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Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, February 24th

Don and  Martha interview the participant at the White Oak Plantation in Baton Rouge.


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And welcome into our more outdoors and on awesome we have got a busy July I was coming up at the Monterey. Why don't plantation it was Jeff Jones bowls in his entire staff and people from all the abuse button take partners in the long longstanding tradition. And how well the hold up up there. So far so good it's beautiful and I just went outside and cuts it John nephew Jim and his that the show pigs. Which I'm happy to see aren't the ones that are being used in the this year because they're just beautiful and got them. Their prize winners and that he said that his sons his children and named ones names will burn their only four months old and almost 300 pound. So I asked them how big is the one being used today and he says it's about the same size as. We're going to be talking to a lot of guest you got any questions of them about any of the topics were talking about invite you to send us a text message. 870870. Comes instantly you told broadcast studio at white oak. What are you welcome the calls on the phone that Bible war. 260636. Days off that would jump by Jerry falls during his brother John and I guess that's your son the one off which is talking about the hard. Yes my son Jerry junior who goes by the name of district. They through Lamar Dixon when they are winners yes you are a they were winners that at different levels. Al you lose the daughter. Saturday reserve grand champion. Yard. Are I'm it was reserve frontier in that area show her yard was reserve champion of the yard division and the district show. And all of the what. Class winners. At this stage show. On who is a wonderful program my daughter's shoes. Chickens they showed Ravitz. In it in but it can't beat it there's so much that it teaches them responsibility. And all of Bob you know how we actually raise Arnold the. It doesn't because Jay Williamson. Eighth grade yet it district grand champion. And then. Is junior year yet to reserve grand champion at district show and he also read. Artificially inseminated. Red pigs or shall we. So is she gonna continue along this profession well you mean that in the profession. You but. He's got excuses about. And these features in them in just over last night that nine warriors assured that it that there were by that time. You realize mile grandchildren. Report from a long time about the polls families involved should. Butchery. You know I grew up with butchery. On an annual basis by grapple. Right. Would raise pigs and what butchery every year. You ridiculous experience. That whole neighborhood which would come over it was almost like a festival. We had. First. Do it in the paper right date we will it would take Friday off of school. With a point three it would it would slaughtered rupees. Usually try to find a cold that it would it would put two days and moments board and we made everything from. They're cute they're cracked where those things are room vote. Ports. And but Barbara wa Brothers would be. Six Brothers and two sisters. It wouldn't work eight kids. That's. That was days we could have a big family it's a lot of work this year I wouldn't know that I have a lot and I guess we started doing the wave Baghdad. I guess the first one we did. After when my dad is a butchery. When I was as well and then. My brother John calls one day and says hey I've got a food writer out of London and looking for a good cajun experience can you come up with the answer. How about a blue through and say thank you blow. I think we'll got a few friends my little brother Larry. Has done a butchery before so we pollute the law that soaring camp. And I brought two friends one and it's going to be here there true Perkins who you might want to talk to in the wrong. What through came and he made this oxygen on do all right and so forth so. That was the beginning of it in my brother Larry it would pull one together repeated it is yeah. By you you. Things did. They do him for a number of years. I guess about three or four years ago John they can be helpful team together we will do we career while ago. All that great tradition for us. I'm memories go back in his yeah. At one of my greatest memories of childhood in the event. But has the right house is like you know and all the friends in the neighborhood coming together everybody left. Wouldn't a fifty pound lord Cameron in that and they had this press bastards backed away in the law. You're left with little crack them you have who rules Samoan do them all through accuse them Buddha red black and one who there. We're talking an about the the heritage and culture here that the polls family goes back with their own personal race and now they're a month and expand this to the public and what a wonderful thing to keep that tradition alive. So growing up I'm I'm an animal welfare MM and in LA and new hunter and I love fishing and fish out if he's art form but. Are there any rules in the family to keep the children from getting attacks because this is food but they're cute too so I can see with younger and eight can maybe be a little upsetting then Yemeni hired rules I'm not naming them this is food College Park and that's it. Well not really we tried to convince them but one of one of the twins and the two boys. Ross. Processes on the job. If you can keep his feet made appointments of these did want anybody to eat twinkies so yes. Jeremy if you we can play schools here Eduardo. And let it have written them so. That's one thing Ross was gonna when we couldn't convinced that. Bigs are here their food. That's why we risen. You know but. Rough is a special. You turn your remarks. It in bringing a halt what. Is that trend now what are you looking to create as you selectively breed Paulson certain quality what what do little people wanted to home at the industry. As you as you talk to Judy you are wrong you we have we do you more over. There are looking for. Good morning so that they can have long lol cute and influence. Do you force where. Wrong. You know. Important muscle. And media market. At India which. Movies there. You know in addition to. Size weight and that it's that simple without too much fat you're looking or. Good muscular. It would good hands. What's your favorite hall product. My favorite. Would have to it is. It's rather close race between red and blue barrel put sausage and to achieve. Which. Some of those two. These are very chief of breakfast on record grilled target cheese sandwich what else do it and melted quickly. She's not a fan but he's gonna agency maybe but fortunately it. The I also enjoy on the East Coast through that makes for apple which is very much alive very much like it but it didn't happen much listening to. Eyes were as far as blood sausage ASEAN are remembered several years ago there was some problem on it. They didn't want to look proved that on and allow it to be immediately she did it yourself if you. Right right there was or some help. Reasons. Were. Good to be used in good stuff it in so. Commercial market. I do know we've wise. Market. Century for makes them look soft and with what I hear they're using chicken blood. Yeah I'm not certain about that what I've heard your report you play through that I know. That sells the. Well anything else you land we usually have a great time what you who's out there today. I think they'll be making a rabbit and ports off because. Sounds good so. It's something. Maybe that's offered hope for quite awhile. Make soft because we're a much different than the ones they well I've been through wood took off. Years ago where. Students. Who. Saw speak off the people listening do not know what that is what is says it's a basement bunker and had a lot of different. To ask ourselves because. We're much let's do our packet it came from. The Spanish for ourselves. You know source who better to me. I don't use as much that's we're with a good dark brown room. Two did the term it. Seasonings. Onion bell peppers celery and he knew it will. You know and whatever stock we're using. On this particular one when you for the rabbits out today. Room was put in the more. To report we'll probably an hour and a half away rabbit because it. If you pick. What's your favorite solves. Seafood self cease fire for instance. What I make it yourself. To travels we. I'm never had a love took a seat and I had a soft. I used so much rules some about. We have. And you and I had folks some food and it was very. Are numbered years and coach you had three kids to act and get a real job. We do that cater. Looked applesauce become human we gonna get the sample some of the aggregate view that 1 o'clock. We need to hold off on. 1 o'clock day yeah because much. Thanks for talking with you grew up with reduces thank we're gonna keep in his tradition lives were so wonderful thing you can do. And I got cease fire doesn't she is beautiful I'm glad she gets a lift. I we'll take a break we'll come back you're gonna hear more from the ocean great view it that white oak plantation. John bulls but this together a lot of exhibit is in people in the participating in he got questions for moralis we love to hear from. You can text to city 7870. Or you cannot just pick up the holes cellphones Allison Bible war. 2606368. And listening to more outdoors not to you can mark the Spencer from the white oak plantation. Don't root. All right so welcome back in we'll be chatting with some more folks in a slightly to get Chris Wilcox company while he has producer editor. Director of my wallet TV and off on distant rumble set that fouls boxing people listening need to get in there. We know little space that I'm the idiot during the 6 o'clock hour and on people like to see the behind the scenes stuffs we need you more than teacher. We have 998. Followers and we mentioned that once in a thousand. That we do need new post Soviet like thereby allowed TV page we're going to be doing a giveaway. I'm gonna write a post on page and he just need to comment you name and now we'll pick one random. Later today or this weekend in get information and be lucky winner of the first. Edition shirts and hats and tackle and this trap cuts will be kicked us and then add to the winner. He can tell everybody else to tune in to buy a while Chris acog is gonna come in in a few minutes he's actually over right now at the butcher's. Butchering ritual so the pig that is going to be used today. Is about to be slaughtered and Chris is a little more party than meet me in the out there as a one car that I know it's the necessary and it it's it's for some so. It's all part of and that's how you learn a appreciate your kids and he's going to get that in the industry exam time that's and that's they're the ones that get them. Free pass from the get treated like royalty. There as well and Chris just like instantly and talk to him is tell Tommy he's got that isn't the right back he's gonna. Tell us about what has some of the stuff he seems set up since we've been pretty much hold up in this office it's beautiful day so far it looks like it's going to be nice and warm. All of a sudden it's not. Spring innings and what a gorgeous place white oak plantation is and he's got though. While Turkey says things Turkey's heating your sense that they tactic they gobble notable problem in the dark this won't be when we first got here. There's some rabbits out there as well some piglets are born just a few weeks again beautiful grounds beautiful in this state the pigs that are out here right now I ask how old they were the ones that are grown bettered that we're looking at they're only four months old. And there are already almost 300 seen that there pretty well Brent. It can set that right down in this embassy none jaundice in the conversation. We have a new guest we'll let him introduce himself and tell it was easier for tight end this morning I had an eight iron into different. More than my name is Felix Flores with a black Hillary match. That we're doing today were more of my property raised out of my property and Katy Texas. And beautiful hogs so it's really exciting for me to come to see them you know I haven't seen him about 45 months now. They come and they did they pick in my that would lessen their you know their immediate. And they're looking really good now some really excited about today when the Fortis and every year. So you'll. A breeder you don't actually raise and sell homes. For slaughter more you just kind of freed the stock and industry and the long rates themselves. No no that that's what chef John force does with me but. What I do is spectacular where quite a few hats somehow some way I'm a chef from the butcher I'm rancher in a restaurant tour. And so I have restaurants all over the southeastern US that come to us and and buy meat so we take our our we we do hogs. Beef lamb and goat. And we we have a process in the process of that before us we pick him up in a cold front we process and kind of package shipment. Just unfolds like to have them live so that he can it is not a white plantation and then they're they're used for this for this event here. The goal is that. Beginning to get more popular way areas here in Louisiana it's not real and all of texas' Derek. It is very popular because there's such a large Hispanic population in Texas and you know come Rica has been and joy for generations and generations you know people really enjoy it. How would you describe the taste. Guilty is actually just a couple of chrome zones off from lap. You know so anything that you do it until this people all the time because they say that they asked me that's the question well what I do with goats well. What you do with plant will we do this this this and there's your answer anything you do with land you can do with that you can actually even cross. The. Create a hybrid as well let me I looked up at a you actually don't even know the name doesn't happen that often but it can't. Was it was a Black Hills race and. So when you eat the brains of anything in Spanish that's called sets us. And it's I mean just like you would have a packed today. Or you know loose or anything like that it's it's really really soft it's really nice it's credible having that on a cracker Chris devious is is wonderful. And I can be done with the rate of of anything that's even I think. What's happening now in in Texas and the United States in general is people are starting to push those culinary boundaries. And they're really starting to open we as a nation we've been closed off for a long time about the foods that we eight. And as you know American becomes more and more and more of a melting pot we are we're trying all of these new foods that we never had before and I think we're only gonna see that continues. Yeah probably the you know the Europeans have been quite adventurous and what date with on this to get that we sit and Louisiana alligator. You know whoever thought that alligator would become a real marketable item that is certainly. So tell us how many years you've been doing this way to revolutionary and what are the things that you are going to be cooking today. So this is the third annual butchery that. Chef John posted ten Jackson put on and you know we've been here since since day one. Syphilis reached out to me originally and I guess that. Heard about me through the grapevine and said you know this is what we wanna do. He was gracious enough to ask me to be a part of it and so it's it's an event that I wouldn't miss. My role here today is it just provide education. On the hogs via how they were raised what three they are and then now once we put the animal now on its mark my job is is to help you break it down. For you know from start to finish and then there's a lot of other great town to chance here they're going to be making suited different stations in mind it's more. The live demonstrations side. And that folks wanna look you up or get information about any your restaurants near business happening thank you. So my website is www. Black he'll meet dot com you can also go to. Www. Felix Flores Houston dot com and outlook is up that way. What is black heels it is geographically taxes to close to use it we are very close to Houston where where in Katy which is Europe rather large suburb of Houston. But what we do I think is is also have a unique from some other farmers and ranchers. We'd draw on over a hundred different family farms all over Texas some raising. Tend head of livestock a year some raising 2000. And so I'm I'm constantly on the phone with my farmers and I go from ranch to ranch and I picked up livestock. And we you know we take those to the processors it it is on the plate. And a customer in a restaurant or in someone's home so we're we're very very proud that there were able to support all of these family farms with the work that we do. These supply in the of the restaurants in the metro Baton Rouge New Orleans south Louisiana area. In New Orleans out from time to time we'll do and Cora who looked view. Emerald del Monaco commander's palace restaurants like that disparate from time to time. And what products they they get from pork. What they do they do do port from us and what would you say is the reason you pride yourself when you for what's special about it. Well so what what we do is that we do everything naturally so all of our animals are pastor race there all on premium diet and what has seen premium diet. It is boats Milo Barley soy rice fresh fruit from Oprah from mother Prodi's companies spent green from breweries. A little bit of crack corn and different types of Hayes. As opposed to say a commodity. Something that's raised in a factory where all they get as a steady diet of milled corn and water. So obviously that's gonna aunt to the cost of what do you think that the industry's news is justified and are willing to pay more for the product well. Something that we do you know in regard to that specific comment right there. You can find somebody like myself who is charging what they're really worth which you know can be up there at ten A you know. 1213 dollars a pound. However we've taken a different approach we we have a bit of you know less and less of a price point. And hidden in order today to get an out there to people so they can understand and see the difference we we try to working volume and we give you know. We get quite a hefty discount so something like that let's say if you were listening to order a whole hog that you want to share with friends and family and cost you three dollars a pound for me. But our our hopes is that it it can get out there and people are gonna wanna do it more and more as you can scare people off the price very easily. Can. So hot obviously my scene of the hogs outside they grew very quickly and they put on weight very quickly. What age is signature. To be slaughtered and how much meat he'd get up and that your. So there's two parts to to your question I intend to what you said. If you are talking about a domestic hog and some of those breeds include land race Chester Poland China Barack Hampshire. Some of those breeds Lou but Yorkshire. They do you grow relatively fast now if you are getting them from a commercial setting. With the manipulation and what they do they can grow these talks from birth to 9220. Days to 300 pounds. We can't do that so when we we grow them naturally natural setting one of those particular reason I just named. Would take me ten months to get to that size. Now the heritage breeds which is what we're doing here these older greens they grow slower that are less popular it as far as mass production guys. Those take me anywhere from from a year and a half to two years to get to 300 pounds. So. Quality takes time now. Elisa just have one molesters text me and wanted to know if they would come out here today on the company admitted planting next year. Would they learn basic butchering them all they see it see everything. Absolutely so you're gonna see the entire process through from it is the I don't stop until the entire pig it's completely and fully butchered and you would see that. You know the whole thing. And and even the finer points of sausage making its best. Absolutely and you know people that are standing around the table and watching I encourage questions. So I mean you can ask me anything you want to not cut it it it makes me happy to be able to teach people about this is I think awareness. Needs to be there. This is a great venue but we may have to move into the superdome this case today. Felix and joint document you have a great dividend thanks so much that's stating it is really reached or to what you make in which again. All right and we'll be talking to support yes but after this time I'm also coming a little bit later on if you would like to participate in the wild game fees actually two of them. Get information what's coming up next Saturday. And the next it'll be almost from Saturday it will tell you all about that at her alma matter that's archbishop probable not amount moderately vhawks over there but bishop and that they do quite a good job. We can talk to the way and also. We gonna talk to Becky she's one of the organized to will be back with more more outdoors at this time. Now welcome back into more outdoors a continued not broadcasted it live from. White oak plantation in baton bruises side of the third annual pollution reading. And we're going to be talking with some of the exhibit is the shafts and some of the prepares you but can get this. I'm microphone that though Martha left me all tangled up with people right through them market you know mine is coming if it quarts through then we you know. Settled bit Jeff Martin did not listen to news in this joint is right now he's a food service sales director. And days the midwest and even rain access even grants. Does your role here today what you him. I'm here to talk about. Hearing. Drive home also hearing selectors you don't. Which would be from the let. And check that which would be from the belly that's the campaign's version of make it okay. And then also Coppola what do these translates to the net. Washington. So it will speak to oh hole also hearing. As it's applied at an industry from the USDA regulatory perspective as well that's a lot of caps now we're taking it upon themselves. To do it in your own establishments. Rather than having some mean ass confidences so. And there's been a really large resurgence of that apparently over the past decade decade and a half. Kind of this caring movement you. The second part will be second lecture will be speaking to taking it a little bit further. And talking about dry sausage. What I used to make in in you what my family made in Italy. As well as one integrated over here. That was Jesse salt. Court and a couple of other ingredients usually wine maybe some pepper wounds or some flock mutually user things along those lines. As well we'll talk to a common practice is dry fermented sausages. Where there's actually fermentation cultures added in. And that's completely different process there's actually a neat little bit of each step. And that's the spike things like PH levels to bring it down so that. You you're you're dressing pathogens and basically making it for human consumption. So these techniques come to roll back to the old days sores are absolutely on it a little of both. A little of both there's still some that. Ingredients. Out there such as celery juice powder. Which is used it's kind of a naturally occurring nitrate nature made news a lot on the offensive there's a lot of discussion and dialogue around. Nitrates nitrates and are they safe are they not say there's in that you know manmade and there's been actually currently. You probably get more eaten a handful of spinach. And you would stick around. You know last night we've talked about pastrami and this is cut of that news hot I don't what is it about the strong and you know I think a couple of things with the straw I mean it basically pastrami kind of a pretty corned beef. That's a good way to look at because really it's just corn beef you cloning process tickling if you will. And then really that the strong part comes in as we rub it with that that traditional season typically black pepper. Coriander. Salt in some other ingredients that unit that that really rich rich leave everybody and Julie's that this out crap now this sounds alienate him intelligent yet. The as far as that the restaurant two hours. What are they make it with us from Assad from the Delhi's it certainly makes great sense as well as that the latest trends serving in the restaurant. You know well going away from the traditional sandwich of course I mean that's that's the common good old classic route. You know well let's talk about Rubin's wife. That was years ago in the country club when I was working in the breakers which country club down in Palm Beach, Florida. We did the Rubin's wife which was with made with a little bit cleaner product Turkey a Turkish truck. So taking that technique and looking at other species to apply and get unique ideas and creations and things like that and and really that the method of itself Corning in the pick filling in preserving things along those lines can be applied across several different factions. Species like I did a pastrami lamb part. Once that's different yes absolutely but follow the same technique. And I think that's really where. Today in English after taking an Danny goes back to preserving traditions but it's those culinary fundamentals of what's core. And then allowing that shaft for that chef's creativity to really take it to another level you know you can do everything from a corned pastrami dribble. You know. Corn entire thing. Well with that that ingredient and then ending cook it a little differently maybe or slow cook it long and slow incentive. Regular traditional prime rib roast. Want to do that pastrami primary groups these stick. Branch out get creative. You know a little of both. I grew up around. A lot of outdoor activity. We. Gardens at all my grandfather's arms and it wasn't because it was cool and hip. They dig through stuff because they had to they needed to my great grandfather. We've seen on the back Mott street in which to Massachusetts in the backyard with a 22 and eight sit there top squirrels all day. And you know those three decades you know three floors on the back on the back porch my great grandfather. I got so. He would nail them back legs hind legs took to the railing all the way to the third floor and then what is the night. And a little squirrel processing center on the back porch. As today. But do you still. You know and I'll show you pretty much in a all right all you you don't actually. Work at a restaurant in new correctly recognize that you've done I don't. I don't know if it's the first job as sales director for the midwest for nine and that sheath is not the title after two two and a half decades or more. And that's okay I'm okay with. So what else would you be here today I'll be walking around and enjoin everybody in connecting with some folks. Very dear close friend Jim Griffin is here from Johnson and Wales university and I go way back I was the last instructor hired. The year that you in the Denver can't mr. Johnson Wilson and James Jim and I go way back. He was like normally change doctor. Freshman year gum or Shea in 1990 year 91. And what I don't understand is how he can keep looking so young at an afternoon when bitten in thirty years do you meet up with John hopefuls was your associates. We graduated together in 1992. From just looking very dull I graduated John receive an honorary degree here that's interviews that you. And well I always tell Agassi you know you don't remember is the after party after graduation. But no. Coming back to an odd. For me John is kind of late in the Pope of culinary if you want to be yours truly like become an. When John came a couple years back I was still teaching and Johnson and wells Denver. At sat down at lunch room and got to know the more inception and over the years stating touched and indeed he did this machinery and they come on down. We can't PBS a sign on the film this thing alone to see your face in it and that. In the rest it's its. There. You know this is gonna become if that hasn't already kind of event where guys like yourself if we get to see people this may be the only time conceivable you look at one of the things to get together yet. Yes and the nice thing is is news that can activity of so many individuals from the original inaugural year but. The additional folks that just continue to grow anywhere that I think over 350. Roughly. That's dozed Elena deletes in this thing it's a statement that move from one of the superdome like rock. Well thanks for tat with a market is appreciated thank you very confidently and I hope things going Tuesday absolutely. I we come back after this break bought dispensary joins us we'll also have support yes coming here we're talking about the luxury. Or at the why don't plantation Baton Rouge Martha. Got there you sound so that it can't be making I'm right you people use those sweet time we need to take this break quick. They can't wait we'll be right back after the. And welcome back we are out at white oak plantation. For a beat who's Sherry was chef John pulls it just tried some. He beat they get that they at a it was delicious sentence sitting with T done that are very important here for the event into these yourself let him you know. We'll all right I'm Steve is open on mama amateur historian it's specializes in. Eighteenth century Louisiana. And any ring a very unique outfits for folks that can't see what he wearing a hot round word is up on that rock. This would be. This would be the typical outfit that you would see. Korea did. Hill where where do walk. A hunter a market on would Wear this kind of frock from the outside. And and if I. Got a time machine and stepped out talented the streets of Donaldson bill and on 1780. They would think I was anything unusual easily taught them. Exactly and that what do you hear ports they have what is your role in the blue streak. Well today I wanna talk about the history of the page in development. Oh loss that was a huge. And it's a very shot version as you might imagine. And then then jam with me here is gonna talk about certain breeds are specific to Louisiana special interest and. Whitney say the history of cake how far back are we eating all we're probably gonna go back to about 5000 BC. When it refers domesticated. You know the first animals domesticated. And barges think it was a dog. The second animals domesticated with probably the case. And the differences that humans domesticated dog takes domesticated themselves. They're Smart and they're very Smart animals. Very creative. Very intelligent. There are cases where they've had pigs have been able to read. Signs in the which which way to go. In one particular feed lot if you had a collar. It would it would be a feeder and it dropped the doubt this one victory that out with the college let the other day typically get next to those of food. So yes they're very very telling. Hamels and dogs dogs know. Voice commands they know certain amounts of hours to keep our patent is able to be trained by voice commands to easier at Torrey you ask yes says it. There's a history of follow kids react in the voice commands. And complex. Instructions. So yeah there it. Many think they're more intelligent than that dog. Just in Iraq this is Jim hunter. Some of the most of the ovaries that would domesticated. Domesticated because it easy and as you know others that while they. But they easily adapted to. Arm situation. And many degrees we see today are hurt in that it because of their homes. And as well there those. Yet because you've heard that you know the the razorbacks in the lap borrowers are very aggressive very mean well it's it's always been said of all the foods that we have the figures don't want to lead us he's got a chance exactly. And which is quite true. And very hardy. There are not engages the American Arnold days in America and no really it. And the street they have a short to station and that's part of the problem with the wild hot as it is just issued eight different perjury. Hours attendance and I've I don't know I'm no damage is yet to hear is about six months. On no cast two litters a year. It reaches. Female big can reproduce. When it's six months old. And one fellow sandy bottom female thing it was right that's as personally you know they they got it yes yes and alleys because they're there they reproduce in a very. The Ferrell makes now are our real problem because. Reproduce a lot there are pretty intelligent. It picked up long ways. If you try to trap on the forgot. Trap is gone. It very difficult on and they don't have a lot of natural enemies here because one and I needed that. Tuesday it just my wife and I guess it doesn't matter to have a natural enemy frank it's a piglet. Alligator he gay anymore horse on the other but wants to become a full grown big as nothing in Louisiana spectacular. And as it Louisiana you know they're considered a nuisance species that there you go hunt them and take care of them or take. And I'll say and not take care of them but. What is the main the problem what are they doing to to the wildlife and to that. And it well they're very destructive. To the environment day they Rudolph followed vegetation. They're very dangerous around levees because they'll make swallows in the total levees. No Rudolph underneath things in this in if you have a structure this particular award sized structure like the stock. All on maybe prevent an on Valenti they'll get up on Britain make Collison actually destroy destruction. They're very bad news since it breaks depend on levees but it. Is that why their noses their snouts are kind of evolved to eat that rough and tough to do that pretty well yes I and that's part of the reason why there's such a successful thing in Europe. Was that though with that knows that's not making it downing it vegetables and fruits and in RI get her worms and grubs and of course it didn't leak anything. It doesn't matter what it is. Now on devers in the news in there like humans and that her dog is not food they cannot be. And the nose is that it is delicate is our finger touch or even though they route in the in the solver roughing with a they can make you touch a dime until the details that's how sensitive this now it. A lot of folks are. That just maybe are unaware but as in you know a lot of people think it needs creatures it's just that easy just erratic but they're actually theory. Healthy to eat and eat when you think about their diet and tell folks what do while picked vs a farm raised it with differences would be. All love and marriage Iraqis died tremendous while while it's. Really acorns. Routes to movers. Very handy with getting snakes. Well they'll clean out eggs all. Rat's nest of thinking if they can jump rat's nest of clean it out. If they can get it knocked down the lead. A Bay Area. It's nothing to stop limits and that's I letting others not to eat it they have a menu and there's nothing struck off. If that they can eat it if it's if it's got vegetable. If it's got. If this guy organic matter and it they won't eat it. So there there are natural nature's compost system pretty ended well I thought that's good they were used toward Europe. Was that there was there with a great recyclers this might hear them talk about kind of he said that there were no picks native to the to the US recently how power they brought over and introduced when did you become a problem. I may let the assuming notes in my name at. Yet but the pigs pigs and horses were brought over by the Spaniards in the fifteenth century. And were introduced the Spaniards. Used to bring carry bigs on their ships as part of their supply. And when they went into a new area like in the Caribbean. They would often drop off a fair piglets. And an island so that when they came back in a year or so they'll be able to go on that island and in that case. So so the pig in the hearts were both introduced in America's by the Spaniards. Are in the fifteenth century. And then of course by the time. All of Louisiana became popular with the Canadians and with Europeans. The Spaniards have been here for over years. And so the pig was by that time had had become Perelman and was pretty much ubiquitous everywhere. Gently traced back to when pace became. Went from a food source becoming up prop. Do we know about when you. People realize that this is this is becoming am relieved that issue. That you know we we've done it and I did a hunt hunt last week and the men managed property says it you don't keep 70% of the population down. They will overthrow it and it's becoming that this. Steve is going to be able elaborate on that historically but. The some of their earlier writers they came to Louisiana. We're amazed at the variety in the quantity of food available to the people here we stand as early as the seventeen hundreds. They said that the people here the children here eight war. At their dinner table then most of the rich Europeans. Silence analyst Steve. Explain that they were absolutely prolific as far back as the late seventy them. Yet the if it wasn't it wasn't a problem until. All. To be honest it doubly when a problem Phillies started commercially producing. All walk onto when it back completely distorted produce and on meat products Iraq is that Louisiana people themselves and it took care of that date from. Thanks and a tenth seeded duke pretty geyser have to worry about it I do is put lemon on you know eradicate. What. Once once the commercial lines they had to commercialization. Walk products developed then people stop on them. What table it was the Geneva mountain goat store by itself. These days. You mentioned earlier about the dogs my grandson on Wednesday spotted leopard though. Which is one of the main dogs it that were used here and count me too. Heard pigs away from the vegetable act. But other than that that's about all locals did because they went back in the swamps and make the roots and and in the wintertime when things are little bleak they that in garbage leftovers from the leaders warned them. And then they took care of themselves. There always he would eat and there are always a source of food for the. So it doesn't seem to me is much different beasts their diets obviously apart raise it as we talked to firmer earlier that. You know there's a different case based on a diet that if they're eating stuff that maybe doesn't sound so it's us it's really not gonna affect the quality of what we eat it's. Well. Biggest one of the few meets. That we'll actually changed case based upon what Dan Whitman that. Be in his program was not so much. What. It's got to the point now where in certain places if they have a certain breed of pig and I want that they certainly know defeated a certain. Be the big commercial lots are progressing in size and quantity Maureen not so much. Pace so heated applying taste test say a rose and it was a while they verses eight commercial rates that you can easily you could down. And it depends on where that commercially raised it would raise four. For its pork belly our crews race for the onto for his race for the back strap. As each species of big develops at different times shot some muscle. I was gonna say I just saw mr. did you come in and you can ask him what catfish he. And see if that affects equate to. Is anything else like to add about the day today we have doing. Well it's going to be is going to be a tradition and moved shoddy. They're going to kill hog barn previous I don't know and butchery and go through the entire process and the people that come here. Will be able to taste. The product. That was developed right it was produced right here three and a half hours from all alive animal. Two Oudin. And you'll be able to. All sauces and everything but it is that it is most. This hoax hostages have been smoke him. And there's actually no big smoke and then it put him on the roasting pit so Wednesday. Well thank you gentlemen for joining us look forward to seeing what students they were gonna take a short break and we will be back with more guests. But from white oak plantation in that range thank you gentlemen agree to.