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Good morning everyone tap the 72 yes welcome to the home from showed human indicates seventy. This is where we talk about. Energy efficiency. Comfort. Moisture problems repairs to your house it's it's all for discussion we normally do it all between now what 12 o'clock The Today Show. He's gonna end at 1130 so you know one of things we always talk about the in the derby shows is site. Always trying to achieve call an early in the in the reason for that is because we we get a stack up the phone calls or text and teach their remotes question and you know that's always my goal is to it the to keep your nation. And response you questions and you taxi you can hope he makes good decisions so good choices and to your in reference to your project. But agreed to a thirty minute shorter than we normally are. And in I just again please text early at 8787. Or call in early. At 260187. Sucking you two you are once questions as much as possible and I know things are warming up today you may not be doing in the outdoor projects. Or or maybe your maybe you you've ticked two point what you're saying listen up I am I'm tremendously to us exposed pipes because I knew we'd get another freeze coming up. Two renowned in the winter and I would be you know protected or a got to bust a pipe when he repair it. Or you know takes a proactive steps in reference to news. Work on your home in elects a communal apartment or Condo Clinton camp. Well office building doesn't matter who we we left talk about all of it Michael here is to view the information. And offer my opinions they help you with your project in the could be which steps to take or what we're products to use. Or maybe you need help with identifying. A professional. To do that you know hey listen I don't have the time to do it or don't have the skill set. Or balloon nervous when harp professional I I can. Trying to help you connect you with some those professionals. That offer those types purposes so. Don't wait. Call mail text mail they'll announce a good time we don't have anybody on the phone system. Yet you know their company and they're dialing in the L so 2601878. Also was a nails a great targets Saturday and I know most of assault working today it you know at a a vacation would maybe work for a miles or not. And it's almost working now a new. Before that we can put. Nails a good time to go to check when you're neighbors. Particularly if their elderly. Good to see the need anything you know which has really really cold weather. Maybe it's a family member or friend you would give my call and ask how things are to be needing the thing. You know it's it is is a great time. Two schools serve others particularly because. We've had some extreme weather is that we are not used to here in the south and they may be some some seats out there that you conserve and in and help those people and do that. It is that we're reminded me of asking you this is in telling you this is. And it's you know trying to employ you don't. Go out and serves on of people chuckled on the show there okay. He is because would have to be early in the week this past week thousand batteries I was teaching and it was. The cope with it got really nasty cold like it did everywhere in the gulf south and I actually got stuck in Baton Rouge. The Mike classes ultimately got canceled with the university got shut down. But they can shut it demo too late Tuesday night and it was Ari after dark it was already below freezing. Where was and ID when a risky near the rose at night with ice. And I said you know oil and Ari had a hotel promise of a mistake in the hotel. I'll leave early in the morning and what once he gets a mostly get the W Mormon not some ice and it'll Rosa controls safely. Which I did ultimately a state in boundaries in a woke up Wednesday morning. You know took a couple coffee Pacman stuff go check out and ready to go in my truck wouldn't start. I have an old sixteen year old diesel truck that's been. Very faithful to me over the years however it doesn't like cold weather and it was twelve degrees what we're trying to start this'll diesel engine. And it is it. You just wouldn't happen here if I didn't have started flew with me. Never really needed for a truck so uncle back to the hotel and incidental lobbying in this it while you wait until this into wants a little bit mid air warm up. And had to beat Jim in there that is symmetric coughing and he couldn't work that day he Smart tales from Texas. Mike was his name Michael worked at Dave because you were to to a field and in the plane he was working that was. You know promus frozen over prosecutions were close to sit him in I'll bring you an auto parts store help you it's installer for which he did. It took us over power to get to the auto parts store is only ten miles down the road because of the group conditions of roads and bridges being closed and when not that. He was kind enough to bring me to note what store gets stuck fluid give back try to get the engines started. We burned to the starter motor and in the meantime so he took me back a yen to the auto parts store to buy starter. And then. It just listen I'm laying on the my truck I'm lane on ice on my back. And the wind is blowing in dirt is increase in particles in jokes flying everywhere in my eyes and take the start about Rauf. And Mike's son comes up says hey I'll help you with that I'm a mechanic. That's it meant fantastic I can feel my fingers anymore crap about the so he slugged crawls he's a truck. It helps teach things must ordered he be on the road it allows me to you take the long trek home. From boundaries that a house. Taken back roads and traffic and take my Tom because by service so. Anyway listen. I I know there's two Jumbo was sent. Help me god sent them because I needed help and if schools and in your transportation. In my hands or cramping up. I just I need some assistance so nail is a great time. For cute quote chuck and your family members. Yeah chuck when your neighbors reach out some friends seat in the neat thing is he's a great time to do it and it's always a good company. You know what when things like that when people come and help you could always you know. Reminds me I need to serve others more so there's Qatar are listened to to go to cover spread come back almost punished you questions. Remember we each week shut down the show at 1130 today so call in early 2601878. A semi Texas it's updates have that left Tokyo but you approve projects or help you with some comfort so we'll be right back up this don't go to winner. Welcome back CD home improvement show where were in action questions relating to. And I think it's at your house immunity could be repairs left school plummeting into the comfort problems admit it's caught two product. Maybe you you're you're pinning something as. You your you gotta faucet that's you know give you trouble since the freeze or. You just you repair broken pipes you would protect you pipes from Keaton from a bursting. Its open for discussion. In anything you have in reference to your home your business war you were weekend house so. But given the numbers 2601870. And has a great on the caller this question. We can some some tax at 8787 it would look the hear from you so when tickle look at a couple text says when draining your Warner heater. For a four for the purpose of freeze is a necessary necessary turn the war hero off. It it's it's not it's not the search turned aborted hero because when you drain the water from the plumbing pipes your house. He's who have water inside the tank if it's a tank water heater if it's attacked with some steel in it story in the water. And you'll have to turn to boarding you'd Rauf it's not it's it's not gonna burn up the water heater the longest of water in sought the tank. Typically it's not a far as it is laws as water inside that I. And so you know draining the tank that you shouldn't have to worry about it mail. From a energy efficiency standpoint. You may choose to go to if for instance if that's the gas water heater. At the top and about you may choose to take it on and provincial policy. How how would turn it off Hubble putting Pollack. In let me tell you why I would turn off particularly if it's an old water heater a deathly it would turn off because lighting that joke or backup is a pain in the neck. Some come to wipe backup and sometimes they don't. You know they're they're been Tom's what do they have to take it all part in order to keep that I guess according to life back optically order water heaters. So if you leave in the politics. Then it doesn't really turn it off produced dozens to border keep the hot inside the tank and Wendy. Awarded in in your house and you flushed out all the air when not if you're bring back up and you put it back to the preset temperature you had to that. And you comport with that in and that typically were troubled well if it's electric human trough the breaker. You can't there's there's nothing sir nothing Rome tournament that's that's easy easy thing to do. Let me get to eight never text. I. Here's a good helpful tech says pages left in these ace hardware on them and road. These two have plumbing supplies several site checked out in cities sold out. So can you palms supplies this person found some supplies if he stays home where when ailment rooted. Another text. Gas in my subdivision is not an option. I have three forced air heaters their ten years old or the new heat pumps much more economical mailed these days. Will they have been some improvements in efficiency becomes their mission and also heat three pops. Heat. Paul is always more energy efficient. Then he forced air heat elect electric strip resistance heat but he pop actually is form or superiors and you efficiency that electric repeating. So if you have a look to repeating what a great that you pump that'll be a huge savings. On heating side. And in fact 00 up on the calculations many times over the years. Double put up a well installed he popped. That's prop with his arm saws installed right. Tuesday well designed in such right installed gas furnace and you Fonda the image efficiency to each other real the real close to each other. So he pumps or very efficient and yes they have improved over the years because as the efficiency of the air conditioned rooms increases so does the efficiency of the heap. So it and and then typically you can give. Also improved or greater than minimum standards or the gas furnace and it's good efficiencies on the whispers to and a guest is not available subdivision. And policy next next. How well built home. Well insulated Rick well three sides electric bills hit foreign plots in the summer and winter house's 4000 square feet. Panel quite understand your question and maybe you're thinking table connect you for energy efficiency. Well when we talk about improving energy efficiency. You know these sort of on a party we kind of go through it was as we almost look at. Heating cooling your house is the first thing negatives OK let's look at the efficiency equipment looks look at how are you systems is on. How it's installed. Do you have any duck leaks do you have good air flow as a prop with design docs so duck leaks and equipment the first good two things the things that it is well. Also you you look at the insulation in the attic. The Christopher do you give more heat coming from your attic into your home that you due to the exterior walls and let's get lots and lots of costs and that's the story. Also look at domestic quarter heating and appliances electronics. These are all things in order priority that we stored in. Stoke on people's homes of it would may be contributing to. High utility bills also this will report is one important pop runs all the time. I'd then that's are also big consumer. In the with temperatures keeping house you know discuss the houses will go well insulated. Keep in sixty degrees in the summer. It you can use a lot of money that he that the cooler house saying things in the winter if you keep your house to. Are you to recommend temperatures in the in the winter right now during the day I keep my house at 68 at night will load a few degrees and bring it back up to 68. Because that night you talked about you get blankets on you'll need to keep the house that ought. You know if you're ultimately won a little warmer hey I'd get that you know was on a new folks at. Keep their house at seven years have to wonder when the one winter thus far this note this cost associated with that. Let's see hum listen to phone costs he got a couple calls it comment. And I'll get back semi tech's keep those tax covenant it 7870. Let's speak with being an 8 game good morning welcome to show are gonna help. Franco frank as far as they frank I'm sorry frank good moment. You know morning and how are you I have very diesel engine just like you. And 0:4 AM and eleven and both of them have been engine block heaters. Which just look BN when it gets below thirty degrees. And that's a deadly usury and and block heater and or Europe go look working. The glow plugs are. They are working and Francis. House at a hotel there was no way to target to block. An engine leader. Yes it is an incident to. And elicited this engine is this is not my first is often diesels in the past. This goes to opt out on to their percents and a lot of miles on it and it's never ever let me fail. Oh it's. Well less than twelve degrees in in she's old and and I did it she liked the room is cold tease you want to. But you know if I if I had ether to begin with before Burton was on which part is that. Poker poker but but no grant what I guess a lot. Yes then you did it in the engine block heater would. I don't want to toot and I mean it that it's like used to use it starts up immediately and you've got he'd inside when you dropped two blocks. Exactly which does not Brett Cecil the diesel engine right about that rocked the great thank you herb and frank are Priscilla RQ. All right let's go to day and hey Dan good morning welcome to show. You. A charge you this time about promise us. That the two questions would have been full of very easy it don't drink water yeah okay well our Ted yesterday. It was that caused by the fear of germs in your house or someone told you some sort of chemical. Reason that they. Didn't want to walk viewed at a. It's so boot the reason for any ball advisory is win the water pressure gets lower than fifteen pounds eat eat eat beets automatically by the states that you have to start doing some testing. And yet the advise the folks boil water for at least one minute for the consumer. Here's the story behind that what here's the why behind that. Is because every water treatment plant is adding some form of of supplementing chemicals twelve water at the sanitize it. And in order for the and it's all automatically. Injected into water so when the water pressure gets lower. The injection. Actually in some cases not always has some cases either can occur and put too much of the chemicals and supplements into it. And you'll have a you know it too much of of operation to water in the in the chemicals or not enough. So is it all the bill balance of that system of of that water being sanitized. Is burst on a certain range of pressure when it gets below that pressure. That can happen the other part of that when he gets below that pressure is that the system can this parts of the system where they're breaches. Break your breaks the pipes can back watch in deep into the system the water system to pick up contaminants that way. By having some of some siphoning of water that was never intended to be enough plumbing pipes he gets sucked in because we don't have an precious are those of the two big reasons. Why we ample water marchers. Okay because I was wondering why they say only one minute to block that because I would think it would might be enough of he. Two. Killed a lot of germs and. The bacteria yeah. Syria. I think it's I think is bacteria related however. We're we're getting to part of my education that that is don't know enough about the relief to the comment. If that one minute to minute or thirty seconds left I just know that caused when the newborn what you consume it that that's the. It was a bit. But Tbilisi in this prominent. I was always like three minutes and articulate bright Syria. So. They got you know bill as would write home mobile shot that was well. Here and very good in chemical treat. You Deanna. I need to go back up to its induced break ups are Eric I can't comment any further by appreciate it and maybe I don't know what that. One minute rule is why that may be the case that a ticket that seem like a fun out some additional relations though. Hey we gotta go to a news Breck will be right back after this. Welcome back to the show Soo glad you're listening to you that video production. Keeps those techs coming in the footsteps and get back to those the moment it except me sadly. Which can call 2601 a seventy. Also despite a moderate but it would be in the show today at 1130 deet sports. So what are short showed two days ago which in the call and get back to use some of these text. Since PayPal can you recommend someone to replace front the war in frame and also a garden so. Sold the levees you know public wrecked YouTube website it's Paul's house. Dot com. That's Paul's pals that come this is a website that I put together probably year your have to go back to help. Folks like like yourself looking for. Licensed and insured professionals. Or just you know professionals in their trade but folks I've worked with over the years who have recommended these certain type of improvements. And he knew their their local professionals. A lot sporting local mom and pop businesses are almost small mom and pop organization. As well it's not dislikes importance of this as. And you know was granted the folks in the home improvement industry. Normally don't do very good job promoting themselves you know I'm I'm guilty of that myself. And you know again this website is free there's no cost for use the consumer to go to it. It's very simple. You couldn't Paul cells that com you put in your your location your region. He's slick what type of professional trader looking for such in this case you know looking for someone to change. The front door. In the frame you would go to contractors. And you would see like for instance premier southern builders strode mile. Charlie is that your house. Employees that would do that type. A project. He also is they've licensed insurer general contractor who he can you know like a Beth motivation that's but it takes for your court and so forth in addition or even new construction so there. There are lots and lots of folks that are on that site on Paul's house website you can help you with your home improvement. Projects so I hope that works for you. So. The good to the next texts. In this Tex always grows on our here's the next. Paul I have some virgins that cracked in the interior my home. Sure call the fix some corporate. And actually had to read this text currency to dispel that again Obama refer you to Paul's house that com. And you would look under contractors and Charlie Hewlett premier seven. Those certainly be a good candidate for this and then also we. You probably look at what may have caused. That those two which aims to crack you know was a movement of foundation you may have to have someone look at the foundation C if there's some movement there or at least. While. Like. It's a contractor he can look at other. Or cheek look at other portions of heroes the seat. If there's movement like crack she rocker maybe you windows and doors of the windows and doors are part of opening close. That there's of the telltale signs that what could be. So potential. Movement in your foundation. So. Yeah hopefully that works. That's tax which are opinion on Tex pipes dispose speed better pipes from freezing most will be it will not burst. When it he freezes out like X by. It is better. Went in because it has ability to expand. In freezing temperatures like this I would never say it would not burst when it freezes. I would say to expand greater than traditional. Obviously they copper or PVC pipe or other public galvanized pipe however I think depending on the circumstances. I think that there are some risk. Where you know exploit discussion expired in does that mean you need to protect it. If it was me up we're protected with some form. I installation team order to. Reduced my risk or even try to prevent that from bursting. When freezing temperatures. Are listened to go to commercial break come back Asik a copy all have called an okay continue to recently texts Keaton comedy 7870. And also here couple folks on the phone will get to our first one. Right at this course recruit replica that is. Welcome back is fruitless goes straight lines beat Sam Sam good morning. North questioned by its cancellation late structured Beckett got what are not one but let that we have now. But the ball well. At ground level and we have a public abroad. And you get down to like one degree temperatures. What I wonder about my plan laws what to do like sand which. Copper and I would shop picture and it by ward door so to speak. Which law that would limit which went to about four. And insulated now we have leapt out from a construction site. We got some gets on board. Which is a little bit critic Richard about four. Or diplomatic incident which toward. I could use regular bat insulation the problem is. He kept you from the outside and Portuguese and watched that anyway so you'd like back insulation and air. Art that get so that way out would be grown and so forth while Margaret is that dents well. I've just stick. Our seats outs are well. Which would get it would be ought to like that compared to bat. So. The art value arranged for a I dance or what what Polly crisis. Or seven range so it's higher in chebaa. And that steps into that so what do my idea. Cute one civics from outside of I mean to six about four. It would be but that is what that then about it. Yeah so you your writ of foam board idea between seventeen between the framing his force appeared that conventional. Our race cancellations. Good its debts like stuff. You know it's not get on board in game it's not your regular British ball board. It's like rabbit is at stansted are all and that's what Smart fortunate were a probability application. Yeah I think it it would work well it's a publicly update. Factor in addition to be on board didn't bat so well let me tell that process exam. To want to bet. About Q you do sign. Great phone call appreciate the call. All right listen we'd go to commercial break and come back wouldn't speak with mark index of Marvin hang on don't hang up we'll be right back up illness. Well what too early to say I'm sorry Martin let's go with you nail good morning. A bit more and good money if I'm calling tick and you give you information on how you operate eight. Are pleased that my property. And it's solid you know soul out twenty years and I wanna give it inoperable would've been consistent and you don't know about. How you do it in cold cold and things of that nature. So you want to abandon the old wood burning may stray far place that you want to insert. AA. That was fireplace in it with a logs that he's a. Yet he oral right now that fireplaces is not topple malicious. A whole board structure from the bottom or we Google is now topple ball went up an army apple. It. So. If you wanna keep that makes every day structure that's there nail. You didn't have to keep the Internet that flew. Lines in typically it's like with the off off our record terror countless leave that slide dale and the route between each one of the joints is there is users stalling it. Did that in the prologue set underneath it cannot sleep like pepper and incorporate some form a damper on there. Typically goes so far please join him and dampers. Incorporated heparin closes. Obviously when you're not using the the far walks. So that's the could be the only thing you can do in order to bring it back to use it and it's safe. Where it's it's that could be far hazard. Well like. All ago and media that typically it's a costly proposition. Oh. Out of court and I. Don't know. For Obama in coal weapons. Typically you know but I have seen them lives in Amherst and the conditions. Now in our climate and the likelihood that it braking problems are little. But I have seen him operate like the fittings the local level like this does yet mind. While at. City. Yeah that breast and it broke. Yeah it out right. Yes so I would even by hip that's piping about you about going in isolated in. Yes as they lower chance bursting in the might experience. But it's it's risk instantly switched to eat. Okay thank you want. To thank you have great that receive phone call right. John we beat rate to immerse them RE RST it is now. Workers say we can break him John Europe next opponent where. Who come right back that is. Welcome back to the home improvement show let's go to the phone lines and speak with Johnny Johnny thank you for older and on good morning. Like oh my ego Iron Man. Let it is what he's doing great service to our community I think it's like got into don't think there will be but. You know. Yeah not great question. And here but I'm the only woman on chip it. Wrap our pipes up in the attic on law and outlaw the you do both sides reduce the cold either. Yeah I mean it could you both sides broke it. If she means that precinct votes on beef on. In fact. You know what I. One. At that own. Problem. You don't know I don't know I don't. The only part you know be careful what Johnny's eyes as you're putting insulation because guess what yours is on the run an issue. As the one pipe leaves the top of that Hank. Yeah it's it's close to the hot flue pipe right here with an insulation Altria. Next few days in part because the Likud. Built a barn and what you properly but at least three pitches but it is throwing away from that the plight witnessed. All right and then one other thing she definitely eat a lot of outside you know very slight. You mean what should she expect the paper that the plumber you know just sit there. It's not forget it there and it was she gently but what does this storm anyway you know the three. So is Innophos hours here at the Tokyo like you know stick yeah. Absolutely. You know what here's our best thing wait for all these broken pipes to be Phoenix has been back to normal in. Premium. Prop up the service call. Who knows you know but Tom cells that that would hurt you know which surprised me. It was on. People and it's thanks tolerates no vacuum forming yet but you got. It back. You. I got a great voice their reasons guys that the extent let me let us. Are you folks problems. Listen we just clear the couple line to. Ending the show at 1130 today so now's a good time to get on an answer questions on that 2601 point seven. What concerns more tax day Pete 77 which. When we turn to a couple of text whose. Mean to open sentiment today so thank you for doing that. Here's one says the north west wall. Or one story house but lots of cold air doing this past week houses on the slab expert from the air what's the best way to insulate. Well pretty. Here's the thing it's. If it's air that's come against the northwest walls do you have any sports wins that's come through this cold weather in your feeling at a lot because the outside temperatures. Is really really cold in the its odds warm and that's typically what obese few air leaks in drafts the most is over door in the winter and an expert on the summer. And you you have two things are now he's fully asleep yet your sealant and I don't know how you can do that. Home without either take off the brick into a from the outside or taken off the sheet rock. Into an a from the inside. So she just putting. Oh look like France's or some companies that can't cut a hole in your she rock between each individual stood and pop insulation into it. But it's a loose fill insulation and yet they condensed packet and yes it will reduce some of the air does that reduce all of it. So the only way to really do this effectively use air sealing it. In insulating it which means you either get that they're off the brick on the outside and make improvements there. Take off the Chirac on the inside and make improvements there which would be like an open so product or close self almost almost more so. I hope that helps. Listen we you're gonna go to the top our news woman come back. We still got a hold of a thirty minutes of the show left to do so keep your questions coming via text. And also calling in and will be right back to the home Caruso after his brief break. Here on the Bill Gates that need to be utopia.