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Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, February 24th

Don and Martha continue from the White Oak Plantation in Baton Rouge.


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Well Martha this morning is really don't buy quickly yes Lotta love interesting topics a year later and he should. Fishing talk that it stacked that everything. We still got a lot of long way to go as far as activities today for this third annual butchery. And though we going to be talking this morning to the news here it just a second believe we have captain he'll weigh into joining us now along with Becky Lambert they Willis. Oh OK in that case and assign us talk to on. Today. The mayor last night falls right. Today is John's nephew and he has some prize pick someone that are spared today believe via butchering of the for the victory just happens and is now. Being discussed and shared and an and the hard part is over in terms of that but without your pigs out here these are these search openings. That's right I can't take credit the credit goes to my kids. Members of instances where's my kids are members of ascension parish porridge. And they have very hands on more you know project. They they they get these babies in October and they raised and think about before book which moment that those who picks in the last election. This past weekend was was actually do the 83 and who knows who picks who lives up to. And they were about 18100 kids that participated killed animals. So mark my kids were pleased to have to be a part of that and he came away from the little out of not a good prizes and let lessons. My daughters participated in an evident the homes that did no bucket cap which is kind of the same thing rhetoric by the camp few feet with a bucket. You bring it knew eventually sell the market this is a good way for kids alone and entrepreneurship and actually make a little money on the things. It really is and is there's so many. Critical life skills that they come away with responsibility. To be in the first these kids up every morning. That the forced to take care he's them so and so what I was that they we're golden into this in the form. They learn competitiveness teamwork. They learn definitely self esteem than the children. So just little. This is his executive building project since this kid race peace. So I have to be paying because hey they eat a lot but what are some of the other things that your kids have to do you to take care. So there's there's every mourners don't have to be clean they have simply drive was asleep there's there's Washington you breathe every day. Beating. You know this is a good dose apparently but he is apparently. Now. No that's great. But you know today kids are different social media is in their lives they've all got cell phones and know how to texting on line they. Is that the incorporated into four H because it's been a long time to smog girls ended there was none of that then. Is that part of a well it it is it's not from my point she not yet anyways is there's still young so I guess. I still have a lot to learn in that respect what my kids are ten and twelve years old so so we have an we haven't got them to do within that point yet. Now on chew it and some form or fashion model and are into it and hopefully they can integrated in a way where it doesn't corrupt worth there's tradition as a positive influence on the kids. So long if it. OK to really get guilin Becky on the line is before you wrap up here anything else you'd like to say default notice. We appreciate video we appreciate Jon poll sponsored project and you know stand in my these kids. We sit and look forward to seeing you again next year but. You hopefuls. We have Becky Glen but in no way it'll. And I hit us again at film and it's been and you still gonna talk to NAFTA and he thinks I'm and we have collapsed I had. Of all this you. That I did finishing. Pat Hill is probably my mind more favor that we we talked some good stories that's sting rays and I don't we're gonna gets gun that day until we went to a certain spot and we started hammering right. Did you bring up the topic of snakes. Yet who did that I only have a minute. I was in that one of our stories and lol yeah in those stories and doing. Yeah you know he does not like listening known known that it and make the United States and. At Becky clamp but also to Alex's coach Becky Becky and I just one armed or bond market. All and I. In addition I've had hawk happen literally and hog heaven this morning. We're up at the butchery at white oak plantation and they get wanted to demonstrate all the different ways to process. Halted even got a wild appealing and compare the taste of the federal home to a but domestic song slows that's really exciting issues of TV as well as soon radio. But you guys are going to have a wild game feast Annapolis you'd probably gonna have some national form of pay go home there aren't. Yes well we'll have being in. Just about anything else you can think. That's this gives the date and time in the case. That date or expired god next Saturday and that and that the act of high school at his high school right there cut it could be. And the time is from 15. And we have. What about my band out there who we cook an out there are instances that we some they give the answer to winning it this year could come out. To promote their product. It'll be the weather right and it looks really to look like it's in the yeah good it. Now what is the purpose of this kind of little install him as well as a lose the beneficiary. Well we that we benefit hurt our our quality that we out there donate money to the miracle league. We donate money to other organizations. Or people with inside our our. Our team our school family that that has some. He needs. But I'll start. Let me can I pick one I think it started with hill hill he'll actually came up with the idea. And he started the road and around and we got the topic and we did the first one. And we just grown and learned from there in Ichiro gotten bigger and we enjoy doing but it actually you know go. See among men Reese's new correctly you'll that you coupled with the the U I don't know I think. High school. Well I wrote that the I think yeah I think it was a tiger and yet. Rate for. So. Would be well let's let the a room full lots of these and they become very popular. At normal on April 4 we gonna be gonna think it's up 21. So we got a little bit of its star and you guys that you guys have come on very good. What can people expect to find out there. What here you know. It's up media would grow every year just went on the issue with that they have a response. There. Certain issues this. You know real history what you we update this year plus. The issue and so it's getting better. We have Georgia official acts challenge you he Christine Mott Ian B apple walk on I'll come out there a dispute be successful. So I'm just well. It is worth the price petition the government should. Take. So someone's little squeamish about evening for all slaves or venison and fried alligator. There's going to be some I guess what I would call the more docile dishes and. You know within I have just fly in real oysters OK with an actual real there. We don't have they beans and rice jambalaya. Side is there a barbecue and chicken with and have hot dogs by anybody it. They don't want it you know the interest but you know so there's just plug and they have what about issues out there. Plus you know. All to the beer line in drinks that you can drink all one price. It sounds wonderful and how can people get tickets. That is they called school. Or they get in touch with me. Don't have much no explicit. High school. Yes. And now they can get America go to Italy France. They 25000 experience and it's all you can eat and drink. Plus the main. An endless students we student at ten dollars you know in schools though until well below ten dollars and any kid that can offer. All these teens about him that may be ever soccer tournament so all these balls forward and when regained its opening article we. Mean come over there gazelle when its food distributing minutes best best deal. Sounds wonderful. Very good bill you know one of the things that's most enjoyable to me both that the Rommel limit the hand and I'll meet people out there. That have never tried while game and that when they do that they've fallen loved what they just don't realize how communities that have had the opportunity. So this is a good place for some by the come out a good starting point for someone has never experienced game. All absolutely having an in these issues than they are going to be really topic issues. You know. Big issue that you know neighbors all use some got expert in the dock at a record you wanna cook yourself one day. You know. Sounds great. Well thank you both for your time. Good luck to your event and hope the weather stay one more time for people it just tuned in he'll give us the date that time in the location. Okay it's and school next Saturday more mature. From one of five independent buy tickets you can plea demo my phone quality contact Audrey Japan high school and actually share. And a utility famous for a message. We don't fry it here yes we. We don't argue appear good who the product is corporate and for and I think this year so broadly them in an area okay. Thank you hill thank you Becky ability to watch team this year Becky. We're what we're. Would be fine in the game actually did this tornado is obviously to interpret it we won both of them we're we're at I'm a bit on the outside but. But seniors in we. They're ready to play in the look look sharp still or these years I expect another good season. Very good. Thanks to both you congratulations on being able continue this work this year an entity grow each and yeah hopefully you'll get beaten badly the next few. Thank thank Yo-Yo. Variety and they go get real way and fishing captain Becky but the coach of lady talks from archbishop and a high school incompetent talking about it wild beast beast they can be 21. Access and coming back after this break Aaron Harris joins us with change you market. Think about that name. Game changer I think it's going to be into a good answer will be right back at this time. Martha I think Tom Fitzmorris is gonna be jealous of Jesus and his programs bonus panel like the food show. It is definitely that suits the Daimler in our last hour before we get together and Joyce and food which I. Heard and smelled is isn't really gearing up more with our next guest now Aaron Norris he's the president of Norse thermal technologies. For all of this name typically news Indiana and the name of the company game changer by ignores the the product game changer. Really is game changer because it looks like this company's really striving towards. Sustainable energies and green products so with Salmonella Aron take over and tells a little more about painting. Game changer is like Lex as we we. Wanted to be a game changer for. Food industry and out. What we're really doing is we're taking. The smoker barbecue out of the back Alley out of the backyard or put it right in the in the commercial kitchen. So people have. The ability to apply smoke flavored natural flavors you multitude of foods not not even just me but. Many types of food itself. It like name says we want to be game changer for the industry and implying that natural food plate. Now when we were talking last night about the game change in name yet know whether this was game in the chain yes while game always have game of the of the industry of the smoking industry so really. Kind of use both of those things come. Yeah right yeah when we went through when we want to name we really want something that that. Old people what this is a bow and die guys the best thing I can come up with because. A little bit of history and coaching and stuff and you know game changing just love that name but then. Yeah it's it's changing in the industry and then got some hunting background in the hope you know want to change the game and two. Good food. How did you get hooked up with this offense that John fault find you and that you find him. You know is through us several connections. You know we took when we looked how do we go to the market with this we just kind of grew organically through our contact. And you know we just got out there we demo unit we made eye contact with people in the industry and yet through. People like Phil Wayne goaded and paying Jackson and and then obviously. We went to the grocery and in that takes place in South Carolina this. Past year and met John and obviously got on that it. So then we know why you're here but tell us what makes your product the game changer what is it do and why is it kind of in renewable. War more. Earth conscious. Sure. It it's a game changer because. It's it's an all electric smoker. But we're using wood pellets for the smoke so there's all kinds of what power flavors out there that you can use the plight different flavors the food. That they'll all electric allows us to be consistent in repeat able. That ship each and every night. When he's developed this recipes get this thing thing. And time again you load of me. Press recipes menu Wi-Fi control and he he you know that. Hey when that comes out it'll come out the same way every time because. Being an electric yet. So consistency really critical and we felt like that's what the game changer for the kitchen. How well as the established him in this area known to just kind of movement in Malawi's. It's just really moving into Louisiana we've been developing it for the past three years and in 2017. Literally taken it to the market. So we've we've been in the Chicago market and then. In the the grand strands South Carolina area and then really this is our first exposure in the Louisiana. And as far as Texas that's probably next on the list that's next unless we're going to be at the national barbecue show in next month so we hope to make some good contacts there. And electric smokers there's a couple benefits to them one you don't need as much pellet or wood chips that I. I have let myself than I was shocked to use it to see how little. Actual. Overhead he needs it to what one bag of little wooden pallets can do. Also what's remarkable about it is how fast I mean everybody thinks of smoking as a slow. All day kind of thing that you can really smoked meats in under an hour and now meets like fish and meats and two to three hours how does that. Differ from mr. wood fire why's it so much quicker. For the game changer worked convection so that convection we are applying even smoke and even he throughout that he the chamber we've got one full day creek Carter. In the air that can be slid in slid out and as we've got a fairly high quality so we use to convection fans. To deliver the heat the smoke evenly throughout. And out. We can also cold smoke which is in the thing just turn the electric heat on the top and we've got to hold smoke option that we would smoke that some keys today. That we did yesterday's there's just a lot of a lot with the control ability well. Tell me about a success story somebody who maybe wasn't quite sure about. Using game changer and a business they've gone with you and what does it done. We've got we've got one. To me this is I believe very unique application we've got one hospital in Louisville and they're doing it marked rolling out concept. And so we're into our second month of that barbecue rollout but. You know you're gonna go to the hospital for good barbecue. I mean that's that's a minute and I think it also we're looking at even like senior living sinners and I think the natural. Smoke flavor. Is really appealing to the the older generation that we do it tastes and it's a natural place you're not adding a lot of other stuff that you don't know what it is just natural flavors so I think that could be a very significant part of our market. What are you. Demonstrating and what are you cooking for the century today what took him to rest. Well we're doing the classics we've got Cold War that we we we. Cooked up six or buts. Some different that rubs on the work that we've last night we were all night with the brisket. And before that we had some cheese and it pulled smokes geez and like its editors that. Several other people's hey I need to smoke on this and they all kind of like its shares right now are nobody's certain what's it opened up the recent surprise then there. You know that you would mention we tussle that on the game on the full while game for smoking. That's the come in more more popular I would think if we've got someone out there that's a a game process that this might be a great investment for them because. Two reasons one I think it's popular. The other is a game process that gets all of his businessmen a couple of months yeah do you season comes in everybody brings a deer and he's got to turn that around. And a lot of among know personally turned business away because they wanna quit get in they just don't have the capacity to turn out that much where this could certainly do it. Just a quick across yes it's it's a quicker process we've got good volume and terms. You know we can do little more allotment in the ass and do an economically. But then you know hundreds of you that they'd like. Putting that smoke flavor on that wild game I think that it just enhances it is it to me it's you know two flavors him very well together. And so we've got some hunters that back home to duck Connors you know elect listen duck breast dependence abuse these turkeys that love and it it's really nice. So for the average household up to the restaurants sizes of what's. What's the range both. Price range ends mass range and exit terms of you know how much you can actually get used to save me your restaurant wants to purchasers. I'm miles and everybody kills many viewed. So I'm not I that this is an average how also she's a reality that a good yeah I I'm pretty sure you can put a couple of deer. But it's. One full bakery Karzai so you've got warning eighteen or 26 in shells on cut to its bases its you can range heavy war. What primal hooks and a you can put any type of pain and Trey. So like on like on pork but we. You know we'll put in maybe 250 pounds for that mean he's so you do as little as a couple the couple and ever. Actually been a lot of people out. What just came to mind he's still live in Alabama and the big fund raiser for kids there was Boston but they con and so. Maybe for schools this would be good investment for those for those school fundraisers. Yeah in fact. You know might my community mental and Indiana. Our department's always do fish Fries we've got to minarets and here this spring doing. Barbeque and so I think you're right on with that. The issue of just there's a tip on smoking. There's been a few occasions where out out tasted something is just to push it's always smoke when it what causes that. And is it something that is left up to the person so people like a little while small and others like it heavy heavy smoke. Yeah and sometimes that's the right kind this act too hot to cold smoke. You've got to dial that smoking and right for the flavor. So that's one aspect. The others that aspect this time. And so you can look like with the game changer we can have the smoke generator on. We're a little timer a lot of time and so that's going to to profile that flavor with the smoke Ian. That would tie. Mixing you could even mix different types of wood cal flavors so. All that comes in the play asked him that that flavor profile. Having the right smoke. Is key. What is most popular. It's a ski. I I mean content share deeper personal food I like it Korea Michael. You know carriers. Flavor but a possible converts spoken Turkey's become real popular IE keep it from getting too high. You know. I don't know ID yeah Brian let that be one way. So does and then it is time to one of color temperature yeah yeah yeah located temperature and a smoking and lower temperatures generally. I mean and keep it nice and tender and moist and I think you know convection to me as it is a good way to keep your your yields up even and in pork and some things like that we're seeing. Higher yields and maybe even traditional barbecue just from that convection expect him. You know not over and not too much time in the smoker. Is someone listening update we Pique their interest and wanna find out more about game changes they restaurant owner there. But Delhi army field hospital directive that wants to try to download that out of their reach. Well personally can find us on the web site. Game changer smokers dot com. Diary email our address on there you can get in touch with us got some cool videos on it. Just some neat photos. So check it out and asked that Friday the easiest lately. She currently licenses is gone yeah hasn't barrel and we do this somebody doing well aren't aren't that I was as smokers are it. And thanks for being with hate being part of this is a radio man yeah. It's it's awesome it's our first experience here we're really looking forward to them and that the food here is phenomenal looks like so yeah they get ready are Heidi thanks again. Aaron Norris thinking change it thanks for stopping by and will look for it kind of apple corps and port. Love that it was simply get Chris look cockpit out and around. Her name up well known producer editor and find out what he's getting through the lens of the camera that was going to be shown people on upcoming episode by you while TV. You're listening to the more outdoors program bumped up to view along with Martha Spencer at the butchery white oak plantation in Baton Rouge. We're back after the small house. Possibly evidently guest this one has roots here in Louisiana west Nile and potato but he's been. Now problems. Clinton so field. There's a lot of food they're all yeah that's what tilt so fearless that they have come up with a name like told it was so many who wants all the first names have been used. So blue smoke enterprises. And your actually shooting a show today. Tell us about that. Yeah well I'm from two Louisiana and I've lived in New York now firm. Nine years. Who's both been around for fifteen parties are hospitality group restaurants and now. You know where. I'm I'm shooting some footage and we'll see what happens but we just really like shooting you being shot you're actually work in the camp now not being shouted John I'm not those guys work way too hard for me man. I just have to go and talk about the things that I love most netbook preserve in the south and preserving traditions of the south. But specifically we are here today to talk about the butchery and talk about those cajun tradition that. Jeff Olsen tank and all the rest of these butchers are carrying on whether it's in Louisiana are outside in now and their home states are home cities. In on I'm just proud to via a small part about it document talk about it and hopefully bring some of those learnings in traditions backed New York. And better tell that story to folks who may have never even outcome of Louisiana so I just I'm just a I'm just. Grateful to be a megaphone and that you lost educate. You bring it up there with Ali I don't know what you think I feel Kara that's it you guys who have let them let them that was the huge gap in ally I think. I've never. People up. People in new York and elsewhere exit that heavy southern accent but. But in Louisiana on. It's pretty flat so. Yeah I don't know I think my mom my dad will be here later so my friend mail Kerry Jackson. Annaly. But you connect to shift unfortunately unique perspective it's yellow. I was part of the 2006. Graduating class. John Wells 92. Nickel state. And John that time was teaching cajun and creole cuisine. The class. Which we we all had to take an now's my efforts and our actions which yet. I really working with him side by side of course I knew of him growing up and knew about him going into the school without my first time. Really work in and out. You know I mean I didn't and never felt like I needed teacher on cajun food until I met John because he dies so deep in that. It history. My dad degree coax that we cooked food every day but. He just really was able to mail you back that onion. 20300 years of cajun culture. And so I graduated in 06 and I kind of did my own thing around and we really connected over the last couple years and he invited me down to. That deeply cares and I just could not access the opportunity to. Come back missile issues specific rules in this. You know I don't have really a specific role I'll be jumping around from station to station today just really talking to the coaches about I'm duties hostage who'd hang crackling Pont's. I'm some of the other cajun issues that. Aren't widely known the route. Even Louisiana I mean there's some of these men rooster and condemn. A I can't I mean I mean some thousands of them those mine and never had that one so. There's some things here that we just want to talk about and we want you really again just peeled back. The issue what this means what it means people coconut. And it's beyond about. What keeps you up in New York is it the opportunity Hughes and advancement. Or do you really enjoyed being able Louisiana and pass seize people's votes and man this stuff is. Well I mean I think it's the latter mostly but of course New York's mean greet her my career by it you know why I I enjoy being. The different one in new York and nine. I enjoy there around Mikey it's right honestly mean usually out where shares right here that have. Ducks line on my sleeve and you know people. What. So I I I believe. You know New York doesn't have a tremendous amount Greek southern food. It has some great ass and it's. Obviously it's not like here and other places around south. And I'm just wanna be just another small school this is working here really good authentic food. If you just hitting it was talking with John Paul we've watched Jeff from typical Wii's yen over at the machinery. At the white oak plantation and John folds up with this thing together Martha what a fantastic jobs. So I'm from up north and I don't Paula I have been in Louisiana for three years and kind of been submerged in food. What do you think bringing bringing these dishes to New York. What do you think. People are most surprised about from cajun cuisine and what they take into the house. That's really tremendous question and now I I love answering it because I can happily say that. Not all cajun food spicy. Earn your mouth off spicy not all cajun food is fried. And to me like we talked a lot about. Up north. Jump Elias who boys dump those. And people know that they've been and kind of field of food for awhile even do different restaurants but. Now let's talk about that for assays the salts because the Kuby on the difference hostages so Grigory. And that's as John off because the small floor pantry in old news that comes with that. And that's that's a language literally determine that I'll talk to my friend's house staff about. About this or pantry and why. Crawfish and toss whatever pops you know our. Corn soup stuff like that so. But. For me it's kind of breaking what people believe. At least challenging what people believe what southern food is what cajun food is. And showing them that there is there really is other things there's centuries of history. I've devoted to these food and people who wanna carry out. It's legacies and so it's just really like it it's not fried chicken fried teams great we all can agree that we all have fried chicken but. Everybody from Minnesota down to the Mississippi cook fried chicken so. But let's let's talk about those other things and again this desolate possesses great job at just uncovered some of those historical food items. Tell us about your restaurant company York it did you build it from ground up to take it over and convert it to cajun. What's it like so blue smoke is a barbecue restaurant. In New York's been there for fifteen years and I've been the shaft for four years so. It's got deep roots in the city. It's commonly. Referred to as the first real pit barbecue in New York. And not acting to test that is authentic and true now what took so long who took up so long. Well I mean we're seeing a Renaissance now like western barbecue here and and and America and it's been popular throughout Texas and Kansas City in the Carolinas Louisiana and the Gulf Coast for. Years and years and years but now we're seeing not a lot of other regions catch on and really start to do their own thing so in New York. We could barbecue but I don't I don't speak any specifics out on the southern boy from south Louisiana. And I think grow up. Cooking barbecue like I would though like Texas where you have all around no country so I interpret art in my own lives which a lot of ways is cajun food. Barbeque shrimp and so barbecue Shura and I'll make my own mind doing in top selling those things I really enjoyed enemy Mo booed and and so. Although we're barbecue restaurant in would be impossible for me ever create a menu that didn't have some cajun influence because that's because that's. That's my fingerprint on the menu right so it's a barbecue restaurant but. And I am and I am proud that we coat some really two tremendous authentic barbecue but we also made damn good too soft but I don't know accomplices there. As signed. What they need to over the last night which kind of shocked me a little bit what people that paper wrote. Yeah we all complain right now because we have a tough you we had a freeze of accomplices small sample ballots have found. What does a New Yorkers have debating in the office. Well I pay anywhere from 850 to ten dollars a pound. Live. Up to my doorstep. And so. We we charge accordingly which is around 3035 dollars for. Now reduce hostage corn potatoes and all that and and what I've noticed actually is New Yorkers love crawfish. They don't look peel them. And so that actually in a cookie just visited a lot of people also. That's all immediately. Now I was that Tony's seafood last night the queen's doing some dudes in vero end. I was so happy to have my hands deep in crawfish. And beat people complain about them into smaller right now then. I'm I'm. I was I was totally happy last night my hands and so was our Paul welcome back home for at least system for his statement he probably come back one day one day it will receive a man every time idea or every time I land that Louis Armstrong argues that carmike kindness. Something. Everytime a comment feel more and more like. This is why I miss it just it just takes me landing. You know I gave Alex feeling that he would let humidity right now and I did he just plain. Actually pretty comforting so. Thank you for having I appreciate the time. To talk in appreciate you really get audio line executive Louis absolutely on him and him let's connect definitely thanks again it reduces. I we come back after this break crystal Cox Angeles. That's right he is our man behind the lens and he's inside I will Wheaton is this morning so far we. And you're gonna get sealed an upcoming episode by you while TV listen to more outdoors on down to you bought the Spezza. Thanks Mayweather will be right. And welcome packet to our broadcast why don't plan takes it there you'll really. And oil as well a lot of good news going to be a lot of normal. That's right we've been Alex towards the field in our little office here and Chris attacker producer and cameraman for right loud TV has been working hard very early this morning he's seen a few things including. The actual pushing which. Personally am a little happy ending here because Grammy with little bit loud but it's it's all part of the tradition and he got to seal things he talked about votes it's kind of planning our route for. Filming today. And has game plan. Chris tell us we talked to what you seen what we should get tech. We know a lot of hall program coming up we got Ferrell won't probably get to interview with the quality issues that narrative about the feral hogs. We got John Smoltz and talking about this at Laguna actually bring it to you there's so. What can people look forward to. Doubt we're. We're trying to put together pretty information show coming up in a few weeks about halts all you early sinful TV you've seen people involved but we're gonna conduct yet. A little more into the the biology of the history of a lot people on homes wider problem in Louisiana and in here at the butchery it's been really. It's been really eye opening for me up never attended event like this before. Where. It's such a festival mean they started off this morning and with. It's just gathering where all got together and they had to you know prayer in a morning and then. There was a slaughter I mean it's not for the faint of heart but it was all done a reverence it wasn't anything. That most of them no not at all an animal out of Albany. They had a smoke ceremony with some birds in the you know. Walked around thriller reload was the end. Being can move up in the it was all done. Very. Reverently and you know everybody here in attendance walked out. Moment of silence it's a prayer right now there they're butchering the hall as we speak. And the the stations we start soon really demonstrating all the different things it butcher due Wednesday. And they have a Mercury. Aside from the program is due about his butchery in the federal hall probably tells people perceive that we Monica really buy you offices will it look. Lesson willow that's right real lesson a week away in this this first show coming up next week at home which we're saying is our official stored a lot of people's promising an hour. Our pilot show in January but down. We've got. Obviously were featured shift on false we're here doing some good in segments but him. Last week so we'll talk to him a little more noble kind of get a little bit more to his history would do little profile moment talk a bit more about. Where he came from and where he's been and where it thinks he's going so that'll be a nice feature and then. We feature a young man thirteen year old boy named Alan Mason who was offered on. By some experience daughters and his that is and the navy overseas. So he was treated to go on behind. Two horse of the year that he had never shot a big here before so it's a good story. Allow people like seeing you know him to the deer in the air to passing on to another generation. And we've been focusing. Because of the season and when we're premiering on hunting that we're doing. In addition right now you know we're doing a lot fishing as well and we haven't spoken much on that that is much more than a hunting show. It's pretty much anything that embodies by you and why so we're talking now wild hogs right now though we're also going to be talking about spear fishing kayak fishing. So there's a lot more to come so we're looking forward to that don't just think it's a funny show because our first few episodes art second episode that you'll catch the second week in March is going to be more pitching oriented so. And things I think we've got a little bit more of everything that's going to be all different things especially as again in the summer months and can't. Inherited cultural events like this when. Chris of people you know Cox what Stevie is going to be the main distributors of people that do not have them available out and watch. YouTube. Anytime anywhere that's everybody knows how to find YouTube nowadays you. You can go insert by you while TV on YouTube and find our channel or to make it even easier you can click the subscribe button and it's every time we upload a new video. It'll senior notification. To your email to your phone every got you notification set up and it's not just episodes we some behind the scenes stuff going on we had some bonus features and things like that so. FaceBook YouTube and I want to take this opportunity to thank everybody that so far that's followed us on FaceBook this morning we. Surpass our first 1000 followers which is home pretty gratifying fact we're in our infancy and we have so much while minority. Erica Chris a look forward to those episodes thanks Ben and look forward to this went to Houston a lot of work to do people people watch this in the coming weeks. Also just fun and we talked about basement but if you don't have Cox sports TV we mentioned YouTube the episodes of the extras. We have by a loud TV YouTube page if you go TET been taken by a loud TV and hit subscribe with that a 115 subscribers are. You'll get an update alert we don't close crazies are not in a flood your inbox but there's a lot of fun stuff a lot of behind the scenes and that's another good place most of them these two. We got one more guest before we wrap up this show and then will be heading out to our. Where to find out about the support you feel they'll fill us is tell us about this. Theo you guys like you're really comments here and rather. Leather and got this in the Netherlands. Port mafia is my company in I do season England and thought that her restaurant. Do little product line. Globally Europe and here they. Based in Chicago but cook him. Openings. My. Think it took him hoping to do about 6075. Pick the year. I've got where I've been lucky enough to travel across Europe to teach American art classes. And I'll work in my program. We both animals and small piglets and freezes. When can we address the web site we saw it it get ready to be pork mafia dot US. Is the web site. We're gonna be so and seasoning than thought that right from it and have recipes him. Instructional videos the way they usually use these these sauces you today some of them yes we do have them here so I will set you guys with them for the group. And it. What would you say is the the nature he solves spice is smoky light sweet. Slight slight heat being that little back in the kind of middle of the road you know I don't want too much one flavor to be overpowering. Still want to be able to paste whatever your foot and a and is the name of the seasoning Oakmont yes so I have three different flavors I have Louisiana by U. I have a Memphis mode in Texas school. They're already listening. Is. You can look at it oh look it up on Amazon but we will be a look shipment out next week for right from our website. Is it available in retail stores not yet. We're working on that you need biggest history and distribute it figured out yet. Look an awful it is that what would you say is the off. The origin now. If you had to go back to Trace so I call on both names because I've done a little bit of cooking in those areas so that's how I come up with the flavors. But they're good if you mix them to put him on anything. Where did you get. Where did you get the idea to start this and handed it kind of develop and when you practically. Does that start. So I went through the phase of injecting. Pigs are bad enough you really don't have to do that. Depending on what style you wanna cook it if it's on its back. Split. You would defeat in the top side of it. Maybe they did with apple iTunes store little vinegar red pepper mix. But basic stuff usually work the best in what is best. Cookie. Mathis. Product. Smoke real smoker would be best cooking it on its back I do believe that the best way because all the youth youth day in there then. In the skin is used like a big bowl. And then went on these little more than make them well and double the right in there. The relief lifted. They smoke in the light. So I do I do favour of the old Hickory pit. Cape Girardeau, Missouri have seen. As far as their restaurant. Machine and a catering machines are often better for the way that I. My cousin at her wedding decided that she she had an outdoor wedding and her main meal at live aid cut pay and it was it it's a great thing for barbecues for. Weddings her graduation. If somebody is interested. Maybe you can I wouldn't know where I go Taipei where it away if I wanna I wanna do this what's the place to start first say they average council person. So for an average person you just research. I'm packing house. Most of them will have. Animals on hand. In Chicago where were fortunate enough to still have one slaughterhouse left where I've picked up my pigs. Out of that world. They Chicago used to be so many slaughterhouse doctor's office one. So it's it's really dying industry. Butchering so it's good to do stuff like this to keep that old school ways alive. Well I guess that would mean that the minds of it is actually creating opportunities for those that has dented business bureau yes. And we'll look forward to file that you products. We're excited about it or mafia the side of the helpful mafia dot com port mafia dot US backed US. Thanks Bayless Billy thank you guys part of the butchery. Look for the time that some of that thing. I would get ready to wrap up next. We're gonna go reconvene with Chris and he's done probably a better game plan and we do read them well. These same interviews we did on radio right you know TV and we'll let people Los listening know that coming up in a few weeks on by you while TV you get to see. And here are some of the same things that we've got to enjoy out here this is just fantastic event. Understand that they considering actually doing one in Cleveland. Because of the popularity in the in the interest out there. It's really begin to gain an appreciation for your fear and as we mentioned Chris said. You know a lot of people have seen video of hunting pigs but to see the appreciation that these butchers and sets have to the tradition. Even speaking with the historical people hear about it how far back you know seventeen. You know going back is how when things are domesticated you learn so much in. You know what people say who or what you might be convinced he might be converted to keep them here to. By the black hawk it she's Wednesday and a sister. Well we're gonna wrap it up we going to be back again next week five to seven we start off with these. Outdoors with Dudley radio network will be fueled by affiliate stations also like you to Tokyo says the gave him. And then another addition of more out there was seven to nine now by the way a lot of view last week who would do. And want to find out copies of the use intended proposed license fee increases while on isn't it human optical mow web site. You'd find that there you can downloaded and go through and it's probably about 67 pages long. Equity interest stuff there also don't want it there you might wanna check out some of the recipes. Some of these people you're talking about this boot I got some of those John Apple's recipes. That a great vocal after the on it also looks lies and alibis needs. Assistance in bakery gets to oh great gift if you can pick it up for a pretty hefty. But there's been great with efficient next week. I'll be your next Saturday because our producer Chris is getting Manny CA. Congratulating and yeah this is he's just kind of blows it off he's kind of he's got about some things in Canada. Line yeah. Well we'll be there at the wedding you know welcome abroad Amanda thanks for being with us again we'll see you next week right back here again another addition of more outdoors on WWO 105 point three definitely HD two. And also lined streets adopted appeal not comment on the help those guys that that's going to pay ESCO.