How does your Salary compare?

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
Wednesday, September 13th

How does your salary compare to others?


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I have right here the latest numbers from the federal government. A median household income in the united sort of find out of Europe to poverty level well 3.2 percent more people. Or more money was made. Last year apparently in real terms than the average or lambs ready median household income rose over 3%. From 2015 to 2006 to. So the median household income ready for this. 159039. Problems and that's the media yet right smack in the middle. If you take everybody and how much money they make and you look right to the middle of that. The household income is 59039. Dow although it's house holes yet now here is let's break it down for. If you live in a family household. The median is 75000. Dollars. So if you combine all of the earners in the household in a family household. 75 grand. Bring non family households so this is one person living out. Or an apartment or whatever. The median is just below 36000. So we look at the numbers that make sense. On. The median right there Americans make about 36000 dollars a year each. Now if you're a man that's 51600. If you're a woman it's 41006. So men on average are making about 101000 a year more than women. So it's a lot of bride got it always seems severe about you know nozzle of ten grams a lot of money so if you're household makes more than 59000 you're doing better than mount up. It is your family household makes more than 75000. You're doing better than most. They're non family household makes more than 36000 you're doing better than most. Can make less than those numbers you don't worsen. Repairman and you're making more than 52000. You're doing better than most if you're a woman in your making more than 42000. You're doing better than months and that's hard to get violent act alimony.