How does witnessing a school shooting affect kids?

Thursday, February 22nd

Dr. Nancy Gravel of Brain Core Therapy joins Scoot to talk about the effects witnessing a mass shooting can have on kids and also how to help those who are struggling with some of the symptoms of the shooter. 


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That is our yousef's. Cat Stephens. Some people feel like they need to go get a gun. But that's not always the answer in some cases maybe it is and and Wayne Lapierre of the director of the the NRA's today was talking about how the only way to stop a bad guy with the gun. Is a good guy was gone. And there's some truth to that the and I think the big question is who is the good guys because everybody with a gun is not a good guy. And even people who have good intent. They are what the hell they're doing with it got. Great we know a lot of gun owners we talk about this a lot they're a lot of gun owners who don't know what the hell to do with the Golan. And so this concept of all we need is that all the good people have guns. Bullets but still a better job of defining who the good people are. Doctor Nancy or fails with sprinkler therapy Louisiana I talk about her quite often doctor Nancy welcome to bishop. Let's talk about we don't have a lot of time or let's let's talk about the what impact. Dis if fans would have on students that witnessed this if if they didn't see something specific they were they are when it happened what kind of impact does that have on him. Well make a huge impact on them you know that important time in their life where there. Going from child to adulthood that can be a really rocky time. And you know they appear that likes your particular importance of that and that there relating to at this stage in their life and to have actually you know I've seen or heard the gunshot thirteen. You know their friends and coaches and things. Just you know. And lying on the floor and having that traumatic event right in front of them that can change their life forever so it is acute impact on them. From what we know. And from what you know and you've heard about the shooter at the high school in Parkland Florida. Word there are signs that he was going to do this. My and I haven't really studied it completely but I know that there were signs like France had reported him to. This school saying you know that he's acting weird like he's just off these aren't just right and and so yes so I think that there were signs. Previous to that the event that. You know unfortunately they they just did. Or worse outcome thereof and nobody ever take action. Guy I hope that there are changes in what is it that people should look for because you know sometimes I hear about these profiles for. The city's mass shooters it it's it's me because of my obsessive compulsive disorder I was very emotional loner. On the I wasn't too are threatening anybody usually quiet tooth and I was very very reserved and and and reclusive and that seems to be one of the signs that time is controller with Dina I shooter. What what should people look forward because we don't want return everybody and but we wanna make sure that we talk about people who might seem to be troubled. Yes and so you know what's important is that when. Especially when they're scaring me and they probably have won a few friends that they're sharing is. You know might be on social media where they're making statements door they're just act acting irrationally and even bipolar like up and down or are there they're sharing with friends that they're gonna do something. Then Eric they have even like fascination with guns are talking about that type thing and that's super important to identify and to report. And doctor Nancy would you explain that. The medicine that people take for things like ADHD. Does not turn people into mass shooters. Now it doesn't but you know there are side effects too many of the medications that can change personalities that can. Actually. Caught people act out in irrational ways and so you know unfortunately there has been studies that have shown that. For every mass shooting. The the shooter had been on some sort of like that traffic drugs. And that means that that drug caused them to be be that way or that is telling us that. You know that they all had mental health problems that needed you know drug therapy. So it's not necessarily you know that. It's the drug causing them to be calm this you know massive shooter but it can be that mean that mental health condition has never really been identified and treated properly. And you know later when due to commercials for bring course therapy of Louisiana I'll talk about your alternative to the Mets kept. I'm so it is there any saying that Saddam. That you would count and make sure that your your parent or meet kids see this on the news would you talk to kids about this or more which you. What would you tell teenagers and even younger kids are watching us on the news. Yes pressure I mean I would be here for them and it's important for them to have. Someone like an octave like if they have prolonged problems with anxiety depression. It's they're having problems live withdrawal because of this and trying to abuse. Some sort of substance abuse. Or behavioral problems and this goes on for some time and they really need to get help like they needed pop to their social worker. They need to talk to may be a psychotherapist they need to yank it from the support ignored their parents that they have a good relationship for their parents. Because they just don't you just don't wanna keep it in you really wanna be able to express the death pack a prom picture having. Sedition act an eagle along with this it's too hard to do. Doctor Nancy guerrillas brink north airfield Louisiana thank you for your time and dual market we'll talk again soon. Aren't if you wanna join us with your comment this afternoon about any were talking about this our conversation does continue it's also getting even more heated our numbers 2601 a seventy. Harry coach 5042601870. And I text is a 7870. The NRA blames the FBI mental illness the lack of school security for the shooting in Florida. Do you agree with them I'm scoots will be back.