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If folks welcome back seat you approved so we're at the second half were when we know it the second half but today we end at 1130. The coast of sports so if you question. And what can nail that you wouldn't give me call that 2601870. That's couple 42601. Point seven war. He can submit text that it's seventy and opened up the show at the 10 o'clock hour of talk about how some folks have helped me early in the this past week in the freeze. From a mechanical problem with my truck I was I was up town of trauma to packet element. Did have tools and didn't have resources and transportation to get to from the you know typical buy parts. And and you know these two. Jovan helping out now listen this is the Qatar for us to help out others too so. Rebel for the break or talk with Johnny Johnny was opened. One of his two in the papers about insulate pipes. I don't water heater inside the attic and also you know some other previously he could do anything how are sure use it it's just a phone call. And you say AM home with SharePoint Demetriou Katie needy thing. It is that would really make that person Hoover's special. Where they eat something and not so good opportunity to vote. And identify where you can serve others so while. You know. Good thing to do it right that it backed a couple of Tex is open to a great jobs in the instant text that they keep on coming. 87870. That see. Paul compare attic insulation. Is spray from the roof better than batting insulation at the ceiling. EE yes. And though so look what kind of talk about that. The advantage of having a spray foam product applied at the roof line incorporating a semi condition attic space. That's gonna attempt to control and more should control while your recognition doc quirk in equipment is within that attic. Is a phenomenal combination when it's done right. I so it was a lot of like to that us humans to and it does a lot of different premise that we talk about here in the show quite often vote equipment sizing. And to do with existing installations at the ceiling if it's an existing housing is improved. We're about gas appliances robotics Austrians and docking. You know what they get to that right now but all of let's and presume it's done right. Compare to the attic that that the to the outside it's cuts confidence in jubilant fans are Richmond's whatever the ventilation is in the ceiling insulation to Sicily with traditional insulation. Here's the disadvantage of that approach. Is we're putting our air conditioned doc work in our air conditioning equipment. Up in the hottest part of anything that's around this region because your attic easily get. 120 plus degrees of it is about 640 under 45 degrees and we were asking. That air condition system to work those very harsh conditions. Element is that a problem with the intense heat. It's always so problem with moisture because as the air conditioning running in the dark quirk in the equipment keep cold. In the team's run for long periods of time it stays cold around that high error at a care. You can reach two point in those cool surfaces can dance and drug war. So it it's you know when you're asking which were performed better. When you're reckons equipment is in your in your Toppert is in the attic a semi condition attic space works for a better. Then. A traditionally meant to addict it's installations at the ceiling when you're this equipment quirks located in that it takes place. So hopefully that if you question. Let's go to a and other texts. Oh here's if this is response topic we're talked about earlier. One of the callers. Data called it and talked about Tom multiple about why why why's that risk. That we need to use sanitize a war for the consumer Russia team with a Coke with it in times like this more pressure drops and you know we're talking about all the implications of when that water pressure. Of that water system decreases what happens and why it's why it's a risk a health risk in this this text responses hey. That's why like with a in the North Shore I have my own water well Campbell who troop plan or bow low water pressure. And that's true because as it's not a community water system you have your own individual system but let me say this city when you have your own individual water system. You've as the homeowner or accept the responsibility. To maintain that water well and that water that comes in your home so he never had it done you probably shoot. You know consult with some folks like a normal water in have you wanna test it. In getting antsy if there's any contaminants particulates or anything that needs to be removed from the protector family. Yeah yeah I agree due to who want pressures won't ship opposite break. Is is not an issue. It's different for more about it you know any chemicals. To you know. Used to man the filtered fact a lot of wheel wells you were little short. Have to have some form filtration. Depending on what you're Nevis and in every war world and every reach and every one aquifers different. That's what like work with the folks at no water because you know have a one size fits all filter they'll test your water and tell you what's in it and tell you how to filter it and you've Europe proposal for the products that they offer in order addressed your concerns. You know it works on it no water filters my house. In and out on bottled war on community system. And help whole house filter as well as they on in my kitchen sink oh reverse osmosis types of the men talk later good Paula coffee. And that makes a great pot of coffee when user group the good filtered war. That's going to Dayton and other texts. Oh his one have a grudge for that every Thomas sweep a lot of white powders swept up. Pollard doesn't stop how and I see you before. Well. Let me tell you what's happening here that that is you have some moisture beneath her concrete slab of your garage and the more street is migrating a port. It's leaching some of the salts in the country it up and it looks like little. Large. Granular some of salt reference so. Your first on defense is to stop. The water from getting in city gets the edge of yours lab. You know you want a source controls that you'll that would put some gutters and divert those those spots away from your foundation. Machida get a positive rate of dirt ground out and it should foundation. So when it rains wanted to sit against the concrete but he gets diverted away from it because of the rate of the but the school in the grass. Landscaping. So this could be first on offenses were patrol. You can watch it dries you can try and put a Tea Party pox he sealer on it. Their there's lot of products out there that. Like or decks like MC rap or X two part epoxy. You can view that it does no guarantees that solve a completely. Upbeat because. You know the belief and not the pressure. One of pick apart from the slab up. Off from. Hydrology of anything can actually be pretty well so it's possible that he coupon approximate net solve your problem. Are listened to go to commercial break come back will continue answering your text in your phone calls to comment. At 8787 you can call 2601 points that we have to talk to you Buren pack that's. Welcome back to the home from show let's go straight to phone lines and speak with mark came Mike good morning. Welcome to the show. Followed. And Mike good morning and now. I'm fine. Thought I'd probably wanted to protect it the problem Iraq War it is. Africa that it looked like somebody. Put some product and it murderer something like front in the war and it's okay if likely I'll. Well I I'm not a all report. If you try to catch the country with like some erratic Qassam claimed that way. But I. Oh okay. And it went. Up like that please you know you know clean. The like no it who opt out. Pot marks and you know hope and let it won't pop. OK so I think you'd have to two choices here one you have to get all at farm powdery up in May take the effort of getting a chop back and really suck it up. Including that. That concrete as clean image tries possible. You can view the two part of pox is that I mentioned or com. Which I think problem would look best. And or the other thing is you can talk with a floor company and they control on a lack of floor patch. It you can you can use on that I think that you pox it would look and in function better. It amuses you or Iran does not note. That my people. You know so we'll. OK but to pocket that day or are. Yes good like that like I held painting get that. You know don't get just to grow rice playing. You one of our robust two point epoxy that they are different Grey's equality that product. Yeah. Our. Thank you appreciate it have protect the caller. Let's take a look at some of these tax and his horses pay of just tentative. He'd have a wife states that usually if freezing weather did not experience frozen pipes like for instance. Ski resorts in Opel freeze of all time and he you know Whittle the airport frozen pipes well here's the thing is they're burying their one alliance deeper in the ground below the freeze apart. And when the water pipes after he entered the building. You don't bring them on the outside the building actually bring him when you saw the bill like basements. In the in typically those basements or warm enough where. They're at they're not. You know does all the pipes to freeze so how we bring water into their buildings at different oh we bring war was in our building and also the depth of you know that that the depth of of the pipe in relation to view the frost or freeze upon the ground. Which you know it never gets colder here an awful. Or long enough yet frozen ground so you have that normally problem. But and also the other part to news is the host pipes and those bibs. They have hose bibs with recess valves that. Although the handle is outside. It would connect the garden hoses outside there's a long distance stadium with a stand itself with a waters that. Is recessed into walls and therefore you'll never freeze. You can get those here yet the world that not in stock yet the war room. But from. You know hit it it's their their union very deep wall in order route to make it work. Elf are Ers select the exact location of those groups are. In order to make work he gets some additional depth like. They broke off on a shot or where there's a void on the show that will be that you can kind of make that which fiscally fit within eight to both works true wall. In its something else is as the folks up north. There walls to a six are there to date some arms and start there or two before sometimes too but six effect or 286. To allow for additional installation. Which allows for some these systems on describing. To prevent those pipes from freezing. And at Seton other some other text. Should the water filters be changed. You know it's possible they could have got some bad microbes in them. Yet you know what. It if that was an issue for me out concern about the water and you have a what a filter. The bombings are I think double coated in changing. If Tom and Melissa do a lot of things very pro practiced him point. A protecting my family myself and that's something that if their if you know that. There's. Wearable and Uga some concerns about microbes bombings go ahead and change those filters. And and protect yourself there's. There's nothing wrong with doing that yes the cost you on the little money that you know that you're safe which you drink water. Next next. Is it necessary to insulate pipes in the attic or doesn't attic typically stay warm enough that the pipes will not freeze yet and yes typically an attic the causes and off communication canard ceiling for a house. And our attic floor there addicts stay warm enough or pipes typically don't freeze in the attic but doesn't mean they can't freeze enemies typically they don't freeze. Company can't deacons to freeze I have seen pipes in addicts freeze before. So. Did they or could be there are sometimes. Under long. Durations where it's below freezing. Where pipes and addicts either even though your attic is warm because it's leaking hot air miles and the addict. It's too cold enough to. All of those pipes freeze so. You know if you have a concern again insulation is very reasonable cost. Which top out that the pipe insulation. In those apartments which apparently pipes. I don't quite know why the plumbers don't do that from the very beginning they don't com but. It's very peaceful and pink and cost you know if you if you yours and I insulating you want to insulate them. You know wait for the salute frenzy to get past it and let the vote the hardware stores and poems while houses you know restock their inventory. Go bought a product that you can insulate those for reasonable you don't need to Olmert your attic. And would you be surprised it does take a lot of time the key here is make sure you're funding. I'd matching the insulation to the right size diameter pipe. I don't get something stupid there are too small which doesn't cover completely. Our folks that's the end of the show. We are being preempted by sports poll we ought to be back on that Saturday at 10 o'clock would love to talk Q then if you need me to be Tom. Go to our FaceBook site Paul's house has to pay to post your question there. God bless have a wonderful day.