How do we solve the opioid epidemic?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Monday, July 10th
Tommy talks to Dr. Andrew Kolodny, Co-Director of Opioid Policy Research at Brandeis University and Executive Director of Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing, about the opioid epidemic in the US.

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817. And into when he sixteen. From. 59 to 65000. People died of drug overdoses. In comparison more than 58200. US troops died in the Vietnam War between 1955. And 75. And more than 4500 died so far in the Iraq War since 2003. That adds up to more than 62700. And number of overdoses could well. And eclipses and numbers Louisiana and Mississippi is understandable leads the nation. When he comes to OP you would prescriptions and are ready jaguar in simple. Asking you about old we'll hope we'll laid descriptions there on a decline is a good news or are innocent people in pain getting hurt. And as it stands now highly unscientific 60% are saying innocent people getting hurt. 40% say good news doctor Andrew collide need joins us right now co director revolt VOA policy research. At Brandeis University executive director of physicians. Physicians for responsible OP allayed prescribing to morning doctor. Thank you for taking a time withers. Mom I even know where to start with this do you wanna start with the state of OP Lloyd prescriptions and abuse in the country today. Sure well. To be clear we have all the abuse. Problem. What we did in all of the action epidemic and you added that. We're experiencing. Record level Olmert. Were seeing Carroll and what in the urban area. That region were seen soaring rate that in didn't warn you dependent. Children winding up in the Dirk Pearson and outbreaks of rejection related infectious diseases. Did you lie over. All of these health and social problems is in the short increase in the number of Americans. Suffering from the condition double B addiction once people are addicted they're out there abusing pills or her own because it on the watcher did he do to keep easing to avoid feeling. Awful and the region where experiencing. Severe epidemic of addiction is because the medical community has been awful were prescribing. Old Buick pain medicine and as the prescription oral B a began soaring in the 1998 and continued. Who could parallel increases. And rate of populated fiction and over to. They're really good news for. But that he reported last week. Is. We've seen slight decline in restrictions Earl B which is. That there's I think are really calmed down very much what they waited out. Where. Dale Reid are higher than where we were 1990. In 1990. Levels well all right. So we have a very weighted or get to a pre bubble double. Here you are hearing. Problem. Patience wore on all be like they feel like they're being on Ashe. Because of the bad behavior so called drug abusers. That's not at all true. Equally important are good good. Majority of people who might stop with chronic it'll be good medicine for eating separate at the white. They're good at it and if you'd been a couple of days after surgery are there accident. But long term use of mobile it is more like arm patient and helped but patient. Millions of people stopper with peanut become addicted. To old Buick and doubt he'd have lost their lives all of you don't. I would take a break opium a couple of minutes is on a talk about cause and effect of this. Is it advertising by drug companies is it drug companies push in the doctors to. Prescribed it and where does the fact that we have an aging baby boomer population. Who I would think is age are more likely to. To be in pain from this or that and is that a correlation between bad and the increase in number of prescriptions. Fascinating topic director Andrew Gilani is our guest sees a co director of the OP only policy research. At Brandeis University executive director of physicians for responsible will be Lloyd prescribing. Eight to anyone who is traffic on debit WL. Eight Tony five Tommy Tucker double WL talking about deal peel wait abuse problem in this country. And our guests doctor Andrew Gilani co director of open really policy research. At Brandeis University executive executive director of physicians. For responsible all deal Lloyd prescribing so doctor is there any cause and effect relationship between baby boomers. Going in their golden years and the increased in all feel a prescription to you'd think. Older people may be in more pain. Yes. Certainly as a factor sows that had the population ages the number of American troops might offer from. Chronic pain and also increases. But that doesn't really explain the increase in old Buick riding. Because they're different than that majority of people who would suffer from chronic pain. Old Buick or not appropriate. Medication and there are safer and more effective option depending on quite a bit of chronic pain problem but yet. As more people shall open doctor's office to complain of pain. And when you have a medical community one. Very badly in war and about the risks that mobile. Especially the risk of addiction billions of dollars toward. Pharmaceutical company in this informing doctors about the rest civil Hewitt. I'll admit to might regret it dagger in the benefits like you had badly informed. Doctors. And people sort of an opposite complaining of pain it will be more like it right and OP restriction is very big part of the problem. When he comes to overdoses is there any empirical data that shows. Its people that are. Com. Using the medicine in and get re Kepler phrases when he really don't have any condition they just like the hide gives them so they buy it appeals from. Somebody or people were using them as they were prescribed. And overdosed did they break it down or not. Yeah I think which are you who are right it that the patience of so called drug abuse or have been a way to put our yeah. Yeah. And reality meet and these cheap distinct groups go all drug abusers verse is paying picture. Odd million BP agents become addicted and what you become. People in the ditch are able to be pretty good at controlling their use others. Who are addicted have difficulty controlling their use. In this day and you'd. It looked at everybody. Eight restriction all the way it. Over. In the 2008 cheat and nine year they looked at each actually. They interviewed. Family members. Necks of children. And what they did term is that indeed true percent of the had occurred in patients who were receiving. Legitimate prescriptions from doctors for complaints of chronic pain. They also learned that majority of these patients while over in interest. There were believed that they are all attracted but these were people are old on the street they were receiving legitimate prescription. From doc. Let me cram two things in here before we have to let you go 1 am somebody texted in the gain there. Let me see if buying get this for years the dean learned. Some. Press Gainey. Listings and I guess since about customer pace patient satisfaction. And the way doctors or hospitals are rated. Very big part of the problems so. One of the things that happened over the years with the campaign to increase of Buick prescribing. Hospitals weren't Kirk to describe old he would aggressively. Bulls were encouraged to our program. Every patient whether or not in unit were hospital were conditioned. Where it would not be expected to be part of the problem. And as part of that campaign and the federal government jumped on board. And they said that we want cheap computer I think quality. Care measure of hospitals. Whether or not patients are getting enough pain medicine. And so in this action survey that the federal government uses. Could determine how much money hospitals or organic hospital that. Better quality of care will get more money from Medicare they built into the. A question for patients about whether or not they got enough of that my big thing you'd. And the land hospital the hospital administrators to encourage. Doctors and nurses to make sure patients were giving out. Pain medicine art because it was linked to the patients are actually serving in the been a big part of the problem. The federal government be the agency that oversees Medicare. Did last year finally recognize that this is an issue and they'd moved chew on Koppel. Questions about pain from the financial calculus hospital they are trying to cracked it. I'd be patient satisfaction surveys have been part of the problem. I'd the other question is when it comes to patches. Or alternative methods of pain relief is there. EU for example hum I had knee surgery and knee replacement they gave me like detained. Heads I think it wants some into the put nominee and it seemed to work to take the pain away are there patches or something you can take. Instead of the ill feelings are of those is bad. Absolutely there are there any alternatives to all be annoyed that form war did and say are. You'll be taken in the long term. And not yet. Dangerous day they become ineffective and so topical treatment like a wider gains patch. It can be very effective depending on why somebody might be experiencing pain other off effective alternative or drugs in the family and bill. Call that non steroid anti inflammatory drugs. Of course some types of pain they are more effective then so be it and they can be combined. With got a benefit pilot all you used. Agilent Tylenol together. And they can work quite well from many people who came problem. Doctor and we're out of time and you are to this problem is not gonna takes itself anytime soon son will be the get a chance to Michael on what this. Short par thank you sir you bet.