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Welcome back to the hole from show let's go back to the four months and speak with key take Keith good morning welcome to show. Component. And he's doing wonderful help you today. Quick Central Asia. It's about change is so you brought to a book Brian. In added time it was. 2.5. Time. And upping the twelve feet. Not recently in years to. To chill values are going to move. And my question would be. How much can you increase. I have to can you and I have but to a to a man upon naked tree. Without completely gotten noble. System mild and if you did would that decrease among its. It would run out because right now about just being out of the gate. Okay but it wasn't doing that when the first cut install this is doing that nail. By doing it now be in more that may one of these people that serve as the neighborhood and news releases. It's time. Right now couldn't brand new and if you really efficient but the that the longer you keep it. He's probably shouldn't have a treat time news instead of the two men have a new facility we what the other news later. And that you can do in the we have to kill like news on high is high and it's been repay four leak. Twice. How long it was repaired. Auto repair. Actually two months ago and before that. Actually about. No about eight use Google play. They had a block of ice on Rommel unit in and inside you. I mean I don't see it before way it was mid July and and a block ice on W. And now before returning did it in the second. He did you like about three months ago when he came in and six statement like that devalue. Sometimes recommend going issue they came out did. It. So in general thing if you question news sometimes you can go by half the time with the outdoor unit to have the three time. But I without having to change the indoors system. What were the indoor dark work. However. Every systems a little bit different. But in general answers yet she can't. But the the best way to its of that question news. Go to the technicians in their last go to the companies in their last who are records or soldier whose touch your machine his record so with the equipment isn't. Model numbers and manufactured name and asked them if they go to three halftime and system. Are you also need to file. Would that really benefits you because if you just what three halftime outside. That doesn't in it's it's too and have an inside that doesn't automatically bump you up three tons that we will increase your capacity. Use fun out. How much of an increase capacity within its teach you with a graduate you wanna be is it to put it a try to manage your expectations he wouldn't solve your problem. So you know that's the question I would ask before it is moved forward with him has done. But I because the house's site has been built Kenyans as well insulated. Com. And minuses. They got two of them. Small you wouldn't believe it was okayed with a brand new and I get legacy in my quick would be would that be to my advantage. And that wouldn't be creepy Q alike use all this debt. What no. Reduce if reduces the run Tom is good to decrease kilowatt news right. I answered that that's questioning the fun of how much is gonna help you would reduce that run Tom from fifteen dollars. Twelve hours or eleven dollars and whatever mono million. But I think he thought I didn't go to commercial break man okay but that's what I would do next I appreciate you listens as shown call it and okay. I get a immigrated meant thank are listen if you have a question we actually got a couple spots open for your phone line. That number is 5042601. And seventy. John wicca producer will be happy to get you into the Q. When you call him to be right back accidents don't go anywhere. Welcome back to the home improvement show let me read a couple tax. At first and says hey Paul please advise on the following issue. Have a sub room close to fifteen years with a insulated flat panel aluminum roof with a minimum pitch meaning close to flat. Which is starting him leaking at some of the panel scenes. At the caulking it seems is cracking interior. Previously somewhere in applied. East sealing tape on some of the scenes but a court to the company install the so remote rigidly. Since the tape is inappropriate for this was one of cold steel roof sealant. Product report assuming tar roofer and rocky suggest right so yeah I'm out like the cool seal I think it's a great product. However what I would do is I would remove. The the seal at this they're now between the scenes where there's that tape or another Selig has complete clean it off get that get down to that bare aluminum. I'll put a good quality urethane Selig this desire for Ruth's. And then I would coat the whole thing with the cool seal remember the cool suit roofing is up. It is a product that requires making it's it's it's not one and done type thing you do get to do it. Together and probably do it again next year and in and you know this could be awhile once every two or three years thing. So you don't think that it's it's okay well done and I'm a good. A safety with assailants sealant and tapes they you know 'cause they exposure from the sun from the heat. It from the UV rays it eat it he tears up the brakes failed so that's not now a permanent fix. But. I think it would teach you where you're you're stopped leaking and you can George here you covered patio and without worry about. And what it looks comfortable on the training our rights. Let's see if you got a text sent me Texas 878 said yeah we'll hear from you know. What can also call list of course a lot of ready to 601 it simply that being said. Let me go to a quick commercial break who come back as he show it biking Gary's all the old guys. Hang on listen to the showed don't hang up and comer arrive back to you don't going to Wear a lot more home from so left to go here on the brigades seventy. Welcome back to the show must go straight to the phone lines and speak with Joseph HO. Good morning welcome. Couple. Of more involved. Followed a lot of that chewed out there and insulation. Go under hands on each of my home. I've got a hole with stability. At the presently does not allow the good cancer in ninety degree angles. And and one message one of got several estimates. What message is that. This substance change ovals so that's. I'm anger hands. Then that's you don't have to establish. I mean yeah. Braces. In both both patents. And then they would hang it did desired ninety degree angles it is I all of their shingles off to. House. The second that it would be to. Not change out the stuff that. To go and place a metal strip between the he shingle and the real paper. And then put put little iron in brackets on attached. The eager hands and also attacked Iraq. Now. Because of that because of the design the they easily dale there is that was cause in the confusion. And I just don't know what that actually you know cheap shoes. Price lies it's basically the same except who the changing out you know I'll have to tango this topic in you know rubble house. Who you know that you know I think that the net and it is not a big issue right now. So most folks go with option to the way you describe that mr. Joseph and you having that. That's facial on that clip on that one that slant is problematic when it comes to installing go to Cannes. And you know it's he'd. And aesthetically. It is to get used to it you know it's it's it really depends on off they put those brackets. You know sometimes they'll make a solid piece through through between the bottom to get the can in the clip facial and sometimes opens put those wedges those wedge brackets. You know every two feet. From late function standpoint it really functions about the same. And you know I think it's in the static question more anything else that use the desire was to work best for union project. And pick but so we stand. The metal strip installment of the strip between ancient England that helped paper. And put hangers that layered and you'd either way it used clip seat equal weight because the design of the eighties. That would be preferred not to Yasser. Okay. Thank you create done and injury program thanks. You thank you very much I appreciate your comments are scoots in this caller in speak with Mike hey Mike we just have a few brief moments with what its top hour. If I don't finish OK I will hold you over the go ahead. Great ball very much problem all are buckling wood floors. Over the raid sparked my house. And I'm gonna buy at the port guy and you were like these you replace the question rotten widened the buckling her. It appears that I'm getting what you are coming up in the east so warring. Come on how but it only he would call and it is you know there's not a lot near blow. And I was one of the community increased air flow in there or would installing closed they'll pull completions underneath the war. Help with a problem help from candidate back in that department at this problem in the last. Years this hour so Mike was happening it's it's not necessary the they've all water source from you describe it sounds like it's a water vapor issues and in his enough water vapor in the air. That's even more Sony to crawl space that's alone that what a bit to go into your home. Any G moves from the anymore it's climate to a dry climate so that water vapors traveling through Europe plywood sub floor. Through Europe fell paper if you have felt paper on the laymen through you would floor in the gets the polyurethane finish on the wood flooring in the can't go any further. So what happens the bottom that would floor becomes more wet in the top in the cops or buckles Mike outlook which you won't hold my comeback team because of talk about the solutions. Of what we can do to prevent this happening you party Mets won his clothes cellphone their other solutions you they would consider but would talk about those after this news break don't go anywhere. More the home from show here on dubbed it the old left to go will be right back after this folks. Don't go to where Gary don't hang up hang on Gary will come right back CF to speak with Mike.