Honing in on Saints-Vikings

Deuce & Kristian take calls on the Saints-Vikings playoff showdown, and Kristian talks with ESPN's NFL Nation Vikings correspondent Courtney Cronin about the matchup.


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Often are our three other fans in the pro out here meanings on Fulton welcoming Deuce McAllister Christian Derrek Lee with it till 8 o'clock phone lines open at 504. 26018 semi tech's 878 simply get set for saints. And vikings Sunday's divisional round of the playoffs also right now. Some the other matchups huge point spread in the AFC divisional round. Between the Tennessee Titans and New England Patriots thirteen and half points for the patriots no surprise there views when he gets it out Tennessee got there with a one point victory over the institute's. Yet note that no surprise there but I mean you. Look at just the knowing the patent mean they've been there are so many times are expected to go out and play well there hosting a team. There well rested they're dealing with some injuries. You know it. You may get a feel those guys Batman at the same time. How much creativity UTC from Tennessee and that's the only group that's very very creative. And their last game total interest to see how they can adjust just pulling up to New England nor the two plan on defending champions and look now they have the talent they beat him but they can't play like we did against Casey. You know but I mean you not beaten him in Foxborough. He is not and I think that the path that if you ask me who who has the easy thing I lose in Foxboro bill. They can lose approximately right so you don't think he can just LT tennis or I mean that's part of associate app I I'm not predicted to be the but it can happen the easiest path for either team it any accuracy team. He's in is that we correct me at their home honorably but. The titans of the divisional round the pot and have the Steelers are jags. Need in the AFC title game. That that in both of those teams that cannot own the Steelers I don't know I just think that you look for another another. Doing listen. Opportunity for them to be sensible. That AFC champs of game will be toughening you given credit to where let's see what happens tomorrow. I earnest in lake view what's going on aren't your own W. Well there about the particle that to me about you know victory in the cup on LQ school at the position. He did it during our 300 year anniversary correct. Quite Carolina during. Play the falcons during that we open go. Visit visit so we're. You get them in units rated. How likely that is that's for sure if you can make it happen in a mall for happen. Tucker now they'll happen at the Courtney. We look at things on. Incapable. Mostly as. Yeah we're. Not no doubt know the guy before that we ought Barca. They've but the bug Apple Valley is now known news canned him to my camp camp. It got to tip of the Horry. Exactly yes yes yes the ravens while a pie is it what The Who global. Did they use the great thing is place where it. It that there. Inco and off that that was the power. It coded notes that played there right. Evidently. I mean it is that he's a little bit belated exit lights right. Oh yeah. Which was about which was important one. You can't let them. There and I'm hopeful you know EEK broke Pravda agreed that they pride in that one group apple. This bank Canada. Coach is that Pittsburgh that he's the greatest wealth but the quality in the world I'd is it safe you know. Publicity thing has got it it is becoming. The second coming of Bill Walsh. I don't know and but it but it can. No object but don't. Worry all right now. Now well you know all of it. Slightly upbeat and knows it. Well I I. It has a deal if a puts all artists. Here's the deal with was at Stevenson yes to new heights when he was in her room OC would want him Mac and but coach O was the room anecdotes. Look at the talent network with a lot like it's a talent deficiency that at that match candidate had them. This the higher that to me looks like another I'm confused in the I did idiot to what I want coach though. And that's troubling but Ellison program and for coach that said he was not going to meddle. He was not going to get involved in the office after one year of Mac candidate he would like what Mackie and it was doing an Audi goats that's not prop. We noticed that are now. Out of within a couple weeks ago but now we have Stephen familiar place with a looters today if you want them to do. And you might not feel. I know how you feel about like RY. Because I think you understand that knows what he as far as the players he's been there. He's been in the position and be able call plays he's not the the moment will be to be more. The moment will be to be for. All all all alone. The mall will all be too big for him to be able go out in its keep an office he knows what players they have he knows as far as what recruits they have an ability. As far as him trying to put together a skiing count like Matt Canada had to do. He's at a better pianist in May Canada was Everett. You go to may be a situation to where they look this is what we need to run we need to open it up a little bit more because it fits our personnel better. We'll know that candles go right his office. And as far as what he felt that fit his offense the Benson yeah. Oh did get involved with and so at this point he's not trying to make me happy he's not trying to make you happy family game. A few games and that's what it's gonna have to do. Good luck trying to get you to get a lot of wins next next year amiga and can be tough however I'm in Auburn hair and let the moment wasn't too big for Matt Canada that was the issue. Here you might Mike Neal I think Steve Stevens there's no you know a good OC. My issues really with the head coach I just think that it's kind of a knee jerk reaction from. I got. Mine but I hope I think Steve is they've done the things. I just think it. It's one of those duke we look at it from analysis standpoint talent coming back and get ten seniors coming back. Tent lies and you lost what six on underclassmen yeah I mean that believe in met in droves once again. And I know that's not just elegy that that happens to that seems like it's and a and a much height heightened. Ray in Baton Rouge more so than it is anywhere in the country. They for the phone call phone lines open at 504260187. Richard Ryan taking GM Carl Johnny due to the phase of the pro Leo W well enough about them. I look back phase of the pro out here at meetings on Fulton. Ice energy out here you ready for. The trip over to Minnesota. To walk tonight puts out here on Sunday to saints and vikings in the divisional round of the playoffs. I'm here we go the vikings fan in the house with Steve Richard is that roots go along with what you want to do well. Bay yeah now make predictions on the day one game back. I'm. We just on the yeah yeah. Are you an indication that they put up 31. The second gear when Bono all. On the we're gonna eat predictive. I don't think probably will be the whole the minority. But two of them do Miller today. Well I think they did pretty give the rest of this year I mean nothing I'm not I'll take anything away from those players look. I think they've matched up well with what receivers would Julio to all the Woodson knew. You know when you talk about some of the top why our receivers in the NFL career. I did you dad that I bought back Wii one being right now they fear. Being that they met that dictate content there. I don't know that you are the correct game but at the game right until we look at the exit at the game. Crawled hey Richard what I told you that. One of the corners that he ran through the secondary on is now on the practice squad. Clark probably game. That in and out and answer the question. I just don't do that then the player that you talk about where they give so many yards off on on step on things. The guy that is that the key to those dark most most of those yards. Is not the practice squad now. Oh eat your current air. A home. OK okay RAA. You put them and I even got the beat Pete you yeah I'll be the land about the Spain AP Decker. And to help you guys need to read the bomb that we'll have it Europe while being Indy guys that you wrote the lack of tablet though. He's gonna beat him alive you know the ball. It. Hooted tick tick you dream with 400 it and what fifteen last week up. Who are. Taking into with a 115 last week Rick. One late it they'll be dead on with that bit the bait and acted belt that he is that you that you you don't need you don't need to have a one time. Yeah. But that will get out there that are being did this. I hate to an amateur like you were members. What the like it's O enforceable right. It would be government right. I won't put 31 points which of them and that. I know that net out from that and that the fact Richard. Look to your name. Ryan in the wrong what's going on look grind you want to do well. Who are younger in my in my case you call heart. And I'm doing. All right relive them to Obama when it merely radio. I'm going behind enemy and time are really in and day aimed at little so I think we're parliament you are well. The bin one don't know what I heard you know the day. World they're talking about. Very good gonna have good ball man and a box. And they don't have them and you know in the back. Thought that and they call it that they're gonna learn and I don't mean. But I don't know how Clinton a man front against the saints offense typically form in funny it's its office outlook to merit market are about to go off. Beaubois Mitt you're now. Saying that look from a prepared at that your wife that we you know would point to tackle. Then it would give them good yardage I don't have the whole ball out of or Panama. They win the Woodley and Xbox. What an indictment there. That will breathe gonna go home with a pad. But I'm Melba don't know. That they went into the bye bye week and you know what fallen a box duke like Baghdad we're following the Bachmann today no running game. I don't know I don't know goalie that plays for the box. That nobody did benign Ryan Ryan Ryan Ryan Ryan Ryan there's no team in the NFL at least one box. Usually best revenge. I'm me rookie forward what I'm talking about. I'll analyze different now that's that we have in. You can't blitz every play you candy within five everyplace I mean you've got to be able to mix it up you've got to give themselves some some different looks. And so if they're just gonna rose more than a saint after B of ram football means you can expect some runs that you can expect some. Some apple in gain some ET some different stunts even some blitzes. From safety they have and those linebackers I mean until those little things that you have to be waiting and ready for. Ryan I get where he's going ultimately vikings have gotten it done this year. With a pass rush of just rushing while I think that's what news even if you talk about just rushing forward but they don't they don't do that they all. One of the key blitzes that they like to. To use his hit a gap with the linebackers or safeties so they load it hit a and B gaps and that's what sites have to be eight to be really. To pass it off Heidi how do you defend that. I mean you can walk you can walk you can its clock ticks need gap takes or mania. Which you have to be able to pass off particularly when you have it in game going although tackle tackle. Game one all when it's a twist. Cajun jam in the plots Bryant thinks of the fall called cajun Jim you're on W did well. In quote where Nichols they're delusional I can in my drink too much. The fact is this. Week this game and the man saying this is not. Campuses though. Minnesota have burned. And this thing or not built like there she is keen is completely swirled around to see. Well coached. You know all of money that should now. When he animal gets what in the complete. We have running back to catch the ball and you know what to do so I'll running game then become the passing game. And men so is that. Maybe it might be talking about it but they haven't faced anybody like I this year except in the first game. The technical experts to gain. In the top fifty defense in the come up can eat now. And if you look at that we should be played in the last month. There account I eat there. Still. I looked on as a as a game has not been played or not been in compared to. There's going to be a standalone. Basis taught and prepared. I'll make that menace or is. Not prepared for what the point that number could definitely we. Both seen in the bank offers real well for running. They wanted to last week seeing and running game McCain the passing. When you went there or Russian. But you know less than that two years tool. Carolina match apart patent. And I think that really impressed me in swing. Was the broken play well respond receive it now now feel like the one that short game and playing. The sank a different team in the playoffs this year can't be compared in any other year this year. Don't agree I don't regret eleven team was it was it was more talented. Top to bottom is then then this team not to say it cannot be compared to aim at eleven team was. Top to bottom have way in which our dynamic and and it didn't do that process rolls Colston. More detail needed top to bottom lip and it made in deal with the interest that that that was the other thing they didn't have nearly. The amount of injuries this team is and that his team is very very good and playing well together. Not to take anything away from him but he he he didn't deal with the injuries that this team has dealt with I mean they've had knicks man stepped up and men to say that. Trust me the device that plays the vikings play. The vikings played Carolina the vikings played Atlanta goes to both covered backs you've got to vehicle. Coleman you've got a vehicle Freeman. You know the news they they they played against the Gramm the mean and so when you talk about the elite teams don't don't don't buy to the statement they had played anybody. I mean that they've seen god part caliber you just gotta go excuse. Takes a phone call cajun Jim. Branded Barney Richard Nate Ryan and you to a 504260187. Text 87 each. 87 at CBS and local news headlines more of the fans in the pro here on W did well enough in the dot com live from Manning's on Fulton here. And down Tennessee BD. I look back to the fans who grow out here Manning's on Fulton who won't allow peer to 8 o'clock to picture taken with. Singtel timely question Deuce McAllister also. You know autograph as well 504 to six of one point seven made uptown weighted coveted sit tight cordon thrown caught up with the yesterday on double coverage she covers the vikings for ESP and the phoenician biking or particulates. Hit the shot patent welcome back. Double coverage here on WWL I amendment dot com this area. Is. Jacked up about Sunday's tilt with the Minnesota Vikings in the divisional round welcome back in Courtney crone and act according are Cronin. On tour ESP NFL nation reporter covering Minnesota Vikings join us now according aria yeah. All corporal Dario. Listen. Any songs inspired by Mike Zimmer and salute to Mike Zimmer up there Minnesota. Now now he EC. In the locker ambient thing you know. It. Should not be in that pot. Now you know. Things change when would get things but it felt like insert our. Shot certainly at upper hand right now. Well I don't know if you saw something dance on a McAuliffe. Man I mean I haven't he would like I'm not tell that. Right there. I can open that I think he did as he did there. According what's the buzz up their light of an atmosphere I'm sure the fans is the first playoff game. And the new stadium they aren't and number two seed in the and the playoffs option there pretty jet. Definitely backed feeling I think among withstanding then. You know all of their playoff woes of the pastor threatening that's where they wanna keep them the united happy that you could field goals that. Gary Anderson picked 1989. Blair Walsh two years ago. In much they want to keep something in the past and look forward realized hey expect to get year as you know with a keen. I looked at this moment I think. There is sent the neighborhood and it eat because this team has been forced. Uncle before obviously a long time ago. But it meant to come away with a victory in those games ND you know 2009 doesn't feel like Fargo. Especially what impact our community activate being yeah he looking out Kinect game. I'm from Connecticut the memory. There's not a lot of that ilk are. Throw a net gain entry in front get that kind of player. Play up when you're really hard to come I think have a habit it's teen battling it out repeat it out between fifteen wanna get it back and know they took one back. To do that by getting hurt by that he get wrapped get healthy. Now it's Matt you know speaking eighteen that is a completely different. You know look completely different than week one but honestly put in the vikings. According Conan at Corning. On tour ES this police report covering them as a device is aside from Galvin cook and aside from. Sam Bradford. How how all vikings different. And you change. I op and luckily I mean we talk about it changes. What we've seen them in and nobody nobody saw him coming into this being an eight year ballot into your record starter but the running back. Court that they have now is chuck at the fact is. All on ads where people get worked out and number 200. Yards rushing. Him. When he went down in two weeks for work. Between the you know ever have that mark patted them. Romney being so dynamic and that was the biggest area. A concern once cook went down they would lose those exposed to parlay its. I'm technically be able to rip off in acting dean in the end a line scrimmage running backs. Bat. In any year in aid from the big change in the attic and certainly. Just thought that it but the expert players meet one on about how could this unit can be and I think that you know. But there are many weeks later. To remove it now. There are different because their solutions that edit Betty unity in the good back then there at the defense and a child. All week back it county surge in each and certainly I think either. In history so it it's. At around United States are gonna realize that would make up against Cuba. Different and it's merely means that nothing works I mean it's it's much better from a from a lot of different respect. Courtney let me ask is so obviously is who walk there in Minneapolis this year. And the vikings have a legitimate shot for the first time in awhile home team as an opportunity to stay home for the suitable and I I think that there's some significant pressure that comes with that do you sense that you believe that. Yeah I really think that there is you know pressure that I am glad and CNET and the people bought right hadn't seen. A lot of teens get apt you know per turn that play out there I mean some of played. And I hope that in the divisional round Allen made it to the conference championship would mean that. In any year opening it cost it EU. You know the pressure I don't know whether it you know internally that they Buick that honesty. I'm able that you know there could be really big change is next here that this. Super Bowl window wide open right now but it closes. Very quickly catcher ever. Hot head coaching in a bike he'd be gone immediate urge to be gone because he's so good. That he should get head coaching I expect that route that he chooses. What could be the pride in Tiki Tiki you know or steam Bradford with him. In the next stop at the plate that aired on where they're opening. So offensively you're looking at those who move because the big question in the op BP it's who's their quarterback going forward. It depart the area right here. Right now to make a while actually make something happen. And if you're all the way back I think that might democratic that it hurt badly today trying to get a little irritated talking about. Well every pocket they have different they are now in general they were you know week one and Judy and badly. You know pick up. Haven't you mean media thought there going to be here in our thirteen and Barry needs right to a degree I think that you know. About 500 ED. And ill ate me mad at minimum. With the expectation this group is we get it now. Housing would lash out in the back near Bradford. Obviously I'm that little. Yeah I mean the pressure there is there because I think at the Eaton disappointment if they don't win that game because. They had a lot Utley in neat that you're they have gone are in three era but they outlawed in this dynamic. Across the board. In the long ago but it normally in. ESP NFL nature report covering the Minnesota Vikings Courtney Cronin here on double covered by the month Twitter find her on Twitter at Courtney are crony and according. A sauce that are read a stat earlier in the week if you remember exactly but in essence. Over last six weeks the sack numbers have gone up for the vikings offense. On case Q what's the reason. All the chapel quite a bit really starting to airline it game but honestly before that adage at. You know. Their lack the last time before green today. Be a week ago last time they add that started I offensive linemen that are deep and what we get they're all playing. Are any game. Altogether would act overnight money in it for Chicago they eat they were the first domino their ball. Where T injured app without it ever week. And then from there and now they're looking at this weekend at eight separated starting combination of linemen. I've had outlined should be back mean Colin depletion Beckett shouldered feeling battered. That week fourteen as great stock and that collapse there in airline or keeping them back multiple time because. Steady at four rock and the linemen finishing the game out of position a lot emergency Klug and mayor Riley Reid got down. RD down Alpine air RD down Michael hammered. I'll but they'd done a good job. All things considered. Not become an op and the line here where it at that line. Spot in Bradford kept them and because yet he bought that quick beat you're right it. There would mean Sony I think that you know it certainly go up against but I came Jordan where different you know rush packages. Fight they line him up a lot differently and you had to rush into. Probably probably. That are around how can leave. The quarterback back they mean it you know why not if they spot and while they were able there it in the port and last weekend. One yet I keep up and provide a better think airline and buy it. And it certainly have been hit by the inquiry. Sounds like sounds like here new world especially along the offensive line this year they haven't every starter except for Max Unger has missed at least one game. This season according krona at Corning. The Minnesota Vikings scored for a lecturer on what's allowed as taxable reading your aware of it at that US bank city of. Oh man I'm up at bat around that I'd been for me I don't get out. I'm that old chants in the Gallup born. It's been really. Really loud and fire and it bit me in before. I think that at least in my opinion. Here in the in New England in that get into the trunk. It abate because it's so wet and I'd like they played went back to court next year's ballot pretty laugh. And it's definitely with the collapse and wit. I mean just the whole infrastructure it can be really. The wild you know true reason in the saint crop and they're gonna have a tough time but they definitely didn't meet quality. I mean a hard act out and being able eerie chanting communicate being picked up a lot. It does say the good stuff we appreciate according thank you. Yeah no problem thanks so much. News issues pat Courtney cronies are Cronin on Twitter court yesterday and only report. For espn.com. And. Do sneak in some of the most superstitious. National Football League reports on route teams who get together with. Family friends and he's been a lot parties but also wanna hear your superstitions. Unseen team did you feel like as an impact. On TX 504260. Whites having text 8787 deuce also these plot point that would Siegel on policy to their Minnesota. That is the list last night on double coverage of the kind do's and don'ts of my pet thieves and when I look at your bill would differently and I know I'm not troubled you don't all the got a double dip and I'm not that's right can't double dip I also don't like the one you're guy. It shows that one here that says not bodies will appear they began by als here but there's been a contributing. More importantly. Don't be that I played high school football and all district linebacker guy. Don't be that guy it's our second guess there might say you want to take away some drains. It's not drink that memories. Members and drained all the winners and up atlas of a percent. I can tackle better than the mic night ten dollars and all of this linebacker and high school meal Tea Party vigorously and that. Right all this but that there. These guys are pros in it welcome back to the fans. The basement we've missed the knee up talent money you're on W Google's entry. They're pago within them in just listening to you they have yet to Q and use bumpy tired. A tight money he helps out you know the feeling I am am. I at beginning of the week. Who knows about this game and it's pretty evenly matched game means it's either team. These. Well when I seen that one Minnesota Ryder. You know heroes to Ed McMahon and then the you know this field so I was in the machine and indeed listening to gain more confidence and a solid looking like some of the parallels. At this season so non. In an Alley is it confidence. That this scene is constantly right now they can still really you know it was it was obviously but that is easily. That really handled and listen to do you know yours yes. Yes and it you know and connect. Them. You know I mean so I think. Mile confidence in our coaching staff. Being in this moment before we pills in his prepared you know parents. Because look and you want. That was big announcement at what point can and I like this and he's as corn and we didn't call upon man and can play. You could argue for me look as far as the experience factor yet at that bodes well for the saints. And the other part of it is that's an important sausage again. There's some real pressure on his bike with a lot of person is my intent on me like it's in and we talked talked about it earlier. The thing to plan with house money they're not expected to leave. Had not expected to beat this team and like Horton was in about if they're they're group. Let's be honest. With you expected the saints team to be in this position you know they're especially not there Overton at exactly. Exactly and and so I look. Out filly out via. I won't be disappointed if they built a model I'll be disappointed if they don't play wit if they don't a lot of play electric capable planes. That's why I'll be disappointed because this is good football team. This is a good football team now the game to win this game we've we've talked about some think they have to be boot. You don't need anybody be Superman. You don't need anybody who blocked and make the hero play. Just play your game just play play play your normal game 37 pursuit will be good enough on third now. Because the vikings have been so it took it 37 to 40%. That is good enough or. Now you can't have turnovers with it being 37 to 40% on third now. You know in the red zone I want to recklessly social and at red Hussein is a fifty to 6%. Team wade scores to us that. TV one of op in the written well and expect to beat this team that opening drive and a week one matchup. They were at Roland at penalties so field goal. Now that kind of changed the complexion of the day today at 22. Drives. That ended up inside of the file you are allowed putting it subtle field. To drive one I think was six are a lot of laurels or for your a lot of wall with it's who you are you lost by ten that's eight point right there. Here you with and you don't know how how that how it just changes what you have to do you how it changes your whole approach to. To how you operate in that game. Otis a new roads mark Derek rated lead you to a final 4222187. Texts eats at me to change the rules on your life remaining don't fault them. Unseat revealing that it will.