Hour One Of The Outdoor Show 02-24-18 5a

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, February 24th

Don and Martha broadcast from The White Oak Plantation with reports from St. Bernard, Lafitte, Western Lousiaina and Toledo Bend and Grand Isle.


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It's Saturday morning welcome aboard Wallace special program today we aren't white oak plantation. Which is located in the heart of Baton Rouge won a wonderful places is it's John full mrs. playground you might call it. We differ especially reason it is called a bush re. Or of these third annual stated it would shares which is basically. It's it's a celebration that is being renewed here you know years ago the Louisiana German inhabitants who immigrated here. Celebrated what's called Lucia ray parts of butchering of pigs in the winter months. I don't think ahead in the winter months as hot as we've got this equipment. But what it did it was a a gathering of the community it provided fresh meat. And they also smoked and salted meats for their families used in the summary got to remember this is free refrigeration days. And then make this really aren't in it and sometimes dirty and difficult work. A lot of fun but his whole families participated in everybody had a job you might be the fire stoker. You might be the one that gets the night and has disgraced the hall. I might be the boot them maker. And they've had these large cauldron of well how skull and wire on water. And they would basically you know oil that is it is called written and softening air and it would scrape it. I actually they sold old that him bristles to brush manufactures a mean they did not waste anything on it paid. They used the intestines for the casing. They cut it quarter and into pork chops spare ribs. Roast and bake in Cologne to feel we get you later. The portions of it within small and salted to preserve them and you know and also hit some for the immediate use anyway. They are renewing this festivity yuppie white oak plantation is the third year it's been done I you may have heard me talk to John Fultz about it. I'm so happy that mark and I got to come up here crystal cock. Cameraman for the bike while TV programs going to be joining us little bit later on so you will if you if you can't make it up here today. You're not gonna miss you gonna get the CEO on an upcoming episode of by you while TV speaking about you while team date. March 1 official premiere Thursday night cock which TV if you can't get on Cox sports you can watch it on YouTube. And we've got some wonderful programs coming up in some some Barry topics and while we have you have been busy this month. Getting out and and shooting features for that we'll tell you about some of those wanted it to you also gotta contest on at least by you while those. If you go on our FaceBook page by you while TV in you follow become a follow like this. I UB entered into a drawing for a prize package in the in Martha tell you about that. And someone's gonna walk where it was a pretty good prices that's when we hit a thousand I think we have to do it after today show so don't delay if you haven't done it yet make sure you do it. I would also gonna talk a little bit about finish it's an impostor in its real name is this why. But it's been not substitute for other office and yet you guessed it that's going to be a sudden you are bad boys in the outdoors. It has always we welcome you text messages in an 87870. C a lot about regular. Text is coming in we got mission reports from a field reporters who were out there ready to go. And this week you know what that you and I had a fishing trip than in grant now down call that we'll tell you about that. I'm Martha head a week out in the Venice area mobile news in the gulf of the law and they were catching yellow fin tuna they carts and yellow it group and have a time out there social. Give us an offshore report. And account a lot of events coming up. This event. Here later on from some of the exhibit is audience active at 6 o'clock I think there officially slaughtering. The Hoggan which unique about this year is John has got a barrel while hall which we just. Return from the shoot will tell you that. Andy's gonna prepare area along side of them are very high quality domestic call. And compare that to it's going to be accountable bit of a taste testing yes it mounted that. I'd stick around with a stern your ideals but it's another cup of coffee can we come back with editor Shelby do you want to if you are Robby temple to you whether fish are how to catch him. That's what we do here on the outdoors with Don did you radio network. And welcome back in it today were white oak plantation that who's a shift on Fultz putting on the -- sure ray third annual says that who shares it's a what during celebrations in politics coming in London though. Morning all day here in the feet when Alan butchering Meyer on if I went today thanks have a blessed day Martha's been on. Now Martha I think it's too late to come now point isn't sold out in etiquette advance tickets are correct I believe that's correct and good morning to well. I all of it is only watch by law because we going to be had some video and you can probably learn something that watches shall. Which are available completely. Which of these calls them mean from. The snout on down the pig tails exhibit that that's I. Robbie Tampa joining us now from shell beach Robbie good morning honest and you that was successful at your home this week. Yeah well. Doctor you know was this comment from the story it yeah. It has their group that we mandate that killed seven so they gave it little. Lot of miles they this despair here though. Paper we feel appreciated here and I hope but it is very very bring. But look at vote do it. Robert what do you coach your thoughts when Stacy. You can call them well system. Well what would do what. OK done just what we do. We got them was still alive. You're here deported right here put Internet Bobo. And I bet nobody wants them all with I could I get ready everyone would you create you know no problem no no it goes away. So I think that. We'll man that bit. I grew up a couple of them a radical last even greater honor Wednesday's letter howry you. You know one actor here I think that's crazy. Would kill my wife you'll. If things and wondered. To hurt me compounds and we put you. We we dental. An adult witnesses and oh hole that was eighty pounds and certainly it was you know. I don't believe that the which I ordered or. Go before. Yeah. That makes a big difference especially the big ones. Yeah. You know she killed you know you're you're powerful. If they don't. This area now here. Lookup field. Did and you know our partners well and for year round. I'd have to be 300. You know she did she go when you book and in ward one yet they killed so was recovered from the field to green stupid we play well it was a history with these guys see me do. And I like a flat out and a you know people seller. It was five but it aren't going to drape overnight yes. Absolutely absolutely. But. Speaker this. This week you work. Worth it to be accurate with you know that they'll be when people call it is that born. You're being reported here you know here. Record and fell down but did you. Didn't get what you know well I like your flight deck of the ticket limit you know what I would record way. It because a lot more. All the way down your back always point this. Record black. You know it's it's that. You did it as the water and pretty dirty and then. You know author of the war there and out of like Utley. Seeing Chris there but an incurable. Felt that. You know. That you want to vote school. Or or you. So I would say it is doable and would throw. You were horrible when war birds because you're out of I've been through there. Two. No way pocket how they're war. So what they have been living here more. Like couple cool you know backhand whom they've they all day school. The old do this to go deaf or Clinton that yet he you know. You can you can there's war and it war with chocolate notebook that your that you thought he would be you know clear up overnight like. You know like I would like it to do it sort. And been over here to bring it you'll all the very. There. What did they say. And that it there yeah a little bit but not as much as yesterday. The front kind of redo but there's still some lingering showers I'm not worried Barrington. Chloride well ahead of its. A city that haven't checked in on. She's got a bit ahead now goes there is now on the way to answer a lot of him. Yeah a lot of guys whoever votes in this thing to date we had a vote racquet there. What and she's one. No not really know and hit his. And it got people that you watch in you know one by one well there ago back it was an accident. In we unfortunately they've gotten it but two but it used to be scared to do it leaking this. Yeah you'd be here to be just look out in the quote. Reports police it's so. Like that I think you can just throw this. The stage in the end wars tell you what here is this one. Is limited book do their thing then. Unbelievable. But here's that reporter in the last week that book is. It just you know the style and they've done their belly you. This book lemon has been there that it could have picked it out. Politicians live updates and not know well Michael Gartner we've. Because it's true that they're not in this so. It is six standardized the term and term. You know when it was right but would do them. There are two more use that. Someone down from the wee guy. Okay thank you for your report is always all right guys all right with your job next week. Next week having ample shell beach where we come back and obviously some pictures you ought to so you would watch him do. Send us pictures. Barry test and I'm really like him and we'll be back to tell you about it and let him. Tell you firsthand what's going on. The feet area and also simply. Back with cap so you want right here on the out that was done to you radio network. And I Louisiana man reported brought to buy flam ball outdoors exclusive makers of zeros tackle boxes anti virus protection and make the tough today it is the big bucks is the small ones with lots of compartments inside. They've been thinking outside the tackle boxes 1947 and made in the USA with a built the fish they'll last. Gap until the bush want joined some want the you saw those photos that down ginger says Aniston the one millionth accident. So when the bounces yeah all the way he went broking ones to feel his joy in that picture with those wrongs. Body retired man where he's been all these years. A you know it needed it low profile liberals. Just yet backed off those are some big Russ Phillip C. Yeah candles and nice that the active more you know now element that big but that we act email I don't have there. Want to question we like thirty settlement could Babbitt who I began at a cool heads and let them let boat and converted them probably a couple. At that. It's it's going to be have on the road because as been in a lot of profit. Dick Dick broken anyway you put them and names like junior leaving apple. You because is that Lothian and coat pretty soon you Ryan. April may is close but you get these early days when the vegetation still hasn't recovered. And it's easy Pickens easy to find here. An eight day actually stay. Ever rocket we seen it report power which is element actually. They kind of dot net then maybe. They original levels than does when it power moment that you code they put me that's what they do about it you know Gladys. You get them really happy to gamma. But right now things that are any kind of concerning you know this warmer warming trend that. They literally had such a cult women and it went in this summer just like those running. Snap but the thing is no doubt the by the sounds of Brooke did is this debit struck with these accurate back to get me. The bill opposed to be an acute that'll make it this season. It puts its property development to management unit that. And Lou Larry feels the wheels turn it. I either do you didn't happen by the bout them frog outfit these and you get this spring that was not and comedic aspect at Bagram this that. You know what doubt Breaux who lived here and he he made the that I thought neck. I met you you invited us to come when you get that that battle won a couple of them maiden voyage. Oh and I doubt in any document them but bit but actually it may look like this week in when in and that allowed laureate that we did very. He pitches that guys is those days. If both of the doubt that that sickened me to do it went right back problem with a bunker our government will look back. Bracket than they did that the duplex that it will look back at. You completely made that trip that. Do they didn't win a bit but. On the big movement out there at the site campus that the I dynamic another guy out there and the heat gain they think through. Eight guy here. But them in this moment of both those guys he is now. You'd lose sight at me like this these sensible ways you know catcher in the context of pitches let him go. And then actually it's been days I've been that would and why it is simple it. In that was pretty and now it now. They have watched a person get to admit this in a violent for the first time it's pretty cool you know. Let you know that. Could it hope yeah I'm sorry for you I recently re connected with a high school friend of mine who actually exactly in New Orleans and I haven't talked iron about. Fifteen years guess that she does. She's like that Nokia so there. Her. Hints hints yeah yeah. Yeah actually a much better liked it and obviously me so. You know you can corporate. As you can not yet not apple red but I think she's she's it's got mad. Or Avago gimmick complain that they there and you know be we get a break it. We've got Beckett didn't do. It's it which is the again a big group of guys and but the bombers packed like when he seven guys that map but it's generally been. And it is they. It instantly is that there are some good interior mock these they soundly and you know he he notebook that everybody accurate this in these guys. Yes and went appointment but the point back. They had him in it looked like moments you can tell if they don't let back in advance. That it. It has to do that yet but it's got the bush lead and the movement yet but it. Red dragon but bag because yeah it's been pretty funny a lot of justice and I can't it be any get the putter back the job though acknowledge there's you know that water came up for behind them land that they report they definitely in the head. Two it's just with yeah actions Patrick rockets and what that the war clarity but Brett now negotiate its chocolate milk when and it is there. In an hour and a real clinically Guatemala will change it was a a lot of America want to win it gets us there and a man who. It around there anyway. Marty happily the we have got to the pits that this would that go way out that there are. At The Hague did them we were out and along the past three days next thing that's thirty miles and it was still fairly charities it. It was it was closer in last week but it was merely a green water not not terribly you know cloudy right the blue liars. Probably 3540 miles out. You know initially and now carpenters Thursday. And we attempted to run over their toes literally sit there waiting tropic is there was no truck program that was written between corrupt yeah there's. But I'm glad we didn't make that long run in which talent it's just not known. You a good lead and make them that this date date this is the theater square about go think look I'm that the river which outing it was just. You know it it did win a big changes happen like that that water came up to have much couple days to make it even my basket go to. That's Ditka mean it would take a rat is to look at if you bad and that it didn't happen him in his book at the but it meant though it got like four. Where before we lose it to 4050. You know enemy and they raid would happen some needed just some there's been up and change is gonna get flat against the it's stable. Whereas in a coma and carpet noble cold weather right spring is here. Is that debate and. We're I think we're done of the old girl you know that are donated to Texas to up the temperature there to about 35 million customers that we're in Texas and it was a real cold but it's starting to get the point where it's you know they kind of washed out and they don't push all the way through art yes that's it. Who I would let us not till till Tuesday what's coming up also feel Tuesday. And definitely. We don't know we talked about we don't know yet you don't know if you don't mind and I yeah. It didn't do everything it is there any news report but whatever we. The Munich actually as we speak right now let them that I'd now like Beckham that limit it to the rim betrayal notified but we exe in and detonated pack the damn. Whoever we. We have been adequately but you know it's funny it is a live report whatever don't talk about this and that that they had to be in. FaceBook that you have any question it interact with a right there. A picture answer right there at those pretty cool bill. It might do to 2000 when about people telling you unit in in in reacting to this pretty cool so that we do it. It's neat that the great. Is bad and Saturday Night Live. You know. Act is that you pretty entertaining guy. But that through yet again and coo of could inspect it at this that it did the club feature of the mountains and they try. So you will get the music in it. I haven't who ideas again I pavement I get them just some really. They different things the liked it that we kind of being real creative. That would be. Priest who needed it that way but is there. That's in about the mood there. Is visit again in the promoter drag thing. Cooperate him as a citizen. Where absolutely deadly I've used it yet in Maryland audiences he was a federal child that the song. And hey don't let us have a contact information besides FaceBook about it. Yeah it definitely. I mean he's pitched it means a lot of talk about openly debate about that but he always you know throughout this account the way to go. But it. What the people want our export or. That they aren't there is you know the demands they have prime these that a lot of people booked about nineteen as we speak so that is cumulative. You want them for a day if he can't wait to me well what are you got to let them commit reluctantly of the people right now but you connect cheers. That happens that appreciate it see people like Egypt where that unit to in what we do we do that the equipment used for current. You know it effective in appreciate it I. President and it'll help people out of them until we we've been doing for years so it's Tokyo I ain't gonna save us some frogs leave some out. No we don't try to survive this down out pretty good fraud crap that's lemons out of Iraq. And that it is that it needs these guys feel like an opera update yeah dad. And it and it had been that been like this we needed to reroute them articles that it wouldn't doubt that men give me doubt we can build wouldn't do get beat get. OC and a couple of weeks anyway you know the data and have the picnic but now the extravaganza. I don't go to everybody who they are underemployed. There Mercury goes. Please Louisiana meant to put all that don't come back and catch up on your text messages 87870. You wanna shoot as one who he always puts us at one table we've gone on here white oak plantation. After this time out on the outdoors but aren't you radio network. And we are white oak plantation Baton Rouge I gotta be sure Rick will want to talk a lot more about that talk to somebody that is chips which exit game you know to me so well last night. We talked for hours on another subject I can talk about besides the money. Before we get to the text messages tell us about those contests by Wallace. Should we give it a thousand rally after this weekend. So we're trying to build up our crawling on social media because of course that is another way people get a hold of our show will host the new episodes weekly. I'm by about TV's face the page. And so if you haven't liked our page go check that out by about TV and we're at 942. Followers so. We figured me out to celebrate the growth of this that we do a giveaway so when we had a thousand what we're gonna do his. When agreed to thousand in their write a post that says comments on this past. And then we'll pick a winner and it got a lot of good stuff that some by wild merchandise we've got so at least at this map packs them fishing tackle. All that kind of stuff that's in our we have and I knew that we wanna get I meant to tell your friends mainly like our page in whooping by the in this weekend meal that. Asked how many Alina. 940 to Poland and Salina we'll get that that you way I have a right after the states and identification because those of you who sent us tax thank you we gonna share those with our audience. If you haven't done so we invite you to do an 87870. Look right after we've got a local stations and it upon themselves. Along the outdoors with down to view radio news. I must say we got here we've got peanut man. It was Tina Manning is downing known for its ones in. It's very hot very windy reds are. When we go medical Mecca. Well. That's. What this thing tonight it. Roll up our. And I went. On the Wanda I'm reading stuff that wasn't there are our lives. Tina mandates and in the coastal city hotly decent reds a titan committee bay Rockefeller. Gary got mosquitoes that that had its out to do little scouting for dockside green internment. Good lefty that's told me. He says me and yet. Tony's a spokesperson for the Gary Tokyo yes his Justin that Johnston is a regular. He is the tentatively wildlife refuge manages to me wildlife refuge in the hand to hand it. The birds are active the insects to mosquito hawks moss and those beautiful. Hey Eleanor PCs you know what I saw this week and some that stand imminent death and that they make is squeaky fan mail constantly birds when are we get to me this. Any specs on the causeway you candidate I haven't heard anything you know I think really it's been so dirty that it's just been pretty tough out there and the wind is just an eight beastly. I was gonna get to efficient ports and get to what text moments comes up we'll do it right here on the outdoors on view. Those are track. You I was obsessed with start you had to watch the later. And that's the next Larry I don't know the reason that I what's the next to. Get captain Kirk on not that kept the card captors capsule. He's not that they're not guns what's going on out that you got between Wendell mentioned the. It right. Act they are always the bully me. Why can those content that's a long run would you love to rip. That a with the glad that warrior here we. In. A road we would put all that our league at the end is that bird bird year old oh. It we're up to me you know are go for it by that you know that would do a group of bias. But I would suspect. Does that. Was the biggest as you've kind Toledo bend I know they have some hammers out there. Well debatable way that we we always have a little variety deal and and I don't do that they. He had to. I don't fit the right times. This is what it's pretty and it a couple of weeks in March that moment depends known well well well worn level whether it can get really good up there where else. Where would not believe this site on which brought out Wally. All white actor like these that and a ethnic and obviously we want happy and that becomes it is. Would we have Paula we have those that he would gain. What. We have a big Calcutta last night. We would soon. Yes and it. Officially you fish would solve or exceed those we. No it yesterday that we felt a lot of people that are the old white that are. Actually hurt people with you. That buys it. You would make adequate that we were the white that are. It really well. Thought god. Well. The guy that is that they're all. Well. That's great but it was going on back home. A web yeah let me read the Red Sea route that what all we've got. This right or if it did this thing smoke itself by. You know it's funny I've been ops or the past three days we have worried about the rain outs in the last three days we had ten minutes arena source I don't know we just been super lucky because I know it's been coming down hard but. It's just crazy that even you know let them lost you yet that. I mean when it came down hard on account of Viagra and in my. It did you know we've been up via. Deleted it's Wednesday and it all went it was just rippled out for all of that. Texas got it really hard to use that makes sense it close at all up we have got a couple. No it's not yes it was do but we know we've got to the mid seventy's at the beautiful day yesterday. And a so that's the problem. Not only here the whole lot but I'm not mean much to wish him a bit but not much at all. They're what was in the last let you years. So certainly today. And stately. No but well below twenty we're just they've guarded by which caught my officials went unique that'll only back then about hours yesterday. And you know. The water but yet all that well thought about. The G. You know but we got people who. This. Well look pretty. Nice. It is. The courses no and that they've that Jiaka money and lot of money so. Look at they are here to capitol or land not forward they couple vote lead. Off the. Well thanks for giving us a special treat the fresh war report the lead then let it really got. Me and be involved like that here. Video looked it's not gotten things go bad counts. That rule that no answer yours silence. Happen. Now I enjoy you enjoyed your fisherman's weekend off you know vision. And that was it that we. 0% don't know what the heck out of you not there right now when you get back to you now. Pothole Robert help free 88876. Do. Very very bad boy and Webber group packed very erotic yeah its they. Eric and I think Erica have a great weekend. We come back we can talk to the guy fish with on Thursday may be sauce on the WWL pitching game report maybe you didn't. Did the military thought it. On the back that one dispenses not you can listen to the Al that was done to view radio network and no this is not Star Trek. And wants of the people that did not want sufficient game important trip to Ghana along with a captain Darryl confident the dolphin show that they would alone is worth watching the video that was incredible now. What do you think those dolphins but don't completely clear and out of warlike. The bag is that every year at this time of the year from from certain watch Ramallah and gave you hear it appears that they do those larger needle fish are migrating back in from offshore. And adults and disappear weigh in on him and that that it every year about brie re settled law. That's gotta be tough going down to eat him alive not the case so why apple will. There a whole lot bigger picture and a now our liberty and underlines things that the chase here you can change they can be. On issues. Yeah today. Still what we I want. I wanted to give you a little bit different port it would card built yeah we we did make it. And and an eagle. For an I think in the area in the lake now that there. And the red bishop there that's what they move yesterday blue dog leader that card down here just. Decided big break for me. But but not I've told you it would be about we thought it would be about a week for the Trout showed up on this that the two weeks and six days. We get that out yet. Not a whole lot I'm not pick up the phone yet on what struck us was repeated here but man who once we get. Corey everyone's problem was with at least twelve to malls or what in the box. And you know we we call out remember all the that you felt good group which to build on podiums giving the trial words to mobilize like we're. Not be these were back seat WP. Yeah it would not be pleased where I had long been it was going one match. So it goes on business. Yeah. Yes that thing up in the canals in the mortgage bonds. Mixed in with the red fish. Now that we hit several of those you know when the trial. Bad debate result waited. You know you do that is of great well a lot of court keeps going on in his and there. We we put the that the majority of the day though boom it goes well but he Trout so they are the move again active. Like a figure knock bill we'll album. The failure. Very. So you're advice is heading east if you look at trial. He's so well off. I don't know that they've made the move we use salt water like down here you know government. Have. I had an opener before bite you very yet to see what that water looking like but. With that about these wins in the park was summit in Mississippi River water perpetuate yes we do on the it would almost looked like Florida here yesterday at the Watergate also pummel him robbery. It is beautiful. Nice look up only June Martha talk auto show that moment today's judicial actually this week. Four Sunday Wednesday Thursday Friday and last weekend was the only. Calm days we've had in probably the last three weeks and now there but the big news ought to write. Yet you know lately what's been happening was last year with a mild weather that the lump area turned on in January. This year or not the case it is been tough fishing now. We fished Saturday we were deep capping this weekend but and only couple black and payment. Sunday it was like a light switch I mean. I've never seen a picture there's a photos circulating and social media from Venice marina where it's just right and carcasses everywhere. And the funny thing is it doesn't always go that way even once because we had a tough time yesterday we were only catching black. And it it. I'm sorry cities Ramallah the grand Elmer Arenas to long. Well it depends which while you're talking about sports talk about that it thanks to a bounce it. You about 4042 miles from it that that he's not active issue on the only eSATA rubber around meal or to me. That we're at the height but here you gotta you gotta cut through the rumored expect you know run the very highest group in it or you can go around now whoever. But we had the exact opposite situation and what mall police describe it lead we had a good trip that rain Saturday. And then Sunday that it that it it was a tried the drop but now for brokerage and they would just out that are just. Just within radio right spaghetti on the radio chatter about Gil in the film on the lot. But it was you know we've. Wouldn't yet Sunday those Sunday it was the day because we Saturday nobody was getting any of them. And then it's like it just lit Diana was seeing and being big this time we were hoping that indicates that we did well. And the days and there's less boats out there we can do better. Wednesday there were four but that venture out because it was a really rough forecast we want war. By Friday we had quadruple that and it was a little chunks of that to the sharks I don't fit be careful if you're gonna be offshore using bigger base. I doubt it was contact information directly they went out just real quick guy gave it would along the amount hall Waller would be in this go north and that more students last year we got called. No there everywhere. They're everywhere maybe you could start all of our services. That spit it out. Taken by mail you're. We do these we've got real dot com FaceBook very that our pick up the ball to Dubai. 937. 6288. I think this trip in the video we appreciate it now and reflects the Unix Mac. Coming back after this quick brief time out again with vision reports bad boys of the outdoors and what your text messages from the white oak plantation in Baton Rouge.