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Welcome back to the second hour of the home provincial here in the negate seventy. You know Benson in the quad Q text so let me start reading in entering some of those texts. City. Here's the first texas' will put caused my route to sag between the rafters looking at it from the outside. Don't have any readers leaks. And I don't have a problem with moisture. All right so there's a couple of reasons why you may have some sagging between the rafters. He he could beat the space senior rafters of two for park for the weight that's on top of it. It could be that the thickness of your roof decking use tooth in his flexing between the though the rafters. And it also could be that you could have too much when they're maybe have multiple layers. Both as a singles you know. When you teach root replace you an option. Removing this coaching wasn't on the limit all of the respecting. Replacing him with new or some people take the option the other option would be to add another layer singles on top of it. In leave the ex the original layers still there and some weight. Andy and I'm sure that's what happened here not that that could also cause some sagging to the rafters. So and you know is on you tell me you don't approve leaks and tell me you or moisture problem some group the Eagles aren't. So on this route to going back to the structural standpoint of users can be rafter spacing. The thickness if you respecting or it's too much weight so that this revealed things it really Camby. Right it was going to another text. I have a cries for. Every semi sweet I have white powder this swept up. His or something that conceal with if so what so that white powdery you're looking at. If it's it's it's almost a consistency of salt granules of salt. And that is teaching of the of the of the country from the moisture in these so really your first on defense. To prevent that after lessons from coming up. It is to try and draw your concrete slab meaning prevent water. Come sitting on these on these edges of it as an amateur here having this problem route slept. Or pieces parts and I don't know the age in the country. You know or if it had a a ground comparable quarter of the concrete place. If it's if you if you had a ground cover like a plastic sheeting. Like this clean and it's you know 3544 or five years old he he could be that they've grown covers deteriorating slugging moisture content through. He could be that water is sitting on the outside edgier slab. Because the pitcher the slope of the ground in slowing the concrete edges absorb that moisture and that's why you and some leaching. As soon you first on defenses trying to solve your moisture problem. That you can try and seal it. I'm not sure how successfully you dispute that I have sums it depends on how the severity of problem. It was not too bad you can certainly see it that I would use the a two party proxy. Page in concealed with that you wanna make sure you get a clean you when you you may have to reach demand practiced corrections. But it took on a pox before you apply that to decent etching first it's drawing. But you know there's some to put a pox is out there needs to see you concrete foundation with you're slapped with a and that that would. That may help. It's Selig keeps you a no pretexts. Well Paul what's the best way to cover and ugly. Status in the block storefront at. All right so cinder blocks it obviously. You can always payment you that you but a match you with something better than that. So you have a couple choices. You can and serve supply. A Stucco veneer on it and that the route you pretty good modern update look. You can put different textures within that Stucco you know you can use different size aggregates. You know if you want if you wanna ball you look you can use a larger aggregate and do different swirls when you do in the finishing what connects he's a very fun accurate. And you make it look like stone almost. You can also. Frame they walled in front of it and you can do some episodic like I assume it's his his James Hardie siding. You can do rich traditional brick and here at the small opera. But at queen's house or king sized brick so you have some options on front to update. That storefront to make it look more modern and away from that seem law. Wall. Them to go to a nova tech's actions from mr. Thomas mr. Thomas called earlier saying he's got some water dripping in his kitchen sink. And and when things this textures that justices to hear from from the water in the same. While he turns on the corpse disposal the seat he can look for a leak there. And hope what's the voucher still listening which. That don't give you some opens advice right now the text. How pay a plan in the paint the inside for concrete floor slab. What were flopping things fast actually I think keep me. If you go to paying you wanna use in a teapot a proxy play or you may consider using a stain. I really like stains that you can go with a transparent stain sees from the character in differentiating of the concrete coming through in different techsters. Oh or you may wanna go take a costing the complete koppers in the mix things specifically concrete or if you want to use a paint you can use a two point. Epoch Steve Pate. Are so what's text there listened keeps at it as Texas a 7870. Also if you have a question you know 12601. It's having to go to commercial brick welcome back. Wilson and some some questions for the folks hanging on mr. hurt a senior backed up you be up next will be right back to this. Welcome back to the show this goes strictly for alliances because apparently missed herb you know we're talking before a launch a connection should get a couple more questions. Yeah. On dipped it in the pupil and in the there the man he's got to give. On want to make sure that was not meant to be aware. And liars. Yes so. You wouldn't make sure would not know the spacing BC rejoice missed our viewer to make sure you'd decking is thick enough. So that when you're stepping on it between the Joyce it's that's acting too much and it I imagine you're you're screwing it down to the joys that doesn't slide to move. Grown. And probably other than water she wouldn't be looking out for. Europe you know should you be recess can't lights are bad for exhaust fans sometimes those are taller. Then rejoiced so therefore you can put plywood directly on top of those. Who if you maybe in the gas piping you need to work kind of work around or all the plumbing pipes you can have the workarounds so. Potent. Other night should be fun. Okay that collected I've got people. And I do my Abdul at it indeed in quality mobile. And kind of map is a good night to put. An engineer whom. It would it would going through what kind of would be a cut you know. Because of the vote field. A circle so will be filed for that yes sir. Vote here or you're going to promote a center of our treasured. Are you are welcome thank you for column that are here let's go to our next call in speak with Sonny Sonny good morning thank you for older and. Good morning. I. Situation I have old man bill. About the lap. It's. It appeared old output ceramic house right now Katrina. And did I do not that in the places ready for rent. I don't into places. Or pop up. The grout talk about the growth of the that I can hear crunchy and I'm happy I'm concerned with two things first. I got the child back I don't guard cutter and Duckett mop. I don't have a lot please I'll. Well the question a couple questions view is bird. That's probably a paper there that. So hard that the carrier on the because well really cold weather out not heeded that it might have optimal child. That like bill that are thought. I don't seem more you're coming through the buyout through the ground. I don't believe that there's any. Type. In that area bubble spot. But my question to our if you had an idea why it's happening one of the so called the two. Com. That use possibly something like life lock tight. To look back out back and remove the sense that well that child or all of war isn't the proper thickness. Shove these tiles well probably not in the top out well and have some areas that follow. The one that I can get up and do it in my crack. What would you do with her block out there. So it is mr. Sonny this is the time Buick it's really cold week historic hearing towels pop. And it's because of the difference of temperature. And the experiencing contraction differences between Slavic since that tolerant everything else so. When you I've this is some European comet seen me and urged Riddick pop in a one in my kitchen in a sudden styles popped up. So does the time here it's gonna happen so you you're right in your assessment. From. The. It's tough when you don't have a lot tells left over in camp on a matching. Ron tells that the to replace ones that are cracked you can certainly. Try and put those back dale however the ones with a hollow spots you can capital with your knuckles. And unite our towels underneath it offensive they can pop up its aren't lost its bond. That you're trying and keep those up as much and I think but I would do. Is oh tic like a troubled school and removed the route between the towels that that's how will sounds on it. In it and conceive you can and very gingerly pop a mop and operate in the tie all that. I have the advantage I have a multi master and it'll cut that they were out like it's not that. If inside. But it those child. Here's to a solutions. Our so a child there pop it removed and put out. It's completely different color child and its place like this where. A rectangle. You know maybe rocket man at the top cannot make it and I think it should make it look nice or user. Goal of the vinyl flooring it just took over the world thank you anecdote that. Well you still gonna have the house manages to get the towels pop about the breaks up in the future if they have now come up yet. It in that he. Then you're slips through the years old so we although that seem moisture problems male it's a matter time before more extra water vapors what's coming through. That country if you put bottle seek final nail like only a more top that tile. You're actually putting any water vapor barrier down on top of it and yet about the bush problems. Although I understand which sank. Art and I believe that view of the fact that the south is not needed and the the Pope or whether would you agree sir I would agree that user. Yeah but I'll bet that the cabinet and I don't think it was gonna give me a true and it relaxes and electrical. Well I got a problem a couple of lot of work to do here I appreciate this one that is a confirmation that you'll only. I had chances I just one if you if I had a question I wanted you to come up with a better answer. It is sometimes I don't have my apologized. As well as a matter. You know yes sir. I. Have a lot of good look at the project thank you for caller if I hit let's go to our next caller in speak with Michael and Michael good morning. Take good morning. He needed continues. Marcel and ram media card in order remedy is again ounces surgery years old as well burn up the west Metairie. And clear view. And here come out shall have got to a point one get from the back right forward and back web. Well the spotlight that up front back right. Read off of attitude is that any bit of concern that novel seven years old it was Asia and you know yeah. So. It's it's not a usual. In and then let me say this that you don't know what it was in the very beginning you could have been slightly off when he poured the concrete. Right it is not a big you know you think countries last perk reflect this model was the case it may have been a degree off. And then over the last thirty years it dropped another four degrees so. The if it's if it's settling you know formally. Meaning it's not have any difference was selling meaning many want Cordoba house that cracking off meaning it almost slab is serving together in uniform fashion. And is that really sharks were promised probably more of the static problem. So I think aesthetically you have to make decision your mind is that something that I wanna worry about. Or is it something that can live with. Now what's his vote becoming differential so link where it part of the house the sinking of parts not. Right then that's a structural problem you have to address what address are pretty quickly. But the back right corner is that I point zero and front left. It's stop point one vote. Just so much part of that cracking. I had had I actually expected came back good net amount of beit aplomb. Do you see any cracking any bricks in the year got answers rock doors are opening and closing difficult. Now it's an idea that this structures around. Good ago Coca. Glad so it almost sounds like this in this static issued nine not structural issues. So that pretty apparently. That that he. It's not uncommon yes there are there. Yes are you about Michael thank you for cooperation. All right wild oats with throughput to calls in the future questions so if you have a question that's a good time to call in 2601878. You can also send in your tax at 877 which. The beat goes back to a couple of text and see where we are. Where stopped. It's the Paul live and home with the aluminum windows. Replace the windows is out of replacement windows is out of my budget which the next best thing to keep the cold out. Probably. That detect when two inserts. Go online and indeed go to your favorite search engine and put it nag tight. Windows and you're gonna find it's a he went to insert. That. You put inside your your windows and such Islam but you would when those phones as a matter. And it's held in place at the back meant it helps with Sam transmission. He helps with reducing air leaks it also had some efficiency to it from reducing. The energy transfer from outside in. As so it's it's it's faster it's easier. Then replaced the windows and on real pretty days if you are hoping to witness a matter to pop from out because it's only held him about it around the perimeter. But you know open window when you don't put back a place in just a real quick moment. Let's go to a another tax. Let's see. Witnesses that took you know will replace Paula he suggests is a separate well Coca lives near the interstate separate from windows meant detect when two inserts is another good for you. As well because it helps reduce sales tremendously. It's a great product for that. Are listened to go to new sprinkle comeback wins more questions. Welcome back to the home from showing here on debit DeVito was good upon one's system and and some calls let's speak with Larry hey Larry good morning welcome to the show. So all of our. Follow limit vote would primary. Howls built in 1940. Of course all the site in global war and so we're exposed just a little low or. I'm wondering since commitments and from water polo of course the summit here you worry about Parisian. Can you use this tax. On the team to begin with an exterior. Couldn't. But doesn't have to be in a ball. When seeing fixtures fitting umi can use tax expose them outside underneath. Ups. Absolutely he has our backed up pecs has a couple of advantages of which you described of a race home. Is that will be you're freezing weather has the ability to explain it is the ice. You know forms and sought the pipe then is it that you know. The frost than in respect towards stated he goes Specter's own shape and size. Now. I've seen where picks to expand the law in doesn't burst. I'm not sure how would do that without insulating it it equals a lot more cold weather the traditional buy copper piping galvanized pipe. A peace agreement regular PVC. But I don't think I would go on my home room mobile parts put up next to being without insulin anything. You know you're there it doesn't cost that much more to insulated. I brought it all is not really dug up. It. You know it you can actually get the compression fittings. And the tools to to do it yourself that you've Tom the skills at the data. You know maybe something you wouldn't. Consult with a license and sure plumber. And have them seek their vice with the coaching in fact they may even want to inspected for use. To make and and and to make sure you're Coca points. You bet secular reciprocal art was going and anyway. List who are bookmarks them come back and speak with with pennies on those guys hold on. We do early commercial come back and change your question plus token a couple more few text. A runner at this will be right back after this course. Welcome back to the show let's go straight to violence and speak with ACC's good morning. How can we help. Born Paul. Listened. Unlike the other call Olympic memories cottage single cottage. And what a board replaced I am so grateful that spray foam on the need. Which reduce hoped would dearly. But I'm wondering do I need I got you know it stayed pretty cool would host. Even with the heater wanted cannot cannot there would be an expert. Or do I need delay insulation. Well. It depends face. Not every home is a candidate for Springfield at the attic roof line. There's a number different in our proposal and kind of work through those girls with TCU and Tennessee if your candidate or not. Column. In order for to be successful in order to spray foam with a roof line you need to make it. Complete continuous in airtight. Meaning there's no spots of the reform kink it is so. Do you bill would give you the entire reform from the very bottom of where at the open Hank albeit to the peak. And back down on all sides there's some addicts and a wide open you can view that. They're there's some addicts that a wide open would you can't do that as the pitched roof is too low key too the outs out wall. There are some addicts which you can't do the cruisers coming living space in different pieces parts of it. And you don't have full access to it with the roof ceiling combinations so the first. Rule is that in order to make the successful. Where disagree more shall problems or performance problems is keeping every square inch of the reform where desperate your thing for home. And to install it airtight in uniform thickness the other complexity that is we need to make sure. If you have gas water heaters are are gas. Furnaces that we're addressing the combustion there in the sizing needs as when you put spray form open site erratic. In typically reduces the heat in your attic so therefore the size your recognition system. Is concerned and also abolished they are for those gas appliances is concerned. And then finally we need to look at make sure you after exhausting kitchen exhaust vent it out. And that part of the process has also removing your existing ceiling insulation. So when I was just she do you base is actually. Give our sister company Paul make an appointment and have them come look at it NC have them look at your home. It's if this is something you can do without any future. Problems because home. Our sister companies in Chico for solutions that they walk away from more business than that I know of any other phone company because. Will be key theory and we see the house is not a candidate will tell my pride hey I'm sorry this is not a good fit for you and if you if you did phone you can have these problems. But some people go on another phone companies do in this spot that is the choice of American and other people take advice so. Go to Paul's house dot com. And when your pulse house that comma which he to put in Europe. Aren't you your your region witnessed or source offshore and and then under the type the surface put in insulation and the annual on the content of Mason for NG in corporate solutions. OK and and so let me ask you if I'm not a candidate disparate phone would be grateful for more insulation layer and you know. Bad English and. Share you know there's a couple steps you wanna do first who have achieved it a good air seal at the ceiling. So any penetration through the ceiling north through the wall framing you'll make it airtight. And then address at a polish mission at the proper amount of attic ventilation and then add the thickness. Of of insulation to the sea of you need to separate that hot attic from your living space down below. And then the other thing ought to double look at two days would be air conditioning duct leakage. Make sure you don't have any doc like so like prince is a real cold morning you if you got darkly at the return air. When you're heaters running knows it taken the cold air from your house it's stored in lots of cold air from the attic. In its part to keep up with that in the of course sometimes is the opposite stake in the hot air so yeah they're they're things you can do if you're not a candidate to make some improvements. Cue ball. You quite welcome thank you appreciate the focal great questions while away. Right listen we'd go to Commerce Group come back SE CB is on hold. Will come to you next and will continue to some more questions here at home proved so we'll be right back after this.