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Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, December 9th

Don and Martha take reports from Shell Beach, Lafette, Jeff with the fresh water report and Grand Isle. They all said wait for warmer weather.


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And that we're gonna start off by adventures here eons we are going to back them out. While we're here today so. Well we have Geoff all along the only here with us and now we're back we've been here before. For those you outside of saint Tammany parish not only set the stage where we brought this store is located on highway 190. Which is in a very unique and resource rich area of Louisiana north of Lake Pontchartrain. Basically is or is on the banks of I you look Cologne which empties into Lake Pontchartrain giving you a combination of salt. Fresh and practiced water fishing there is a national wildlife refuge called big branch there waterfowl hunting is polling for the year. This is a sportsman's paradise. And Jeff you're right here in the middle of it and you got a lot of things going on store today when invite people to come by for the broadcast and it's not tell how long this is gonna be gone on this week. Yeah down Martha thank you for comment first of all we got a lot of stuff going on here today is we have Keith left with notre official report. He's joining gained 31 new premium members to a site. So come on out we're gonna have a much different prize giveaways for that. No roaring will be here doing a free beer tasting from twelve to two coupons to brewing we'll have a free beer tasting from one to three. Mr. green's going to be pass in and out throughout today. As a mention we'll have prize giveaways. We have yellow board on sale today. Standup paddle board comes with a battle just in time for Christmas. We got a lot of different stuff going on so come on buying tickets out and you got a lot of surprise you given way to yet prize giveaways teacher steps. Yeah tackle all of kind of good stuff. And if you're struggling to duty Christmas shopping you have a nice little displays set up in the front of the store for folks that me. Be looking for stocking staffers and things coming yet. That's correct to get financial tables set up. And good variety thing to choose from. Let's bring lucky flush year over here the host the most efficient bullet web site with the same name of the dot com on it. Keith you look at the 31 good men and women will what are you doing here what they don't have to be good. Just average you'll while they just got did not know what they're talking about as far as this and those good news reports and it. The apartment community of what we've developed here in the fourth or fifth report dot com. You know that's what it's all about building camaraderie. Last year we got 31 members we gated in one month I did in January a month that's typically slow this year reports sign and not pan out the way this this. Supports the web site as sports posting everything those. We got our Perry won in 31 days side to side and get a load at the moment and you bury one member and one day. We attacked the post to this report you know that out the way so what does it cost to become its twenty dollars a year. And what is and two with a that is extra boards that the premium fishing report board. Captain longs board captain Andy poston there. 24 hour chat room lot of guys go out patient using chat room communicate with the other members while they're on the water apart netted it kind of keeps the the guys network they're on their electric fish and with the with the other members now. Lot of fun X review ideas we just submit it does not believe this encrypted it to the river on there we did really good hammering Hillary union talk about it later on as well. Very good now to that to come in here to sign up can they do little Armenia Iraq and sign them up in completely new on line one click and and it turns there count into a premium member and given that website address again North Shore this report dot com it's the front Spain's top right premium memberships. I will be talking deliberately wrong that is key launcher away also the new opinion poll question on Martha this time we're asking if you can only hunt one species which one would be. That is on my website down the outdoors guy dot com. We gonna have some ma lives from the boat launches in from the water efficient report for the courageous this morning on out of there if that's his yes indeed. And we also have a story of well I guess he was very lucky not to be criminally prosecuted angler. And you know that's a subject about bad boys of the outdoors at your marine forecast coming up authors are in the house resident meteorologist. We also have a text message board opened up at 870870. We would love to hear from you. Tell us who you are where you are in what you're doing on this. Saturday morning and I've been teasing for a couple of weeks Martha we've been talking about a big announcement well actually the announcements of piling up. There is one big when we're going to be talking about we've got several of announces two big day I will be back to do that you'll listening to the outdoors with Don W radio network. Oh well went. Amid Princeton Kentucky I drove through snow yet for them appear yeah yeah and I go to though from pop will go Mississippi got an escrow. And I didn't get out of it until it. For Alabama. And it was and one would cost through Birmingham common up. Come up but they're united look like this guys has opened up and turn blue moon it was beautiful aura around oh waiter can duck the it was. So like who voted for in Melbourne spot you know now pro. Like that on the back murdered in here that we. Had. Well it's four decision goes last in the last couple days. We haven't had anybody. Go Richard earlier in the week because prepared we're. And I Terry is that I would know what this day that goes and goes somewhere activate only thing that would might my old. Hope they use this. You know way you it is true local liquor but I don't fault the war temperature is going to be. Is going to be low enough for this you know that the Jews backed up by more popular than ever cooperate. And called island. I called them by numbering in the swollen after the war it was dropped and it was all really awed by it. For the warning has been really hard for the last few days with the war fault today. Those repairs you know might be it just might get cold about the food or keep it in the fire right there open drawbridge. So that might be openness in my in my war tried today was if you know blow in nineteen dot and all all last. Our our look at the buoy. Man it's there. You know ethnic out of does go to tackle a sort. Org or Digital River yeah aren't so. So you know is no I don't you know. It's it's got to be really wanna be out of 09 you know would account winnable. You have to go. There are protected waters. Maybe on who care more about 1 o'clock right here is that the poor it would go to old block spam. That the gun dam now ma Leo but you know the rocket across the best so. That my spots might work going he protected. Think both you our viewers have been murder be here for ten days like these appear to. We're who. With the meat or we pretty good predictor for artwork that's for this trip so well. So let's. Icicles. Forward yeah definitely you've got to score at all in our goal but it is like years usually in that mid November. Why outlined yesterday when it PO away it's are built these burned. You know so much activity are great programs bill you know political impact in your record were difficult Circuit Court fees appear and it. Able. Oh all them. Important Kentucky that was it Euro rose. Being so that Jason is still all in all and yeah. But record I would look at how the that this that he beard there room. Iron Man in. Helm while. But what else. Broke from. We'll be picked up it'd be scoop and it's cold enough to do good and I Louisiana's Indian somebody's freezer and a Robert Robbie try to enjoy yourself pumped them up friend. Ordered yet object it would next and the other what was great boat so we. You know I'll collect so recent you know the golf are they walked on but that's what I'm saying you know. All right ultimately. I. I've Robinette Robbie camp bow he's not a camp closed marine and she'll be at Princeton Kentucky don't speak in detail what you gotta do a story. I know you're dying to talent but a whole lot we gonna we get a good you don't you do your story and is quite a story. I would also gonna talked to captain told feel bullish while fun that way he and Yokohama sewing thing yet the Mississippi camp out probably funny auto pilot that I think today as a kind of idea Monday as opposed to we'll find out right after this time out you're listening to the outdoors with Don did you radio network. Well I guess we can't let Toefield bushel argues that intro he fish his bass on occasion is reporting each week is brought to you by playable outdoors between those Lambeau. He did best loosen up but you gotta sportsmen when you Christmas shopping list. You might wanna just consider this disease the best material leading technology keeps you cool warm without any ball. Up to four hours of the rechargeable battery comes in black or moss he'll break up country so way to stay want Lambeau needed vests. They think outside the box and donuts it's 1947 cannot. So you say. I am Erica got. Right. After the bottom. Hey mark and I lawyer admiring that big deal that was that you either at 134. This yeah I it was a big going back. A big old you yeah that they. If that they've. Watched him a couple weeks. But and you know ways camera phone lines and again at that but by what point. But not much movement that night couples is couples AM here but kind of one of the as a Coke Coke who is it's so clear right now. Cake it don't know linemen missed that he but it is it's so clear and as though it is still on the ground is that you'd be that would right now I mean if you. You know qualities you know. He's got a lot more snow up there most of the stuff is melted down here on the Norris does a little bit here and there but up there imagine there's still couple inches on the yeah I'm very become a study have fun. Monogram with a letter that how much snow is on the grand. 50 yes see that's that we at different view beautiful. Why all of a sudden did hear mark. While on a sudden DO moth has got to the historian Michael tell the whole story but if you would tell tell feel and and the other announcement is a birthday this is a birthday week. And Charles are all the things out of this was on a whole wishes I spoke a couple of things came true and tell them about the dias story just quickly. Well nothing nothing good ever comes easy that's richer man that's been the case you know my eight. Prizes. So we did three months up and let them Mississippi at the sanctuary lives in. I similar militants are. Yes you are right so we weren't we were actually trying to get an elk we actually have permission to suitable but there were. We are an app I dated thousand acre property and that's magnificent creatures and they were really Smart because they showed themselves but they Earl Long par away. But I as I don't know I'm never shouted here before in my life so the back up plan was it nice but. With in the lasts. Ten minutes or so they legged dog it was raining plans yeah it was raining so there was no after relate. At a 175 yards up bars. It could put in 200 it was somewhere between a 169. In 200 yards it's a 200 pound buck nine point low early. Q on the on the all right side won a beautiful dia. First here at she's have a keel may not break you made a really good show along this and so. You'd be congratulated and now I know people gonna want a text in congratulate you and wish you happy birthday in Tuesday yeah. It. So that's that's had this story we're gonna get to tell all of it is a very very it's a little bit later on we need to get to more information on the U. Any fishing and opportunities and all back and defeat today the issue got to look at the water dead ends made between going out there. Yeah Atlanta's. Three. Yes it is different each week we had. But. For the area Buick you know that good again I think the pitches in enemy yet. Wrote that Greg Abbott an expert with him about it for a ticket. You get there are. But that image issue but that. I plan to Cuba that unique and add them up in Iran. Now. And this man. I don't think. A cap a book. That we get yet right now. We see it that way but it let it change you know that the the bottom of the voted that you've brought that it. You know the room that that we. We get you know we have to. Well and haven't. Get up it's inevitable a couple of you know a boat and you know that is going to be. And today unit I'd really drop its trade need to but the chain. Is going to be yet naked anything it's going to be great community carbon Democrat credit cards bite. In it's going to be issues and kind of day. In implying Clearwater is my water and now the key thing in current archive two very hard. That means that it way but a good day cities that that there are certain to be here. And that he and down on you get the bow and is upon though. Some that it checks mandated cut the pre span and gone in and out community copy and coordinate by eat I'd be taken across. Yeah. And and David are not not on our morning in no way. Well at the lungs and there. Yeah a bit but it you're going to be chilly that that's a long time. Yeah it would of that and get a full hour and and he is I guess against street thanks again in my. I gotta hit every man that they think they get on but this gives a reasonably today it's with a warmup. What the event and hit that got a black candidate in a depth they want me up for the wealthy man was African gradually act. I have a rumor that. Thank you either that add ginger shutter first year recently compiled. A leopard but that was not Long Island. GQ very cool cop from you know but yet he has packets through everything. Yes it. Yet really knows he needs and our the before the boat and I want right now. Here at the. He's that today it and he's at a sedate. We we gene that they. Yeah that right but you know art. And one when. And it. Yeah. If I am in. App very that we put it in there aren't. The that put them we. Yeah. I'd as a contact information somebody wants to check out your pictures of that bagel boy in the position a gym and doing. Know a lot of fine. No matter where you have Arab I think growth in accounts at the web site that he does. Massive FaceBook would drop its talent on FaceBook and now some of every thing we do expired. Can meet in lagged so it can be but. Don't. Oh that I that your your idea. You're you're crack Nvidia I was on. The line at a greatly and so injure and Tokyo are sitting in the trees the camp. Bring a snack and all things. Yeah weren't what they didn't like he meant it as they did. Not act of the what she got a crack. You know you know in a quiet. Why India he. Would ever be achieved content like the. We gotta suck on a person softened a mops that I don't make and gas whatever that it didn't president technique you know. Yeah that joke and I. At that promote cracker and get out these children yet it will you know the lap between it and Cuba cracked. Never that log all try to have fun I. I know you all miserable day in Mississippi to try to. There are com both of them got a copy right now but I give give out our full of people on optic on all of you don't have a unique gift. Emerge out like China yet that the acute in the way to go because I didn't write that it would get knocked out. In the market speculation. Much out of beepers that will have a lot and the weather is right you know maybe. In the January February big that kind of look at that and that would catch up next I expected a lot. C. Okay. I'd they go to capitol field which lot coming back after this out of reach some detects that you've been cuteness here 870870. You can congratulate moth on a first year ever. And also wish her happy birthday and we got another surprise that she got this week to tell you about that. And the back right after this time out on the outdoors went on to be radio network. At all at this morning Martha spent sewer rat bite you adventures in look at home and Martha is expected to fishing reports are going to be slim enough with this condition we got them. Definitely it's that cold cold morning out there you know with all the snow yesterday the power outages were just. Tremendous and still a lot of folks up power this morning we have a you're texting and that's that they have that power for 25 and a half hour so. About 4:30 in the morning yesterday. Hope you got a fireplace absolutely that a three dogs. Dog now that I've been that good ego I would going to be back and get the Savoy you'd text messages please send to make 7870 in congratulate Martha she acted 200 pound. Nine point buck up that sanctuary it would build Mississippi two days ago our first year have a great shot. He is also celebrating a birthday so that's 878 so it tells you though you are what you got going hostile take questions and comments to. It will be back to get to those right after we Boston's second file local stations to identify themselves along the outdoors with Don Dubuque unit. I we have a text message board at 878 set anyway you can nine instantly text is right here where we ought to they would buy you adventures in look home. Jeff portal on his hosting today they got some brewing beer tastings going on at noon and a chip on debris from one at three. Forest green and know a lot of you in the low Comair is south Louisiana no mister green is Eagles by. Excellent fisherman he's going to be popping in and out today you could meet him and talked location and register for all lot of these prizes given away here in the store. Martha what do you hear it from my listeners out there on the export. As expected a lot of deer hunters up this morning and it's very cold morning animals likely moving at Texas listeners saying that the second split. Is opening and there's a lot of Louisiana folks haven't that's adopt. Yet they ought to well they write to their at their also we've got mark and clintons as it's 27 degrees there knees looking for his buck. Also. The positives are moving and their candidate and eat bananas and Kevin an Amy Tenet Oklahoma he's looking for ten player there. Yet looks like a lot of folks have secondary camps and are heading north. So that probably lock on out of there and you know there's still snow on the ground in Mississippi so. Lake Charles report here and in contrast read at the north and and again a lot of folks without power. Good morning on this beautiful freezing morning I'm trying to work out that the bomber meanwhile economic data families sitting there trying to keep warm in the Paris 25. Hours and yet it's chilly morning they'll land Florida and no way okay this is why that. We've got bill Smith and in Florida. He's in soggy Central Florida where it's raining and the temperatures aren't you know I still living in Florida where to land the land and sent ignored a metropolitan area tiny nicknamed deadly and it's a tiny little area at the beautiful little town. In Central Florida east do you want to know I was in school and as long as my first yours well that's that's you receive it so that ninety built in excellent small world. Hi we got a lot of Dion is out there a lot of text come and and this is prime peak time of the season sack later on from seven and 9 ethnic at 8 o'clock. Jonathan border one's gonna Jonas and give us an update on this new CWD regulations which. You had to abide by it especially canals and in Europe you're animal into the state known to preserve the that the rack in the head. It's got to be completely cleaned off enough before you could come back in the Louisiana across state lines. So there's a question here I don't have the answer but some psyche that road closures you know we were we're both appear and I will comment I had the replicates the I didn't hear guys on known no roads will be careful if you're driving over bridges that's where it's where the snow didn't necessarily melt that's where it's gonna get slippery you might Nancy it's just generally low on this. I'm aghast and bridges. And if you know of any place that is has double ought a triple on buckshot on hand we've got somebody desperate idea honest look at Ford. He's like you know where it's available on most stores cat but evidently as a Ronald at this time video on though because of the UC's. Coming back right after this time out Geoff Earle joins us he's got a fresh water in bass fishing group with a share with us right here on the outdoors with Don Dubuque radio network. Medicis I go forward Jeff rule to Johnson just fresh water and bash reports are brought to each week spot Berkeley division of fuel efficient. Out right now got a great special going all of that really find real people real fire real people real and yet they fishing rod read to one. Great Christmas gift them one for you sell. Jeff good morning and I noticed she wanted to post immediately a disclaimer on you fishing report because it. The weather factor Ellis what's going on out there of these cold days we've been. Oh yeah it's going to be Debbie. Of course we can. Conditions. Over the fate and that they're rivers thought I was there and it's gonna continue to follow this week. Good report partnered. Below and tiny. But co weather's gonna because there was some of the business deeper city and you know gut check there bird go today has to do this permanent something. The Pope presentation. In order after all the way to do it was all they say. Dirt base in it is probably best that we today. And Jeff there's arises arrives home. Notebook I think. Lou. Mississippi that the and it's gonna evolve next week or so. Which is good bit. Yeah and they were killed in the this we view with a formal whether we haven't. I think and FaceBook and talk of prayer and then there's kind of report. And that's a bigger fist down river I think that he's as close as we can't he go like they'll those places but. Even a program moraine and it hasn't been there. And that was Rezko whether that really hurt but despite bellicose than it does that same. Really lot they have ordered its scope but this big get moved he could have been and it is you are right there at the bank to. Sort of been here to keep on right there it's like days of old business. So just wait for the warm up next week he should do it's it's more it. You know we got a couple looks awfully special was going to be John Islam but later on John. And if primarily fish to pearl what's going on the pearl river right. How will one day last week distorted view around. I don't go over and spoke with but you know the work the water dropped out. Act two with who low water conditions at a club reported that. They had. Barely fit limits in. Get this seven to seven it is. A lot opted but it is that but it's. Rivers don't probably pop up with the rain we had this week about this but it's too dumb idea and places pick could be again. So what Deco water body it is good and and try to clean in order coming out of the grain to them as he did. Just got to tip forces we committed one of the best tips might be Christmas gift suggestion it. Yeah I would gravitated is that they do it occurred. That. The other rebel attitude at some point Jabrel says go shop and it's not a good day ago it. Go back to go head out there tomorrow the Mac more involved in it's throughout but it don't want a little bit more and an assortment. And Riva real they're excellent. We've to the round out of dollars. You can get paired for 66. Six foot six and medium heavy debt but it's good all round or fourth Louisiana. And a view of it Herbert the who will be game did he pound pit covered pretty much everything in Louisiana. And I got in the square bill O square pool crank bait. And as there actually did this coming years but movement you can really around would potential this went. Jeff somebody looking forward tournament to finish this month. That thing on the calendar. It took part in the month I have to an open environment on the pearl and it's December 30 of its delegates if the and the other neat the US is in trail. Which was the Bud Light it's they had around the state they're not gonna have any event that you detonate thing. And that includes all the states and divisions that they were and pretty much it down for the year. It's been a nine year run you know back because some of those permits that are that good good and good events but hopefully accurate term the trail come in 2019 think it's more sponsors and he'll back dead beat. Very good Jeff though you got going on today. It it was. They coo that they won't and and what the snow melt and that won't program. And then come back. That's not saying no there's no football on it's just kind of has the football well I mean not much with all the money in her hands says it's kind of weird. That's doing community did not at the hunt though kitchen beard yeah. Had a couple cut him some beer out property of their mates injected at another thing to do. Make compared to. Yeah up there at the great thing and you go there but you in the crack. I don't. I Derek thanks a report Jeff would get to next time. Jeff rule Kate update on the best teachings the night we come back after this if they (%expletive) anybody off children they all know. Probably now. But inside than it jets' grand isles won't warmest places in the Louisiana you can appears to look for someplace warm. That might be it now carpeted joins us next from real scream as dot com. Whereby you had benches got to view Martha Spencer you're listening to the outdoors with Don did you radio network. And Martha Spence is along with us today co hosting a Martha Toby one of our regular list is up and ante in the congratulations to yield and you first you that they. Thanks Toby Honda appreciate it to obesity and I'm sure he's opted now keeps listening to be dealt with that only 7870 what you can you just detects. Come right here to our by unit benches broadcast Beisel set up with guys about the way. When invited to come by we're going to be broadcasting till nine but there's a lot of activities some. Beer tastings and fishing seminars lucky lush is here looking foot 31 new members premium members was North Shore fishing report. And why you hear they giving away a lot of prizes you can stop by hundreds and we in. Including some of those official listener had some of the non B radio network basket captain Darryl carpenter Martha real scream is not com. And it tells about some grand Valerie pigeons now what's happen. School. You wore mortars bigger titles that's grandpa there. I mean. It's just something that we're running at about seven degrees which Dugard that we in Poland and low and favorite places. It's going to date picture you bought the really good cause it's going to be cold water temperatures hovered right order and agree to. That barrels per barrel Netflix. Barbara Tuchman. So it's pretty much are given by the read about it now but there's probably nobody going offshore at a grand absent and then with the wind howling temperature that wind chills probably Byrd Al. I would not anticipate it is so law certainly would wanna be on the up on the beam back collapse we have to rip got at this summit of the group waterway every idiot oddities look at cultural Walker's order. But they it's if it's the BB date for its of that job account statement. But you know it's a shame because we have such a good I mean it was so good earlier this week but what we were all ordered earlier this week low walk. I mean I was getting stuck on Iraq relations because before it was fallen out solo. So yes you gonna go to days of the break yours stick to them make announced that it there was stick to a you know he's got all the time Albert so at noon 1 o'clock. So you're expected of mind that this can be deeper and now soaked into the mine to ground you know you go war. You know where your background is stuck to my hair not just record holder put triple bomb. What do you recommend for the brave they're going out there to use for. Eight today they are gonna and a. Today is today on this doesn't need to. This should trigger is water temperature drop like he has this stock market as cheap. We receive them like crazy. Yeah good about our in this plan. You know if you did you'd apple underrated and expects out of the deeper holes there and argue that people are archery trip which are triple a bottle and our people under a cork and it ought to be a good date as popular. You know. Those that (%expletive) talk about as time goes on till the regional little open a beer me dirtier that kind of stuff today. Good data struck think about that we're pleased with the cheapest thing. They'll start certainly start saying you know what does. And may be on the humble day. Yeah had better this week we. Mop off ourselves with a good look at it the program. Now that were raised by made it pretty gallon so go vote for example that for awhile but yeah you that are very. I told warn people rated good coup real it is. All right thanks sort of put Darrell catch up with it next time in the chilly grand Alvin news week. Hi darling of the burger more. Thank you appreciate it and I that's one of our announcement got a really big announcement we've been tease him often we come back at the top of the hour break we can. Let folks know what I'm something I'm really excited about annoy you want to and I think everybody will we tell them about that. Elected Texas 87870. We got more efficient reports coming your way captain Mike Gallo captain Ryan Lambert. We've got to pavlik triple with Brendon de yards from coconut tree got a championship going on there. And also a bad boy of the Alcoa story we've got one every week in his when as. Upbeat tournament this year and pay attention them back right after this pause on the outdoors but not to view radio network.