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Good morning everyone happy Saturday to use so glad you were here listening to the home prove and show. Year or in double dip the of the peak 87 to put a beautiful day out there it is today. So warmer weather isn't changing whether you you may be choose and do some outdoor projects. Before the rain comes so if that's baseball means gives a call with low to talk about them. The numbers Bobble 42601870. It also will we normally do is talk about other home improvement stuff in the attic could be related to you just about anything to do to render camp bored or your house or apartment or. Even a commercial buildings you know those whose visa things we talk about applies to both residential. A commercial buildings as well and he could be electrical plumbing are gaining or staining. Repair an offense. Adept anything exciting wind news. Comfort. You know a lot of times when he could really critical look at has been. Real lots of questions about corporate and eight I'm feeling the cold what can I do or. You know what to do about. Broken burst at one applies because of the freeze damage so. It's all of discussion about we're on the air between now and 12 o'clock. As I do every Saturday morning completing Kirch U haul in early. Don't Terry and please don't wait the last minute because. Now I think it's too if you way to virulence finesse the hard part and I hate turning people away. As that's up enjoyed doing but when 12 o'clock comes 12 o'clock comes right. So. Got in the show so are we encourage you. Call and when you. John where coups are are in studio producer will be. Have to put you won't hold take your name put you on hold you can listen to the show live when your radio turn the volume and when to reviewed dale. See it was too shall loving yourself. Or your house vote. That's the wrong person unseat you mechanism that you listen to the show or your hold on your phone he would turn the volume down or Europe radio. In in on the Q you first come first serve so. Wherever wants come up first it's it's all you. Now China's first column I'll be happy to talk about it in if you need to the show in theme it was his home crucial vote. Walked it would just not about it's it's not about a sales pitch I'm like you're trying to sell you anything. Am I here try to push my dear news. I'm here to do you view. For the the rest of the picture that whole story so that you do the consumer. Can make an informed decision based on your project in him maybe. He would you think about this product when you think. I should do first or should do is step 12 or duties to 31 before warning to who would talk about logistics. Would be if you're asking about professionals they can you suggest professional. Two do you disapprove it may be is that something you wouldn't do yourself maybe you really wanted to lie or an a local ensure professional do for you. Can help you with that information as well. So. Home dopey bashful if you if you if you want to college you're never called him before. It would today hey it's 2018 the first set a 2018. You know. Step out leaked out I promise I won't buy chip we have some foreign. We always have some fun in the show this is probably one of the highlights of this among weekend. Almost enjoys spent some time you guys so. Then. If you keep calling you when it acts. The text numbers 87870. That's tech's 877 aren't listen we could go to commercial break and come back focused on entering some questions. And having some fun and so we'll be right back at the list of underwear. Welcome back CD home improvement show here in the negate seventeenth let's start in some some questions and sparked with Floyd. Hey Floyd good morning. Oman. How can help you today. Read the house. My without. Had to BO. And it be a Medicare and. How is. In what. And right now. It felt like not no I don't. And not. In. How do you want to know what you are yet. OK when you say the attic is sweating to talk about the underside of the metal roofed acting of the metal shell. Yet. When. Yeah. You know you can edit Clinton and Adam. Oh ours to fight back. So you'd have insulation that's right about that plastic shell in its in its applied to directly to the underside of your medal. Roots is that correct. Yeah. Okay and is the the metal warehouse building is it open to the outside you'd like you have sliding doors open. Or your house goes up the whole space now my whole spate. Coca. So would let them let becoming explain what's happening so when we have. Droplets of water when you sweating that you describe Floyd what's happening is we have some moisture in the air. We have a warm area in a cool area that the cold surface which is the metal as the metal is conduct of each reaching viewpoints condense. It's getting wet it's wet. So really this point the this is the time of year when it's cohort to prevent that from happening. You then relating your attic. Doesn't always solve moisture problems. It will order a day like yesterday in this past week and today because we have very dry year. But like tomorrow in the next day in day after because we airs could be saturating your acts with a ventilated attic he could be adding more street she erratic. And one of the ways of preventing currencies the current. It's control of the moisture content in the year. So he just could you at revelation doesn't mean Europe is go to trial automatically. In our climate and on saying that it is you can read hear or see different things in the Internet people who tell you can things. That apply up north where they have drier air but there on the self very rarely door at a stride because of revelation. The the reason we use Croatian mostly eased security heat in the summertime the rating heat from the so on. In in in some towns are addicts. You know we you have days like today were dry air will get some dry but that doesn't happen very often. So I'll wouldn't rely just solely on attic ventilation tickling your case because you don't have been an analyst you have. You have soft events or our air commitment to low part of the attic and or you have there exhaust top. Aren't you may choose to do. Is put in it even afar in this space and you notify the air in the attic. To prevent and insulation from competing in the reform from game went. Floyd do you have any insulation the ceiling your house. Yet gotten not or opt eight DO you know it. The law and the other blood I've got. I would build up all of that. Coca. So I would I consider adding it to human afar within that attic space underneath that metal detecting. Let me also say that this phenomena that you're seeing a jerk at your building. Happens at other people's homes too but they have wood decking. All right and they don't have insulation underneath it. He's so therefore the the wood is absorbing some of the moisture in them when the sun hits that would decking. It's able to heated faster in removed or or or eliminate the visual moisture. OK in your case you have a metal deck which is very conduct of mean he can mixed in exchange energy very very easily so reached two point quickly plus you have insulation underneath it. So you know you're you've got a tough situation to prevent this from happening that's why I think you need be very proactive. It couldn't even afar within that space were to reduce that risk. Okay it well but you know Bob Knight knee that may not be an alternate idea the Cuban volume Floyd how big is an area. And or. And putts which repeat. My people in the box and count the people BP I've got enough votes to learn about six feet left. Cut. So does do some quick dirty math you get 3012100. Feet. In average if that part made that their roof until like and it reflects it would be like fop put all across. If I was a right. And Coca. So. Because I don't wanna mess of the public to calculate 12100 Toms five feet which is 6000 cubic feet. So. They they sell do you get a farce based on the pints. So when you look at the capacity it's how many pints is a remove under certain conditions. It's so in your case. I hope you look at something that. At the lowly and below the minimum 105 points to the operating profit 250. You wouldn't be. In and speakers are always better optical talk about. HVAC equipment but in this case you could go with the larger saws machines has it's just it's only the human define it just won't operator's long. Putting exhibit's owned. He needs to have its own. Let school dedicated circuit in he's had his own dedicated plumbing drain. You provident put some docking on it for the returning from the supply. The gate could even air distribution. You may put up put a fan that move the fan around that attic a little bit. It's not as straightforward as I'm trying to make it's I don't you know do you do you verification abortion control is a big thing it in this not. Unity there's a lot of hurdles in an and you get a lot experience or to make it work well. So listen it. If this is something you wanna do yourself. You know perhaps you can you can use more researching additional questions call me or send me an email it to harp professional that I can help you with that as well. Yeah. Share after doing. So look let me give you the office on number of Terri could not make five. Hey. 8458. Ball. 21 foray. 21 or a yes or 2140 by the financially the messes with these things it's okay are appreciated problem on yeah well. Look at the project pursue my phone call. Yeah me. Yeah I'll be around you that. Are created you can't you bet thank you. Great that part was what's on this call and speak with Michael hey Michael good morning. Morning. We're wondering what will welcome to the show. No question about these countries partly out of being built on arts and science are termite issues at the right way to build the rush to war. New Obama. You else. We're we're we're looking at the by Michael parks they'll. All right now on my ability to have at least yeah a lot of gentility terrorists a lot of areas around the river area here they're all of these. There are some concrete underneath. You'll want you wouldn't I don't I'm wondering. What most of them or. Think in Europe junior's new you know local at the course of this new country that keep. So let let me say this. Any foundations being built in those areas over beat each nearby you know foundation engineer. And the pollen you're seeing or probably. Friction pollard's meeting they're driven them underground two point resistance. In the in the in their their but at the place and friction some the urge to look at that maybe hitting actually. So console substrate actually supporting the polyps to collect in the tent area. But let me say that. The there's nothing wrong with eight Holland supported foundation does a lot of house foundations won the South Shore. It is not foolproof meaning one thing future you potentially could have to do some adjusting. Typically that's many many many years down the road but it depends on solely erosion in subsites. There's could be solemn. Requirements on your part as the homeowner to make sure that you're having sold to the ground as it is subsiding. Spending one from going underneath your your foundation. I again Michael this is years down the road does not happen right away. It if the houses are starting graced. This time as if you know if it's race then obviously important on the need heroes. Even duke concrete slabs scene with with appears. Those probably an apology to the that is wells significantly from the palms has to be something that you can do away. The pressure treated you know probably you your biggest lie on the defense here. Use to have your annual termite inspections. And use of the dating systems and some treatments. No doubt the children had this'll treated for the with the foundation. That something you would certainly our vote in indeed in kind of continued that contract with the person who installed it the company installed at the very beginning. So. You knocking you don't get away from the polish person treated is is typically the things I see the only opt on the other option you have as concrete piles which. Very very rarely does he that he has its construction in when you see it it's yup you know above and beyond your 3000 no budget. And hey you're welcome thank you good luck with falling house is the great Tom you know by because. Most folks go look this year due to get a good deal so worked up when. You that they Q. All right pointless he can sneak in on the call before we get a gutsy or news breaks. Now that have enough time right. Mike I'm gonna go ahead and could be first one common to after the break don't go nowhere. Let me see if there are some techs came in regret. AM house in battery that originally had a septic tank with us who were long one of the pack the house where's the back door with a septic. Was later the home sooner law was hooked up to the city sewer system but it is used the old septic tank on an edit to it. Wrapping its. Rocco long way of the house to the front in the cities in connection. That a long snaking line is sinking in his disconnection to redo it. Are giving you should one put in cost. You know what listen when you talk about sewer you're sewer problem was texting at the back of the house Swartz at septic system begin with. The original treatment plants. How's it gonna have to go that long left anyway you may be a little shorter when he could replace the line. If you got. Numerous errors of such science and breakage is the person who's given the hosts who have pipe and replace it. And so are fresh or listen to go to news break and come back we'll go back to those phone calls here at home prove itself. Welcome back to the home approved so you heard the phone number we got some room for you warn our phone system. It would give us a called on the numbers 2601870. 2601 point seven let's go back to four months and speak with Mike and Mike thanks for oldham on. Carter appear in morning's house now that. A problem Tennessee default between the cracks. I don't need to read something more than a handyman has something less than a contractor partners. I've got watered amateur in front of earnest country chart that the first rule was bill making it by the allies in nineteen Oakland. And what happened as of wallboard. Do whether aboard came loose I was goes hospital. All water got behind it so two of the vertical. Bart borrowers are Barry basically destroy another cured amateur record and need to be replaced. I'm not sure about the so I think it's probably need to be replaced and true innovator. I've been partly a real hard time finding anyone I'm too old to do it work. Are better real art I went to give me a bit. What time it about we heard a packed it was a bit. And it one. Another servers. And in answer sure. Which is. Occurred construction cup record and are afraid that fall under. How are the man who did never got back reacting to what he thought about it we didn't have a monitor placed in our law. Which should be done and I don't have Fargo's knowledge. He huge. What an onerous and the other I guess so. I wanna call dot dot com I'm the same problem campfire and who are apt to cover immune a bit. Okay so what's to go back to Paul's house dot com. Urge you to search either nor shall social wherever you are and until the professional trade putting contractors. And you can see premier Sullivan builders Charlie mile. Well look. Openers are onto are the kind of regular under. Arts and contractors. Premier southern builders. Error in in the here's the thing Mike is that there could be certain things that Charles to see you have to do in a certain order in certain time. He made over the phase in these improvements and T get some more funds to finish a couple of link. But at the very beginning that could be certain other things you have to get done and you don't have a choice. Well I'm not some others. Not around other I don't. China yeah follow. Right and and so. Mike this is that something that. Mean you know it YouTube may just have to reach out to some families and friends and in it maybe even. Ask for some favors in order to kind of make this happen it's just because of the simple fact that. There can be things you have to do to prevent additional structural damage. Maker won a tight. Who Macon is so you don't get termite seeking even greater damage. Who. And then also the could be some points he read it forwards livable in and what I what I like about O'Charley's company is he's fully sure he's fully licensed. He's he's got in house cruise he keeps a lot of this stuff. A home they eat in in meaning if he does a lot of these things in house he does that to subcontract things out there are some subsidy uses and and I'm suggest you might that you really do need a general contractor. Because would you describe to be used multiple trades need to come in and make his improvements to your house this may be. Beyond the general handyman type. It. Type or size project. RPI I'm sure it is because. There are some ways that we ticket office barred lord. In order to replace. That the had been damaged our and so or the entire Bill Archer which interviewed. That Libya and archer current archer. I did five or other builders are all over I'll use dough ball. And that I lost their numbers for don't detect and still. Stuck yes. Yeah aid and listen a Sandra Thomas that it conducts tech does an excellent job. This project may be a little small farm but who knows you conservative or call next that question. Yeah that's and I think that would the first can amount. It's not that I go that I in our took I've taken money out my oral advocate for the repair is that what they're trying to have fun. But I can't you know I can't. I had them by an issue as the front. Of the aisle are barred not a built in what room it's not. It's a chart room that has to damage in other rooms. We need to be deciding to be reattached Leo and it mutated in the terrorists there. And that the fellow that came you know you'd hear the price for the repair which are probably afford they would give that priority in the approach to replace everything. Forever very well result by the well sure like 20000 dollars and you know and that's the match would be a good thing to do but it's not smooth that's where outward envisage for many years. What I need to do is the year it like Saturday do what is necessary right now. And then 92 as I get money. That is evident come out of that promote creative ability or get more money. It division report what we do it our all that it reflects. Are tightening up and get a pay an economic policies that we've done but I can't do all watched. Sheriff listeners to vote should mention from yourself the builders and dealt attack will be great selections would you describe. Earlier. I could feel like you scholar. You do decide. Received the phone call are listened with you know conclude Marx called in another spot available for you. He if you have a question now is a great Tom Cole in 2601 it certainly welcome back we're gonna talk to each into Lee Jeans so we'll be right back up these brief messages. You hurt your numbers. Don't Terry Collins now to 601 point 78 or text at 87 days that would love to hear from you. Let's go speak with sincerely Jeanne hate thank you for older and on and happy new UT. Up in new Internet market or use as probable poll sure. A thank you much for her entry shorter are much. Look we got this situation as old it would who saw more action Syria and optional connect. Law. Is she mafia options options late view. The sheet darted that the tree you know in this close let it sit there and now on the bureau round. Two OK but it's been sit mill it stopped short ball there and we wore. Out. What would outline true. No new. And will want to Wear and own termites. And what's about pre Mitch put goes. That's situations are pleased. Thank you we'll. So. Your first thing that you probably have to wanna do reaching. That place. Under some form of climate control and an opportunity to talk about temperature. Carbo moisture. You need to human fires. And yet somewhere around there and if you'd be able to future abortion leader Slobodan. Coca perfect so. You know. You knew more she URL for your target is 15% or less in and that's not just the surface. Management of view would or you can quarter's steep you wouldn't do throughout our fitness. Of fuel or framing members in southern living on blow to be 15% more content or less. Once you've got it what you get it right that you could have to root mediate. In the organic growth whether. Every cold are moderate Ringo might be right right so you did you know that trust for termites as well that's something else to news. Or anyone how much term might she. In Wales high. Yeah when you easements and Tom crawling underneath that house two or. It's total total war. Good good perfect so you are aware of all of the they can systems and sort of treatments and things we do the very proactive and it. Yes so you know in this case that's could be. If you ask me they wouldn't do that that's for him don't obligated to rod. When the team is trying to a re mediate any organic growth of good take care of any termite damage if I have any. Water leaks like Ruth wicket put them back ups like that or that rut which. Once you've done that I wrote. Then I think you FiOS in neat aside are there any. Changes a beat your walls and windows towards you could do. Usually make those changes fail in that also look at the infrastructure. Plumbing your life grow you know each fact. NC would double. Little black book correct there's a huge duke Oklahoma so put to. Good well. We'll listen sounds like she's earned the right guy because as the take all that do this house right. If you want a little sort. The question sources who wanted to let. Soldier well oh there you go work hard X mark. Who are able Politico. Department. We'll take our viewers once he got to keep a martini and in and I know you have lots experience and knowledge. We always talk about this in the show and number remarked you'll love it is the need. Was arson again. A on might be right through my great ground OK Rex she might be queen of Margaret. Good play YouTube as a captain are. Well Wallace who was one of honor. Obama is also getting to market rule equally to. It in the east school they're opposed the silent that's we're royalty comes from right there we'll. Or. As rule the world right we both were out there on. It was a little bit and stood there. The actions. But it is true that the terrorists they. Do now. Let's just bought lots of industry well you go on. I sure Obama and about inviting there's suit their recovery you. Know true true. Or Google I received. It will listen Jeanne we competed to the project and you have more questions call back would be happening now. That was normal road. Sounds great thing to my. Own. Apartment we have yet. Well we're neighbors. Out the vote on a grand. I'll be all apple orchard are. Sure excellent partner in president. Absolutely love it love it I mean ever breakdown thanks for calling the afternoon on a currency. Our folks listen to go to make quick Rick welcome back pocket or your questions will be right back to the home proved so activists. Welcome back to the home improvement show here in the big 870 let me take a chance to look if you these tax. It's the book cause smoke to come into the house. When the far places where flew was what opened and it is more noticeable. When is it goes the wind is outside right so let's talk about the mechanics of getting rid of the exhaust that's at that could be exhaust where they're from and these principles are true whether it's against ward heater gas furnace or even a far place. Liked his tax raising questions say about getting some spoken summer house. All right so. What we have here is we warm air rising in when that air starts rising up that flew or that exhaust pipe. It starts what's called stack effect does that woman or start rising it takes the the spent gases what the smoke. In the fumes opt out of the the far police chase with flu like the beat that. The taller the structure. The greater the draw meaning the greater removes the and in also know that the tallest structure. But also. There at the greater the difference between the temperature. Of the air around it. In the temperature at the air inside of that height with the flu pipe so it hotter fire. We're draw or greater than afar it's just starting that's where it's not very hot or some pot to go out about to extinguish. From you wanna be able to you get that. Fire hype quickly because that smoke out you like to use good season drive would do. Hard woods probably I would recommend burning in soft woods. And then also you're far please double tall enough. Typically when you have backtracking a smoke is bookish. Or. It's not taller than with the nearest attractions are in one week let me explain that. Is that there's what's called the 210 rule. The topping your far place needs to be ten feet higher than any obstruction within ten feet up it. So the topic structure I'm sorry but I assume that. To the back ports. You you're you're far place as the two feet higher than any trucks within ten feet. So. The if you're far place comes up in its hall opens to the edge of the roof but it's not hardly and yet you root for Israel about the same level. You speaking some of your fears that we particularly when the wind's blowing. Another reason why you need to home. That would cause smoke to come back back drafting in to you what this far plays sort toward a heater. Is that you could have some negative pressures and cider house. And those negative pressures could become typically from the operational fame voters but to pick cook topics office. Or duct leakage or closing interior doors where you're running your heat or your commission system all these things can cause negative pressures were draws smoke. From that far place in Euro. So those are all contributing reasons why. You know you could be getting some some smoky house and you you burning of heartless and my opening helped you identify some marriage need to go back. In the first game look at our list that we could go to the top of the hour news broke and come back. Will get to the entire second all the home improvement show. Keep your phone calls common will be right back after this.