The Home Improvement Show with Paul LaGrange pt2

Join Paul LaGrange, a construction consultant who specializes in energy efficiency as he helps out with all of your home improvement & repair needs


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Welcome back to the public joke so glad and Harvard you're listening and participating. I loved coal our world the question. The problem that numbers and with so 18 Albany. We need kidneys suddenly looks cool and speak with David beat David good morning welcome to show me out because that. Quite well thank you. Appreciate you show. I caught the very real and someone re. Insulating their attic. Which brought art collection now from me I am ounces thirty years old. I am blown insulation in the attic in over the years just keep it shorter shorter. Would it be best. Scoop all lives there and get repetitive it was some path forward. Read blows some more work which do. So. So it really. And to be the group. And seeing opening. Between your living in your non addicts they need to make airtight. A crack at the continuous air carrier or inflation were well. Also help would be up and and and it was I was they'll product you know human. Complain but move on on us as well. Because you have aptly attic. In your house in the that but it was still product in Europe with difference pressure. Or that incumbent your home so. You're here's in pop and country core electrical. Plumbing what voltage when you look up wintry. You were there any feeling penetrations. You can get recent in light. Don't be careful out there in lights but it is because it has put eight or silicon on the white. Look at who had a heat problem and potential are at on how to build what was called an airtight enclosure. A fire rated auction goes over that region in light. The air I connection to the bottom of the box and the populace who was chief law. And the box to larger than it was a light so what year to have in the box would follow while and then recess like that will be. The common hasn't. What you what you are all excellent penetration all Utley and attractions. That you can you're inflation back. Concord in nine record you'll election. Because part of the bird you know for years has. Gotten contaminants in the you know which you know most older do but I they're not welcome back so product. It happened that night it was so public works in the Bob Black bat. Is that back. It's difficult they didn't feel. Every cavity old floppy. The most. Well that that this kind of credited better you gotta walk around mar acting on me and it got full what you should weeks with a report. What an inflation becomes Cooper asks. It doesn't that option as well (%expletive) so when it was real or loan product still goes around all obstacles include award. Our. And you'll have less than in and its sustained consulate is the hypocrite call where of insulin that it does make up looser you don't walk the here on the opposite that combat an election there can be erratic. I don't use some form of about Ole opposite. A quality read on for the crowd was the year of the each and you're at a global or continue to interrupt and won't get blocked by the new insulation. Okay and now one other thing. Have it disappearing staircase into the attic and it's true there. Anything you can do that matters is this just local it's. Well you concerns that it so you concern the heat yet difficult. I am concerned about they eat coming into the home it's right there ever turn dark all Florida Mexico oddity here and in Hammond Ku it urged. You. Probably our and that's that's quite common in the you know so there's a chronicle at a pet eager at a tent dot com. Look at their product in betcha your accent well first she thought he'd do it with a tepid installed on the addicts you pull down despray and stare. You dropped steered uncles steps and you'll. Yeah and it is arguable that fluctuate due Alexis erratic and he done. To roll back over a shot. Great thank much appreciated. Well thank you what you call fight with the coaching me move marks a welcome back let's equal. If you have a question boat all the repairs or improvements or copper all mainstream political low it talking about it. No response 04601870. And the activity that you'd certainly the right activists. After the children's goes straight diploma and speak with frank and frank good morning about that. A question. Now we go. Cyprus the world. And the restoration place that you can get. It and didn't. Com. There's not much we enjoy it I doubt. Between it and an inch. Maybe two. Reports it is to divorce went to. Arm is reddish. When it. One piece of weather strip it would be from that small size two B mark. But I'm not aware of anything that can you know that hype public debt because. And you get about shipment it'll be eight and but once that happens at. It would be too big portion of the game or shot you know quality even further north and they work. Problem without suggest you do it and of course but there about looking at it with my friends were ordered the war and how. Over the years since ship. Vision and play around with the location of the engines. You capable move one quarter in. He didn't even reveal. Between Britain that the war torn. You could use a registered to her. It's currently in the war. Don't you have good skill call you can play them in the Booth and in outward trying yet something a little bit better. Of more even playing field those being so that you can't properly well. Yeah a killer. Knew it would be gone. You know what great stuff that boom that you can do so squirted. It. Into year it and each other it. In which sort of children from the small to law arch conservative with the engines. Yes stardom but I'm not aware and in that didn't make it make at least a that the bigger and heritage. Yeah. An inch of just going witness. Who's whether it be you know. I don't know I don't know I'm a target and. Good deal good look at the project had a significant you know in a rush. That. Could do what you present the focal all right listen you have questions about repairs or home improvement or did you efficiency. We have great that you don't want timely action question while on the radio that numbers 2601870. We consent to exit the revenues that come back and look at street cute and and the questions will be right back. Additional let me read a couple of your. You've been to the men appreciate that your question. What text in the numbers 87870. So the first access is there anything police raid on a sequel to clean them without having it taken out in cleaned and cleaned. Yes I mean there are some hope that you can use of factors some no rinse clean sheet music match can accept. It not be as effective as Payton called out and clean them and really. Regaining full access you know that they're called quarter. Clinton couldn side the the units is is gaining access. But if it is better than in two when. Sure. Our next six I had two large Indians are not scoring single in wind on the on a model. And are replaced those with inflated when does not see more improvement. In my whole deal have quote of the non thousand miles to do the job. Well. Well when it is those awards when that's and it goes windows or personal trainer and a lot of heat coming in couldn't it be like prince and safe and fell in giving that on. Morning you know bid in the evening. And you'll you'll find that those rooms that those windows and certainly ego in your net a lot longer to remove the heat. You need some company issues. However I'd probably you know you courses would see more improvement from Powell bill. Egypt were placed into windows. Probably not a more group poll bill you would see improvement corporate. And you received reductions will be a problem consuming but the country those ones. But if it can argue about which means use what can produce in the opening. To double what it window. It will improve but not more improvement like a you're like scrubbing in your tracks. Let's see. I don't read only small on all 700 to square feet. And do not want or need condition but been told close quark is that true. And in the course is working out article in the actual combat art of the long Thompson. Climate controls under house development the statement goes this year if he did doesn't say you're happy in their connection. It hasn't happened yet he. So. But you know you can certainly go back and researched into the local library or. You and your code office in in that truck copy the code book and an extra read that portion of and that could be in chapter three I'm not mistaken of the 2000. On non. In central residential could be RC. And you would probably more commission on natural convection. Are there are somewhat right she was to look at a hassle house design that. Has so PA SSR IBE house and a new funded there's some really good mission there out to design build. Paso Colmes. I'll I'll tell you buried very challenging to do that in ago so. Attention to what their condition. And in addition will not too much of the culprits are there conditions on. But. Another resources goes to who else we're gonna out in. Car in Baton Rouge Welch is campus in there so has also mentioned there is well. A right less tax and says we are reaping the growth. Between our two and call it these light gray color and never stays clean ones feel the ground finished. The paint job would you recommend. Well you're seeing the growth you don't Sri app if you look at it you'll grow where eighteen point parking paint and that isn't theory itself and should stay clean. So what UNICEF the world vote. Yeah feeling in two point oxy grow pretty. If you just staying in the growth than. By no means you you wanna get negro field or you can get a and in need of you know this is not feeling in and forget about it. Is the simulate and probably every every 34 years as human again so there's not a one and done thing if you use in the Q what parks he thanked. The goal of the ground. Then it took that would be. One in one thank you would have at all Zarko. Keep it clean and and I think that would work well so good luck with those projects are if you have any questions. Or comments there's usually cheap in you know. Give your on the show one uses the cap and new concerns that record each have new civil war and call it. You can actually questioned my actions show on 042601. In seventy. That being said boy Herbert a lot of problems the American if you questioned our product you'll you. After the news' good morning. Go on and with the bill waited the year these statement to. I don't know where Eric and his numbers. Well. It would would make you think years from now. Not yet make sure you know they're doing their job possible you know keep you know prestook. Well probably about things is actually heart someone that can be a lower court. You called bill that would that is certain that they do competent to stand in your actor award and cook some games to know bit the measure. Not only measure how much air leak Neeon. But also Google would data on where those air leaks or. So. UConn someone in it unit city what were you. We're. Humor and yet those so there there folks all around there that you're. Helped you perform 88. Lord or hat. In fact you me with a call your greasy guy who does your regime work in keeping global or some recognition corrupt news some don't. Into the Atlantic provinces just one. In your area on the West Bank become that doesn't 49ers. Well. Kyra good look at her that that the great to be surprised how much air leaks and homes. Which mean more and more pro Wendell so you can reduce the air the more Easter. And also you know more culpable better indoor quote the bar. Little bit ago to the top of the news welcome back. And your questions. Here are the biggest. At seven in provincial.