How did Zach Strief feel calling his first live Saints game?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Friday, August 10th
Tommy talks to Zach Strief, the Voice of the Saints, about calling his first live Saints game.

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Our line. But to second down and seven. They'll drops back steps up pastime delivers record Smith caught. Down at the ten to the five still on his feet fighting all the way down to the two yard line. And Tracy Quan Smith was another big catch 25 yards and Jason Hill has is often is world news. The new voice of the new all insane Zach street who did a tremendous job last night and he joins us now morning big guy hey Dylan. A rural. I'm OK are you sore or anything did you wake up did you wake up as sort after calling the game as you see when your plan. You don't know who vote the bird but are out there with you. I started cramping. In the Booth he did not call you did not that clip that much you actually. And I didn't wanna tell anybody in the group and compared. Oh it was good or I'm sure we're brigades are. Very clear and so I started drinking water. Am maybe maybe need to what she saluted take you know I'm afraid arrogant and and they did a tremendous job and I think you sound great we're gonna get to the saints and amended and how did it feel. It felt weird if the certainly in a variant that. Arm you know I don't think there was anything catastrophic in it and always be my biggest currents are keeping their keeping were don't wrong. But at the end of the day economy had a great time. We really enjoyed it certainly achieved it it. Have fun be self that's only had a dealing I think you sound great tell me about the game itself we observations about the saints offense defense kick return game etc. Well he you know I think it started. A little slow on defense. Knows what Peyton wasn't super please visit in the game. But what I saw the bill is too big too to kick return. You know forty hour. Which was incurred one of the negated by penalty that you know considering. The emphasis the policies and on the return game without promising. But is the second bird. Defensive front seven played tremendous while we six sacks last night. Those constant pressure on the quarterback and obviously extra sect in the fourth quarter that essentially. Put us in position when it gave him an ultra presenter and you know came out and who looked a little comfortable. In the pocket. And as the game went on it and were in the they got there hasn't played quarterback. Even hit partly in practice. You know put a few times in the last twelve months so he's got more. More thought put together some good some good drive and you know finish the game about a 130 art tool and so. You know what I love to see is is a group and the team fight and find a way to win even in the pre season. It more about some individual efforts you know that happened in the game. You had duo of though while calling the game and much in everything had to have kept. Maybe new peripheral vision and eye on the offensive line. Yeah I did my best you know in these. I got to find a way to contain the bulk up that are well I want. To dilute. I thought the a couple of really get a book book the quarterback Peyton and talked that would have what it. Really a computer. But in the debt to defer a couple of Magruder. Irritates them is. There was the planet believe bullets. In over. All in all I thought they would do rant from Lebanon four yard. You know put quarterback had time in and you know I I gotta go back in the Texaco. Cook wrote travail and to like it's gonna game as we're seeing this and I got ya that was about to order because it's. I'm an apple over market vehicle. And look and then you tell him plus I was cramp and and third quarters. I so Bergeron bush were in a German thank you appreciate your mind Busch ride how how he looked. C'mon look good played pretty deep into the game do I'm you know Ron Artest and starting and playing. Something that kind of surprising news. I think that's a great sign you know that that they felt comfortable putting it. Are so comfortable putting two on and but I wrote what the whole group looked good but there was good push and children had to pick block on drug court struck down. You know Max Unger there war for both looked really good. You know when we could push for a bit in that team has built to defense front and I thought we did not anymore. But I will clapped as I can think enough then. That would be and more of a dream nine guys a plated brother Martan and went L issue plan for the saints. I think well kept up content that is excellent camp. And that there real happy with where he's at right now you know kind of has confirmed all the scouting report that they will is a really tough Kmart. He does he does little thing correctly. He finds await story in here even as young players. You know there's techniques there's there's no way he uses his size at times you know or not right there not where where they need to be. But he finds ways to win any battles and any fights and I think that's kind of has a little and I think he had a great camp today but he had a good game last. Steve Geller tweeted a picture on about yelled heaven dinner the night before the game and I noticed the check was in front view. Possessed physically it's gonna be LCs that are not. Well I don't know he's. Is. Listen up rookie before in so you know there's a little bit of jet pick up occur. You know for me right now. You know I'm trying to take care everybody can ask the question Kirk Carol reduced to a record great job. Gala commander who technically is our statistician but we changed his name Q. Content director yet. So. You know those guys do a great job and it's not a not a one man show by any church imagination so you know our our bumble about these incredible credit. Yeah that punch you gotta have super slow motion even see him reach for their wallets. A yeah it sounds like adult cells into a creaking and an old haunted mansion when he actually opened the wallet it's like him more. Accountable and brought to your. Exactly. That's right thank you Zach. Thank you. Bet I'm glad you enjoyed it mullah talking in exe hopefully.