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I know that we have lots of friends and family that are in the Texas area. And it's you know certainly by my prayers and concerns. And thoughts certainly go out to the folks are experiencing. Such a massive. Destructive storm. And that's. Very close to us. If it had be concerned. You know I'd I started. Reed and LaMont and actually physically start taking steps to do some preparation. Of things that probably should have done the beginning of hurricane season but didn't do it because it I got. You know be transparent got lazy Yucca Lex days goes notes that could be that that bad of a season question oven though right. So. Thinks that's the donors is is shaken out. Some gas cans for the generator you know start you know you wanna start that generator optical axis you know it's a standalone generators that one it's. Arm connected. If you have one that's permit connected to your home. And it x.s houses to self meaning it starts and runs through some diagnostic testing doesn't. Some generational power. You certainly want to. Make sure that is functioning you know a lot Toms you know out of sight out of mind you know body your shot we don't hear run that's a little think about it. And so mails a good time to do that. Also if you have a Rome. Some form of of you know whether it's a standalone generator or house makes you have some extra hole some extra or filters habit if the present you can change those filters which most you can. Same thing with. A fuel filter fresh fuel. If you don't have stressful may be open that you have spent fuel stable laws are. You know you know make sure that you're using. Extension cords at the extension cord to the right size extension cords. Mixtures redolent there's no nicks and cuts on them in things very good shape. You know and yet we've we've week we'd miss we've missed party. And and hopefully. You know although. I don't preyed on any one bit I'm glad it's not coming here and in if you look the latest forecast at least that's the as of right now that's but it does any. Is that at least here in the you'll reach in and get much effect except some Maureen. So when it's always a great year to be prepared. Always hurricane seasons so I know this focused on generators because it's the first in the DeMar from the percent squabbles standalone unit that I haven't used. In over a year so you know it's always a good thing to make sure things still function but there are other props we should be to win four. Any rain event which we will be getting some rain. You know you gutters downspouts ought to be clean and any trees that meat beat your your your. Your house or shed or garage may be Rodriguez house trim those then you get a beautiful day nailed the take advantage of that and start. Tremendous things and doing some preparation. So what it is encouraging that take this time. And and be prepared for his. We still got another long season left to go get a weaker. Where you know right at the peak for a season Bristol got some left to go and it's always wise to be ready for. Not in the panic and promising no matter of them seeing you know don't panic. You know don't don't get to begrudge but let's. Methodically be very intentional but preparation. So all right that being said. While the com off my soap box let me open up the phone lines for questions. If you have listen to show before you know we talk about home improvement if you're new to the show hey guess would talk about. Home improvement as the name of the show so. It's it's a vote for errors in age efficiency. Indoor air quality. Com for more shall problems will we do a lot of moisture problems here in the go south so we kind of break it down would all like to do is is keach who. Call in or text in question. And I like to give you some signs of building signs of why it's happening. In and also some solutions this is not a sales pitch. If you if you need to show you Youkilis very quickly I'm not selling anything. Dispute to keep you information. That you can use that's to be pests for you to your project in your budget in your family and trying to also manage your expectations that could be some projects on the state. You know what that is best left to license ensure professional. And it the other properties of encouraging you know this could do so project you can do that yourself in panicky you some resources to all of you with that information. Seek to make some of the informed decisions about. Anything you don't throw so you place of business where you fishing or hunting camp doesn't matter. I'd give us a call when we keep that number. It's fob 04601878260. Point seven I'm encouraged to call in early don't wait. To the very end I you know I never keep it all the questions because people always wait. But wait on line now you can listen to the show while you order hold on your phone from Utica miss anything. If you can call 260 when he seventy tried units attacks that 87 news sadly. And please text responsibly. Do not text while you're dropping so are right we are coming right back up his brief break. And I see GD is on hold due you don't go to where we're coming right back office. Welcome back to the home from Jalisco strait of alliances he can help some folks take Judy good morning welcome to the show. Kicking. This medium thanks and gone. Probably. You are fictional world ranking it chilled water. And it doesn't quite come out its welcome. In the front yard is no problem and street problem child wondering how do you get it done and seen little strip in backyard. Properly or drink to the front. How close or your neighbors' homes continue. It did. Did the heat ditch or trench to a law that war from the duct article on the sod at your home. Union. Discrete. It. I wish I think. When you North Shore South Shore. So offshore OK Tom. So one thing you have to be careful about Junichi key it put your water once you're in neighboring property it has to do. Either towards a canal would ditch or the street. And in this in this case if you have room on one side to it you haven't enough ability. To raise the dark side that. Doesn't have the room and kitchen towards the side the back door that has room for the side ditch in direct the water railed and I will be the best way to do that. You know if you if you can't raise your backyard up on one side to direct the water to the opposite side. Because if you raised your right that you may be risking getting the water inside your home. Or you may be putting your one on your neighbor's yard. Then if you if that's not an option then you wanna do what's called subsurface drainage. With actually put piping in the ground in the knees and it's it's look it's it's below the surface. And put the water drains in the inlets of the catch basins are right at the level. Of your year yard and then it pipes it towards the front because alongside your awesome putts at towards street. And new hire is there are there aren't they wouldn't let anybody can do this. Well I would. See anybody can do it it actually takes some skill the two desired it it takes a lot of skill to execute and do well. They're does a lot of folks that do it is there just so so. You've you've you're looking for companies this is all the do it the name the companies drainage loss. At strain. Yes so that the best way to reach them is actually go to our website Paul's house dot com. In order pulse house site you would go ahead in your utes to future reason your case she would select. South Shore and him in next point went mature at that site Paul cells. You would. Go to outdoors. It did it in which could to the outdoors it UC the contact information email web site. For drenched plus let me keep you some some word of of caution. These folks are very busy particularly with all the rain we've been having. So you could have to stay on them to continue to call. They are great companies do phenomenal work. However sometimes it's challenging their very beastie get a hold of them just be very vigilant. And be patient. Okay I don't think of that when hurricane season but you know it we could be doing that. I've still yet. At agreement. To increase its phone call have a great. Let's go to our next caller in speak with Joseph hey Joseph good morning welcome to the show. Did you turn your radio down. You can only listen when you show on currency you know listened showing your phone joke you turn your radio down. Orton or do. Yes. And this. Is Connie. Connie turn your radio announcement adding. Stunning action here yuck can I help you. OK. Oh with Colin because. I'm not have them match up what about three years ago and it noted. Well when Obama came out he said that it was not. I don't quit adding underneath the living room floor. And suggested that that would be removed because I'm not going to be Arum in bailing out we go make the tax code in Lincoln people cricket if you. And really didn't school so we pull out at anybody it was kind of like to bring about. When did you look at this point anyway so. Legal ballot. Let me think my job and well then. I'll get maybe. I know. In Africa a couple of years we noted like. Imperfections in the full happening where you look like. Would it may begin buckling him. Yeah and I would say I can only about six months ago. Lee noted. You're increasingly outward in his seemed like as the plane was getting worse and rank and nine. Well again to what would you like to open apparently. Once it look like because like around the big board. They look like like almost like why I wanted to come in light that they just getting discolored and then. You know in different areas hit common commitment that you know it by walking on the camel hump the verdict expected from lush and sell arms. You know being an owner on tight bucket you're kinda likes frightening because you Geico. What am I gonna do with it issues you know they'll. I'm wondering. I am calm you know what I have been told it did get probably I come to issue and record you may be. Generally handle what not some kind of wondering what is it that can be done. Well on a personal basis choose treatment and my pack. So I'm we direct you to a blog posts thing I did back in day. It and it talks about how to insulate the race floors in our hot humid gulf south climate. In this is actually the a case study that we did with LSU. And we did this a few years after Hurricane Katrina because we knew at that time we need to be able to recommend. What is the best way. To insulating the home in their some tips there that you could be viewed yourself tips you some some steps you can do with the do it yourself like. And on budget conscious I don't mind you some sweat equity and get this right. So this information to be there and Els also there's some information and on some solutions you can use as a professional. So I'm gonna encourage you to go to the blog posting greeted. And if you have questions. You can always call me back where you can post a question pulse house FaceBook site. So let me tell you how to get to that blog posting. And to be really easy to to download and read it so go to Paul's house dot com. Watcher at that web site at the very top of the banner. The navigation bar you can click on blog. When you select the blog. It as though there's a search spot on the right inside go ahead and type in LSU. And hit the search. The search button and you defined it that are there were a couple of blog postings that talked about obviously in the sub floor. It's letting race wars a new bill will see that case study in see exactly what I'm talking about. When an arm. On it yeah apparently yeah apparently quite correct that we're like we're local that you pictured in our mou much I created in the. It. Appeared there isn't on that blog posting but I have another blog actually 23 blog postings that if you have. Some formal organic growth on how to address that. And I actually posted these. August of last year when we have a lot of flooding of march and August of 2016. So to get to those blog posts and you can also put in organic growth from old gore remediation those keywords. And you'll find that you'll see those blog postings that have. A guy like against some information on how to how to draw I would. Which is another good blog post I have an air and also how to. Re mediate any organic growth or sanitize it if there's any concern of senate's you sanitize the wood in the air and things like that. Think he went on our honor and end his opponent's arm every thought you'd normally on any how an arm. I know that there. What kind contradictory like something don't read it and it. Oh you're probably need more regulation under how and under and not be saying look I'm not racially disparate there. Correctly you know. Yeah so that he and I didn't start to show off this this weight does Tom Connor but there are times when hostile to show off it at the top the hour Sunday mornings when a sick. Okay we've talked about building science but of all the that you viewed the science. That works for Ross about gulf south region. Because Louis you don't south because of our unique weather. You know forty to sixty inches of rainfall which you know bottle way we are maxed out you know we got our annual rainfall. Quote already and we you know we are 9 September yet. So the moderate rainfall we have the rattle moisture in the Ayers but that how would run our technicians these are all unique things we. So when you're researching on line you'd be real careful that your reading. Takes the studies specifically for us and our climate. So a good resource like this that go to the blog postings and pulse house that come. Good L issues while log house website. Is great information on LSU one house website. Go to Florida solar energy Sadr. Because it flew in Florida at the same common we have and they do a lot of research. On what to do for drawing and in billing sites in conference that's quarter solar and she said in another resource. Is south face so I'm giving you four really good web site she can go to and gather information that will work for you when your home. Here in the self sure area gulf south region so. Connie listen I got to go to CBS news break it was great talking to get will be right back after this.