The Home Improvement Show with Paul LaGrange pt 2


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About and so it goes straight on line and see what happens wake up in the morning. Yes sir that the questions. I'm biker build a building. In Mac and more a question. Should I use Ringo wood to a force we're used medical about four goes. Well he provoked wouldn't the start of the of the if they're likely Treo pro. Oh let me at this course or. You're. You're extra while your whole is that we put up. The work we should be inside of the battle building or it'll set in which is the finding. Of the battle though. It's been out there putrid on poor treatment. Boca in that typically it is lecturer at clear Obama porch to court so really in from out of any efficiency. There would output if you want legal battle you can use any battles start. In your house screaming but it would be haven't pages in fact there actually abide by those pale. To put a continuous external insulation you know other boats. The reason for. So battles others walk a doctor and it would so you need to have that external. Exterior. Installation orders separate because the heat conductivity of the battlestar. Our beat the outside environment to being on the environment palms and it would do that and Eric are matters that it would. People seem to ball border on board would seal all the copper and and the lower edges and it could do that like that your thing Sheila. And then you would make certain that it is pretty sweet there are eight. Insulated. Fumble when you exterior is most. And I think you're on you can there's benefit of doing that you with which. It's great great benefiting like that Corbett or battles but to. Now one question how have you cabinet I would urge you to ask. Or or the persons of interest to go start. Or that any benefits of energy sorry insurance savings. Since that'll be an improvement. Potential group or are. So sensitive in Munich that are we. Also can get a lower insurance premium launched I don't know actually not only did insurance companies look at it differently. But certainly that they get the reports. I wouldn't and so we search you know reach out there I'm there in the work to. Parent termites but here that aren't these metal and. Right okay I'll I'll. The next question I have is for every patient seen insulation. I know we live down in Louisiana and tie. Now what do I have to insulate the walls have metal buildings meant. Another barrier between the walls of my house in order to inflation and all my house would be sufficiently. Yes but how the position you don't actually have that you'd the walls of the battle though. I know you may choose to do that group boasts situation bouncing like this notable order. The took credit billing billable sort of in house and he used it for garage or storage or workshops and things like that so. You do debate want to have some inflation walls and ceiling to battle Billick could go back but you have Abbott and lecture Walter house on the Ottawa. Okay runs their unit on awkward now between the cockpit contract can be about there and here and see what they say. Up Oakland or you're the crowd. You know that that the problem was I get Qatar charts are up but it's. So Bridget on Coke oven or a million or. There are political so not much. And come back Lee on Europe next and then also while we are of these commercials I'm go back and beat your church into going to the Sox. For the top caller we we brought the show so we'll be right back confidence. Welcome back to the home from she'll do we. Will be. Good morning. Alia. I'll I'll live on the all sure. A war reference geothermal. East cease system. That is 26 years ago that's the good news that lasted that long the bad news is it's no longer cool. Which you and placing replacing that would been now that geothermal system. Arch is going to pay regular. Conditions system. Geothermal and might mean little block when it comes to efficiency and comfort. Insecurity. Of the secret structure of the water source or you play. Not but equipment I'll go back with a book which eat up because I'm a huge. And they eat here like oh. Opened at an industry and they've earned that right just because they're sort and as the current think you know move their capacity at the output after receipt. They'll know what they're expecting you know but an increase in. Because they're content using the but as you note temperature. In the cup cup and throw you to Europe. We were war. Okay what exactly work then I have a war before this would you recommend water for assault which government and other brands geothermal system. But what are since it's an epic. That are related to work remote com grow your or ordered people in the war arts and then what are the core problem. OK so much. So good luck for the report thanks I'll. Buy it day. Pressure on call OK so there's. A show that the real short and never get all your old calls it tax. Aren't all just. Oh we will be back on next Saturday at our. Well and the well except that you can ask. Your question them or in the income. Can't possibly which is on something important to America and I'm giving her Gucci all als Facebook's site. Should question their mood to your question. Throughout the week. And if you give minorities in the face looks like the look the easiest way to you a maneuver through it and spotted. Is actually go to our website call Al dot com. What took home page quick on the has bookmark on. The pop right in our old age of all I'll start on in the blue grit you know to teach you shoot. Facebook's site and you can. Culture question bear. And why your pol so if you're looking for any local professionals. It would sell you products or forms services. That your whole it's a great place without the funny local professional. Home improvement a crucial it would com and help you with your own groups like. Also what ya Paul I'll cite they're somewhat close and so you're Europe do so for. Hey this spot so you know. You know what does all of reference to blog postings you can actually you know. Peruse and insert our blog postings for anything the bigger picture editor but there post with all the based site. And I'll be happy to address that weighs in maybe future. Blog posting old entry in your questions so I had no question. Prop two and one Richard people who do companies in it to it and the electric truck. So you know there is also Kolb. You can push questioned Petraeus sorry. As always an issue that goes bye week to. That's what a great questions or to the beacons and our guys. You and your home cruise questions or did you positions copper. And you know that slot. In reference investigations and build homes. In my training interpretations. Walk past what you so that we can make some better informed decisions. As we are making changes to our home or go to new homes and a couple -- college and then we'll go in the new pals. And our utility cost. Or are hard knocks. I am sure you got a hearty to Google and and you called you hold that makes even more so what should be called bubble a watcher you 2 o'clock be reasonable. A suit could be clean indoor air quality debris tree view your family. And also would be concerned about building or go Pete problems. Richter house and then Booker comes in in the gulf so. But were related to moisture. And they could be a number forms a more could be wearing more could be coral warm moisture. It could be water vapor does the abortion that year. Cancel all these factors come in the audience we are. What the mic and it's your exit canals or for Google preparing orders and court construction. I'll sleep much seizures that you would warrant under construction. At supposed to come back later in correcting it. But it it you don't need more so when Cutler while in theory a series of inspections. Or bogus for the forensic investigations. But the actual service we offer great consulting. And will be having an opportunity to offer that service or use. So we'll learn more about our copy go to upgrade could open dot com. War you can call opera and number here's Erica economics five. Or are. When he won 28 and will be parked helped you or direct you to resource research itself. A great weekend complex and all our. Don't accept me 10 o'clock have a great weekend and also only. Or is sent.