How are the Saints looking at minicamp?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, June 13th
Tommy talks to WWL sports reporter and producer Steve Geller about Saints minicamp.

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To be hot today. 50% chance for strong storms and again I don't know if the weather's getting worse or maybe the way they're presenting it. Is getting worse is it in around in your mode of an eight months of my lives in summertime meaning it's violent thunderstorms that just happens. Banana it 50% chance for showers today tomorrow Friday 40%. Then for fathers say they're saying 60% which might have some and do with that disturbance down and Caribbean I don't know but it. I I always thought CBO that they didn't even that there's no scientific difference between the weather in the summertime barring any tropical weather. So they just to keep saying the same dynamic at forty Chris 40%. 60%. 50% you know I mean it's a good destination and why around numbers like going to be a 38% transfer. Eagerly you change at all with your 4070 exactly and at 60% chance of sun instead of 40% chance Arabia wants and why don't look at it optimistically. So. A quick note Reggie Bush former saint got twelve and a half million dollars yesterday from a federal court. As one the rams are planned in Saint Louis. Apparently they had a piece of concrete slippery very close in the field when he tore some ligaments in this season ranked yet com and out of bounds area big players actually called the concrete ring of death. Well apparently so it seems yet I guess the Edward Jones dome they never made any. Affixed to it and bush going out of bounds in 2015. When he was with the San Francisco 49ers. And gets pushed a little and running out of bounds slips and a pairing is meniscus ends up missing the entire season. And now awarded twelve and a half million dollars. For the injury and well but to me it's like are you gonna see other athletes now. Starting to hold other stadiums liable. Deter further in you know for anything one call does at all. That he goes you've been injured in an NFL game. Tell me about practice yesterday when you see who she Jones who didn't shy and look good not so good. And what positions yet the biggest I guess note no notable thing right away at practice yesterday was there was no Cameron Jordan and no Michael Thomas. We found out later on that are Jordan was excused for the birth of his second child congratulations apparently him on Twitter has. And then Michael Thomas trumpet he says was an excuse that the absence so hopefully he's back today. Nothing you don't know wearing a huge. Hopefully nobody can deals he hum. But. Yeah I'm a Drew Brees going on those who you know rave about Michael Thomas we see him during organized team activities. Big basically doing everything he was showing out during the regular season prom hopefully yeah like we're saying not an injury issue because. He looks on track to be poised for another big leap this year after having a phenomenal. A sophomore season so his third year in the NFL looking even better than now on as for the guys who were there I would say. The offensive rookie of the year from a year ago out of Camaro standing out. His first day had a phenomenal catch all leaping over linebacker Demorrio Davis to new freeagent acquisition. And he's just the guy that seems Camaro is a guy. Is able to miss tackle make people miss and that to me is his best quality. If you think you have them and then hope you like a sudden shift or maybe just the slightest move. And and he's gone thumb on the defensive side. I would say that's more strong Lattimore continues to do well. And his his running mate on the second side of the number two corner can crawl we had an ice pick yesterday and I think that tandem of patriots. It was offered to breezy out with a bacterium gets maybe over on all overlooked in the NFL as one of the better ones because. Can crawl the glow was out the first two games last year the saints defense looked awful without him all the sudden game three that he comes back. Mixing you know the black and gold run an eight game win streak so I'm not saying he's the only cause it was definitely one of those glue type of moments for this for the squad. We take a break we come back don't title Marcus Williams and again missed the tackle announcements on a I think he's gonna have an all pro year because I think he. He he has been living with that since it happened and he is determined to make up warden also about the try outs auditions take gum. Marking earns place of first four games and Ayman it was out there what was going on with that Marcus Williams he's got to be I would think. Just chomping at the bit to get out get out of the barn and run. Yeah definitely he wants to pull last season behind him in and no it's gonna be. Something that's brought up constantly any time the saints are probably on TV this year they're gonna show that play over and over and over right Tom even when it comes on like NFL network now my wife a -- turn off. She just wanna see if it doesn't want anything to do it and I'm sure most fans are the same way but. Williams yeah looking. Hum pass that going into his sophomore season and gal I would say if you really look at his. His rookie year as a whole besides that play he was having an outstanding year and I'll I'll think to he's able to put that behind him. And with express with a strong leadership on this team has. Well somebody said. Ed during last season. After the Eagles game that when the Eagles destroyed Minnesota and that just became a playing. It wasn't any season ending thing although it wasn't to understand the point where we may have gotten destroyed by the Eagles anyways so it didn't really matter it wasn't as crucial. Right at Minnesota and go on to win the super dancer so you know Joseph Holland are no thanks al-Qaeda tell me about one a little bit of a little bit. Do you think we have to beat the Eagles last year you know I didn't think the Eagles had any chance of making it to the Super Bowl on their runs so. I don't know they seem to find magic and a bottle as they say that that that for their Ron is it time and right nick nick fools I can't believe still have that play off performance. But he did all the games it was mighty impressive especially. And the Super Bowl via. That's the Phillies special is who is awesome. Before we run out of time Tommy about de Mark Ingram he was there and how many. Dumb to erect city yen is immune to play the first four games did. There's the potential. Substitutes get more. When he column carries and him more reps in the heated. That's actually something we were even talking about an asylum because marketing Roma still running with the first steamers book come training camp you gotta wonder. His patent gonna start to manage these reps any differently because you know this guy isn't gonna be in the mix for the first four games so you have to get those other running backs ready. But then there's also the flip side of Babel when Ingram returns you would think he would seamless. You know look back into that longevity got to get I think you gotta get the New Year's whoever it is Smart you know what buddy you messed up. Have a seat would give you some reps we gotta get this number one guy ready to go now. Well. Depending on how you look at out and to married on saying yes exactly so who is there may be auditioning for the role. Yeah it was in for Tim I tower used to be with the saints he was back. A practice yesterday. I'm he actually. Looks really good I guess. He wasn't part of the organized team activities so look a lot fresher than maybe some of the other running backs but you still have come Austin Scott the rookie who's kind of like. You would say in the role of a Darren Sproles a shorter backed that's able to you know catch the ball out of the backfield. On has some. Real real power tomb for guy just five of five on the he's he's built really well. Has that low center of gravity join Maine I think they didn't go and is able to bits of run through the tackles not to the guy. Beckham bounce it to the outside. You also have trade Edmonds who has brought more of a special teams role. Last year he took an increase his carries. But I think we've seen over the years with the saints whoever they've been able to plug in at running back whether it's somebody that they draft or even got an undrafted. Running back that they had always have so much success with. The plug and play mentality of that position. Our I think is a gonna be a seamless transition because of one. Do you have Drew Brees the quarterback into the offensive line is absolutely stacked in phenomenal. Quickly I mean like thirty seconds in terms of who was heard last year. Used to be back this year who's still not there Kenny gimme yeah. He got hurt at the end of last year on he was back in them I practice. And saying that he fully plans to be Rome you know suit up and ready for week one he's gonna be okay training camp. Did the offensive line like I said huge part of this team right now. And being able to protect the quarterback can provide those lanes for on the running backs has been vital for this squad. And I think you're gonna see even a more pro aggression and dominance from that unit this year especially with mostly about the guys all helping like even if Toronto Armstead saying. He he's feeling great this year when he's more healthy he's got to be one of the best that left tackles in the game right now and on the other side of the ball ends Loney was there. And only practicing a linebacker Greg got her early on last year trying to you know rebound in his sophomore season began he's back full right now and I thank you Steve will talked Umar. About saints mini camp.