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Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, December 9th

Don and Martha are live at Bayou Adventures.  Martha tells us about getting her first deer last week. Mr Forrest Green expounds on Crapie fishing all year long.


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And there. In this. We thought we tick text messages if you like to Texas City 7870. End up but this program we take phone calls do you wanna chat with me office Spencer. He's much you welcome to call the phone number to call as Bible war. 260636. Say. Today went by you adventures in McComb miss company headquarters of the big gradual wildlife refuge on prison fisherman it's on the banks of buying a home. Got saltwater fishing and crabbing in light on Ukraine also got a lot fresh water picking up the volume. They do sunset panels on beautiful little area. Just to the west if you beat branches I mean by you've basically what is it blows from 19 lead down to lake on trying very very scenic. Also good fishing place. And not joining us is key luncheon hosted the north you'll fishing report. On radio heard of monthly view on this nation as well as side on these web site North Shore fishing report dot com. In the case you got a special membership drive going on today much explains that. Wallace's premium membership drive and once a year we do a premium membership drive we did we lasted a month last year it was 31 members. And 31 days this year we're gonna knock it all out in in one day when I get aggressive. And we got our work cut out for us especially with the cold weather but hopefully you know do not want fishing you know nearby adventure stock up on some. Some tackle. And talk this and I mean you can really really. Gain some knowledge with the guys that are here. Especially. Or in hearing jet or a law and this is in here in using here every day so he's here all the business stories. He knows of the physical buying cycle they bite is is is really good right now. Fourth green is on a good cycle by. I made a trip but rain militant to float the river and we did really really well. I got a video in North Shore fifth report back on check that out but here in the area stopped and it by new adventure and sign up for the premium membership drive. And you gonna be here throughout the day there's a lot going on and by you and venture you know there's going to be some beer tastings going on through the afternoon. Give aways tell folks what they can if how they can sign up for this and what they get four. Martha I'm going to be here all day until I get 31 members summit bureau bank my dear all night so that's my plan for today and we also have non. The beer tasting like you said coming up with two bunker brewery that's going to be fun. We got some members bringing in some foods that John gill yacht with gentlemen anglers gonna bring in some. Two pots of hot tamales though. Warm us up here on a cold day and around. We're also going to be like I said trying to trying to push that 31 members. And what a great place to do it by adventure here the hub of north short positions rattled by you look home. Great fisherman and you are already trading trading this stories don't know which ones are true. But on I got it taken at face value. So with this sign up tell folks how much it costs and what did they get out of it and how can they sent up. Well you can sign up on north short this report dot com go to front page top right hand corner click on premium membership. It's one click basically union in upgrade your form account in the form is where all the action is this where the official reports are. It's where in in with the premium membership you didn't to lecture videos and chat room. Captains along the premium reports and we also have something new that we're doing it's a challenge for. And look what we're doing is were offered a challenge monthly. For certain members if they hit that challenge we award them them prizes from our sponsors that that's going to be really really fun especially this cold weather when you know. And found that it takes a challenge to get us out there in the in fiscal weathering catch fish. And in the distance that the talent giveaways and consensus on that here at by events and they're going to be gearing giveaways and raffles throughout the day. They're also doing a lot of Christmas specials stockings staffers of he wanna. Come out and do some less tedious Christmas shopping a little more enjoyable Christmas shopping for the angler in you this is definitely succumbing as he said he's going to be here. Till it takes him 31 members it's a great deal he get a lot out of it. He thought you mean recently made a trip with some cycle angle is it going to be and it'll be deliberately absolutely hopefully we get him on there around 830 and go to the 9 o'clock hour lots of talk about you know. It's not the late edition. Typically early spring we thing but you know these these guys taught me that year around these guys got it man. I liken it to that Turkey owners in target on you catch that bug in and he's not the lakers thing can catch it. You know cycle late doing this on anybody can catch him. But like you say offseason it becomes a mystery whether they go to a hot months you know deeper and deeper that's what we're finding and in the more concentrated. But I tell you want to think that's what I really enjoy about it is that gap where when he feed off the bank and I'll go somewhere I never with bank of fishing in the main the main river. And we're only mission ninety so on the on the so annoying to see the tree top senior position factory and so let's open nets but in in a youthful but Clovis. I can't wait to talk to those guys what about these famous tamales. It is. If you tried again I have not but John is built them up that means he's got that smile and seen everything he's going local park the Molly. Our I didn't like the Collison chat with this is morning it's viable Ford 260636. Day. Bought dispenses here you can congratulate her on a number of things keep them so problem she's become the first female. Will be kayak pro staff forever. She's out bagged the first via a 200 pound nine point book beautiful animal. And she made a shot when we got to readings in the deal was movement so we're not exactly sure of that. The distance when it was hit that was somewhere between 169. And 200 yard shot first time she's that was shot and it via. That's a that's a big deal birth births are fears that they kick it off like. Almost like here and allows him to quit I don't think I think she's really got the fever talking about the kind where you start shaken and you miss the fact when she comes back. We begin heart to tell us the whole story that is actually the plan was part of bag and elk. Now moth of the people that have not seen it is five foot theory may be a hundred pounds on a good heavy day. And on an elk is about. 510 maybe almost six foot high and if you count the ant loses big 750. Pounds. And she was a little intimidated but she she was ready to go and things didn't work out for the L can mean it's funny you can't do that that. And it became a chess game and get to tell the whole story of how she shot that would bode very emotional. We've got it all on video will be on our pilot program for by you while TV so we come back you'll Kia Martha Spencer tell the story. On the big. Frozen bought from up north with Mississippi. And if you wanna congratulate the call us 2606368. Text to say 7870. We'll be right back from biting adventures it looked cool way you're listening to. More outdoors on WWL. 105 point three FM HD two. It's always live stream it on the Al those guys that. And along with the Cisco's Martha Spencer who has a panic big that we got celebrating a birthday this coming week. Name so the hope the kayak pro staff the first ever woman to do that Martha's at a Middle East analyst at all over the a country. Woman just I know. Just Louisiana is there's that hope he has pressed averaged across the world but I know of another female on the Florida Panhandle but. There really aren't too many around the southeast some excited to cover the North Shore. With a ho Lee and that kind of explore some ears when I now. Iso always got to that under your belt and you also bank your first bock. And we went up to a place called the sanctuary lives beautiful place in. Would fill Mississippi it's not very far from the nor sure where it went to two and a half hour drive to get up there on purpose we went up there was. Couple things want to make the hunt and the other was to film Apollo program front TB killed by while TV just tuning in we talked about a little earlier on the relief program. But you can see it sneak preview trailer you can find that it my web site we notify you while TV dot com and also on FaceBook. Buy you out on FaceBook and I allowed he'd be an incident did you very good idea what the focus of the program is going to be. We'll talk more about that later but I wanted to tell his story about guilt. Pick up from where we will we wanted to do to get taken out and it was very generous of chip Rogers yes they haven't been many health taken off of that place since. He's found alive he said they've only taken two and he's done so that was a huge honor to to say if you get the shot taking. And we saw one we were out on the last kind. What we start on the first okay. And the yeah I only got plenty of Tommy why we went in and tried that follow up plan. So the first day we went out we got there Wednesday and we all went into a large line eight of us that there and we were covering about a 500 yard field. And he said you know this is the field we get the most variety in the most action. So let's come out and lots of course brought the guns but. We must have seen a 150 animals between white tail. Between heard of cow elk we saw three juveniles there's that spikes and even couple balls out but everything the first day was there are way over 250 yards away and further. But it was at an incredible thing to watch and I swear. As I feel appropriate but in a line at eight men that watch these animals he might have thought they were watching them an out later because they were so excited it was so look at them back on that. So people probably dot drops in jaws when you said that was a that was in the blind yet it was called the kind of cut out yeah that. It was luxury at its finest but. Yet there was nothing nothing within range so that was more rhapsody still hunts which was cool because it kind of let us know where we might see in what could see where they came out. And we stayed out there and side just a lot of action. The next morning we got it Chris what cock our producer and I got put in two man lying on the small fields and they still mean anything that's suitable. Comes out here you're gonna get it rates up so we sat there we didn't see and the thing that this world for two hours. Now after two hours. They have ballot gear up there as well and a spike ballot here came out of nowhere thing appearance he snuck up on us now. The other Jeff Rodgers said that the spike fell lower very curious because they're young and they don't really know what to fear yet so. Heat transfer and we saw 3 years that morning and they hung around they now within twenty yards of us. And just Torres and FS looked ran eighth and ask them which is really cool to see it that close ups that was a completely different experience so. The pressure is on at that point because the last day was. The last time was that night it been raining throughout the trip and we didn't know that was in effect the movement. And I was hoping I wouldn't have to get up early next data got again so the afternoon Nancy don't have as much time as much daylight so. You Chris and myself got that in the middle blind. And explain why we chose that one they write what we saw the evening before that was the logical place ago. So all the guys relied went into the Condo including Jackson they can box so vacancy as they were about 300 yards away for your fifty yards and different lines and we were put in the one where we saw on the movement coming out of the woods. The day before so we are told you know. This is going to be your best chance to be within range of something and we are hoping we see the same amount of movement weeks and that line didn't see much we got out there at 3 o'clock. Sons I was 5 PM. We momma dough and a baby go for that I like tale that's about how he sighed no elk. Now they weren't there only got there and they sped off and we were hoping they were come back but they really didn't. So are waiting and we see a few more goes. And then Alison. As a mentally or allowed to take him a terrible things a talk about the size estimation on and help they so I'm not that the media L absolutely they. But we saw them. When 300 yards away they look the but then when a white hill comes out they'll look Matt looks like a dog they way they'll award it 600 pounds and the mature ones made even a little more so. You could spot them easily you know what they work from far partly distance they were just impressive and when we settle it once it is just jog up and I was just a zest. One bull elk who I thought if he got close enough would've been the ones because he was very big. Came out around 430 around the grass and he is far he is closer to the Condo I said his ladies are now with him he. Did not make it any closer on the roads and he went right back into the weight and knew he was gone so. At this point we're also gonna look for some bucks which is a great honor as well so. Three backs decides to show base about what was it quarters up five late in the rye were losing daylight fast. Now being that we were the guests who wanted to make sure we were taking the right up and down so we were trying to text. The owner who's in the Condo ECB three bucks it's going to be one of these is do you have one and he basically said. I your own discretion but by the time we got ahold of them they've moved from 130 yard pretty easy broadside shot which I felt like an easily duped. To about a hundred media arts you know what. Added to the pressure was. Because he's on such as stringent management program. You don't wanna take advantage of the right in early and establish personal so that's a great theater but. It ought to respect for him and what he's got going you don't wanna take something that he wants to keep him in May be given an opportunity. And become embedded and here's a side note to you know some folks say like your high fence that's kind of you know little team easy will that the only differences and he said it best is. You don't have to worry about your neighbors he can manage his her well but they're still wild their salute bill they're not to mesquite like the some of the deer up north where they are just so. Seriously acclimated these are not back on the that they are very. Wild in that sense of your only difference was that EP got the chance to see you know you're gonna get it. And now are places that. If so. Oh when they eat at that they can only domestic Israel not know at least one not these weigh every bit as wild and and he put it very well when he says defense really is not to keep the animals in it's to keep the pressure out in right pressure was to K that's one of those panels more active. Do in daylight hours but it was an all day I mean it was very limited window the time you had to make that shot on decide what you want to do and he. Well that's that they weren't really started to sink in because you know we were hoping earlier in the trip that we maybe get one in the short field where everything was under a hundred yards which would have been a piece of cake. But. For somebody is green is me nine bullets that's pretty much odd shot the day before citing him again in its. For some reason I don't know lighted streets in nags that temple it was the one hit them. So three. Mature bucks probably four years old which you know some people married four years old mapping machine but because they were so well managed these were. Healthy. Food looking at 910 point here so they were well within range of something issued three of them come out which at I was pretty weird. No it doesn't know one out and that's that was and they want our way they never kind of clustered up like they did the day before and then. I know I got a little agitated because we we're trying to text Jeff and text aren't going through and I'm losing a good shot. Well I had as well element of pressure. Without a cameraman there yeah needs to be on the same deal that you're trying to shoot so many ordered out of. I completely forgot Christmas Eve in the lineup that couldn't think about that because I had too many other nerves dying and of course my heart that I was pounding in my chest. So these three deer movements the middle of the field and they were far at this point 480 yards so you're kind of moving kind of grazing plane around. And folks asking if I got the shakes and it's hard to say yes or no because. They were so close they kept presenting different shots and that was what took you so long because one would move broadsided that front tonight. Was trying to remember which was the one I was trying to get. And eat I. One winner every day you're ready this year I was at six minutes in the lining up I had my fingers in my ears along time and I sent that look not ready. And every years and that I think it to mean that sent treatment at the time they make the tea and I didn't think I hit it because I didn't know what to expect and where. And I am maybe with a little bit off where I wanted to be. Used here on the scope but it was still enough shut down I was pretty Miller. I am. I knew it was going to be there is speaking it. Predict higher gunnery acted so and then I started to choke up like if Felix common nice guy to get MS and lock it up thing about him. Well you came through really well because it would have been one thing to take a 4050 yard shot when you first to you and could minute ago. You know small young via but the mean to kill and matured trophy buck thirty and that kind of have a shot yet that that there's a lot of pressure with a TV camera going. And another blog across the way another six to seven people in an audience watch in the house. Should there. Yes it it was not. At one point well I was lining up I start to lose men serving I don't know I can do this I didn't know I guess it instantly I gonna get another chance sheets he does have cute. And when I thought I'd miss him because he didn't drop immediately. I didn't know like he did again and it's a good second shot for him to really drop of the problem was. Once you make that initial reaction it's a really hard to get your wits and gets honored again. You know way he'd citizen to have it here you comment on the emotions you've gone through in the feeling in the excitement. A lot of young girls gone hunting with that dance of family members and they get used to it and before they can really. What did they glib enough to describe on the thing that going through the Arctic become season honors but that tops it's kind of like amateur attorney thirty Florida I think so resolutely to the game on this but that's good in the respect that you can relate. What you're going through what it's like it you know and acted greeted in people gonna see this on the TV thing. I don't think you realize value shaking and how someone who has done TV as long as you have could be lost for words from something that's just so overwhelming experience. And it relies. Apparently it got that we got over at. I was city via tiny immediately is still alive and I'm talking did and it it it feels muscle switching initial orders bill. And just. And then we will we got to really look at this really sunken in the cap that he lives in. Check out his arms that was pretty. What a wonderful place Jeff has up there and it was a really special weekend because. A lot of his old school friends tell us now every weekend in the area account had a reunion and he's got his family goes up there on Christmas week and Falwell of one of Christmas tree that would have been Abbott also fought like it turned out yesterday morning. That as a meteorologist evens me and you are gonna get the snow and I was there testing immediately an inch we could still see the grass when we came out four inches of snow. And your on this hill overlooking the delta. It really didn't feel like you're in Mississippi and then we went outside and a couple of juvenile elks came in Miami and serious it was even more amazing. And it you know the the other thing that we come home overlooked. Was fishing up. They have three lights on this property north lake south lake and stop Blake. And we didn't have a lot of times do fishing up there but we did manage to get announced on late beautiful that and yes in fact I think you top meant it was at the biggest bash. Bell lab best that she was with on the North Shore here but. Yes that was it is a very pound bass and he just on second cast from the dot before we even have cameras set up. He bit in the and you haven't shortly after and I'd say between three of us. Fishing out there are probably put 78 issue and in less than an hour so they have some very healthy that there was a lot of fun. Only problem is the stumps mean you really got to bring a lot tax yup this. Things gone. While let's too you know in addition to the fallow deer which were pretty much raised there and elk that had been there for awhile at least a bobcat. We so Turkey's. Police birds of prey. So there was a lot going on just to look at. That is a very unique part of Louisiana because it is so this ill and he misses again while please go to the right on the front end here right idol. Lot of them that they've also on the banks of the Mississippi but those big high blossoms delta land below it chipmunk country you know we get the sand that is. No but one of the blind is one of our one of our people what has happened and when Andre he got put on one of the folks there with. Went to go get some video when he was hearing the stats from across the thousand acres and he was put writes in the swamp method that the hills and he gave Tennessee a little bit of the differing. Climate but different landscape. So it was a Nino and that we property that they you don't feel like an offense you don't see defense. You don't see it it's not even there and analysts and if you honing on and on fenced area. You don't think you'd take your hunt takes place in such a small comparative area right it doesn't matter whether say and I. And he mentioned notre said that you know because this is such a big property. You don't know where they go sometimes you might see her one day and they disappear you can't find. That big of an area. While we've just had gentlemen walked in he looks a little frozen as one of the week in the talk about vision and talking up mr. green forest green issue. Sock you sketch and cycle and we gonna get him in putting and I tortures seat and not let him tell some secrets about fishing sock away. Excellent judgment missed forest green will be up next also league cup I talked to keep lotion phone lines open by the way viable 14606368. Like to talk to Martha why and we got a text message rule got to catch up politics the way behind. On 87870. Continues handles text what else you got to do this morning until it gets warmed up. We'll be right back from by you adventures in look home when you're listening to war outdoors on WWL. FM 105 point three HD two. A lot of words jail lot of letters and also on the web it down the Al those guys dot. And co hosting this morning Martha Spencer with taking it telephone calls or you try and if I guess keep clutches here don't you officially report. We have forest green known as mr. green and look at home what. Fisherman that comes by this going here on occasion and does seminars and Boris are you noticed on his chili and frosty morn was an all around at home. Well I'll try to do like grizzly bears big covered. I got out because you have things we've got a hot violent. Dumb and I look at mr. appropriations Lola as India to you know this weather affected vision by well. OK I would think it just fine everybody enjoy yesterday you get back to normal alive it's cold weather. We really don't know it's no we feel rejuvenated. It's cold ago is going that the temperature would wipe it really by. They get some equity and but given by. Did when India accidentally. When here in new regretted negated going so what changes do you make one want attempted drops like it's going to be doing next couple days. To find the finest. Well you go. Sent the would have don't would have done and kind of make things like it goes so I would think you put your people. And work from the bottom of your people where do we back to go to the top. I'm certainly is and double watered electable. Pretty much went water about it disagrees. Down one victory. In the back of your your game work you're two of them don't know what's bought a new people from the how do you efficient with what they tease you about a goal would be no. Well major Leo they got some new breeze out on the maker Berry and put one series that goes on call. About six feet now most of the when I mean might be able. I use 16. Days and I don't put a stop form I just can't loan that it three volleys you know I watched it. Yeah these. Nine W because there's. Baited I don't know about wanna use lab it gives you one wrap it. I don't feature because as a challenge me to do what about college selection to color sketch fishermen and those tickets. Unavailable. I would go to got a beautiful green where now. Major got a blue one out loved the most. But. Content stay where it oh reallocate it appears that it you know men of that engagement of the lag and steal. Those in my view hourly helpful vibe they don't have a we're about. Couple Bob and that's all you really. Travel light really. Regular experiment with a crop be psychics line debates have you seen those are trying them it's not have enough. So on the west side and in demand he has got a system and out finished Lehman it is effective and people have taken in the all the areas. I don't know if they've been tested and buy local you might be the guy might need to put him. Yeah oh lead to try to have good you know a lot of time has summoned all that he'll be with it doesn't matter how good did think I went to come here me. I will an alliance simply knew from nearby Ideo and at most it would disarm the. So I am in pretty new exactly this and I don't believe that boy I'm only I'm not gonna get information or or news that you know that people see this small that they may not understand the challenge that's what I learned very quickly is that they can be really tricky to keep on you and you have to have a specific. Ultralight tackle for what's the key date to keep it when we get them by. I know. Rubble marble in the proper match. And when you get abide don't think you've got a point at all. You know use Dick pound deadline to. And you did give it a good all the dirt and keep the pressure all the poll is and I use some football and his group number so it would keep the pressure at all. And you can use did you mean. And you know you're not patient to owners so I just enjoyed getting him. But that hold them on line and a good seven foot property magnet of. I didn't and then and in them their tech summit the boys that the attack on the heat you know. At at at a boatload. I had a bigger handicap. Right Obama. Patrick beat the models. Of good that you. I'm Martha Faris is a very compass bass fishermen this area to he's won a lot of tournaments a lot of people asking for advice and here between the two. If I told you forest you're only going to be able do one or the other for the rest deal life will be cycle it would be bad. Yes that's a good question yet but if I'm trying to help to the right way. I'm let's talk earlier priest only because bad patient bone. I can go back on the circuit and pitching and more is there as a young minds will you know so. And I don't wanna get a very Moyer. I'll take soccer live and stay in my brag you know. When the time come that time have count and I am and what goes on the plate do not think you better off to suck yeah. Avenue and I did that listening go about it whoever advances and and human. Oh and I'm wrong with that. Up moss forests also does some some nausea probably right here at this'll table you don't tell us about December what do you talk about it when do you do them. Well I'm very excited about it B bundle with 21 a week at the time. I get a lot of people coming in but what really talk about the Bob try to break it the whole thing now which valued the time people relate to. You know you can't get those from fundamentally indeed it is helpful would think he's gone by. You what you need to do is. Come away radical preaching get up to gold ketchup is not that people who get to it. And we end up fellowship and I did implement a lot of people by the people felt good of people it. Did real budget question which opened its name and what are things that don't you got ten things on you when you go preach. Here. Seven level worked rideau may have I think you viewed through good when that will work value that can lead back. I think here. In Louisiana we we get a little bit spoiled because the fishing is so good here a few tell somebody from. Florida or Alabama. What kind of day you head they. It reminds you how good the fishing here because they began their eyes on its patent but it doesn't mean it's easy it does mean that there. Good night vision and ID feature do not want to be your prime paying a I don't they just did not Wear operative. You know their zone they don't do wonders well maybe Leo page and be left alone. So we felt is it you'd catch twenty as back you still probably had a good day he cuts excuse that. Well on a bit let your debut went out and just enjoy additional on the bag wanna treating caught podshock lay your head you want to put day. You know many good and whatever body through blood and enjoy nature that's the whole thing. But not about catch and finish all the time is abiding enjoy nature out. If you just tuning in we're talking with mr. green forest green here he does seminars that by you adventures in home. We talk a little bit about sock collate vision and your seminars what would you say is the percentage of a fishing net she talked about that is technique. Way to go how to rigged up as opposed to what she just briefly mention. Motivation. And philosophy about fishing you gotta have that positive that I'm gonna catch fish today final fun of me if I'm gonna fund in some way how important is that in addition. Employed because if you take preach for grain in your case you know pre you know you go to Bullock hanging around you do that. What that does talk all led good stuff and then I know home opposed to one name. Out of the crop an out take and showdown exactly what I'm talking about and has to be. Exactly where that tells them home won't it be and I know I can do that and and that's what some people come. Don't know about that the commissioner would so it bagel and all but when it reached an advantage of it can Twitter people now. I'm glad to see people come to do that and now we do it every other payers. Will be doing it gets stirred compliance expert. Do you feel it's important that people get their kids involved yeah I've got some Kidman comment and but didn't what do gut. Got bad calls and plus who open though. So but he's very very employ to get kids involved. And not so much you know you're trying to get a lot of bad things the good thing big dude real thing when ago anyway. But it would have been. That you're injured on where it. Bit spam time goal in nature you know in line of mama nature and the side you stand around immutable treats him. At some. It's important for young kids especially two. And not take it so seriously and not think that that's all competition to get out and enjoy it and just have fun with that no matter what they catch. Yeah but. You know that my summon all we we you know legs on all people don't take it serious. But don't forget what's behind you you have spam you know you've got other people are involved. You know you know creation of very very excited to do. But don't forget that you you know you could go on Google users edit mobile bay. You can't do that so I tell you the kid by this because I just go for sure mr. green never said it don't do your home you know you can't do that. Those are best grip on things that you tell. It's not just efficient lessons you get from his degree in your life lessons it or award not so much an expectation her you know. Something you think you can always be able. No you in the may have a good but I. I enjoy it I enjoy all of that I don't buy it I enjoyed life. I enjoyed in the lives I've. Uses I open now. We made it holds a you know so get out in the earlier expectation. UA enjoyment. Well we could write a book on a missed the green comments I'd tell you that. Again I don't wanna invite people never met you this stop by here on Thursday's in catches seminar and you know moss and I going to be kicking off the new TV show come on eighteen called by you while TV we will be looking. Vote people just like yourself people that that that should be portrayed in the outdoors and we certainly wanna get with you do that. A bag on pummeled that get presents no friction low out here. I'm not whereby about it is local I got the government goodness well thanks for coming by and I hang around if somebody's got to question a comment will pass along to forest green. While the really good guys but that's a text messages to come to catch up on. Are coming up at the top of the hour Jonathan border law is gonna jaundiced to update us on the CWD. New regulations to prevent chronic wasting disease in deer from coming in Louisiana. We'll find out if people cooperating. What the penalties if that have been established if you caught bring you the aryan under the a violation of those wrecks. I'm dodge vehicle along with Martha spent so we get keep blushing here Jeff Gordon along the owner of by U adventures we've also got mist of forest grain. He was a cover boy Arnold Louisiana sportsman magazine earlier this year ops. Great guy he's here to talk would you like to stop by and we'll be right back after this. You listen to more rob doors on WWL. FM wallow five point three HD channel. All live stream and at Don the outdoors guy that count. That's song about Dudley finished what. I have visited badly tell me your experience would doubling deadly reminds me of my dad. He looks just like him. My dad where's bobcat and lonely each a it is it's as southern rather them. Hey act heat we have an announcement here at tech's. Now when you gotta sign up please keep them that they sign up for premium membership and he says excellent gains. Thirteen. And on another sign up some money today you know I mean you may have may have heard of Jeff role he just signed up as well so you've landed gently. Yeah we're that is like that trophy right now let's and I figured Jeff rulers put a premium member and us law. I was so it badly. We can't read that can't remember what year was it was a while back. Caught the largest to drama never seen. That scenery I think this woman pulled up. Was about forty pounds he was ever perjury. And the rod and it was pretty cool in the Portland they were dinosaurs apparently that was. Dudley knows that he's. Have you got a good speckled Trout by. Now all you now that's what you got to do them Dudley. It's in this its own you know when days ago basketball player gets in the zone everything he throws up just nothing but net Dudley gets like that we expect to be looking the other way talked in. Have slack in his line like he's got nothing got a million things on his monument you know. It comes four pound Trout with it's on the boat. Very very unique guy great guy to finish with an Israeli air tickets absolutely and we gonna see him on fuel by you while TV next week ambition shell beach we don't matter Robbie Campbell's on the John Jonathan Sanchez yes John that sent Lanza bringing an end as he is not very very bring a banana especially. Or aches headache only NEA in any way shape or form who do not bring that the Johnson's it is I would rather text messages do we have. So some of switching gears here and you know something about this because I have producer Chris tell me that he's been woodcock. Am hunting with you and somebody wants to know that opens up an eighteenth and about two weeks are there any good places locally to go what. Pencil when talking locally well it yeah tell you the best place don't woodcock and it's a public place. Is pearl river wildlife management. The only thing about woodcock thing on not like squirrels deer and rabbit. They travel. And they come from his fall away as Maine and Canada. Up north this is there wintering grounds much like a duck. But they will bounce back. They've kind of follow the freeze line it takes some really good article and I'm sure this will push. Has brought some woodcock Ian pearl river wildlife management necklace you you've got to hunt woodcock with dogs I mean it's not. Required by law but if you rely on just walk into the woods casually in heaven jump up and watch. That thing and happen very often. It's all about pointing doll looks britney's Daniels chairman Choi airs. A friend of mine call by Hisham very good Lambeau lab at notre evil which. Historically has been a duck retrieving all the labs now you can buy them with the the genetics in in the inherent. Skill to point birds just like the point. And you go into the swamps of pearl river. Kind of look for the big Blackberry line's. They like to get up on does that mean this is like jungle warfare. It's like Vietnam and his switch to change them in some of that now it's up is yes indeed it's in all it's nasty it's. Terrain you're ever gonna get in and they like to give up on that does this say if you can't see him and it camouflaged. Like the league. But the sizable Quayle and you know. Now there's not a bigot all that kind of crazy look in the eyes set way back on it and it absolutely conceit 360 degrees when adding broad yet really. As a threat it is approach in then notebook. Holding real tight and when they flush. They gonna put a tree between you and them as soon as you get to battle following them would not ready to squeeze treatment in happen. They usually in a big group pre plan selectively you'll find them usually one or two to have them but when you find woodcock is generally several of them in the area but they gonna flush usually want to time. Sometimes a couple of birds but they taste like. I would say mostly like duck it's a talked me. In very like a duck but it's so small mean you know really woodcock the meat. On what cuts for the sport and it is of great bird for pointing dogs because sometimes it just don't want flaws McConnell locked in the dog locked up and what I do is put the the bills and beepers moment dog because it terrain is so thick is that the dog will be on point you wanna know where it is so you get this beep it's the column beef when it stops and you followed that beat the new fund dog walked in the flush it. Brian Lambert is a very good shot on woodcock. I've been a long time I was on woodcock before it was cool nobody else on the ground here and woodcock cutting its got to fall off. Because. We used to have 40000 woodcock comes in and we got 4000 it's a it's a habit that thing places for people ago. And people will take time to train the dogs to you come back caught them. Brian isn't that it's in walking through frozen small all day long and walk the malls to to get three little pieces of three counts me. You've got to really want to execute strides in but. Aside from pearl river management area the atop alive basin. It's always held a lot of woodcock in it we own them placed around you rose there's a federal refuge down edit that you can on on. On the short Auburn while life management area actually has some habitat that is specifically. Manipulated as of woodcock mining area. I'd gets a lot of pressure you would expect so the key is finding places where they are. And now weigh it it's off the beaten path and he should have some some good success upon. Would. It's ready don't get it right. I can't get some knee boots. Maybe it's at a meeting at any new here it's actually now. Some traffic updates I ten east that the programmers now cleared for folks there we apologize to the folks that you're seeing leading it to the traffic updates in an up you know that's. Yeah not getting really first hand reports we don't report them might not arrive. Possible there so. Hopefully the rest to be pretty pricey but the temperatures now. But it's probably still below freezing but with the sun coming up on the pavement it should melt faster on the roads besides I think things would be getting back. Still holding at thirty here in the but the suns up now so I think sent out that there is an isolated. You know we talk to La Robbie Campbell earlier and who would not picking his brain trying to get some suggestions for cold weather coal Lotta situations and as a phenomenon that goes on down there. Between his marina. And hope to. By -- truce Connell or shape and it connects from the mr. go comes around comes back into the mr. go to its deep it's been dredged. Vessel to go through their a lot of shrimp boat bigger boats going man. And some of the deepest walk around so what happens when you start getting temperatures like this that wanna start running out of the march. Those fish feel it in May head for the comfort zone which is in that the canal. And those canals will be lined the banks with people you can catch red fish from the bank. Did shrimp on the bottom it's kind of this sluggish style of politics it's kind of a slow by. But Dell lot of limits caught. Naturally when you fishing on a bank. You got to be concerned about private property. Either get permission but there are some areas there a way it's just basically. Open area you just park your truck and walk right to the side of the bank and stock station in on those cold this nasty is days that's one of the Bentley. Just ago. Speaking. Gun accident records I have a question for you so. That's shouldered it. That's shoulders come and Iraq are pretty I don't next week and you might have an easy thing. And I just on the clock and get out there I'll have to see I'm gonna see Obama doctor on them Monday the eighteenth. And you know just give his opinion the so far the surgeon in the therapists have been tell me do not push it. We know it's feel and better but you don't want to try to make come back too soon because. You re damages and then you start over again song gotta be good I can't do one handed. And that little twenty gate so buckle up there to actually I am I gone next weekend and inch thick shots of ducks with a two yes. It. So that was South Dakota that was a cajun invasion we got the Alaska case and they torque on a couple of levels do we need some more murky. I think it ought to stage an invasion. Well you go to the hot months in annual and vocal yes. As if we can get Jeff board long just can you come over and gotta give us an update on what's going on we got a few minutes before the top of the hour break we can talk about CWD with wildlife and fisheries. But here it the Kate by huge event she got a lot of celebrations going on if the thinks the phone. Yankee pleasures here trying to gain 31 new members were got a couple of nights they have Staley got Jeff rule son. So eighth thirteen really pop and a few of his balloons here shortly. I. And coming up at noon we got. No library doing a beer tasting also adds 1 o'clock. To pump Emery will be here. We had planned to go out and do a sensor panel tonight if they can't postpone that due to the Chile weather's kind of local to do that but it will be going out again next week in. So always collar inquire about our guidance and so pals. If he had done him some really really good to get out and do. I have talked a few folks abolish some of them are intimidated Paul Paul strenuous of panel ISIS' and nine. Eighty plus year old woman do it we did not swim. It was a first comment a kayak and I kind of first time out in the water. And when she got to the mouth of the body and the lake here in ear to ear grin. Instead it went on a bucket list but it to a should've been so I mean it's. The waters calm and smooth there are no whirl pools and rapids or falls I mean it's I've had. Eight year old kids to eighty plus year old women do it so it is nice easy. And there's nothing to be intimidated about and it's our job to kind of eased those apprehensions to them we we feel we do a pretty good job is at a leisurely pace absolutely I mean you some of you got a little battles and and you coast do you battle bitten in Khost. It is it is very relaxing and very laid back what kind of wallet feel like it is. Right now a lot of birds you know I mean that the Eagles Eagles off us Armenians eat grits. Very blue Aaronson Tom's guide this down on the buy you. Seen owls and reckons in nutrient things like down the bank the year. Page. Summertime obviously the the rep tell life is a little bit more alligators and nobody wants a say in al-Qaeda threat that's right so. But just. I mean one of the most beautiful things you can do around series really enjoyable and it really is and you provide everything businesses everything comes with the U Natalie vote you guide. Your best comes with a drink in a snack we transport the boats and yourself. So we get them by bus outside the real pollen in the van and and head on down the loss something in them might be. Christmas gift gift certificate it's a great Christmas gift and here's another thing about the facts you. You don't have that separation with nature like he do you want to vote them out there you creep up on animals they don't even fees sometimes you're kind of just feel little more connected. A very good we'll pick it up again I talked to Jeff will be anyone's budget to come by got a big celebration going on lighted benches highway one nanny and look old. Come down I twelve to 19 a come commander bill come from Slidell easy to line we come back. Martha we're gonna talk to Jonathan born long find out if you did it right giving your deer head back into Louisiana from out of state. Back with that and another hour to go gonna talk to some cycle a fisherman to right here on more outdoors on WW well.