How did the Saints look in OTA's?

Kritian and Deuce talk about the Saints OTA's who impressed them and who looked rusty. Bobby Hebert joins in and gives his opinion as well as looking ahead to the LSU/Florida game in the SEC tournament. Full 4pm hour

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Simplify simpler Friday off and running here on the Friday edition of sports talk here on. Memorial Day weekend. Dues McAllister Christian Garrett you're with the next I don't know three or four hours does Ellis baseball's not going to start. At 630 as projected because the previous game and the 3 o'clock game is any rain delay has been. Since about 3 o'clock debt. Through happening. So to be here till eight that's for sure you can pretty much bank on a phone lines open at 50426018. Semi tech's 8787 top and this is a master control. Dues overall lots unpack and in particular we got our first opportunity look at the saints in OT days yesterday won't get that a few moments also on. What was your reaction last night the Todd Peterson but he did see that. I did I did see it and just to instant Armenia. He's had probably taken some BP like he say it. Either Damon hit a high school I. But they're below are brought to this out yesterday could be the equivalent of I think offensive lineman. Throwing the winning touchdown pass right also in office Lan has the play quarterback for what ever reason he's a pitcher Matt hit since the eighth grade he took batting practice of high school. Would you know at an apparently according to his high school coach. He was he had six at bats his senior year he was O for six with four strikeouts. Am not sure I mean I don't know if I will go to often to linemen but it would be something while on him because you talk about elite pitcher. Who asked to step in now and bad and I mean we know obviously it results in. For him he just talked about a doctor really think that. You have is how sit there watch to a body incessant in the sports office. Else I was joking with a miles likely to be it would be funny he's like rove went to the gap or something that he does he does on data line bangs off the wall. House like a series like that that's what those moments deuce. I don't know if your your baseball historians sports historian general. That's close moments though that goes down and LSU based on our note out of our 2030 years now you're still talk about you're what you're going from Todd Peterson in the end in the SEC tournament. Though that the ads is that come home. Now well and what makes the moment even bigger is if they win at all as far as the SE term you know not saying that they have to go and win a national championship but. Just for that moment if you're able to complete. The the the whole thing as far as when this term that makes it even special me post paid always just talk about. The train again with the reopening of the doll. Yes we understand it was a special moment but. People were remembered. But if you win the game that's what tops it off yet sold. Play about it and what plane any plane and yet as special but did you win again. Ellis shoot take on Florida and I after the conclusion of all miss and Auburn a rematch in that ball in the air Carly in a rain delay in the first inning. We'll keep you updated as to our projected start time for LSU and Florida a rematch. Again for LSU could get over the floor hall did last year in the college World Series finals. Didn't earlier this week against Florida in the SEC tournament. Dues right now the wrestling for LSU they came into the SEC tournament as a bubble team for the NCAA tournament they're squarely therein. And there's quarreling and and also what happens tonight. Yeah another team that. Was someone on the bubble a little bit it was a and amp. A name is squarely in as well and so when you talk about term and I think the number is Visteon. For the SEC Kabila yeah there's an outs outside of the eleven teams but I think. The two definitely get ten teams NN. You know right now it's looking like that you have four of them hosting as far as possible national eight seed. Net four SEC teams projected as a topic national scene that means it would host a regional and potentially host a super regional to get by. The regional Roland on a cell phone was gone Roland you're on WW well. They ruled. Question. One really bad CNET global climate. Have personal triple play made by us in a field. Now. They'll make planetary. Capital autumn literally. Many years ago. NL's baseball place. Caught red. Judo but at this. Pretty good. Two. You're on art and accept. About it but Bob put on the fact that. My. Game or run an animated huge strength yet. Second base and turn to our our our. That they're crippled well about a there. Pretty still the first vote that would go first he was moving no contact. Right in. Antenna got you got over half ways to where he couldn't get back to first career. I don't know he does Cuba and Iran and targeted abroad. Well. I doubt that it system and the swagger talking about. I'm looking you've played baseball. Yet expect the unexpected. I added data from coaching at an umpire it all the rules you gotta know the rules because they're gonna there's going to be some zany. While player that happens and you baseball rule in place of the phone call will step away come back tonight. Bobby American another few moments Scott Sanders will stop by at 535. Toggle LSU and Florida for a Major League Baseball pitcher. T by second harvest food bank also will join us in the 4 o'clock hour this sports talk here on W two well. I look back to sports I'll have to KG can about leaving here a few moments pullen drove the final four to 601870 text 87870. Who would you rather have coaching your team in college football Urban Meyer or nick saving that's our fun topic for Friday this afternoon I'm taking Nick Saban I'm care. Over a coach. Dead or alive and he makes him and Bear Bryant came over those two coaches. Me and Stephen body. Would otherwise it's like so there. I would have liked to coast there's not even coached in more you know you told Tom Osborne and the guys in our would ever bear Brad. I think aero was 22 different foursome me but I out of the Tom Osborne and her toe Jimmie Johnson and there today Johnson an element and zone. You know those those two guys there. I love alone Ervin I think he does an outstanding job when you talk about is messed up on. It did with Saban and I'm not talking about just one game this regular three game series. I Beatrice and see what happen. Would that that be fun and we played a game which which coached. Past or present dead or alive. Would you want coaching your UConn football team for one game are you went to a series. I would prefer series and look at the post where in. C.s for area back in Florida days in Florida in the funding yes. Now are and how has exiting now get all these great EL is great college coaches. From the past Jimmie Johnson's Lee that's instinct. The KG did about me or join us now on body were some some fun but you could bring back any. Coach curly or in the past dead or alive to coach your college football game in team who would you take. Who I would the most prepared to go yeah. The you know. Oh group and you lose how crazy and equity. And not OK did it clipped him. He was so competitive. They include linebacker in the sense that it you're not and what you. Me. Up that they like and you know. And state university is you know there I'd like Alabama. I'm remotely. And walk that back and he's right there but. Philly. To win a championship and instantly. I guess what team I mean how could you not hate. I don't know Colin Byrne and poetry and the way because he's accomplished in they've Bill Belichick and the patriots. Just. A year well oh. Competitive. Thirteen have been one championship they own it on oil so. But it is for Eric I don't know why would be in mind. He even. Comment on that you did back in the day. I'm really get a chance talk saints go ths and we had about a five minute show after Ellis who's thrilling victory yesterday Todd Peterson come through with. Who stood out TS in LSU misuse and it's entities. Well you know. Or don't we grab a light highlights it played in you know you become open like after the day's catch it in kind of things are critical interception. Or thought about eight could fail. I'd definitely. Equipment he would pick inhaled through me like it yet but he. Looked like a quarter unit like where a player currently quarterback agreed that we trying to play cornerback. You have beautiful out there have been 3035 yard gain. A diet I'm not you know being Eldridge Matt the news that rookie you'd LE. Some 86 now it'd be. You know that they. There have been about 35 straight rotten bag covered but he put the ball right there and that these fit. Comet that it feed it. Either DeLeon and getting more interceptions. I know there was one that they're being out of that thing drew back. The group kind of sort of the ball back and bill. And they'll do that whether it was practice are game article I've ever seen much ski people get a ball. In packet out there on the back in the end though that this game. Roared away probably get it. I mean that put a lot of comments would become law was doable without being equal that out of work that. I'd like camera more. You know that the tropic all the college to. They equally court they'd be creepy caller I think it would Hammett corner right now I mean he. Indicators that the gatekeeper. What the gatekeeper card. My apartment and beat him upload in the middle. He he he looked very convenient. You know like I don't want to hurt the economic elbit. And about those who were working I'd be there. At night blogger Mike the merit but it Geithner meeting other it would have been very hurt me. Yeah it got the code cubicle like Knight being in that would have been about it security people reading contact. And I thought well we'll well it got. Entry end. Outer limit the tree and hit the ball well you did yet the vehicles last year. I mean oh want prisoner shoe laces. And it took a warning that they both look like the ability to air quality. Not struggling and bite of football so. Now on the like quirk. Is that I director. From the old he's been. Cocoa. They would be ports through the notable holes like why not about you repeat repeat current there will be there. They're good angle that it cougar tried debated in there. Everything and they gave accountable. I actually you know gave a copy. That better. Now on they'll go there. A look evening and then I'm via the look at more deeply but Kurt Coleman I think you'd going to be good in a crawl. I think it probably connected better. They have good happy that even though people are. So one card. I think all of it as a great chance to kind of people we expect. But I'll be good to be better in night is the fact that I could beat him what I them last year. Well you know 800 Internet. Bobbie you know we didn't get talk about it yesterday but I wanted to opinion and announcer with Chris in my opinion on this the new kick off rule. The immediate thought on that because I think it changes. How they rosters constructive coach Payton talk little bit about it but it. Just go back and look at it and study in a little different I think it's gonna change. Which guys make this teen you know what they are. Just because of how guys have to destruction what you can do and I think that's obtain some guys that have in the some mate is seen. Me and make it now because of the new kick off rule. Well you know. Leading the way I think you're better takeaways from bigger guys being nickel return. Silly because they have the position. I know on the football field. And I think they try to avoid that those kamikaze. Typed it. But I think you see more cleaners. A guy that liked it well. Really to bring it to be like say the but he slaughter of the alliance backed completely agree thirteen guy. Is due back in those kind of guys make it in Burke is people line. But now quicker preparation. Do secrecy. And the the skill of particular. Maybe try. Who might K where kick it to an Oprah pretty. I think you'll more return you go out in Europe that divide equally. Violent and violence by any type ticker. And then it is required. The return Wear them to be within fifteen yards from the well. A lot right there. Return. We are run at CBS news enjoy you week and I are okay. I'm back after this here under B Demille. I walked back to sports talk. Men and on a cell phone and Marty Metairie sit tight come into usually jump in the conversation feel free 504. Two C 01 except the text 878 sending our LSU fans. Rush the judgment on coach and those drunk. So pretty Mazda people online for at WL dot com also. Ole miss and Auburn topping a first inning rain delayed. An hour and a half now. So it's not pushed back obviously the start time for LSU and Florida tight once we get word as to a possible. Resumption of play promus inaugural milieu better idea of win LSU will. Take on Florida tonight at the SEC time when it airs you'll hear right here on WW well look at the radar do some Hoover and it is not pretty. It's a bunch of red on red yellow and green met. Is globs alone place on floaters play a double their already today correct yes so if they cancel these next two games. And push until tomorrow. What happens in to rescue domain because you're gonna how do you wanna be a thing about it you have two teams. That possibly could play a doubleheader the other you have two teams that actively at a gonna have to play a double header. And then on Sunday and have the same thing. And haven't met. So when I have issue with with the SEC tournament is other conferences are and give like there's a conference it's in the Phillies. Complex in Florida right. So they're playing two games at a time. Mean look at some of these games that are on that pushed floral from last night to this morning because Ali beat the games are rolling yesterday. But the SEC has to figure this out. These days these games of any at 2 o'clock in the morning are ridiculous as it's absurd that fact to back nineties when the call to do to put. A ninety a twenty year old kid in situations like that in particular. The point is that the NCAA wants about student athletes an avid tennis schools over right now but the bottom line is I just think it's the U want about taken advantage of it. A player are of a kid repeated Angela quote unquote student athlete. The SEC has to figure this out other conferences play multiple games at a time. Why can't why can't the SEC do mean it it's it's inexcusable to me to think the gonna have a 1920 year old kid playing baseball at. Midnight 1 o'clock in the morning not to mention your faith based doesn't really get to see you. Because most them are going to be checked out by says that during the week that's it not off track the game they're not gonna sit around for that and it's just. I just think that the SEC. Had a lot of egg on their face this week and and it's been this way for a couple has by the state isn't the first time that there's no rest and now has been this way for for years and a date they ignore they refuse to do anything about it. Played the superdome or Atlanta stadium. Movie SEC tournament while velvety and don't solve the I get I get in terms of the weather but it doesn't solve how late these games are going one other extra innings and whether you you're you're you're not playing games just aren't you still. Till 1 o'clock at night the other piece also is Hoover did tomorrow upgrades to their stadium because they were thinking about. Pulling it out of Hoover and I bars all over in Birmingham but the they were committed to it and if he's he came back to that stadium but I mean it's something they've got to revisit. Then on a cell bullets one venue on W two well. Well yeah that's. The part about the name. Tonight. My feeling. Beyond our former well our pictures we picked up there are four reliable arm picture. Technically I have since Tuesday Hilliard Wednesday. Look bought about gender in the social under but he should be ready for next Friday in the regional anti Putin though. Everyone has what he did last night through seventy. Nine pitches. So Ron. I think didn't she just can't take it easy tonight are not determined that the matter you know. When that game too cute I younger guys with limited experience they experience so that you advocate and tonight and go in every little bigot and a for the more important games starting next Friday and that of the motivation being to have into the capital. Abbott the avenue's a deal though and I get it for a LSU has always put a big emphasis on winning this tournament I'd always have won six of the last ten. And that's pulmonary east philosophy in terms of in this dispute Abu where were they argue look. Yes they've done enough to get into the NCAA baseball tournament but what there's an outside chance that they win this tournament and perhaps all the sudden. They hit a top sixteen nationals needed to be hosting a regional. That's what do that in its jet to consider that's an outside shot but we still possible. I definitely more realistic that it would you agree. That it happened I just. I get an Indian you know more. You know realistic about that into the guys that are so we can you know get to try them. After. You know India in the and failed to know when they're in the playoffs and western Arctic at saint carpet here that I know what you mean. And I haven't quite so right now we're do you have this team this coalition team. We're do you have Mardy of two are the three or an outside shot at a once he. It. Yeah. More during. If it's too. The B a two seed and a and a regional. Right now I'm going to know they'll be activities. You have of it hopefully it it would it would. Take part in the air of course it did it happen and her past where. Idiot think it would happen like the dealership for blocking some years ago when they ended up playing for the championship game even to all that into law and they got moved up. All the side and so I get it consent what happened that. I am and prepared and well being and they've really. They've really worked last night meaning they got to be tired out. Well look I mean the thing about it what hurts I think action though and I don't think a lot of things of the focal bit I think this rain delay. Health Seles she more because all I mean because Florida got up this morning at 7 o'clock in the morning now potentially you be played again on nine cent 9 at 10 o'clock at night. There's some fatigue factor you have to factor in the four. The gators for sure at some point here you have to think about the fatigue factor for the gave the mean. Just because they've been up all today. Yeah redeployed now you get loud drowned the hotel I get that and and and you know get off your feet and take arrest that still. Has an impact Marty and Metairie Mac in Metairie Europe nexus sports talk here on W well. Whenever I hear the name. Mile thing about our trip to own off of the college World Series painful years ago. House of fun time. I'm I'm very glad we talk to each other out of taken an all or vehement. Trip that would. And I was not regular I don't know we're gonna just to tell you induce. We were gonna we're gonna have one of our clients advertise on the station loan assay. RV to make the trek out all out to Omaha Nebraska which. Is not a fourteen hour drive and a regular car and RV I would took twenty hours so man but finally we we got wise lightning. Let's rent a car let's just do that we were gonna stay in an RV park. Yen it was not. There was it seemed like a good deal. Well yeah in fact they like say Armas who. Bank in nowadays we get the doctor every right. Yeah I would ever bigger. Fundraisers of the year and it's also a whole lot on Robert Rector weeks. This year city park June 2 for the two weeks from and mark rule believe yeah week from Mars city parks. Your five dollar addiction intrigue if you're done across the finish line first. You went 5000. Dollars should win the prices like 22 round trip tickets to cheer about and world Southwest Airlines. 500 dollar if it interpreted as a part whose. Might stay at the Ritz Carlton and union on making do go to the federal school cocaine which is pretty pretty elegant. Raising Cain for a year. Whole Lotta prices in government our home and on you don't have to be president to win it is that antegents second week from tomorrow 4 PM at city park. But it's a lot of fun would love for to come out if you and ditched in the animal now. The way they do it to do Leo we dropped 20000 dollar cut about dump truck. For repairs disposal problem and the lake and then the our department comes up in loans mr. talents they use these so far poses to blast the go across the probably to a to see who wins. So I look at this outside a news briefs that Greece the fireman's hand has a little bit and they ask my doc makes you think Garrett. Yeah that's righted good to typical serial number on the bottom yet as to say how you gonna solidly and so I is an idea. Your minds a little little yellow right there on the right you know to get that one the signature it is dark there five dollars apiece during piled in volume and get a discount. Go to our web side note there. Hunger got no RG notre stronger dot org. Or just anywhere around here is Google second harvest food bank it'll take you to our web site and it is at the front of them the website there and you know a lot of pundits for great policy we tell all over talks. This means we can provide more than 350000. Meals that's how important is so this one event is supports. July 2 congress who banking Ellis I'd say llama go to web site a Mumbai. Between Al drew the docs and that's it that's a good return on investment if you get that 5000 dollars. Indeed indeed it looked thanks so much for so again. You bet they said. You bet Marty Metairie Mac in Metairie. Sit tight most of way come back to your phone calls here on sports talk on WWL. I assisting in from the SEC. Sports dot com. Auburn and Ole miss will resume. They're game at 515. Top of the first inning Phillies ago. Project to start time if you wanna do that for LSU if this all this armour game is an effective again Bahrain. Maybe 9 o'clock A 45930. And that range. Roughly. Mac in Metairie what's going on Mack you're on WWL. The yes decent terroristic you SEC west with regard to notes that of the dictated by. Problem from oceans racquet. Florida or one up from the SEC east so would try to tell tale should. Played a great cup schedule and as he sees it. Yeah well relatively easy assesses his schedule but but it does go to the show you how tough this conferences in particular a team like Texas a and M who was a bit of a bubble team coming in. And look at what they're doing in the time there is written through people who have been through teams and an even Auburn's pat you know a pretty year old male who. Almost eleven Ole miss is that they add up but they were expected they're they're projected topping national seed. Yeah there so. I would just up in thinking that oh so little. An island and have a night off now so it's upsets work and I promise that I'll I'll make sure of that suddenly cheaper war. You bet Marty in Metairie was going on Mardy on WWL. It's thanks man. Let's Jack for merit to the cultures that war coat. OK and tell you who would occur in college go to trial when it would be great cultures academic argument for but right now. No question in my mind would be a bit and let me tell you walk. Not just because it was should it be ships that one. Not the main reason it's a carpet. Aid to local Constantine and their championship. What college you do not do to agree I'm Jean in championship. This sense that your quarterback when he was in trouble can worn. Out and what you want. One on the coaching decision and the biggest gain of the. Martin argued that can argue with the human. I mean. You have. I did I do not be one. You gotta admire that part of the. I'll look at it could be even I've heard LSU fans. Since they don't like completely left LSU it's an effort will be built that program resurrected a program. Elected in good standing secondly I promises in particular now a coach showed other matters I promised that if you ask osu fans right now would take an exit the back. And even if you like if you look like them again real fast and you'd say yes you meet him as my coach. Well I think so I think it's more because of how it all unfolded more so denied any coach Katrina coach Wright I think we all agree with that you know. When he went into the NFL. How to game it changed so much from when he was back in Cleveland you know lately. And eighties late mid eighties yet he would eighties early ninety's when he was there in Cleveland. How free agency head to head taken over and you know just. The control of the players that's ever things of that nature. He knew he had a better opportunity in college and something that he really enjoy it and so. It's been phenomenal Watson. Meeting coming to us. I mean you're on WWL. That a lot to. On. The armament. And it's on. Fire. And to. Eat. Out. March on BP but he ain't that beat oh. Purdue and then. Make. Media don't take you know it's gonna take for the SEC to get there Hennessey and watch the kids watch all these kids get injured. Ike is fatigue your body doesn't react the same way so it's a catastrophic engine not cast and it's a pretty big injury to one of these smashed especially when the studs and yeah see. That's when they'll they'll they'll change their mind until then they're gonna continue to do this do this well. Your. First player. And one really. Yeah I feel form to. Trust me meetings of the phone call. 50426018. Semi tech's 87870. Coming up next hour Scott Sanders former Major League Baseball ritual join us for LSU. And Florida preview project it's our time around 8454. LSU and Florida because of rain delay in a previous game Ole miss and Auburn they are back underway in about fifteen minutes so. We'll carry LSU when it happens here on W two well.