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Welcome to the second hour of home provincial here in the negates seventy W if Leo I'm so glad and honored you're listening tuning in with us today. And we're talking home improvement of this we do every Saturday morning between now and 12 o'clock. Actually started ten so few pitchers tinian and next week you mentioned earlier you can tunic and a clock. So we do from ten to twelve talked about different projects rent your home or your hunting and fishing camp or your apartment or Condo weekend house. Your offices wherever. It's all open for discussion where the deals with different project should be working on that or. Are painting or plumbing or electrical. Carpentry in sop projects outside projects it's certainly open for discussion as well as. Maybe some that think she may be struggle with reference to. Copper or high energy bills or. Indoor air quality he always discuss those type. Topics as well so don't give you the number it is fumble 42601870. Which instance attacks at 87870. Previous to the top our news break we're talking about attacks in the and let me read attacks against issues tinian eating here with news. It's opposed what would cause smoke to come into the house. When the park police has lit flu was wide open in his or no school when we have a gust of wind. Column so we just got to kind of directing their home. Which causes. Oh warm moist air in and exhaust or are fumes to skate. While I weather say far police flew a chimney or if it's the metal stack. Like on top of water heater or gas furnace. So we talked about stack of fact we we've we've talked with some of the causes. Hoped would you would would make it work well and also how tall it should be. Now we need to talk with a temperature of the of the inside the of the flue pipe or the or the beef and prepared the outside air. And we can we kind of got into you know wouldn't be causing some of those negative pressures that may be drawn in this spoke. Back into the home from the far place and and that underinsured or console to revisit. Some of those causes and and we we recruit you talk about negative pressures. That when you have a negative pressure in soccer house. He could cause some backtracked I mean meaning to be drawing some of that. The spoke of the fumes from that far please. To your routes most Toms those negative pressures are related to. Fame voters he could be for you pitching cooktop. And in most cook tops. Or are small enough where it doesn't have a very large neck of negative effects. Inside your house. But if you. Read that you kitchen or you built a new house recently to cook tops the exhausting to begin larger and larger and larger in size as well let's capacity. And it's it's probably more similar to a commercial hood. Than it is to unit residential. And in the be keeping an idea of a Mac two which talk about. Older. Technician heart older kitchen goods typically moved anywhere from 8250. Sometimes 250. C offensive there. Eight dale draft if you hit like of stove in the kitchen island in the downdraft those typically move anywhere from follow. With a 650. CFM to their seat films as and market for cubic feet per minute. Some of the larger stainless steel hoods. And don't at the bisons duke took its CDs watch which is stainless steel kitchen hoods. They can easily move in draw out your house members taking the air and you kitchens going up that the flue pipe and pushed and outside. A thousand to you know 15100. C offensive there. A two ton air condition system. That she'd give you some comparisons. To ton air condition system lose eight minutes if forums. In a three time and boost 12100 C affirms that there so would you could easily have a kitchen exhaust hood a newer larger version. That removes. The equivalent of a 32 on the nation's system. And you're actually taking inside airing you pushing it outside your house with that era is being removed from your home. Has to be replaced from someplace. And if your flu is open when your fireplace. Which you parting afar and he he could back draft that far place chimney and draw the the bad air from that location. Air sleazy is to take the path the path of least resistance so as to the column in two easiest. Probably the largest hole. In in the top your far places per large hole. You know in in the with the time that's that's something that. We certainly want to be cautious self that you would pick ourselves in the summer but I think it's probably more nose wheel in the winter. For a few factors few reasons the one we feel the cold air outside company and more easily than we do in the summertime. And then also if you're burning the far obsolete that's fumes and some some dangers to be concerned about. In some contaminants. To the ones cider house. And and then. The other party is if it's a very low burning far he can pick up some of those embers in emitting group shift to move those embers. A place where obviously you don't in the entity. So this certainly can be some some challenges there. So. Other things it because in differential pressures due to be closing your into your bedroom doors. When your air conditioner heater is running let let me explain that dynamic in this in this is not just for back drafting purposes for other. Negative effects of of of differential pressures. When your air conditioners running and all the interior doors are open you have 1 or 2 central return Erik takes. And then scattered structure house you have supply registers in different parts your home. Bedrooms bathrooms at the path onslaught opens outside wall sometimes closets. That their rooms family rooms kitchens unum scattered everywhere. So when they're commission running with heaters running and operating. It's sending all of the year two departure routes in and all that airs blending in moving in migrating towards that central. Return Erin take it air return air filter. And that airs come into the air condition system or the heater in the each do what it's saying it's either heating cooling. And it's setting that air back. Two different spots and supply dark work. Into those different random rooms in the air circulates back it's a circular motion. And it's supposed to be on into erupted meaning you shouldn't have any pathways that are being blocked or preventative of that supplier from getting back. That's such return air when you closed bedroom doors you're preventing or slowing down. That's supply air from getting back into that central hallway so what happens Owens sometimes is that they're bedroom with the doors closed the bedroom sought becomes. Positively pressurized. The hallway side where that central returners located becomes under a negative pressure. A lot of times those areas are open to. Places like the fourth like the fan in the room where the far places far. So those errors on the negative pressure or could be. That fairly rooms got lots are recessed can lights at the ceiling in an attic above it in those recessed can lights are geeky. Remember elect has said before air sleazy is that in the past. Police resistance soon to be joining aryan from the attic so as all kinds of of negative consequences to. Having differential pressures. Let the explanation of why we could be. Drawn in some let the smoke from the far place but that applies to so many things we wrestle with here in the gulf sophomore talk about corporate. Moisture problems. Energy efficiency. Into her qualities it's all connected so when we do friends investigations incite that you're that you're building with its your home where you or your office. Those with type things we look for depending on with the performance problems were wrestler. All right listen keep those questions coming that taxes 87870. We got some room for you on the phone it wouldn't call and they on the numbers 2601870. We to go to a commercial break and come back we'll keep inching some more questions here on the home improvements. Welcome back to the hole proved shows good reform once and speak with Michael and Michael good morning welcome to the show. My mornings ago I mean I've been in the UST. Enjoy your week and and I got you to marine direct. Our quick question real quick if one is how do you take any bit of Spain and are only. In one title role model with a query that's not operable but. I wanna make it out or bullet holes are worried that while Rick that's one. And number two. Home. What would call Super Bowl and it pastor well. Approximately twenty props where of an impressive low. Gain Marie moral quake bomb would call this year. In some world to be warmer in been out cold cold aware of equal amount in each and expert market. Cut Greg questions so let's start the first one kind of work our way through Raleigh to meet with them with them with great. You'll. Existing farm place that he and and and Michael what I envision as you can't describe that question. Is that is that it will hold new loans home that that had you know bill 200 plus years ago had no prick fight place and an open via okay. So Bennett got into it happened to one wife walked into eating away at global. And don't get it IPO with on like it will call. Yes so here here's the thing you hear your first thing and in most times when you get to these older afar places. The depending if you wanted to make it a a gas logs set or wood burning it what do you alternative. Get gained volume it would one I'd get it back here that they're on that can't live and spoke like it but only. OK so. You wanna make it a gas logs that in and out. Let me give you my opinion on the that was far places. From a issue producing heat. The event was fireplace is producing. About city. Because it lets the air on the that moist air. I'm sorry that that warm air coming in to you. Into the room to get losing in the heat of the flu like like you would with the expected far place. Something he standpoint it produces lots that he is the loss. Put from the indoor air quality standpoint mean it is absolutely. Terrible sports on concern. Let me tell you my concerns about that when you have a detective park place now what you were loot it removing some of the he'd lose some heat. But you remove being in getting rid of carbon monoxide. Carbon dioxide. Nitrates. Moisture all the bad stuff you wanna be briefings such routes. When you open that was far place all those contaminants that is described inside Euro. Just aren't you. Yeah and that's why I'm not a fan. But with our expected application. A lot of that stuff goes out. That's so. You need to be able to. You've been able to have someone come look at that far place number want to see if it's structurally sailed. And Italy and in the entire left from from where it's touch the foundation coming up into your house through the attic out of the roof. On the job and I made seven Goldberg and it's only nine beat. And if they're not eat Credo notes here oh well. The capital and like the so they learn they they took it down and and in. Abandons you tell hookah. Right well I didn't quite. Up to eight the report the beat it like you treated the beat go. Out there beat. Right right so prob was gonna have to happen you have to put some lining inside that. That that flew. From the with a box is up to where it stops in the you have to continue to the lining and rebuild masonry. When the outside that lining for into the attic and out of the roof and put a cap on it prevent rain or come in and you get into great debt flashing with your roof. It is the in in this kind of maybe. Duke moved kind of bleed over to second question about the asbestos roof is the best route to talk about is your house there with far place. No it but not anyway via my output it that not a prophet now be in the corporate debt as well. I can select. Where. Our solicit your first question he so your roof when your house now with the far place. You have to integrate some clashing with that as the maintenance coming up in order prevent in one leaks. So called problem if that's the B a a costly. Proposition. And however that's really the only safest way to make this optional. Oh so this. Right sold to the the question reference to a spouses. Number it is a pity you view a person's name and number. Or in the South Shore who who deals with with proofing. And have them comb. Look at your house and you give your book is a scooby depressing there are a lot of factors. We're talking about. Home when we talk among groups that need their common place. Welcome it did that is that once stories of two story was the pitched the roof. What did really he did a you know we stability around your house to get the roof and the the disposition goes off your roof and deep down into a dumpster in to a collection. Point hauling away there's lots and lots of different factors for me give you the price removing 25 squares if he is nowhere indeed. Okay so you would call place like guarantee sheet metal. I'm Canner speak with a lot of courtesy paid money isn't what I have this is well put up. Come you know come to me quote. Fairway roofing is another route from companies and look at it in Baghdad. It would. Hold 12 when we look at California. It is personal habits whose could be one specific guarantees sheet metal. And his number is. Erika found 04. Okay 466. 374. Known forces 603740. Known that it. About it. All right less well let it rip them up. Yes our I got to move quickly was because of what the Putin is spread so. Differential temperatures. It is all related to air flow if you got one from hotter than the other is we can get their flow problems and that you don't work. And then the moment. Something's been looked as your condition doc work the saws and the balancing admit that you balance of its size right in opening closing doors and allowing that suppliers get back to that return. Which is most talked about right for extra call or so okay yeah. You know contact some electric or art exhibition heating or it's somebody like that in and open and check that out. Amen all great questions thank everybody for calling. Happy news about your political through a newsprint and come back. We'll signage and some additional questions here on the home from the so. Welcome back CD home group showed lots of questions all far places today. Listen that they go to person I talked to win I have far as questions is Gerry. To reach out exit question directly in QBs email addresses Gary. It gas fireplace service company that com what are some awful and say that against Kerry at gas fireplace service company. Dot com. He mainly deals with repairing. Far places. Log sets. You know probably it's and to some drafting problems and some forms problems as well. A slew com. Got a question reps that or you know having your your far placements. Acted corporal performance makes things or safe and operate right into areas so I'm sure you will be happy to you. TV some advice and make a political look catcher who look it's partly rather. And it that you wouldn't he's done in order to be corrected hey if you have question nails agree Tom to Carlin in that number is Bob 04. 2601870. Or keep those texts coming at 87870. This attacks that came in. Effect. Don't quite understand this summer reading it and Kevin normally achieved the person sent it. I'm like having come expel bonuses pardon wouldn't. The most durable build in the to reform homes. Kevin Kevin oh really. I'm mature let's declare to statement of that's a question. So if you don't pine. That's expected it 770 clarify that for me so that it is questions certainly help would be honored to you address it. And it's just declarative statement than. God bless you thank you for making a statement right let's go to phone lines and speak with Donna hey Donna good morning welcome to the show. I do. Wonderful how you. I'm the ear happy new year how can I help you today. And I have our hot water heaters that it dad and mom we shot at all. Because we turn out the water off here in a little bit of that coal latter check. I'm trying to realize it it's not like one of those playing well box in the morning. And AA you turn it to college you proceed in any he would seek you are here. And it's not won a couple aren't making it will it. Pot holes the water heater. And I'm not sure. There's like you're you were twenty years old fat out but his forty years old I'd say maybe it's Ian and. Coca. All right so from. We're trying to cheating if you question but all souls can give you some advice for next time you turn the water off in your house because a cold weather. You don't need to turn your ward here off. In order to Peru. You're new to you a protector system. There's no water this believe that tank unless you actually drain the tank itself if you just drink turn the water off Charles you drink your house piping. They're still Warrick inside that tank. So get used exactly dams toward even even in Owen now you can change the temperature the temperature down below he leaving take that valve and turn the polyps. It is what the policy living tease her you wanna back on your house. And the reason I'm I'm keeping his advice because what you face with right now. You come back and read like he warnings here that's been turned off the normally is not turn off you know the stays lit this entire time it becomes a problem. Yeah all right and it's hard to read light. So here's here's the thing it's. What are you using as your Europe. Yours your source of of fire is that along match is in the short match piece of paper what are you doing. Narrow itself Bonnie well box on them machine on the blanket out outside. And it's yet turn some off the like you gotta put stat in our guest let the gaps like it's very. And then you hit and ignite or you know little by a cut. Click click click click click click click up. And it's bad Ki do and that and you know you get a that there are levels since some light on it a little brown red light. And the red light it's supposed to come on its flash and that you you'd you'd Albany and so it and it's it's slashing and you let it go at it hot or warm whatever you want it. OK and when your press and then it's not a but did you actually see a little spark. There. Narrow. There's one little glass I'll window on the ball got out okay. We haven't been able to look in there and push to buy an outlet that has thanked mom. Well it's been like a little a little she an outside el Al. And yeah so. It's so hard for two and you'd be right here you know Columbia after about hot water heater. Yup armed with you don't have to beat. That's could be the first and determines if you actually Keating that little spark when you president nighter in order for polite or maybe you can put. A cell phone or video mood. The by the window and in film inside that little site the last one you press in the Biden C deck and if you can actually east seat or eerie. Apparently sometimes you can hear zapping. I. Something else twos and we got that. In when that valve was in politics and you pushing it down and holding it down. And it's not and usually you got to hold the dale for few moments at least 69 seconds before you stop pressing that ignite but. I'm. That make stand up like that we can even smell. That is like OK it's about expected to eat and then stop and then wait a minute to clear out and and didn't start out process all over and then we'd like done that then. Like now the gaps we don't. You know we hear it in but we don't know it's you know an army and. Eat eat eat eat you got a number one verified sparking inside it and secondly. You need to I'll make sure you can guess when depression that Pollack valve dale worked he can obviously it's not a life. Problem. Island got a couple text them and it looks like it has an experience with a scissors. Tell pushing all the gulf port five seconds and click the lighter you know he's talked about that are we sick nighter for ninety seconds repeatedly. So are hoping that they keep you up and running on it but you know water heaters and never turn off for gas heaters must absolutely have to. We've written apology. So that worked out for you. Fight a war ordered. Yes ma'am if if not listen don't rely on just anybody you get your licensed plumber come like that for you because. If it's not getting gassed and that could be something you don't wanna union to deal with satellite in front line. And don't worry here. No ma'am not enough for us not on our world. I. Sat out all right well thank you so much. Our missed on a thing Q are we do a commercial break and come back with a talk to David and that's the couple more tax code that will go back to you. Too the improved shall right after this message group accurate video. Welcome back to the home improvement show the school district of alliance and speak with David hey David good morning. Booked into the start. Good morning show in the span prolonged. My wife and I are about to purchase a new home is the first time ever seen it. Electrical panel is in the house in a lot. Should it. Should that be an issue or I mean close thing against our. Tom typically when electric panels inside a closet they do not call the coach does not allow any type of shelving our traction in front. So using their starters there's a close a rod that you could clean clothes and provident. I. Yeah I don't think that's the work. There's nothing wrong with him let's go panel and cider house in oh there's no hazards associated with in fact. I think it's convenient where you know together trip wrecker you have to go outside the guilty to two of its bad weather its night armory. But. The coast not a lot of YouTube to serve places what you can and can't have an inside your home. And in typically to since out of closets populate you have. A hanging rod in front of it. Com. Puddle of unity to verify that with the licensed electrician. His conviction code hasn't changed since. But that's that's the way I'll remember it. A look at our attitudes you know are out on you know what it blew like it I don't get it who eight. I. Yeah I would verify if we wanted a trouble but up that's I think that's could be fairly record on discrepancy. It. And it is time yes. No sense thank you so much for listened to the show appreciate you being a long time listener so all right let's glue hum. Let me take a look. At some text. Let's say all right so here's one. Hey Paul warn you to sound like mine I've had a block it's where the gas enters the fanatic box. A prison that's at a gas bought it's also an immediate to prescreen and the heater. That probably needs vacuuming. All right so this is actually a reference to Donna's questions him what he should turn off. In wouldn't reply to his Honeywell type box so on are hoping that you heard that in reference to a cast blockage. And or could be full screen and the toward your knees be vacuum you know something else and think of Don you maybe consider. Go to that manufacturer's website that one here. And look under. Troubleshooting or or the FEQ section there website he see that give you some additional advice the it's great for the persons at that and thank you for texting that. I'll laugh when our listeners and trek the show in text and ideas. So thank you for doing that will be good to a commercial break wanna come back. We Q2 inches from your questions here though proved so. When deputy appeal will be right back that is.