How do you prepare your Thanksgiving Turkey?

Wednesday, November 22nd

How do you prepare your Thanksgiving Turkey?  Are you a smoker, a baker, or a fryer?  If your turkey is still frozen…are you too late to safely get it thawed?  Chef Kevin Belton joins us to talk turkey.

This Hours guest:
Chef Kevin Belton - WWL-TV Resident Chef


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Well as me Bob Mitchell and bush do it in the afternoon. Got off the collagen came to work today always great to kill off the couch at home and spinal time with you guys and here it is the day before Thanksgiving. So what we're going to do we're not going to. Roast or smoke any politicians to dictate how we're just gonna talk about good things like food and if you wanna throw little comment about saints and Ella should always open for that. Here's a guy and I watch on channel four a lot for 'cause I'm. I kind of fancy myself as an amateur chef. And Alessio chef Kevin are doing things a site I shouldn't do that so hollow or you're chef. I am wonderful. You know I am so happy that you got to account you can demand today. Welcome have been a big his sodas I knew you were going to be one of our test I set I'm off to college and in I don't I don't ultimate. I love watching your show. Most of the things that that you Coke. If anyone has an eight. Great sense to expect a little sense to you if you present it's so easy I guess that's what I'm trying to say. We appreciate the conduct my whole intent you know so often they're so many out there like. And in the UK and I just toward should be able to try you know that meant he took a lot of coconut. Just speak comparable with the fact that you can try and. And you don't use 101000 and greedy it's idol like these shoals where. They have a lot fifteenth. Or poorly little bowls would stop by about this this this this doesn't quite slow down slow down thought yeah. Oh. Roy Roy added it does help a few more amateurish have to take. And get all your ingredients I kind of time and animal openly amounts you know where everything is that that doesn't. Go. Yet you know in in the column and everything in its place. Hopefully. Earlier we spoke were getting ready for Amare right and do it but it. So as it is it too late if you Turkey is still frozen. It it's it's it's actually it's there it's still broke up back in the things there is in Warner. How big an ice chests warship now. On hold water. Let them frozen Turkey down. Because it out of it after in the water park want to get that one's going to be call him to keep it just like it to your perjury. If you wanted to and assault to that point to bribe it could you do that. Sure but you know I'm resting up learn about cooking Turkey. And I've learned it accident from years of playing football one of the surgery. I was next door to our guy who raised Turkey. Currently. And he taught me about cooking a Turkey upside. A but it is to the neck in the war percent it. Picture when we we go to protect Turkey up on the plot there today that it you know the and desist using it all apart because they are the. If you take quine. I get that X take a piece of twine cool round wings and I get the body. In the coming from front to back. Brent in the and 375. Degree. Uncovered for about 45 minute. Didn't take a couple of you know it works. Our hope and her Mo were not core to take sweet potato am. Cut them and put that in the Turkey pay. Turn him active forty minutes put that on. It's a mop that but those should just from our meet one out into the court. But that's doesn't let me go ahead and tell people if if you have a question about how to prepare sub in how to prepare. This Thanksgiving Turkey and you want to. Asked sheriff Kevin about it you can call me right now at 260187826. Year old wanted somebody. If you wanted to ask the shaft out what type of trips to you have to be careful if you're going to fry a Turkey. On the back thing is that they get you know like that thing or at and get dark or would marker can go wrong and wrong. Put Turkey in. That you could. Fill it with. For the quarter Turkey. That Turkey oh now that that wouldn't blown down and that war crime. With a marker. Now you know how much oil in. Just a glance. There because the figure at the oil and then if you look at Turkey and it comes up next where danger. My my tip on fraud and Turkish bought one. It. The big thing about tomorrow is the fact that people did this that are out there have been the work yes. What on the table and that the people that the most important thing. What what is your what is your favorite dressing you have all of well a favorite that the chef likes to talk. I'm actually the encrypted hung a different that but my favorite with moms. Sure sure it and she used court should make us weak corporate. And she talked it down and there are green pepper the really. Crumble that corporate and it was chicken to it and just to hadn't been to India. That would give. I like a teleconference with them some some shrimp. And just support a lot of people don't realize on the my wife when she makes are addressing. Corn bread corn bread is is great for dressing and that blind date my corn bread from the dressing a sprinkle sugar on just a little. And the give them a little quick listen I think you know when. I think I can do this. On the tried not to. On an agreement among cultural arts on the regular portion Ali's book policy. David you have a question you wanna have the shift. Ran ahead to. Slept just your dollars book paltry. Well with the. I used it would deter and you put it as simple cold water. Yep put the Turkey in in the ship and just hope put co moderated and the way. Sure you're correct because court. And called before the running water. You both got to put it in the it walker going to be cold because I've been. Carriers and that spilled areas which are what were hurt in the water or warm out there injured. You thought the border running water. If you do not keep you know if it just now to Rhode and it's taken out and cut it up but it your victory. And I would think anybody within a common sense with checked it from time to. Well Joseph I. You use you know need to explain that your current. And get a chance yet people. Alter. David I'm well he's not in the phone business years. Thank you David. Well it chef Kevin comes on the show the first time they jump on what's going on there aren't that much. You do run running water you put things and collender stringer to wonder what an underwhelming war. And actually mostly all we are in restaurants situation. But you know at home but it Thanksgiving and things like that that we are talking about. Nat Turkey in that. I shifted just to the people who want them to see anything at home I know we will warning more are in order. Just because under the B they're not going off from home. And it just hope that and that enables a coal right by yet EIT. Because in roster. Yet everything is under running toward. Just vomit how much time you have to give us today. Okay good on the Pletcher will hold a week we're gonna take a break and the we're going to come right back we're talking to resident WW OTV chef chef Kevin Belton if you have a question about do you wanna talk to them about. A certain thing you want to do with your Turkey how to smoke a lot of fried how to make or maybe some tips on some Kenosha wanna cook. He's the man to talk to 2601870. Let me read just a couple of text messages before we get back toward guest chef Kevin Belton from the WW LTV. Here's one that says. Chef Kevin I need that cornbread or oyster dressing recipe please my mother made it like that. I don't have the recipe. She passed to another one when you make corn bread mix one half corn bread mix and a half yellow cake mix makes it sweet that's good. And here's an interest in one shot. I just made some stuff in all of white castle hamburgers what do you take I think I don't want either at your house that's electric. Have you ever heard a dressing shaft made of white castle hamburgers. That it actually knew and that wanted that recipe. If they don't on the that we WTO TP web site morning show. That corn bread dressing recipe is on the because it's two weeks ago. All right let me take another call or. Jeff you have a question for the shots. Well hi Jeff Jim a question for and courts. Are. One thing I'm people always reminders. Archer so more. You see it over Cole album is that may matter it's not rocket on. Exactly. And and no and indeed you'll be rejected. Views. Like to do it I'd do. You know. Brett stop being in the Arab. Measured were set and ever make church call 2160. Europe. Net and that we have been out drive out. Right and you know on my friend you instruction. It'll end up with church teacher. That's thank you we're gonna go to Laura Laura wants to know. The best way to smoke a Turkey is that right Laura. We have to have a piece of paper big enough right. And all the deep breath but a wreck and when you see you. Do you. Get that. And you know get these and at. This too much because like you want that night schmoke labor just to get that. Both smoke it to get the waiver penetrating into the meat. Error keep it up for the smoker like. That yet that the broken record out. Yeah well it's happening over and in our boat that the Jews from the dark meat. One down into the and it. Pretty. Jews weren't there. Right and you could not upside down if you want it well. And the Brett juicy. Yeah because the June from the park meet one out into the like I said before don't overcome it every once in the matter and make sure what to be just temperature. It. Coke and Beijing. Thank you Laura shuffle how about a given us something that is unusual something that may not be on the typical Thanksgiving table but maybe you would like for Thanksgiving. Actually. I Brantley ripping. They go encrypting is not a fact that it happened you know some my mother used to always may. You know everybody should national chain that Turkey in Portland. But my public may. Shell is made in ninety nines just slow cooked paying them and she'd make the holy war with. Root beer in the ground should current clos in little cinnamon and pineapple or cherry took. And associate with me 1 am. Well at at our house it's it's a tradition. I make a big part of what we call Redgrave. More both Sicilian gravy with with pork and Italian sausage and some really nice. Meat balls that could have a little cottage cheese in the meat to keep it nice and moist. And that's year after year we have the Turkey but we have to have the right great. Well you know. And it is likely to begin at one more calls college Jack call or your body. Okay. Can't. I was under the impression on when you're a roasting a Turkey upside down to did you opt were you you. Abreast down first and then rose and a that it would addresses on talks to Chris as wrong. Well I think it. Will. Give one in China apple. Should do it that way in what are. He told you or internal. Okay now. What you do. Is running them. It could. Be back Mac but pretty McConnell being a little bit I'll go. That the okay I thank you dec Jeffrey going to be cooking tomorrow morning. Actually I am in global Kentucky. And I came appeared to to look at a possibility. They wanted to do something appear and tomorrow I am going to go and serve me you at a shelter. Appear in local. That is so good I can say and I keep saying every year I'm I'm going to do that but you know we have such. Such a big extended family who you will have anywhere from 41 to thirty people. Four Thanksgiving everyone brings Earl all little specialty. And that's always fun to lose everyone has a world famous recipe for some clean and sometime. They're not very good at you have to eat anyway I'd say our Amanda is this just. And apple are up. You know if it's it's all about it is you know it is important we spoke out. To be thankful for in in wall Internet Koppel we Deanna. Just the fact that we it has been time without loved ones and friends and extended family. It is there a user being. You know chip in yeah right tactic it just didn't panic yet that that would be thankful for. And if you enjoyed coaching then you enjoy it even more bridges you enjoy watching people get pleasure from eating your food. Yet. Kevin oh go ahead. I wish everyone a great fit that tomorrow. And their baby at the bit rate gravy development. All men like I look at to where the Lloyd gravy of the pork is so tender it just flakes with before. So. Unless I'm gonna have to come visit you one more in on the air channel port love to do that. Jeff happy Thanksgiving to you. All right thank you so much all right hold on we will continue talking of course about turkeys and Thanksgiving. I'm not a chef but I'll help you the best I possibly can and may duels maybe you'll swap some great members right welcome back. Hope you're having a good day this day before Thanksgiving how many have you still haven't gone to the story yet to get everything you need. You're planning your your meal let me read a couple of law. Quick text messages that we'll get back up to our phone calls. Here's one that says I'll probably I probably make more on the best fried turkeys my family's ever known. And it was only my accident I found out that one state aid it. And let my neighbors tried I and everyone in my cult like wanting me to make them a fried Turkey. That they just love that low pollinated. So I think that's what I do every year. It's me my uncle and we make a Turkey together. But you didn't tell me how you do it. All you do to say I got it laws. All right 2601878. Does your family. Have a special. Thanksgiving tradition. It may be something that you do or practice each year. May be a dish but Lee would be considered non Thanksgiving you know I'm I'm mentions of the shelf like Coca big pot of Rudd gravy with pork and Italian sausage. Got a text message from someone that says the Italian we have well lasagna. Every Thursday and to have our hall little interesting. Subject whom do you nominate for Turkey. Of the I'm still working on that while I don't have my nomination but who do you nominate for Turkey of the year. And do you have a memorable. Thanksgiving moment. Maybe something that was maybe heartwarming. Maybe something that was really special war. On the other hand have you ever experienced a food tragedy. On Thanksgiving something that trust what. Awfully wrong you can call me. After a 2601. Late seventy whom many of many of people I've I've got some stuff many people have these tragedies that I've got something. That I'm going to read Nazi commitment duke right now oval nor have Tonya. You're a few of questions that the Turkey. Hotline at 1800 butterball have re seed over the years when when people just up against the wall and they don't know what to do they have a problem. They call 1800 butterball. All one caller asked. After storing her Turkey outside. In colder than forty degree weather wouldn't be safe to eat. Unfortunately you know expected to host form both blue on the Turkey was lost in ten inches of snow. Here's one a hotline expert had to explain to one call that thrush Turkey does not need to be thought. Here's another one some callers have vote come what we're very creative and questionable methods of the frosting the Turkey. Asking the butterball exports of food safe. To defrost a Turkey little electric blanket. In an aquarium of the tropical fish. Or even an it problem. With their children. Here while a few callers have learned that chain saw oil and bleached. Do not make a safe inaudible Turkey you what you wonder how can people even even think. Of these kind of things so if if you have some claim that that you wanna share with us I'm gonna take Leon right now the numbers 260. 187 Leon thank you for calling no WWL. Yeah very cute Jake not. You know. I use sit well with McCain camp might generate huge. I can't. There is put Jerry here I mean yeah but it Jerry air debt that we would go on how big Turkey or your cookie. 24 round. Mean well you got me in Maine. The only place I could even recommend is go to a place like Wal-Mart they were probably have the biggest selection. Yes that but it pays. Train travel all right they become it's his day in the ads and that. Ideas. Marco project in ma and old bar band. I'm obligated. 20 wait spam might. And he would like to shoot outs in the NATO and put. After a admire what else do cocoa for thanked him and massages Turkey. Good. Plant Ricci lose zones and I and yeah. Baked macaroni NG. Change. Oh. Now do you do all the cooking yourself Leon. See. How are you have anybody anyone nominate for Turkey of the year. Not really. Who still like page that live. JG. And he'd make the best operations us in debt than me. No he's you know what we're talking about here's a person. You wanna nominate a person fraternity of the year not another Turkey. Okay uncle to you nominate you turf uncles turkeys of the year yeah all right. Idly on and still not sure got the point 2601878. We gonna talk about all things Thanksgiving intimate sanctioning memory wanna share with us you know special recipes that the that you. Prepare that you think is the best in the world. Do you have the people that come to your Thanksgiving dinner put their worldwide best no recipe. And you have to heated and smile on solid ball like this is good even though it's a piece of you know what. Coming right back WW well. Exhibiting. Hope you have had a very very good day today and your family have a special Thanksgiving tradition there either something maybe you do or practice. Every year may may be a special dish. That would be considered nontraditional premier Colin. Cannot fill us in on that 260187. They won't go to and and thank you for calling WW well. Hi I wanted to tell you about a wonderful way to cook Turkey are right. Okay all on her you know apparent knee and you washed out of course like you put it. Yeah act began to turn. Two racked. I its Italian. Drafting. I mean you put. Felt pepper garlic pepper. Yeah and you call it. They can strap C. Over the Turkey and I had all over the whole bottle and he Turkey were used to I'll. Then you put I am pat I mean. Put cayenne pepper oh the whole Turkey. And then the trick is you have to put the aluminum bowl on the wings. On the top extra low low boil and then you've covered a whole parakeets and put it on the and what I tell you come out so good my god they use is cotton. It sounds great and you have been many people over. About art let me ask you a question. Are you all these people were on the house has to be totally spotless. Well. What I am here I'm going to my outfit he probably. Kramer and my wife is one of these ladies at our house has to be absolutely. Spotless I mean. Think I'll wait until yeah if you don't want you don't want gap and old are buried it is. What's the guys don't wanna know how I answer bag I called about apparently my Turkey is 24 pounds yeah. And what I knew it I double opt in one of those big and EJ you know at route output to pay and unlike. I think that the aluminum pop the pair. Yeah I don't think he is looking in the right place. But no up my wife and it has to be capital is spotless infection. She had me on on the chairs you know that I'm Trisha called the bracelet. Goes between the two legs closest to the floor. I had to wipe those off because she said I suppose someone dropped to fourth on the floor. And then they bit noble against the four commissioners say today on the Malaysian shares dusty. How women I know men men don't think that lay low. We don't know being hammered Barry happy Thanksgiving and. You to thank you so much and for phoning it okay. All right and if you have a nomination for Turkey of the year now we're talking about a person. Not a cloaked Turkey. A person. All right here's one right now Turkey of the your little rental balls that central didn't visit his criminal child in prison. In and try to sell you have so what do you write if you rams on Ullah a partial and but to an anomaly for Turkey of the year you can call me at 260187. User friendly have a special Thanksgiving tradition even something you do. Our practice every when I was a kid now. Mark my dead. Every Thanksgiving every Thanksgiving went to the fairgrounds so we always had to have. Thanksgiving dinner somewhere around the six or 7 in in the evening but that was his. His that was his personal Thanksgiving. Tradition you know all dressed up and of course in those days mad men wore you know coat tie and hat. 2601870. Divot on Thanksgiving memory you wanna share with us we'll take a break and we'll come right back of your phone calls and text messages. Right here on WW well. We're talking all things Thanksgiving let's go to Joseph and in the Joseph off. Thank you for phony news and what's going on. Yeah to stop a Turkey. What you called question. What about these addictive frozen Turkey up but it and a 48 court I just. Fill lies just would Cold War the cope with the Turkey. And I put IQ on top quote list and not a next morning it's still wide scope and it chart is that. Do you baker earlier Friday at our. Who thought. What it all well and if you went when you fry a Turkey could and I don't. I'd do the Smart thing I bias let's models for Latin let let them rush to fire and that their place but Dodd. Yeah but not know about all are. One of those it's so. Callable for. And does the magnet for. Our newly let me ask you to do a good destroyed. If it's Wallace is it still fraud and. He didn't appear Trout in the news to its sonar. Technology. It's old bat goes down and I mean they're great because you can Google it on and you. It. Isn't that kind of like writing a piece of chicken and stuff that you fry you put at the R&R. All right let's try it. Like in for a Dutch group relic Jodi you have a turkeys of the year you wanna nominate are online right now to Hillary Clinton. Mitchell Andrew. Capra Turkey of these yet. But you know it was OK I. Go to Africa. I think capsule Clinton is running away but here's my I've read to red but we do it then never found out it was fake news and I don't know how do you tell them it was between flight news and real news notes on line. A that was a story that temperate said. If anybody able sign him to play football he'll stand for the natural look at them made sense to me but I heard that was a well it's like news. Well we have nothing but real news coming up right now will have Jim hands though. And you could call me at 260187.