to head go on the offensive line our linebacker Al Bakr. It's not the same time collisions is violent now hockey's violent is a doubt about right right bit but it's not like. Battery has that helped win in the hockey. So you know new give an ice keep rates down here and went in general ban in Kent you know. We as well above that is artists like fake IDs but it is a slight eyes but it's not really eyes. You know technology kudos yet EA out but one of those though Christian I would pay to see because I know you could skate. And you know myself being with south Louisiana that like enough ice skate yet. But. Part about dumbed a real team and knows the court denies gay club in Colorado yep I'll like to see him across accuse. And again Borg there you go about it honestly saw Chris Ali how Hamachi way even. OK when you achieve you're not punishing them and between 19210. OK so you have to go gates at 300 pound note thanks again and as I've got to hope I Gasquet better than them you know wealth that is unbelievable. I can remember his story what is would you like why this this a genuine deal would have booed all mean. These like I inject pins and you wanna see how much I just want to see you Marie toughness and if it comes about Canada that happened out there and I sixteen years ago I got out of the gonna raise a white flag deal and this is the now quit. That would I think it beating along by the end of it anyway you know it was else. Who play with the cord myself I'm Jim Dombrowski. Crime play universe originated from buffalo I think he's also. A nice theater played hockey. So I guarantee you when you guys. Athletic individuals like Jim Dombrowski Steve court ice skating in Nico I'm Jacqui. No they could check in at boards and you might break your neck that depending habits yet it can be. Pretty violent and and physical but you don't see hockey players like lowering their hand. And out and head butting one another by is it is not the make about the helmet that's why I think in the future. Did it take out there Helmand as far as. Being a weapon in maybe go back to old school where you're almost forced to tackle what Michelin is telling us said again. You might have a few more broken noses are. Separated shoulder as we do not to be dealing would you bring and maybe Internet. We dementia or alzheimer's or whatever in the future but even even if you don't play as that's a major thing we got a grasp. Society. You know different loved ones are dealing when alzheimer's who we every families affected by that. And we dabbling have to addressed and hopefully we can find a cure for that. But. You don't have to play. Sports and and you dealing with a brain in the ill effects of and as you grow older. Would Allen Patrick sit tight also got Doug who time WL TV sports record next here on sports talk. On W duo. Doug boots on Eddie who tonne W to do well on Twitter. WL TV sports director Doug gotta I gotta find you menu you relate. You know a year now you know and I was a bit of pop o'clock about Alvin come Mara and we were recording it. In the studio visit anyway. And I apologize. To meet you minutes long and I thought that the thing. About Tamara that kind of caught me was when you people say thirteen times a game dispute in the ball more with. Ingram that. It's that subtle line with Matt because by the end of the season last week is that he's been he averaged nineteen touches the game and you hit a lot on it number net. Often it's intimate and running back happy. But between income over the last twelve games on product the Atlantic in an Atlanta at Comerica Park averaged 35 putts is between the two. I mean I'm not yet you can on the same and that's not a matter or Ingram get over it Beanpot and so anyways. You know mathematical. Should've been. Avago. No Doug I love numbers you know I'm a numbers guy and and that's why. You know look at the live through this season and Holly's producing come December. And hopefully it that a playoff so that's why million you know give them. Like the work cars like old school Earl Campbell. Whatever although we we you know just feed him the rock at thirty times a game. Or let that be depressed and you don't want a VW what are ready to roll. Towards the latter part of the season now ducked the question I have for you and he just kind of like among the media members. We look at as it is it doesn't happen that you have the offensive and indeed that's a rookie year all on on your team. And it occurs to the same year nine different sees the same season. So when I look at Alec Tamara and I look at Lattimore. In okay is that in theory always say well you know what every government lately and every season and use season. QB Allan can Mara looks like Alex Cabrera of last season he can build upon his success. And I said Lattimore. Before this is always tees it many can't afford training camp could be degraded as cornerback obviously in saints history. But when I look at the match I was regarding his best and as Michael Thomas has gotten the better. Lattimore you might Sewell Lattimore is a gamer. But if five charting a number of plays what occurs. And I've seen at times maybe just trying to make every play but Lattimore. Gets vetoed double moves. And he's probably had more passes complete completed on him that he Nikkei Crawley throughout training camp. I agree 100%. Outward up yesterday about. I have. Most pleasant surprise visit came up and look at the guys that we talked about for weeks Marcus Williams in trick on net I think pretty Hendrick and has that horrific camps. But yet the one guy to meet at the one guy. That I think has really had a disappointing camp is flat now he was so good as a rookie. That you look like you say it will be big gamer and it doesn't matter but the that he has. Does not look as short in this camp as he did even catching the large. Written him bands doing some amazing things at this point last year I have not at this point the issue is one guy that city. I'm curious to watch. How he does you know wants game once thought Europe and I think he's the one disappointing guys. And look at night everybody jumped out the patent dispute offensive linemen often climate or especially running back right not all tackling it hard for some of those guys to jump. Or promote Internet has made one. More play. Then Lattimore and so forth in the. Friday at an edge dug along those lines. If we just log what does it carted OTAs minicamp and training camp. You would think now saints fans say well. He's still wanna seed in the future. That Marcus Williams that looks like the rookie NFL of the year on don't ask. Unbelievable he's everywhere. Yeah and it's great stuff. Between you debris clearly. Drew Brees is coaching you know from the when he played quarterback in teaching and things. Be it will not be able and again here but but. Every single person and we had a bunch of people you know about every single in the teams are about. Marcus Williams and they have involved the in the glowing reviews are in so he's doing everything right and a lot about him even when we talked to him. Saturday. When people lining up to do interviews spurt in the camera we definitely need an element into what that means that. Look at anybody yet about last year I am not talking about. If you ask me about it. And the committee we done that story it's gone now and anyway right point that you really. It can pay well. And a Alice played based. Going forward that is really impressed. Me. A Bulldog you know it's crazy Doug when I think about is the new rule about helmet to helmet. C would you hit. That's one thing Marcus Williams denied due. When all of a sigh and think about this he missed the flight our need all of us that he lost the fly the ball so we ducked his head. And they needed C would eventually two would cool could come come about when embodiment pass interference are bang bang type play. Because we know is skill set on the football. But the bottom line is that the NFL is promoting. You got to see were you hitting TBA had to do not duck and we all know he ducked in and play in and I think he's learned from that. Yeah there's no question about it machine that for now he is defined by that but. I don't think that the electoral. Doug moods on WL TV sports director here on sports talk as he moved on W to do well on Twitter Doug. Keith Kerr would. How intrigued by you are you by him and I did my weight too early. 53 man roster projection and I went back and forth as to whether he's gonna make and his team under the the saints are targeting Amal a lot. I ended up put them on this time yeah on the team well I don't know what bug Doug did do you view cameras like the new project that you branding cold yes. Yeah and that's exactly and say eat well. Clearly it's a bit team ran the ball last year 9%. More allot extra running plays that they. The three previous these. Brandon Coleman played 600 and if he wants that. Last year not because it was the right in the passing game but because he couldn't block when the saints outlook for a slot receiver that can't Meredith now. Apparently at another mysterious injury and we don't know much about it and frequent that was another big receiver that saint. Clearly want. The receivers that can play in the slot and head into the unique weapon one like nobody else. He has a world my comment is my count he obviously as the world right but in those slot receivers they won on the on the edges. But clearly wants. Slot receivers who can block it. That's what really mean that no more place in the soft they want and Kirk would you look in any guy who should be able to block. I would see him more as we look at it matter that helping him narrative and frequent that you don't really need three guys. In that role and can probably find that special teams like. I would guess Kirk wouldn't be that guy is that would probably cut in and pick back up on the practice squad would see as it is. That and that's nice spot on the mullet spot I'd written that those guys. But specialty. Well a dug a look at Keith Kirkwood and and I told his last night and it's against them like it's the only. Is that the one thing kind of bring in the Coleman like and now tonight almond and every practice. He'll make a nice catch a nice play in the and a scene of what this lack of concentration drop a girl run he's had at least five or six drops. But talk about an outstanding individual. Yeah he seems like I mean humble. Very cool to blow on those CJ embraces that he'll do whatever records when it did do. He says he will develop deploy Amy I think he's doing that every a wide receiver position. I mean when I'd Maher Miami prays after every practice abuse or what is that after doing it that means he's humble. Andy's hungry. Now all yeah to do is like if it hits your hand you gotta catch it. If you OK is everything. I don't know who made the team would they be kept them on the active roster authored corpsman is to all of the patriots if core Eric BI gothic guard and catch everything. The shortage making the team. And it that they were in the ball more. Ought and garlic and a guy who's gonna help you block and go on edge and why wouldn't implement it much more overall outlook and Kenny Kirk would use. It was a guy who played basketball in high school came to football super late one of the two different colleges are currently the plaque that's why it was quite. Yeah jump here and light yeah thank you didn't. The poster child for a guy who had a bill you look at and what he's. Binyamin done. By. I gotta jump in and we gotta go to great. Tennis Doug. Based on. Thanks for Bobby asked that very long question the IL the long answer Chris and I again long pants and long question.