How bad is smoking for you?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, January 3rd

Tommy talks to Mike Rogers, the CEO of the Smoking Cessation Trust of Louisiana, about smoking and how to quit.


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We're talking about smoking New Year's resolutions a lot of people decide to. They've quit there are people I'm sure as well and have decided to get off of the OP you'll aids because of the the news stories and coverage about the mobile an epidemic and text pops appearances the you'll be Lloyd epidemic is taking a huge tool along Louisiana. But not even close to the annual death and financial tolls attributed to cigarette smoking. Elements is how can you compare another text of the drug overdose deaths to the health of smokers is a very unfair. And shrewd comparison I'm quite sure what that means but. Mike Rogers joins us right now CEO of the smoking cessation trust of Louisiana and we'll get more. Into that and what exactly it is after we'd talked to Mike Rogers morning night. They're closer thank you for taking the time with us on mark. It's not a competition they are both problems but when it comes to. New Year's resolutions is smoking sometimes being overlooked a problem that's been prevalent and when this for a long long time. At the expense double BO it overdoses. Yeah and somewhere that they think Ernster Ari you know and caught you know human nature such that we can pay attention of the newest kid on the block so big and yeah I think that's what happened to the so you're paying. You know that hurt that. You know the president and congress get out there on the news and suggests that in the big issue we have an all countries there'll be ordered it and that's not true. Well investors. Tobacco kills more going on in there isn't anybody. Any other. Death clause in the United States in the world actually. As we hear about how many people a day die of OP you laid. Overdoses but the numbers I would guess when it comes cigarette slot tying. It's. Significant or you know among them in my bring purchase warrant but it. You know it stitched thousands of Louisiana and die every year from smoking and smoking related. And that's the this substance causes. Or contributes to. Ten or twelve or fifteen different types here you know people think so long or not this where your mouth cancer. Oh latter answer at least blue line. You know different. CO PD which is people vote that is. In. It's treating. Chronic breathing problems. Like imposing and stuff like that. It can be seriously your children that have a lot of green issues. Often times we find that the parent so which you're you're prepared to whoever. Are smoking currently kid and actually get secondary smoke. That so that's causing. The breathing problems for these children. You know it just goes on and on and on and on. As a matter of fact. Some federal court in the DC area just ordered that they MacBook at the same warned that funded our program. When it launched the court recently here. To. Advertised. In the next year on TV and newspapers. Troops. About to back here. And so if it for the first time ever so back to insult Hussein took back through parts of the tea. That. The tobacco industry. He engineered to back it be addictive. You know all of these things that we don't street two years caught. About an industry. You know they say as we find out that these dangers were stopped so. Well has that been proven you know change you lean times there are still so Sager so that the flyers. There and the latest ploy. There's that they're gonna try to help the world which spoke he. And Ali mean by that is you're gonna try to help the world should try regular cigarettes to our new cigarette. A more in selecting who. It seems is a tobacco and smoking might begin loss in the process of this Tommy you taxes OBO instill an estimated 33000. People in the United States. According to US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention smoking kills an average of 12100 Americans every day. For a total of about 438000. A year we're talking to Mike Rogers CEO of the smoking. Cessation trust of Louisiana let me read this text. For EA and it says if someone has their own health insurance and does not use tax dollars. How is it any of your business of someone kills them smell on themselves by smoking or drug abuse. Don't know led to areas that. You know I'm a libertarian you need to whatever you want but if you use health insurance to cover speaking of CO PD and and people think. Enemy gets a year and a second my people think it when you smoke you give us some got to kill meaning and I have a heart attack. But that's not the case you're gonna suffer for years and years as I've seen with my father with CO PDN. Emphysema. And you're gonna have a hard time reason for the last 1015 years of your life. And it's I'm gonna be a quick heart attack that takes you in terms of health insurance if you use that health insurance that you have the cost are being referred on to me. In terms of higher insurance premiums so if you wanna be completely libertarian about it don't have any insurance. Take care of yourself completely end don't ask anybody. For anything with that Mike I'll turn it already you will would you say. Well I'd say this. The numbers I've seen suggest that our societal cost of every sicker so about four dollars in Louisiana. Smucker page five dollars a pack the reps that a source of where. Tell me about the smoking cessation trust of Louisiana way noon and will butter the best ways equipment what kind of resource is do you all have for people that are trying to kick the habit. Hillary and its operators such an hour or so what we like to do is tell everybody. What we can do construction market. Trot will set up. After we wanna cork trees and get the big tobacco companies. Such actions should coach our. Air and what it did in the war. Or created a smoking cessation program. Statewide. Amber or any smoker and you looked in person in 1988. And literally the only to report should marchers. You know. After catching you here smoker per cent at one. If that's true. We will arrange for you to. Seat doctors. The comic in replacement therapy which you know income taxes archer and other American. Will support you were so well quit line. You can get individual. When he. There and so the particle it's completely free to them they're approved lapsed member of our class. A year and we've currently and got close to 84000. Les yeah citizens signed up earlier group program. Look out recorder shows that in one time are giving some kind of assistance from our. The stop smoking most of them in the form of Dixie replacement pair beat. Comes in such. Ten. We have a large number of our members. Individual and group counseling firm. A pretty big lips across state of the biggest brand name doctors and also the story. Here in the new World Series question these are. Party masters to now. Much has or any sport different locations where they. World Jews smoking cessation service. So it's pretty broad. And you've got the best in the past in the provider world they'll help you do at this point it out there. You know and a media that are pretty good time every year experience what you know 77%. Of all smokers quit and 50% number archer. By the 50% to try every year tried. Culture. So that means you know you just sheer number of smokers do. Commit to quit smoking and so they put cigarettes. They do it all by themselves and statistic studies and then there statistics. Show. In 1990%. Of those people. Who will take less then one week to start smoking again so it's absolutely statistically. Proven worse way to quit smoking. The right way to do it as it's from now or the media do and confused little bonnet creek property do wrong that. That brokers. Claim to try to quit. I'd just do well searching culprit he's proven that it is all war is. Never work it work 1% are. If you can't help but worse smoking cessation programs that we've seen here on the country. Will will beat that seven trips and car. Our program averages about 30%. Quicker which are phenomenal. I think there's a tree cheaper. Types of provider that we partner aware that try extra extra workers and help their older they're. You know it so much about you're in support from the people around him. We're moving. Smoking or. Burger in your life. That sell used smoke either remove stuff if you are Sears it's so well. Are there and help. We're out of time tell me how they take advantage of this again quickly. Well that the best way is so. Smoke free LE dot org. Nothing goes there and China bridal line extremely other. Erin someone from our program contact from their other information and and get them signed up and metrics some normally one day to sign up and get approved by the. I thank you Mike I appreciate your time mom.