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Welcome back to W go home proved so let's go straight to phone lines and speak with Andrew. Andrew good morning welcome to the show. Good morning Paula thank you very much would she do it's important to show. My question is if we're going age back to clean air conditioning. Ability to my house in 08. Grateful told encapsulation. And Marty ball communities in the attic com. Ralston who gets most of the so I don't know probably freon and mark. Air conditioning system and so my age that technicians came out and good about our I'll freon system. To get there commission back to working. Peace that. The all guessing on display alone is cause them courtroom true love Austin. Perhaps prematurely go out. And apparently an American standard which seems strange. And apparently a program it in aluminum in the oil it we'll now now that happen. Our our children must football guy and he says that the political called gas and go to affect the corner. And so I'm getting bold you know on both sides equally as they won't go. They see I don't know actually tension between nations or. Are Cortland. Okay so well let's talk about this Cassandra I hear there's a law and of personal emissary. That there's a lot of things in our home that could cause. Our our circles to rusting go. And I held. Heart burn in and it's not just American standard train it's it's it's all the menu the manufacturers of our articles which there are many anymore. They're building him in such a manner today. And and we're were normal Wii Wii menu make manufacturing those schools but because we're asking. So much efficiency out of them. In the whole fins and so so close each other and the higher pressure for the harbor for deterrence we have today that is don't last very long. He did date the leak and pop and indeed it's it's it's frustrating for me some money in the industry because it it's it's sad that. You get this 2008. And here we are you your -- got a bad hole in fact mark call my own personal home in the last 15 years of squash and replace it. In in it it it's it's frustrating. Bumped off a soapbox on the issue question. Alms. Okay foam spray foam insulation polyurethane spray your thing foam. When it is. Installed it's it's a two part products partly partly he mixes those two parts at the tip of the gun. At a certain temperature at a certain pressure from a certain distance away from the target in your case you mentioned you follow the replied to the on the southern respecting. In it forms a plastic. As its form of that plastic has some off gassing. Once the the foam goes until plastic state that part a part B at that same temperature and you know the correct temperature cracked pressure. He forms a plastic in normal off gases. When it's properly install. Cut mail back at how come protect caddie in the Africa's I have seen spray foam. Improperly installed where you didn't have the right pressures eating at the right ratios apart same park beat. Indicating the off gas debt is possible. Most cases that's not the case. So home. Well and let me ask you this ball when it reaches the full plastic level. And and that could be whatever activate spray Pamela adhere. You know when it reaches that level which is what what what secures an important. Yes was it didn't cause. That's correct. Okay well and that's dropped ought to I mean I'm in the construction business so I'm not in an orbiting much grateful and expect bullet. And that was mob -- points in an am talk from a straightforward guy had no I don't know off gases. Just if you get it want to classify as it along all mighty god if chandelier continue the ball out there. True ruin your core. It doesn't so let me tell you what I believe it's happening to cool. If an element or at least let me step back. Into you got lots of foam inside your house she got a phone Cushing knew you so you've been able foam mattress megaphone though you got heading in your carpet that's all phone. If there's nothing different from from upon your thing spray foam. It then that product with the exception one is manufactured in a warehouse the other ones installed catcher house. Are the only difference thorough collier thing phones. So. What I believe this happened with calls as you get differing metal. It in weather's different metals or court touching at the coal that's a weak spot yet higher pressures. And that we have so many chemicals in our house today. That from cleaning products. That are causing him. These schools the rust. And we're not bringing in outside there. And it if you know bring in outside your house to dive lead all the other. Components inside your home then that would exacerbate wore. A log hold you to Kate and Ross soon. Now when we use outside mayor Paul I'd just collection or pressured out into more return should. He did so I don't know if that's what you mean by bringing fresh air that that's exactly on me yes sir Coca that there is there's lots arms to. And there's lots of ways to do to bring in outside air for fresh air. Com and you know he needs to be in in my opinion he's been designed and engineered it in and conditions. So it's in it's it's functional problem. While the other part of this too is that we're we're particularly with high efficient equipment. Are holes are operating in the longer. Colder temperatures in the tree in the all the posted years ago because. Didn't have air speed back there. And so their four years you haven't longer run jobs that last thing is all all these things are going in to. What's a not. You know a lot of different things and I and I and I and I go into this because our read what you have been staying in this whole are to blame. One industry for the cause. A hole to go bad where we're not the tool moment you forensic investigations and I don't know moisture inspection. Very rarely do off on a smoking gun in fact coupled with them that wants and all the years I've been tunis. You wouldn't normally use is going to be here in the not a problem there are probably here for probably cumulative. It's causing the building performance moisture problem that old. Same thing with about critical is that one cause it's a lot of small stuff cumulative disclosing what's happening. And I can't blame just on sprinkled because that would be wrong and it's not the case you know I haven't seen it. It ain't it on a regular basis I have senior rare occasion that you had a spray from job that was installed improperly casting off guess. But you know that's not always effective majority to where. Well again on the bottom on in the Democrat scrape off out of her front. And you know I am not mean and I don't live in that community came over to where I am currently wearing him out these out. You know and again you know and that god electronic can charge call that thing is it's seeking change the call that folksy pay. Intra and I gotta go I'm on sorrow are from out of town. At Garko to commercial break back if that's to look their project are folks who direct back at that is don't go anywhere welcome back to the home of traditionalist goes straight to the phone lines and speak with her hair good morning. Multnomah and think in the Provo are my victories show courts and I know it. The rains. On sat in my house but it has spent with a dead given that award. Best in a relatively close to the side of my pals. Two bit program. Com defense and your house close each others are you saying. Most her counterpart about. Good or equal. To cut Obama. Are so probably the best even do that with her would be like subsurface turns a different strain or a catch basin. Bring him into a PVC pipe and push it towards the front of your home towards apart your lot but the street. That's just desperately to grab that keep it away from your house you really don't want the water there there's a lot of reasons from foundations to appoint. As well as to endure quality of oyster issues that you would give it away from home. As quickly as efficiently as possible. You go to our engineering and then. Or or catch basins you don't actually have to different strain but it's it's subsurface drainage meaning it's it's the piping is below the surface. If you can either catch it with Micah. A Linear. Catch basin or square or round catch basin putting the pipe. Where you can to a French straight directors to depends on the volume of water. In the amount of or this beat you when a graph that water in movement. Can tell you it was the Florida house was funnier belongs which is wrong but ma I'll. It'll which one would you that your. You know probably the best in him he is too cute someone that your home like. A copy out recommend we like to write its plots and have them come look at it let them recommend. -- I'm not standing there with you can't tell you do we have routes to contend with you know how what's the distance how much water has come in there. You know be better you know to put gutters on our house and put the gutters downspouts into the the drain there's lots of ways to design. Subsurface strays so you really look at the experts can't Curome and let him give you their their opinion. It looks like we've lost list are Ari. Herb and they sit at the request has worked at the one on call back. So. You know we're moving happen LP if we can't all right listen to go to commercial Britain welcome back to talk to Susan's who's your next. Don't hang up Susan will be right back to you as well as couples had shipments enemy will be right back after this. Welcome back to show let's go straight to phone lines and speak with Susan hey Susan good morning. It caught in the all wonderful thank you for politics hold on to. No problem I have a question. I have rained here in my neck and went about it means your old. The motor still running on me but I don't work and were recently up noticed that I have a lot of food now coming from. My hope that permeates through the house and I was just wondering at this point. If the motor till the end of late does so it is and it's not adequately Poland but now I. Is it necessary. Boat motor single band or our. Question and why now what they'll coming out is about it your goal at the morning here I'm. And I'd it's not up but it napkin out on top of the level so are. Ended up being out there I'm booked up in cute but not inside there. Doubt that that toggle quiet that would allow a flashlight does nothing holding back or will like it. Inhibiting and then count away now under water at this point it's about it is that they can wait a stole spinning. In a motor. The motor can go weaker over over time not spin as fast. So that's that are out of possibilities is and then also something else I'm thinking of as you described in this scenario to me. It is out of matches that damper that opens and closes in when the voters on the damper opens let the exhaust air out. And when those optic closes. And I'm wondering if it's not opening up all the way over the years and they've got some grease buildup on it it is preventing it from open it up completely and removing. That smell out so those two things I would look at. Very quickly is it would be hampered mixture opens up all the way in a motors turn fast enough to remove that the moisture in the smells from the cooked up. It works well. Well with noble lowered prompt that but the motor for what you eat while you're. Thank you Susan appreciate the call that great. Our folks will go to the top and it is won't back after this break Intron when you questions. Here in the home prudence of WW TO the delegates opening.