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WWL NFL Analyst, Mike Detillier, joins Sportstalk to talk Pelicans and NFL Draft.  Are you excited to see what the Pelicans can do...or are you patiently waiting for the NFL Draft?


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Often run an hour two of sports talk here on WW LA MF amend dot com amber O'Leary a master control across from me the cajun cannon Bobby bare. I'm Christian Garrick and Bennett. Park the phone lines are. Barn and up over the pelvis director of the win even when his series yet Allen you know that bandwagon Covington what's going on Allen you're on W him well. I have I don't know why. Alan. I'm not those ballots can go down like in a row and. Yet how about those panels. Through two games down Hoosier VP for the belts. Miami PST BID to validate. They not a battle. I it's it's instigated ditching what we're we talk more about Jrue Holiday. And I'll rise on Rondo the we have a deep well that's because we expect great things. From may dean you kind of take them for granted. But doubt that we need in the play great but you gotta have a supporting cast no that's I'm very encouraged that. All of us I UN by nine points Allen and eighty Disney has scored a fourth quarter known as very card. And now mob that question is do you think they'll be able to beat the go in state warriors in the next. Brown. Well I advanced but what did I get a get swept a dead that day advance and that we think they will hopefully yet and we gonna say not it's just a matter of win. Would be the trailblazers but. Yeah Jeff curry at that that I think is gonna be a series. It is not going to be. Like all of the talent is on have a chance value add have a chance now. You gotta go out and do it but no that could be 67 game series having also with the warriors. Ailes Allen. Now that they don't panic and I go bells marking the world's Wal-Mart joined W to do well. Acres. Huge and huge there. One. Obviously. Opera and that he would you continue with some radio that there is in. Think. They call I would respond to the ridiculous that Matt. Did and how well. And correctly. You know. And number of different things. Aren't. You know promote fashionable they import. I don't know how many people realize what would be migrated both you enter. Matchup nightmare for just about every team in the lead and then include warriors. And that theory would be warned to watch without question if we had booked right now. I think it is the best team in the Western Conference behind the warriors and you. Hard to you know it's that. The biggest thing that just from the bad people it's ridiculous the take. Equate that the taxpayer understand. What it means first city. A major metropolitan area trying to be. A small city it's a small city. We're at Chicago in New York but actual sports scene brings you prestige and bring tax money to bring US but it. The smoothie king center just hosted the all our. What was it last year the year before the pelican being here bring shows to the smooching and battery. All of these things that are great for the city great for the city economy because the pelicans there. Well well well you know what aunt and Maarten advocate yelled but even at that throwing golf. This I'm glad we have the Zurich classic the PGA tour. But golf on TV. That's good background that's almost like watching a number of gains Major League Baseball we have an on the TV you wanna take a nap. And and you wake up now and in Holland who was going on ending in my doze off again even the masters I mean. I mean not I was a masses but to put the excitement of an NBA game when eyewitness. The first two games twelve bass what did it probably is compared to even the masters which is a suitable golf cobol. Age. Listen I promise you there are less people that look we have a huge amount of golf off fans and our audience he's now. I promise you right now and oh god I'm like you're obviously Zurich classic find out how I'm so happy and it's great to have the PGA tour here. But I want it doesn't even compare to the NBA Follett on and on national scale it just doesn't. I mean if they excitement come on it could go get you that pigs side able he may be that he. He got a enlighten me about that could convey that these some of that what you drink when you watch. Mark thanks to the phone call to Michael matter what's going on Michael you're on WWL. A demand. Would you. A part about our government the secret of why the pilot the plane so good you read it yet ready. That I have met nine. They probably won't. There's sequences. Everywhere. Bo had gotten by with coaches go to his party would that. And a lot in what but we have can we quote that he blog I'm proud that. And about Bubba Melissa live maven Michael could judge who might be Smart enough to realize that it did respond to what Rondo is doing and and let him veto quarterback when they push unit that as the right thing to do. Face a phone call Michael Delco. Not sure the name on line one. Aaliyah grad and a we'll come and you next also might do to create. And that's a real and as well as we go to break not this quickly it dude it's a different day. Bobby since this is from 3711. Bobby if quiet Leonard became available. Would you offer him a contract before you'd offer. Bring back boogie boogie cousins. Considering the money involved. That is a good debate because I takeaway littered the latest team structure. If you get a pay bug you why would you takeaway. I mean I'm not haven nobody legal overloaded this idea you'd Devlin would that would talk about that Oklahoma's Kelvin and a. Luxury tax drill holiday move over Drew Brees Jrue Holiday is right next he has farce favored druze in the city who's kidding poor poorly timed joke in doing. Come back from what I did today here on W two well I welcome back to sports talk Mike did CA at my detailed tour NFL draft in college football analyst and Brandon Coleman. Resigning with the saints Susan on tendered restricted free agents and he's back in Mike Olympic your brain there looks like they've they've loaded up on alive or your position and might. Taken down a little knots as far as will be a priority Foreman a draft night and Mike is that just I look at it ain't. More to marry more competition. That's the way outlook. In this department top like this moment pass in the amount depiction of those spot. So. That sin tanks and it will be if you go lightly and have a word of what happened too much about Portland not evident. And so you know injuries app and you know which would Brittany Coleman who's been. A big target receiver good downfield blocker but he's highly erratic. As a receiver. Catching the ball make one break catchy new properties you went so. I don't know but taken in Ireland not I just think that. That that rap is so unpredictable you never know which going to be at that moment. I think you wanna be prepared. That if you have a player at a position nick and help you. That's what you wanna that that you know peace much higher rated than anyone else you've got to go that route. That's what you pay and all this money war and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and scouting all of now. You you can't just intentions because I think that's when new media. When when you start saying I got that spot. And naturally you can commit now. Yeah like you know water reach whoever is a newborn looked look Iran chick. Ryan tragic how he fell. And now look demeaning. And and so much luck wooded Bob Wright because that's in the matter with that about Ruben false start today. You know. The phone with his own right before 49ers right to move the trading notes and sometimes. The man that stands to get past and the best ones that once you don't make. And appointed on as well that again Ruben right Fortis bank selected so. You know you've got a bit of football. And you know when you pop all the in the lottery not the smartest person. Windows numbers you'd elected person windows numbers. Now Mike I don't know I've been waiting to ask you this and you know says it came out someone acts might in his opinion. And I they could be some what some gamesmanship. And what is Sean Peyton really sing. And the reason I bring that up and he was if you don't is saved by would he or he told the Sports Illustrated Peter King. Then I don't see Andrew Luck in his draft. And all seek Carson wits who while like a lot coming into the draft. Then he says it looks at the top prospects this year he talks about USC's Sam Arnold. UCLA's Josh Rosen oval was bigamy field Josh Allen from Wyoming. But more Jackson I know out of courtesy of positive things Oklahoma State's Mason's Rudolph but. He he he went on to say that. The pressure to get a quarterback is so great in delete we know that I get that he said supply and demand. Who wicked create him he said I would be surprised if only one of these guys. Is left standing in for five years any city gets him they wanted those guys he would say you'd be sand Arnold. And now the is that it's a little baby shall be you know some player would follow him are out of all what that are easy truly being honest. I think it's it's being comments about the opium. Pay you a rock. Not the one thing I'd agree which 11%. About. Is that they need for quarterbacks today it is so great. That they can change. Because it is the way I look at it you know help you out one you're looking for that. You. Can. And it's sometimes you try to make practical players and I date. At that position you can't. And halt development I agree with him and that way there's no luck in the courts and went in his draft class but we build. Right seen rights situation. I can fortunately. The thing about. I don't. Wanna go to Cleveland. I mean you might act as they Q but you had that spot it's been like a coal focal. Well it and might even have cinquanta Barkley is aged Singtel included please go draft them. Not that it would get. You know party to. Would win you know. And he wasn't gonna go there anyway let the public that she knew that the sort of telling you without telling you don't pick me. I don't wanna be in Cleveland that reputation goes a long way in this in this franchise added pop to a long time. Mike and I want to and fifteen. Top players and set a boat you'll. In the late sixties and Lebanese right got a lot of gold there. Might deteriorate here on sports talk might. Yet told his team event. Yeah. They do and I think what's been dominated. By a the pelicans front court I think Rondo and holidays have set the pace. Have thrown the trio blazes. All their game and completely taken away. You know with the column and in Damien taken them. From what do you play and on air court. In airplane. Again the front court it's a total team game but I think it's been nominated. Biden who holidays. And what on those done in the front court unbelievable play. My who got tremendous acts on a phone lines a lapel sort of we've around the NFL and the pelicans go to Delco and Burr with you on W go don't go. War. In its absolute. Delco lets Amanda that now I as well as here you come saints season and I'll see you on that talent has been away. That wacko but secretly. When you look at the heritage. Not that important and it. Well it sure. Pelican alone. And let me. Be. Absolutely that we. Just like yeah yeah. The good. And I. I don't know we love with Doug goes the only guy at all now to call the soldier. And we don't yet I don't like to me might as a marine that's an absolute no ago. I'm out there that might dabble in the military below yeah. I will get back to your phone calls also more NFL draft conversation when I draft analyst Mike detail on that are at twit on Twitter at Mike to VA. And also was in the draft report we got a right behind us here in the studios. Can't wait to really saw a dime and that. This week and next as a draft is what 98 days away Bryant sit tight sports all the rules on here on W do well if you double the conversation Bible for. 2601. A semi tech's 87870. His sports talk here on W two well I welcome back to sports talk NL Mike did Syria the draft is eight days away. NFL draft in college football analyst at MIT on Twitter might TA dot com as well his and indeed draft report is out also talk to will tell his basketball. Hot right now to go. This series over for those coat to the phones real quick to Dallas from Brian what's going on Friday on W well. On the public and we all in. I got a puzzle and we gusher. It achieves that to Florida we changed it to flock. Dissident who flock. Marco. Well. We have a trademark that. Trademark. Not bad things in my department did against Mike with like maximize targeted like that yes. So agree on the banner ads are good so they'll block out in Bryant. Yeah I'd. Draft it's not like. Oh. Yeah I. Personally I would like to he banged. That it took the sector. Problem and they're so. Maybe if I am more American. Maybe two. Hours there and it. You think. In it oh. Important and I think. I liked him to have. And it. Okay. You don't gonna get two tickets. For the 22. 27 overall it. But if you can get it mattered that would take that real quick. It was important he could be finished his fourth all season visit witnessed sights. The war. That's a lot of visits. And that one thing about it it don't pick you in one if you weren't interest it. You know war is run out of visits and the connection it'll roll on is that optional on Peyton back in 2008. Quote oh. As a protege in pro football and wine sales. Equal line at UNC. Got in the job as a GA USC. He will as coach goes first defensive line coach at Ole man. A low lying considers Goetschl is meant more along with Pete Jenkins. Well I've come together. Beat Jenkins and goat so important to. Me you know Orton Q did anybody out there were times. And finish this out and let them what is more. Mean a lot of interest in Norton now I don't think you used the virtual. On Norton but it. And distinct possibility. And if their bodies still in the true last year at this time. And he will is in the top five. For every and it felt the call. Why. And not in about a guy's gonna all be there. To help make it. You look at it and say you know in the big area of need. All 32 teams probably got 31 teams that can help them pass rush. One important he can do it freshman quarterback beat you look when he was he was all and he's a big time player app to pass rusher. What you mean it is beyond no and I think sometimes you associated. Connections. What happened with the old aunts and yet all the feel Randy Gregory Robin Austin. The actions of the armed guys is weighing on you also. You know it's also inflicted wounds on orange sport. But fortunately it is 0141. Team well. Now. In jail that sanctions or Norton Q did anybody in the National Football League if you would bring. A bottle we look what that tells me the big man thanks a lot of them and that chew on Peyton. But and you don't Mike all the Intel and information and you know EC it's a crab shoot even looking at the first trial. Who's truly gonna work out they need talk about OK you look at the first round. Who's McCain ms. Fuller. Don't want to be who heads the list as quick analysis credit card and picture I guess I thought I was gonna ask you who would you put. After I quit Nelson if he had a top three that you go ahead and elaborate on that. Clinton you better like Milton Bradley show. Our sources on gold. People get killed by enemy anymore. They're not. Spain but they are on the endangered species list you just can't adamant that college. Roll level anymore at the Pentagon or outside linebacker and in the cup it's Patrick. Compared anybody Ed Reed. Mitnick Fitzpatrick is the closest thing not seeing coming out of college the injury at the ball walk I got to complete this. Lot of EMI death president cheesy. And my understanding I don't know hybrids are right where but he's not a pure. Like safety he talked about the slot he also has that flexibility. Yet you could put immunity Padgett third quarter get played in of Hewlett restate. My thing about it is for people who don't get it. They say why don't think he's wearing when he jerseys. You know why apps would read more. And actually looked up Tony. While watching you know and he's the most signature of where you say that's played in this league in the last thirty years. And Mecca is well liked him his intelligence. Is smaller is versatility. His ability to find football quickly and flight. He's a good run defender and you know that next statement you know I don't know I'll take that. Body says. He's got the closest personality to me. That take football serious than anybody have a coach. I mean. A lot. Arctic has coached in college football history that you're talking about that he's being compared intelligence why they don't. I think those three to me a clear cut. I might go for sure you'd say look how Lattimore Fella now LAPD. I mean now. Hopefully sitting MR Draghi Hamlin yemenite apart not hasn't seen go in his eyes when light and the Buccaneers and on the seven. I how hope we don't voter books with. Yeah. About it because you know as they can you tell at this late in position which one is the basic now mobile home between duke and chains. And make a good actor went so strong state he's goal early in the dress very early. And last year we saw a Jamal are some relish go very early in round one. But it in a while since CNET free safety. Gold that early in the draft probably. Reasons. That happened it and spot where a team usually would pick a free safety Bob Boyd has won. Its bid. I mean he's a cut a blow. And uses such as Smart player a tremendous talent. Any hail Mary but he NFL today because you know Gaffney he's at the last one of the events they got a couple of people and cover them back. Because they can be conducted in depth in this. My day to day here on sports talk in his own college football analyst at might deteriorate on. Twitter will subway come back and go back to the NFL draft trade back perhaps an option for the New Orleans Saints also. Some way around Jim's who were some of the sleepers for my deteriorate in this draft sports talk here on W duo who got two Mike soleil is right now. Welcome back to sports talk wearing an Al Mike Dee today joining us now. My stance field. Pelicans saints executive vice president of tickets and suite sales I hope I got that right Mike I apologize if I didn't. They are. I never problem declared beyond what you guys hey Austin tells the red out real quick tomorrow. A rat out your entire city tomorrow night. Yeah I think everybody heard and saw what happened in Portland as far as the amount of noise they made the game and the idea to. Beat these guys off the court. And that I I noted what would it incapable of the world we're looking forward bringing it. I'm. All the courts more night mic in the real fruit picked man to give the advantage tomorrow night when we played court. And now my listen I was in that numbers who became sinner because I noted capabilities. Of having them home court advantage. It was a game four against Golden State. I mean you know you always stand up until. The home team without those you know whether it hornet's delegates are you make your first shot. Well that worry is game into and out of fifteen I'll tell you people standing of the whole game so I think we can have that kind of atmosphere. Well you know you at the city. I mean that they need to the game though there's not a TV had. And that we all know what happened in the city when we meet in the workplace are. And then you put on the teams to GameStop. And you know it's it's going to be cutting their mark and I couldn't. Might note that that. Can't agree with you more about how wild the portly crowd was last night especially. When when. I. I. The appointment. And you can bet that our. Well I'd pay my. Pay mikes and they'll I so you have who dat with the saints. Could do hoop dat. For the elderly. We're doing it we're donating configured. Or marcher right now and that it's worked all year in a statement. Winning two games in the play out though. And I think we like that right now. Oh hi Mike thanks man appreciate Iraq. Agree I I think my there goes my stance field director. Executive director of things suite sales for the Helms and the saint symbolic and have red jerseys on a Red Shirts on everybody's share him also be read out. Well it is not TrailBlazer red is that they reviewed TrailBlazer red pelicans read it. Christian in my gut you probably noticed. Him on impression that. We art in New Orleans pelicans what was the state bird Louisiana. Applicants though with con appellate brown brown pelicans as it was one. Are we have brown pelicans are alike delicate public and it. A lot of locals say is like real white. Yeah over the migratory bird. And now you don't now did you go to different. How they feed a brown pelican white pelican now. A brown pelican. Will slower and died for their food. Well white pelican cannot die. Dale corral all like almost like. You know he corral him like I heard yet they corral fish in school puma. And a white pelicans bigot and a brown pelican with a brown pelicans as the yardages and used listed. That's obviously where it might say okay. What. Might that might lead this. We have New Orleans delicate which I think is trying to honored to state bird. But I'm on a budget number of the locals with quite elegant brown pelican. You Brett. The pelicans that are around well where we grew up that this brown pelicans. Yeah they dive into did not darted. Hey Mike Ford let's run here. Give me a a late round sleeper are too. A commitment world when Jamar ward from middle Tennessee I was being Golan Kevin wired. Two years ago Ian could be an. You know approachable I mean he is that good for the titans and I think ward has got a chance to be really good. And I mean really good guys someone to keep in mind that it can't Serran. Tight and wait sports. And he got cajun to get a lot of family down here and they'll chase New Orleans. He caught up in 68 passes during his career at Wake Forest when he went for touchdowns which dumbo Wake Forest here. Mean that they BYU. All Washington State. He reminds me a lot of David Thomas who was with the plates in it got him from New England when he came out humorous detectives very similar type. Football player and that no not again open catches the ball clean make something happen after the catch. And so those two guys won the mid round pick the other one only round selection. That I think is gonna end be in tune pretty doggone good football players union for a. Now Mike looking at I hit and Jim also and along those lines because everyone's looking at the edge pass rushers. What is your take on Justin lawyer who law learn from SMU and their Dresser and then also from central Michigan. Joseph osment and comfort Austin right. Bold. Wall it's accountable long lean Napoli is is going to be happy meter right spot for him what you put his hand in the dirt Bob I'm right in the four ball right that meet. OK so you don't wanna one first maybe obvious passing down. It'd have structure right off the bat. Opulent and it just being player because he's a dominant player in that conference. And he just got a knack for getting all blocked in quickly. Getting to the quarterback getting in to make that tackle well you know behind the line of scrimmage blow up calm me and as designated pass structures special teams guys. Out one guy a lot thing is gonna get picked a lot are a lot of people thinking about and that's not what do you mean from jewels. Yeah I knew a lot about it go. Both for Kari Nick Greisen because. This supply and demand port at the incidence. Mike did today at my did say on Twitter NFL draft analyst lab again next week in. To be was the entire three days of our draft coverage here on that we develop my Christian and I went up next here on sports talk on W to a.