How Americans are using coupons in the digital era

Dave talks to Association of Coupon Professionals Executive Director John Morgan about how Americans use coupons today and what the future of this $3 billion dollar industry looks like

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Do you do extreme to ponting. Our coupons dying. And the younger shoppers use coupons anymore. Howell has the Internet changed the way we get coupons coupon gumbo. Contents conversations activation in collaboration with the joint industry. Coupon committee Food Marketing Institute. And the grocery manufacturers of America are all in New Orleans. For a meeting this week so we asked John Moore again with the association of coupon professionals raise the executive director to join us tomorrow and John. I. Coup plotting. I had no idea there was an entire association of coupon professionals but I guess there's associations for just about everything and I guess they should be for coupons too because. It elites has been in the USA massive industry is it growing or shrinking with the advent of the Internet and with millennial sued just don't seem to care about any thing let alone coupon. It's changing. And and what's changing is there's a shift from the paper traditional paper coupon to give Internet print on coupons now there's a lot of digital coupons retailers have quit the cart program so. That's were heading we're shifting from paper to digital as technology evolves. How rapidly is that shift happening I know you know very few people receiving news papers thrown on their doorstep anymore. At Emmy used to be looked forward to the Sunday paper and you dig through the coupons you'd seek a wild look can I save a dollar I'm hundred detergent can I get a buy one get one free. Can I get money off of the local fast food restaurant in May give you get these stacks and stacks of coupons. Out of the Sunday paper but with the death of newspaper essentially how are people getting those coupons that. Both surprisingly there's seventy million Sunday newspapers go out every week so the majority counsel are still getting a sun newspaper and there are a lot of the reasons why they get them. Is that that Sunday insert is it's still one of the biggest. That the white that's used by meant by manufacturers. Coupons. The district distribution at that. But the other areas are growing as more a third of all the redemptions come from coupons that are distributed in store. In pass a tax and those kind of things and. Other levels just keeps growing the ones they're trying to use to entice you come back so when you check out that little machine sitting there next to the register. Prince had a little coupon the next visiting a five bucks off for it kind of starts to get to know you could you have your rewards card. And it princess coupon to think you're gonna want for things that their computer thinks he won a bot. Right so we wanted to be more efficient than just the last out you know seventy million coupons. The marketers wanted look at that the shop Prince Harry to people what these products. Maybe it's all right a bullet Pepsi and it's coaxing we'll try this or it could be Pepsi saying okay you've put up economic streak come back against the reward. So in general of grocery shoppers do you know loud what about what percentage on an average grocery buying trip will use one or more coupons. I don't have specifics on the hapless looking up a step for a came over in 88%. Of people. Had used coupons the last three months. OK so it is not as popular thing is as in this gotten what it what does 80% this country do you know well at it now look. But now no class Super Bowl. Yes it's it's a it's in the fabric of our society that people use coupons they love Americans. And it insulate you know the feel good about saving some parents are 80% say they've used a coupon in the last three month. And you tell you I am any coupon dollars that's specifically like grocery store specifically that it that the manufacturer to by the net that promise study from from in more it's a shopper to shopper survey but its manufacturer coupons formerly its General Mills put not a terrorist combined. Tickets redeemed. Wal-Mart. Our big at seventy pretty jaguar opinion poll while not scientific but always interesting does ask. Do use coupons when you go grocery shopping and we'll keep an eye on how the voting is going throughout the hour we just posted a moment ago and right now those of you voting at WW well dot com 67%. Say yes. Only 33%. Say no. Continue voting throughout the hour oh I just updated now it's at 5050 so half of you going to WW Weld County use coupons and half of you say you do not. I honestly do. But not like my mom it. You know I remember my mom had this organizer in her purse this. Wish she had cereal and soft drinks and meet and an an AC it'll importantly was it a little mini filer. For everything he could imagine she would just clip the coupons every week. And slide amend their those coupons that got out of the newspapers some came in the mail. And I and some and brewer like in a stock to products you buy us and should keep his day organizer of them. I don't have the time or the passion to do that but I do when they hand me coupon at the grocery store. Put it in the cup holder in my car and try to remember thirty use it when it come back. Next time if it's for a product MI or sometimes a discuss store coupon at like five bucks off a forty the next in my shop. But you feel good about having saved money when you use a yen and and there is that that it's it ranges right you do have people who are are in their with the organizer trying to save as much as they can it's. The bit of a treasure hunt. But you think about tell you how I do it and actually you where where I growing. Population two is the primary grocery shopper being male escrow. Really yes. I yeah I do acquitted in my house and my wife just got tired of it. And I don't mind it so much. I and I don't wanna Wear my food online at this point I know a lot of people go on the that way and we'll talk about that coming up. Bird really so male shoppers are now in the majority. Not the majority but they're growing and growing growing wariness had a typically be you know women did more than and now mannered there's more men between primary growth reached out for us to dividing liberals and in in households can I think. But down the other thing is like an occasional what you're doing it's well. You know go through grab a few coupons don't spend 510 minutes you consent 510 bucks so that's. That's a casual way of doing it's aiming a few dollars doing good you don't have to go. You know spend twenty or thirty hours we trying to get a big organization going to save a few dollars just grabbed coupons tried some new products and you can get some good bargains. I have assigned knows something they're really one empire has searched on my phone for a coupon that they can scan up my phone also mean if there's something that I know I'm gonna go buy it. And that guy I've been successful on that a couple of times we'll talk more about how the Internet is changing coupons when we come back and coupon codes. Then more and more sites are using if you have a question for the executive director of the association of coupon professionals. John Morgan in get on the line right now it's 5042601870. Reagan text them to me at 87870. And let me know who do you use coupons and giving questions about the future of coupons. And also talk about that extreme coupon and and is that real or is that just something on TV do people really do that and can you really go to the store and get like 800 dollars with a stop for 43 cents and walk out they're needing a U haul we get it home we'll talk about that next here on the Noual Norman says Dave Cohen in for Knoll. I know not Monday Tuesday morning. 1023. Is Dave Conan for Norma Armon thanks for joining us here on WWL. G is coupons when you go grocery shopping it's a B 870 pretty Mazda opinion poll right now of those of you voting at WWL dot com. 52% say no 48%. Say yes. Our guest John Moore again with the association of coupon professionals says. Nationwide 88% of people recently surveyed say they have used at least one coupon. In the last three months Paula thanks for calling 5042601878. You're on WWL with John Morgan I don't. Wouldn't did they did it's two days. Well I want to coupons. On seminars when they have knows. Definitely listening. Would do well enough. Probably isn't of the Natalie. And me Tuesday. I'm sticking. And it as outlined. Okay. So what happened today coupon seminar. Well. You have. Paula is what did. That they and it is he's his Dubai semis. And heavily that is how well it is. Still. And it does what you have to do the spotlight. Todd has been copied. This. Ability to act. Couldn't. There's an extreme coop running summarizes cheap to teach you had to do what those people on TV. To and and have you tried it yet and you know land daddy did you house look like your order now because you're living in amongst piles of so open paper towels. Yeah. Yeah. And that is that yeah he is. In the two. Two anchors moments doesn't that in Hayward it would do that these. Be that no way anybody can use. By way. You look at today yeah. Bad as actually can be doom under the rest your life John. She went to him ball went to. A seminar two under extreme coupon. I've seen those shows on TV anything at this in passing at can't watch them for very long but that's a real thing action to Bunning and cantv the average person. Do that's. Well. It's it's this TV show is not a real thing and a lot of that is staged. And a lot of the things that they do on that show. Is a violation of B that the manufacturers policies put upon them on the street where the retailer's policy where they're redeeming. So reality TV's not necessarily yes. So there are limits there's a lot of limits and you need to check. With your retailer what their policies are very evil Google him up and get them up and see what the penalties are manufacturers there are power they have policies as well as some of the legal copy on the on the coupon but you know the intentions to read the coupon by the products that you see on the picture. And and you're fine but if you start to get in extreme to me the retailers don't want. One person coming in and wiping out champ pull off the shelf. It's kind of late you know use your coupons but don't. You don't abuse them. Right now the retailers. Get reimbursed for all his manufacturer's coupons right so I do come in and used one or if it's with in the policies are hundred coupons. They aren't out that money at least not in the long term in the short time obviously I'm not paying them that amount on the coupon. But whoever issued that coupon pays them back that now that we're. Don't think anything is it that it took implied contract between the manufacturer and retailer and manufacturer saying mr. retailer if if the consumer follows the rules on this coupon. And buys the product I will reimburse you. And that's a process I guess and a decision that stores have to make if they wanna participate in that process although most news. Yes I mean the thing is a retailer does not an in for any recent afterward have to accept group. So if they think they're not gonna get reimbursed then there'd there'd likely not to accept coupon ride but they don't wanna wait for their amber a strategist Ella and deal with that. Accounting yeah song that goes along with it but look at you we Derek and we got a shopper there. Who's you know consumer and make him look across the parking lot to and other stores I don't will take you got this itself. We're selling a Wal-Mart how much how well what are they dealing with in terms of coupon reimbursements it must be millions and millions of dollars. The there having to get reimbursed from manufacturers for coupons on a regular basis it is and and just to put in perspective it's that the industry as a whole three billion dollars in manufacturer coupons get reimbursed every three people rezone Americans use three billion dollars with the coupons every year. And is that rising following are saying about the sent this thing about the same. All right what younger consumers are do you have any demographic information. I don't see a whole lot of younger consumers. Using coupons or even shopping sales for that matter there's his go to the store whatever it looks like what they want. They don't compare prices they don't care what's on sale they don't have coupons they thrown in their body and they go by I. We don't see that we see it's fairly common from the from you don't think teenagers all the way through tilt seniors that it's fairly consistent now the shift within that. The the younger group the millennial Mike a little more digital. And a little less than a little less paper but they're definitely using coupons I'm think about the colonials. Who lived through the 2008 recession. And they also does a lot of student loans up there so they're they're being frugal. OK so Mondale's. Out of necessity perhaps more than. You talked about earlier as some of his just like feeling the reward of getting a few bucks off it's like yes. I save money. Now yes I can meet this. Well yes and then the other thing is I could I can eat spaghetti cheap on Monday but then I can go have a nice meal on Friday right or at a yeah innings out I'll save in the groceries and then splurge on the craft beer. We'll talk more about the digital coupon and continued just calm up on your phone and scanned them at most stores in your print them off the Internet. Did people even have printers anymore we'll get more into the digital side to this thing coming out. Here on WW well but I love your questions. At 5042601870. And text messages sedate 7870 gets some good text messages you'll read some of those coming up. After the news here on WWL. RB 870 pretty Mazda opinion poll. Do you use coupons when you go grocery shopping. Go to WW weld like com and vote now and will see how your voting after this as well I'm Dave Cohen in for Noual Norman Don WWL. Text message comes in today's 787 if someone who suggest that you should be a separate line for people who use coupons at the grocery stories as last week he was behind a woman who held up the line for fifteen minutes. Digging out her coupons does text message comes in Nate 7870 says. I put all my coupons and addition home and I try to remember to use them sometimes I do and sometimes they expire. Before I get a chance to use them. A person says people don't like bargains they need to bargains with all the different directions that are its deciphering our money. From all of us now. Then there's this text message to date and its MDI is the things in the mail this heads say dropping our mailbox I call them marriage mail. Not sure why. He says they have pop eyes and churches coupon says some people use coupons for some things. But not for the series isn't around to get his fried chicken but apparently not to go to the grocery store. The whole point of coupons though. Is. Retailers want you to try their products and like right. Yes so it's too if there's two things it's either pay. Here's that here's an incentive to try something to maybe you don't wanna pay full price but pay for you know 20% authored so I'll give it try. And their their ideas to get too loyal to itself I try at night like it then I go by at full price that's for profit. All right so that's one purpose of coupons I guess another would be to build loyalty Carty using our product we don't want you to try the other guys product so. We're gonna send you rewards for using a product yes. How much has the Internet changed to cloning. Over the last 1020 years. It's significant in that even think about not just that the can punting aspect of it but that the how you get information. So you know you're going on to manufacture sites you're going you're you're searching the Internet for bargains here you're all over the place. And then what emerged first was Internet program coupons. And at first there was some security risks there and tell of the industry's pretty much solve them. And that that's still a popular but it's just an additional. Distribution vehicle to the different way in which to reach. Consumers yeah I think Procter & Gamble. Kraft there are few of them. Email me coupons to one of my Ellis and a separate email for what I consider my. Kind of junk and stuff that I don't wanna read every day. But when I needed I wanted to look for it and I get some of those coupons there where they December email can print the email. And some places even now like to form up on your phone in the skin I'm an Oscar phone but that's gonna be difficult for the reimbursement that. In the us it's all computerized now. Well some business so and so did the grocery industry's unique in that so this pop lies they could put on a mobile phone goes it's pop eyes. Given to discount to a consumer. Where if it's Tearrius coupon at Wal-Mart. You have it you know you've got a third party involved it's a transaction mr. reimbursement that that happened to this going to be more cut auditing controls in place. To do that so you'll see those programs go into public clicked cord program and a frequent shopper card you. He gallon to the carted him when you identify yourself with a card. It goes into the software and to our right. Dave's but you know bought this looking for these five coupons and to be by the products to meet the requirements of the offer yet to do it used to money. Catcher so. Coupon codes also on seeing a lot of those where you and there's these sites. That aired their entire reason these web sites exist is to scour the Internet to find me coupon codes that I can use when I'm shopping online. Are those things all on the up and up and are are retailers. Finding the coupon codes are as effective for them as the actual coupons. You know that I hit a sorry to say that I've got limits to Maia at and areas of expertise. And our association doesn't get involved too much with the boots as much as they can digital coupon and and in the traditional paper to implement the park. Enough mark thanks for calling 260187. A year on WW well what John Morgan. Executive director of the association of coupon professionals. Did mark what's up. Just a quick. And there are old school remember back in the days in the sixties. Well stadiums like get an agent Scott you are secure in. Well. My. Or you don't. Let you. Walk. I believe when you mean. Give me an example that would work. 3040 dollars on groceries. It. Two dollars or are. On a specific item. A it you know. Oh like a couple. It would get so. Compaq and when it is that you know outward and one walk. Wow a lot of stores have those rewards cards now where they do just that that the more you buy. They are you accumulate points three accumulate dollars on your card and then you do get money off when you come back. But a lot of that is. Subject vote for him. What we shop so. We are more. As the heir to George. 00 so are you. Are what you go to the support of the art with. Why people. Aren't just. Give. It. Since it as well and I think some stories do that may be that one doesn't. But I know that a lot of places have these rewards cards now where you do accumulate points you do accumulate dollars off. And you do get five dollars off of your next fifty dollar purchase. And things like that but mark you know suggests that to the managers of the story three shops and maybe they'll work with you and find a way to help you when we come back. I'm going to ask a key question that someone just texted a sedate 7870. They wanna know is it coupon or coupon. Tons already laughing I'm I'm good I wanna nosair an industry standard. Has the association of coupon or coupon professionals. Made a ruling on this on the proper pronunciation. We'll find out after this in the mean that you can text mediate 7870 tell me do you pronounce it coupon. Or recoup time. Tarmac coupons. The association of coupon professionals is among those meeting for the coupon gumbo convention that's going on in New Orleans right now. There must we association for just about everything if there's one for coupons there must few hundred just about everything summits exodus. A moment you Aaron John and asked tests is a coupon or coupon. Has the association of coupon or coupon professionals made a definitive ruling on this issue. We have not and and haven't really studied to be honest with you but I see the coupon or coupon. It's kind of this kind of interchangeable. And personally and B probably noticed out over the over our our discussions I've got a bit of a Philly accent and up front come from you call them coupons so accident coupons out there. I think most New Orleans column coupons. But I'm not sure continued Texas and it's 7870. Greeting call final four to six 1870 and let us know how you pronounce it we do have some. Tex coming in one person says it's definitely coupon. Now says it's a chicken coop not a chicken Q. Therefore it's coupon night coupon. Let's get chicken coop have to do with it I guess it's spelled similar. Another says. I'm all about that too could step up a a year ago in terms of that question what's the future of coupons or coupons look like what will be changing. And way where you see the industry added when it comes to coupons and coupon. Well I think you're gonna see they continue involvement we're gonna shift from paper. To. To mobile coupons and to digital coupons. There's also a shift in the industry with groceries at the the more people are buying groceries online whether they're. Making their purchase online to order online and picking up in the store and that's gonna change in how he get through incentives I think that's gonna go more. Digital then paper in this situation. Do the Amazon is the wal marts and the all these other burgeoning. Grocery delivery services. Take. Coupons in the same way that we've traditionally views them at the check up on what's interesting about that whole area. Is that it's kinda new. And did does that kind of a mixed bags that are still some that are that are accepting paper coupons are. Most of it to saying it's digital only for the for the clicking collect programs but it's kind of all over the place right now and it's kind of a but it. It's a growing area that's just starting to kind of RAMP up than and then we need to take a look at how that's gonna work. Honestly I still have not yet. Ordered any groceries to my home from any of the major grocery deliveries now I order a lot of stuff on Amazon and from Wal-Mart and haven't delivered but. I haven't done any consumables yet. So I never even thought about that you know if I have a coupon for Cheerios or for Coke or for whatever Colgate whatever it is. Is there a way when you order that to use that coupon to reduce the price of butcher having delivered to the house. Or for these services that don't pick up your groceries for you and bring him to. Yeah I think it that's it it's a format that's better for digital coupons and for paper. But it gets back to whatever the policy of that of the retailer is and quite frankly on some easy commerce situations. What interior pre ordering on line and and collecting in store ordering on line and having it delivered by the store that that they haven't addressed the policy. Ally guesses as they grow and if they wanna attract a bigger audience that probably are some people are gonna go I'm not gonna do it I can't use coupons. Abu Al I'll take the time we go to the store I have fifteen dollars coupons I'd rather do that. But then again I just spent much time you have does kind of people who have all the stuff delivered to their house of the people who. Don't wanna spend their time going to the grocery store John thanks for visiting with us here I'm glad dollar having your convention here in New Orleans any thoughts you wanna leave our audience with before with a two run. What does that mean it the intention of coupons from the manufacturers is to get you to try your product is get to two or ware of literally reward you for using a product consistently. Just read what's on the coupon used a coupon they'll be emptying shelves and and to sit you know. Making a disadvantage for that that the chopper next you some sense and that the coupon industry does not like the extreme coupon. Now I can but now yeah outfit and he kind of defeats the purpose. You know if there's that if there and this is a great the great bargain is if you got a coupon in the products on sale and you get kind of get a double in there. Go for it in open but don't beat it. You know. Don't be trying to abuse the system don't be emptying shelves that's not that's not the intention of coupons to begin with and and again it's kind of a community thing among the of the coupon or do. Yeah kind of police themselves and my rhythm and much. All earlier call percent much you have a warehouse. We've got to put all this stuff anyway thank you John we appreciate your visiting with us enjoy here visit here to New Orleans and folks appear down around the convention center of the French Quarter in the CB day. Same height of the coupon professionals who are hanging out a final thought on this coming up next.