How can we make schools safer?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Friday, February 23rd

Tommy talks with Tim Dimoff, a security expert, about keeping schools safe.


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Tim dim off Johns now friends security expert founder and president of SE CS consulting and investigative service is incorporated. And ginger and an hour's time about this we spoke to you I think for the first time after sandy hook which is hard to believe it was one almost five years ago. Yeah you're right about our ears or go camping gaming change really other than the school and Indiana that they say. Is the safest school in America cameras with a direct feed of the county sheriff's office. Teachers who Wear panning buttons smoked cannons and home ways. Does this indicate that you can. Build the facility that is if not an impenetrable. A lot better than most. Well it proves if you have a lot of money that you can do a lot of things look at our courthouses. Are federal buildings. And other types of buildings like Jack band you know. Scanner that you walk in police officers that you walk and extra security cameras. And you don't shootings in those locations but they're spending a lot of money to get to that security posture. So they're getting there and they're spending that money because they choose to protect they think and I'm just trying to follow this thought process here. Because they choose to they think that is a very important thing that needs protection correct or else they wouldn't do it. That's correct and let me just say one thing my company's next and so on were pushing up nationally and it's gonna be as simple simple thing and it's going to be. Security must. Violence must be stopped at that the war it's at that store and there's been to go dad and I can be. Us DNA to be police are to be a security person but there's other things. Did it stop it from coming in the door. Such as FBI that sharing information local police which spared Mac the winning a national basis. If the feds don't wanna go talk to individual they did intelligence side give it to the local police. If that shooter in Florida if someone were not done it story confronted him the stuff he was saying doing and putting on social media you would never walk in that facility at school and done this year we we what we. Brought the cat out of the act we will talk. This surprise tactics away from him. And acting on the bottom line is we need to start accumulating intelligence and acting on it secondly we need to start helping these kids problem. Certainly need to be looking at different physical security things. That we can do there are simple solutions and not all summer expense out. Tim in terms of profiling affected this is the shooter didn't kill himself instead but the gun down and escaped did does does that. Tell you anything and callers are just an anomaly. Now what it tells me is she had a mission. He accomplished his mission. And then he decided he wanted to try and get a get away from. Because he had not been confronted he had not been son because there's I ask you this I think most some commits suicide. One and that is close and around a bit and a. You know we're in this stresses that it's closing around and they start distinct different and they start to act out what they party in her mind. Have planned that they might need to do in his case he got to do everything you want. There were 32. Pieces of information and complaints about him at a acted on it talk to other students yet postage stop. And we don't have a system in our schools like kids know exactly. Pol and tutoring or do I talked to. Another school out in airs on an issue what we tell our kids. You know don't worry report to somebody trust and ice at the them all is this person that they trust. That's not good enough. Kids need to know exactly. Who to talk to. What eight under hotline number call what a chat. App they can push on her fault. It king at beard gray area for student teaching younger people they need to check directions well what to do and Mort Mac providing. Very quickly in terms of anomaly if you go back and look at. Just the litany of steps it seems as though if any of this said they had worked it did this could have been prevented like your tie and bike even amount of school. Are you astounded that everything fail. Yeah out op I'm astounded at their reasoning failed but the only and I hate to say positive things they came out of this whole thing was. It rotted out in the field. Many of the areas that we recognize as viable to preventing this kind of sank in most cases were doing there pour job whipped it. An officer shirt even hesitate to go into the school. That's his job to go in and stop that kind of violence. The FBI or local law enforcement it's their job that's follow up on intelligence school officials it's their job to. Security at school starting at the door and tactical line. MI in nearly anger in your voice and I think what I infer from that is that the U these kids are dead and he's a few people are dead and you think you could have been prevented. It without them much difficulty is that accurate. Yet that's exactly right and I hope we learn from this that all it's saying is we cheat and do. Are very clear what we can do it and and and let me just say. I don't like seeing is tragedy turned into a gun debate. And and I accept this honor time. You take all the air fifteen Q melt on us and not be destroyed their single won it exists in the World Bank shooter additional sure more than nine millimeter which several magazines loaded with ammunition. He still carried out his mission. Because we're not focusing on hand. His mental illness. This reporting is talking to other people and his mission his mission was to kill people PSE using handgun and night for baseball bat. He was coming here. Do they Tim appreciate your time and now amounts to talk to you again but I know world. Well thank you for calling me and now America. Together we learned compassion and and we start to do some stronger. Protocols that are very available in Q. Same conversation we had to sandy hook thank you Tim. But again appreciated send him off security expert founder and president of sex consulting and investigative services. Incorporated.