Hour Two Of The Outdoor Show

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, December 9th

Don and Martha make the announcement concerning the new TV show Called Bayou Wild on Cox, You Tube and Social Media.

More of our reporters say it's a good day to stay at home today.


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And walking in yes we are on the North Shore of lake pot strangler had Biden who had been choose bait and tackle store located off. On the banks of buy you look home highway 19 unit beautiful area of saint Tammany parish where Martha Spencer's witness a month with like thirty degrees you get thirty degrees here and look around but the chilly. Oliver talking about a special announcement now for a couple of weeks that we can make in it's time to do exactly that we've joined now by Chris look cocked the full frame. Productions Chris you with a small. That's good for you. We've been talking about the trip we made up to the sanctuary lodged in and would feel Mississippi and Martha bagging a first you are beautiful 200 pounder. And you happen to catch them on on video. It was a great thing and people league again and get a chance to CNET and the rings and we went up there. Aside from running via. Was two film a pilot TV she'll do TV show that will be kicking off in 28 team. Called by you wild and Martha you've yet we've been talking with Chris and you and I and brainstorming on this thing tell us how you see this the shield but it's going to be. Well. The world of outdoors in Louisiana is still. It's fairly new have been on your three years but has been kind of get myself saturated in everything that's gone on in all the fun things aren't you outside Atlanta learned is. There are a lot of people can enjoy the outdoors and it's not just you know what you might think we've got. A lot of females that are in the hunting fishing community without a body youth they get out into these high schools have fishing clubs all over. And you find more people outside that you do inside you're kinda gonna branch out and explore all the things. There aren't there's a lot of smaller subset that are getting bigger. I myself learned this year this year a lot of folks don't even know what that is. Kayak fishing is really soaring. Hunting of course. Million different kinds and that's that's the new listening to meet I can see why so many anglers transition into hunting is just it's just that connection at the outside so. The show itself as and it kind of brought the Specter might say in in and get more people out there. That maybe don't steal all the time so of course we'll have the experienced pros as well but we're gonna take all the protection. So many stories out there you know that need to be told that on the income mature it's great to go up and all the techniques and where to go and how to do it. But there's some real human interest stories in the Al it was something else we gonna rank as well as a a large portion of cooking. As a I don't think that the cooking gets enough attention. There's so many good bountiful resources we have view of the fish to seafood in the game. We're gonna have chefs like John Fultz is going to be on witnesses some of the other famous yet so pretty much each week. The a thirty minute show called by you while the go to my web page on the aisle who was guide dot com. We have a trail kind of a sneak preview what you're gonna see. Chris look Cox is with full frame productions is going to be up photography editor Chris and I have worked together for a number of years. Can't think of someone with a better eye for capturing the outdoors and a lot of creativity. To presented in the way that I think people have never seen before Chris how do you see the show going to be different from what's out there and now video wise. The main ports were gonna salaries they're for audiences. And order throughout so more stores for. Production lot of the F you have to be a lot more creative nowadays when. Produced the video or outsourced because so much competition. Or go pros cellphones and anybody in order a video. Put it on YouTube and yet but it and so. I think would buy you. And try to see. A little more productions that they were gonna try to do things that you might not have seen before production were gonna explore a lot of the ideas. And one thing that we're also gonna try to do it cooperating or social media is you might watch national TV but if you go to our we'll be afraid. YouTube page might see from behind being so you might see. It's been that features and differ different avenues. To altered indoors outdoors. Well we wanna bring this program and make it available to as many people as possible on main distributor will be Cox sports television. Which reaches some five million households over sixteen or seventeen states. But there's going to be a lot of other ways to watch it as you mentioned prism Martha you might talk about some of the social media aspects of the program new TV we talked in nearby while. You know. Not everybody has that packed sports network but everybody can enjoy the show and that's brought to buy into it we can now put the full length show on YouTube which. Folks are pretty familiar with these days also in addition. You know folks in our I have a few minutes and where they jump on in to Graham they'd jump on FaceBook and we do have now we just made my last night. Two pages on in two grammys it's by you wild TVs that he is at symbol at by a while TV is about fifteen pictures up. We kind of threw up a base in group pictures from our trip. This past week which was incredible and I can tell you just from that today's shooting with Chris you know I worked in news her a decade now. That you do you have to get creative and he did that and we got to sit implying together and he's a remarkable stuff also on FaceBook by a wild. TV that a fight just put in by a while you find TV show you see a hook. In the graphic picture there and there are some photos there will be updating stuff. Throughout the week when the show is not airing TU forward and kind of show you what we saw besides police on TV so everybody kind of had those multi platform. We used to watch and I think that's kind of a sad time. So right now everybody's saying what day in what time is gonna become too Vienna. To be announced will let you know via this radio program. By you while TV dot com website will be another way social media we'll let you know and I'm really excited about this pilot program with what we got with the help. In Europe for his skill in the beautiful scenery with the snow and everything it's going to be a home run moment that's. No we went up there for two days and we filmed just about everything him before the last wearing that we last. And I tell you it was it was like divine intervention we woke up at this beautiful lives. Didn't even think. Didn't even look like Mississippi or waking up on this raids. With four inches of snow on the ground there's twenty Connors analyzed and geared up to go out and it was just the icing on the cake for agree. Chris I don't think I was gonna get should leave the place you know you guys with a video equipment you get an opportunity like that you really can't pass that. No absolutely not whatever year. It'll look case operators know sort of thing art camera when or in your official. Not just with a lot like his finger on. What part people look to sanctuaries see. It looks over the you you're physical problems revealed so volatile. You so glad of course. It was cloudy couple parts of the world waiting for that phone and well that's what we hope. Or tolls. And at biographer BR for users wait for that shot on that Schiavo who lives and I guess it's finished with so we got a lot more than just phones that we got some really it's snow. And a lot of video walk around a lot. It was foreign to the snow on the ground. Absolutely and it saying Chris it was great we he. We saw you. We got up a little late that last day and you're. Everett was it a lot treatment copy we look at a Chris he's and his camp out. Students shot and the scenery and getting really unique shot even got a picture of yourself filming which was really neat to see but I think the snow is Pannemon. With better treat me get a sunset. How many days the year company. They that it decade Egan a snowfall like. In at number two a TV a YouTube a social media outlet near you look forward by you while TP. And again if you wanna get a sneak preview right now go to the website and you can download a trailer which is basically a preview of things to come. Chris looking forward to and it's going to be a lot of fun going to be a lot of work the points what enjoyable work. Absolutely appropriate error exciting and if these early or anything. Well I also want to let the listeners know if there's something they want to see we can get good suggestions from a audience you know. We have an email address if you have ideas or if you've got some neat thing is broadening the spectrum not just that average trip email us at by EU while TV at gmail.com. That's the way to get a hold of us if you have something you think might. Be good or on my web pages ways to get in on contact but now what about FaceBook if they wanna go to the FaceBook. IE while please app by wild but just by you laugh that's like ethnic and of these messages it's easy enough. Chris thanks again enough really enjoyed the trip look for credit like out and bags that you worry you're not get it battling over back. Drought coming your way Chris are out sort of that regards to overcome. It'll make it I would be right back after this or talk to captain Mike Gallo find out what he's doing over there and chilly salt I used. On north of Lake Pontchartrain east of Slidell will be right back with that. You're listening to the outdoors it down to view radio network. And if you've been listening to our weather reports and out fishing reports this is not the kind of morning you wanna be stranded and left so this is what we call a seat so kind of a morning if you don't have seat so. While the person you love that speeches off on those not haven't. Great Christmas gift 179 bucks it'll start at four whole years AAA on the water fuel crops so wins jumpstart. What ever you need call captain Chris this is that I authorities season. As well as the gift giving season so call Chris Bible for 3014545. But he could do it on line very easily Zito got. Martha Spencer it was here where are you a bit to bring in captain Mike Gallo of angling adventures of Louisiana captain Mike. You got ship extra heavy duty code on this morning. I'm the woman mauled. You sound like I don't hear any wind blow and a boat so well water slapping them anything. Yeah you might hear that with quicken here from the law. Well you on these kind of days all we can do is tell people what was gone on leading up to this and when do you think that might break it what would you do. When when water warms up temp to rise a little bit what would be some of the things you look at one place ago. What it was it was pretty good position we is this for comment through role warm temperatures were a little more. Carter term you're industry's current. Corporations to rule nations and Archie trying. And it took. A took advantage of we have not been very. And went over to the wall. And torture issue in that area. I was concentrating. Prone areas that war 68 feet of water which was fairly close to areas. Of twelve to eighteen feet war. And that was my pattern. The last couple weeks leading up to this well. Now this drop in water temperature. I'm certain that this will be in much deeper water hoping the bottom. Actual and look forward to presentations. Are Isner in the way character I remember you right here. I guess that's been almost ten years ago there's holes that we see students. Canal's. Nearly scores been. And it's very well it generates nations that truck so that would be my. Those greener then channels. Her to go Newton. Whole ignorance. Which source they deletions. Or down on the war. Where most of there's been and they channels. And what the man made channels offer. Is that consistent. The fish get acclimated to that temperature and that bill. And they'll hang out there that water temperature does rod into the meat it's these. They'll just move football which is shelves. That are close to that the war. Mike for the past thirty days we have haven't Neitzel on one they expect the trial at the bridges on the trestle bridge. In your experience when that water temperature dropped several degrees this time of the year it does the death protect those fish there they still going to be there. When you think they're gonna move them. I would think there's still in March drain areas what that tip rep presents to those. From from our perspective. Is consistent water temperature that is then like temperature has changed too quickly. They get acclimated to certain temperature and it won't stay here and picture and that's why in the and they candles. Or. Are very popular with the fish when the war strategy it's grow. Because it's the same depth and the same temperature. I would think they would move. Two for public park train that baby hooker down on the bottom and a very excellent presentation. Or real tight to the bridge. Our structure itself. But I don't think it would prove to care reform. What's that you think live sent this silly at best set up there with everything being kind of Arctic. I'll tell you more of what happens is that the troopers catch a lot of true of Kimberly before we see these coal from. And they're in their tanks and that water temperature drops and the true you look forward to it. Now. So you can finish would ever have this would these instances where you have water and move it. And the troops in listening to that. Well there much that you. Or don't work any better than plastic. My guest today be a good day that. Get a hold you and maybe do some gift certificate approaching the future trips into going to be Yang and around the office. Our world won't. And ways to get in touch with me we have been the troops to 118. I tell you bill. It year by year we should find that Merck a good pitcher who. Well you certainly will be one of the stars of the there's no doubt about that whole new level and the use. Of our. I don't know about what are you. Mike I know we are gone. And then you have been building a second lots do you have any. Any ETA for when folks can can get into that if you want book big party trip. I have really been doing a lot to work more with this bad where her arm hoping. For an early age range. Grand opening great it is war so that's my that's my target. Opening day. Went to be written you know. Meddling go do the show up now to a grand Altman on the spots and dots lake house slides expansion that we can do that. We certainly do the probability owner I know the Obama I have an end we can we can do it. The plight will talk to you next week a friend. Sure I'll look at it always going to be just Ellis one will get it done OK Mike and thanks for the the good wishes on the new TV show speaking of onions things we have a new. Pro staff for the high hoping kayaks. Brendan bay artist one UB Johnny's with a mission report but we gonna introduce you to a newest one. Right after this three minute pause on the outdoors with Don Dubuque radio network. Before we get to the powers report just a quick note we did get note that the causeway is closed so both direction both directions if you're planning to travel across the bridge and need to take its effort wrap until that clears. My guess is a little bit of companies in the wind warning in some possible slick conditions so. Take another round there right it is time for the powers report with byte goes kayak fishing club percent and that's he's out there's locations in mid city New Orleans Metairie Covington. That green shopping at best kayak fishing models from brands like Cody Jackson kayak and native water craft check out their website Matt he's outfitters. Check out on FaceBook as well and that means it's time to talk to cap. For and then they aired good morning to you they've rendered in order by the way are around and it was a whole week. Colby good Brandon. One about two OB kayak pro staff member human neck captain Eric on Moroccan likely to the issue to Louisiana's latest. Colby kayak Borough. Yeah Canada mark Spencer happens to be right here Brandon. Are. Welcome. I'm very excited I I absolutely adore that kayak. So comfortable as Toby why is Kobe out facts are just so versatile. Well good the united that this morning like no bottles or folks down at Coca drew what do they depict the championship. Brenda what does that look like if that delayed the star is it going on as soon as scheduled at 6 AM. Know these guys that are out too hard core crew that. Everybody and their place right now are. But one of them is it possible to put a heater in your cat food you I would advise putting as many and warmer for your market to take it. There are hands in the air. Point eight going to be pounds more. He. About record now you know some of these aren't on the way out or work or crop could be hurt airport. I've while out on. How America. Cold out there I'm in Europe one of those days. Are great if you're gonna go out and try to pick in this kind of weather. Oh yeah to some reports of but what has been going on prior to this had been of snow and sleet road closures in and dropping water temperatures. You know the incident Beijing and they're winners are. To. I'll water. You know rapidly declining down into the heart forty little bit. That Britain has been. Pretty phenomenal lap you know week or ago to Nicole. Mark how about a month earlier than that Alec that this. But that it you know it goes along with every location your picture around southern Louisiana. You don't want upon the deep canals those. They're dead and a lot lot of the guys. I. Are. Pumping. The little areas where where the tomko is. Have you deep Gallup poll that the you'll see are the man me tantamount. Power in a bit cold week before and. You know a lot of people were tipped in those areas and and they had a few Beers in them but they'd been had been stacked up yet. But I think this these last two days have driven it into the areas and you know my guess is. It would be full range bottom. Today is one of those mornings to where you know appear on the boat you move around a lot but if you're like hiking eat get on him he's probably hang antsy as many eaten yet. He. It's not about them this today there was no way that. I want. Aren't black. I'm right now they're long and cold and calm her. A front runner up. Probably. On the lot he argued that when your current crop of talent on. Our. Here bit colder hydrology. Of the the shallow mark just stick it would be spot. Grind it out and is he. President no one last thing give us a prediction down and Coke agree at the championship. And looking for a make sketch too rich to slot reds in five trial for the way you know I think the Trout maybe. Very difficult to come by what are your prediction what will take the win this championship. I think that might and they'll come up with some really big red you know the red pit. As you know abide a lot more partly in cold weather then the Trout do. I think you know people are gonna spill formed a couple of months. I'm and I'm trying to make a pair of those who you're talking you know. 1617. Pounds already and an instrument of good the other view being trapped on top of that you know another. To ground it recount then you know maybe Europe point ounces. What when a man. The I'm not wait a few others who know what happened. You know in green truck come out the cold everywhere along when asked you know are more patient and once upon. You know somebody put it all out. I've found out that out there and I am that my number don't you. Well this could be not just a test of fishing skill but also one of endurance and assistance and dealing with some really raw raw conditions so. Will certainly congratulate whoever the winner this season will know that. Next week and kudos to everybody going out absolutely it's that easy day where folks might just say it's an hour that it's too cold and windy but to everybody that's out there they deserve pan back for just competing. Absolutely. Credit thanks the reporters always will catch up with him next time movement. All right they are down. Eric Goldman in a yard I bought the we come back. Kayak fishing tournaments unfortunately. That is so. Stretched over into our bad boys segments will tell you about an ankle I think he's pretty lucky and not being criminally prosecuted. You can make your own decision we knew the story of our bad boy the outdoors up next on the out there was with Don did you radio. Along with Martha spent so Martha we got some text messages come and a lot of people looking forward by you while TV. Yet or that I did you know there's not a lot going on talking about actual fishing and hunting this morning in the text of the biggest is so cold but. We got somebody here headed up to the bogey chino and going on the public Allen and sun and the wildlife refuge in wants to know if you have any tips on deer hunting there. A refuge and here's my theory on that stage later than everyone else. A lot of people going to be hot in that area as they start leaving their stands that sometimes that can stimulate that you movement and push one right front is so be last. And maybe you be fortunate to get. All right we'll be right back and are going to be hit the bad boys about doors after we pops for about ten seconds in our local sponsors some. Catch photo and released armaments are becoming increasingly common for a number of reasons especially with the kayak crop while it simplifies the whole competitive fishing process it does require the element of honesty to be fair to ensure the integrity of the event and the organization conducting it. So when a competitor in a recent mass cease fish picks when he seventeen tournament. Admitted to digitally altering a photo he submitted in an attempt to win the first prize Colby outback kayak. Valued at over 2500 dollars Josh ripple was not only disqualified. But has banned from future Massey tournaments and is membership in the by U coast kayak fishing club revoked. And banned from all BC KFC functions and armaments. For a five year period. Grappled digitally altered the ruler in the photo to indicate a red fish was 44 point 25 inches. As opposed to the 41 point 25 inch measurement. The photo originally portrayed. Even though look criminal statute the Louisiana allows for felony prosecution of cheaters and fishing and hunting contest that off potential prizes equal to the value of the kayak in this case. An ad hoc group of club officials do not intend to go forward with seeking the arrest and felony prosecution of Josh ripple. On the wall in Louisiana are bad boy of the outdoors. You know maasai are really think he got off with a break there because they certainly could push for criminal charges on this and and I really respect the BC KFC. For the manner in which they handle this it got to ensure the integrity you can continue to do. Catch photo in these tournaments you have got to have the contestants believe. That there is scrutiny on in the going to be on the open. Again I spoke to the person who actually figured this and he said that you know. To that untrained guy this would've worked. It was a very good job very good Photoshop job in just by the practice of really scrutinizing it was able to determine that this was something forged so that's kind of the sad part about it that some would go to all that linked the deed that. Up while maybe on one of our future off to a ping involvement to get people weighing in on whether they believe catch photo and released economists will work you know given instances like this. I we got to take a quick break we come back we look at for the plastic man captain Ryan Lam but he will not be in a duck blind in Louisiana can't promise she won't be and once somewhere. But not in Louisiana because we're in the middle of the split right now that season reopens and blah hopefully mop all this cold weather's gonna push some birds him yes. Back with Brian Lambert report after this on the outdoors with on the view. Radio network. Marty your meteorologists what's the freezing point plastic the plastic freeze up on you know like you deadly deadly that you would trampling. Now he thinks that pace like to think that let's ask the plastic man right to get ahead what do you plastic lures. Frees up all you get. Quote about where you is. Do it's predict what those in Mexico. Now what is going on with that you duck not. Armed group more as we did it in. This article. On the phone this morning you more rights group of guys. We will. Could not agree to call or go. Out and get people out automatic getting heckled them. Oh as a failed Martha said you know people don't. People think it gets cold in Mexico. The problem out there called. In it's as simple. Compound Bernard Primeau who. It's cold but great. My life here are our. That was caught. In the third group that's awesome. We as soon as it is as you or down all it was a it was written. You know Ryan a question came up when Martha and Iowa that the sanctuary lodge it was a bunch of those guys asking about your trips down in Mexico. And they wanted to know. Is no way or you allow to come back across the border with those birds. Not right now. I think it's mormons and part our boys as that they audience. Because my record for a couple balls it but it's. Oh but these office. Through this bit. And start running things were open or is this who worked in the is that there where we could put up bird back which you yours too. Who offered what. So you have fun and right that you have a amoled posse version of Luke made and it coconut that the game that's done I believe. Both the cook name Google but are all add Montana backpack. What are the chances of that. Probably network Orion it. Who are up oaks where you're located in Mexico what part of you know Mexico the Brady big country. I have friends in south Texas posting pictures of snow yesterday they were up ten minutes in the midst Mexico line wary located. I've hundred. What brown who practice breakdown. On Google to migrate within what we're going modern days in Hayward. You know what I'm good results from we could go out. But we have. Fumble that was a couple of no. You have that it's it's. You're purpose. Are you running snow geese or. Canada's saw respects what type BDC on them. We bet. You know there in Daniel crane here that in the today. So most of it wouldn't matter here but we. Those here. Well I'm million Hayden avenue go down and do that you know Wesley doing that the clothes a split here in Louisiana so. I know you'd be back in time they'll be back in March again next weekend right. As bill will. You know it is the right card. You're good war Arkansas in certain that the river about it walk well here in the U that would move the everything worked out or go forward here are the great. Ryan thanks that are report good luck on the goose out there and you know you guys have a good time and all that hot say enough. Let us know when you get back we'll be talking to you in the duck blind again next week and Q. Burke who were due. So economically in a very simple but like my fees and all of the number. It is world click talk and you cages that are ready to go these two are ready to go do we'll put it together. Again aren't. All right cajun fishing adventures dot com is where you find him a call him at 5045595111. And we're gonna take a break here yeah Martha the show is just about oh will be back to wrap it up tell you what else is coming up a bit later on from YU adventures in local Louisiana. Where you'll listening to the outdoors wood on to view radio net. I want wrapping up our. This portion of the broadcast on network edition enough from my unit pitches in with home in Martha's been a great show minute quick when. Not many fishing reports expecting that you know we did you know some important information on the road closing the Mets in the cause when it was closed yeah also down south we got an important we'll do cup. A couple of dozen got a couple texts about accidents over towards Alabama but that's pretty far away but we do have one big closure that might affect folks down on LA one headed down a port whose shot. It's closed due to icy conditions which is pretty impressive admit that part down in Atlanta stated to be more than a couple of hours. But I would say at least for probably the next three hours you will not be able to get down to the park who shot area on LE ones though Tiki time if you're getting up this morning had them in camps. That's probably the big one and also the causeway in both directions have not heard updates if you know if that's been open and I'll text us. 8787 mile snow Basil right now that stuff for the. Top of that tree that some sometime ethnic and douse it with CNET was couples say it's about it's that warm up nicely if you headed out maybe delay you've tripled bit. I would going to be here for special more out there was program from 79 keep flushes and John as you look at the 31 new members for his North Shore fishing report. Premium membership. Beer tastings gone on land this afternoon here at by you adventures. Forest green missed a green he's called going to be pop and in and talked and sufficient in this look Comair. You wanna come check out that. Also a lot surprises to register for will be given away to isle today classic a Christmas shopping and that's a great time. You need it they got a lot of gift ideas here. And also mom you know you can call us the next two olive will be taken phone calls at the final four to 606368. Text messages and 87870. What's coming and we. At a new text that says I 310 is close at highway 98. 92 I tend so there's a lot of red. Our highways unless you absolutely have to go somewhere it's not gonna he said it's not going to be long and gets up the soft it knows roadways should not ask them how fast and clear up. I know what you've had quite a week advocating gun Louisiana's first ever female. I'm pro staff before will be kayaks you've been active first via an impressive is going to be tough to top 200 pounder. Nine point. Shot it right now Tennessee and what are they get to tell a whole story we get into the next program. And of course the kick off of by you while team and it'll be excited about that and you birthday is owned by day and a and we had some my Chantilly very cake so some of the had a bit you know it out I'll get another time issue. I saw we sickened by two affiliate stations that checked asylum or outdoors you can catch us live streaming. It's done the outdoors guide dot com any Internet device you have. It's two hours of more Rocco as we take phone calls we take you text messages. We gonna chat with Keith larger than most fuel efficient reports that a couple of soccer relate guys coming in and a very good at what they do market. John. Also with the deer hunting will be talking about the rules and regulations her. Bringing beer over you experienced that on your first view out the CW the threat though this in new regulations in place more comical than those with Jonathan board launched. Louisiana department wallet and issues they wanna sit by you while trailer get that sneak preview but TV show that's going to be coming up. My website went up FaceBook and instrument. We have a new website also for the show it's by you wild TV dot com and you can read up on what it's all about parks the trailer there. And we have a FaceBook page which is by you while there's some pictures from our last trip and it insert Rampage by a wild TVs and check all those out. We also of an email address by you while TV at Gmail so if he had any ideas anyone actually tomorrow way we'd love to hear from. Now if you want invited to come on to finish with if you got some good but it would be Libya born. I then we will let you know when that pilot program I'm real excited that we just take that the sanctuary lodge. Wonderful place Jeff Rodgers a local slide built guy owns and operates at. Peta bossy some really great host of miss Jean can she caught a lot that's I've been there and I'm glad yep and on the a lot of red beans in my. And you election oh and by you while prop pilot program will Erin Cox which television on YouTube and all the other places you can buy. If you on not out I suggest whittled while at the sun get out content you haven't new update for your cause is now in all good news. Those boys opened a show like those other Rhodes will too. I catches on Don the outdoors guy that comets more outdoors from seven and nine from YU adventures in McComb Don Dubuque in Martha's Spencer have a great we.