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Saturday, December 30th

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Welcome back to the second power of the home provincial here in WWL. Gates have you right before the top of the hour news break we speak with Adam. And has a race home. Washing machine Piot had a leak. It's more to go in to. Annulled the utility room but all seeded Jason bedrooms. Removes some moldaschi Brock. Has the human as far as offense moving said Adam sit for two weeks. This has been trying. Yeah yeah. Really we can. So would would I would do which use I'm and I'm. Being operated like the hybrid book is not. I've been pretty. Like light bulb carpet. Reached order or. More. It was whose reasons. Athletes on your on the carpet. I'd hide from our probably about Cuba and left the court. Oh and I. Duplicate it was. Been at war call. How big. All it's. Probably wouldn't. But. Political war. It that concerns me a little bit out of because of indoor alt a concerns. And I may have to replace thick carpet and padding. And it but for as far as the wood so applause concern insulation underneath it. You need get a moisture meter used to measure the moisture content of the thickness of that I would sub floor. And that you have been the eagles' long enough to go through the three quarter it saw war in measure. The insulation. On the on some of the plot with its secrets with you if it is wet that you have to crawl on each room at that location. Recruit that chicken wire remove that went insulation. Let it draw I put the floor joist and support drive in the replace the insulation replaced tickle war. A it. Did you book call American insurance claim this is or somebody monitoring the moisture for you were ready or you yourself what would you do it. I. I. Well the atlas that it depends on the size of the claim I'm real leery about making insurance claims in today's world that the Katrina. If it's a small claim that something you would take care of its list and you deductible then. And I think that's my personal opinion that's the battle. Pretty. In the end I think I. Handle the ball if you think that it's not of the Apollo 100 professional group. Now I don't think you there yet I think you your spot you what do we coast problem of what you get you know it certainly sounds like giving him but we'd been to a last week and I have two weeks. Both of taken all the right steps. I just cautioned that that carpet that closets gonna have to go. Also. Nature of the insulation in the that would. Is drawing and also with the prison term would destroy. It that you may also choose to. Go to our our our. Blog on Paul cells Paul's house dot com. Couldn't block in search. In the blog section were flooded houses or organic growth or old. And it almost keywords pop up small articles you wrote. Back in the I'm an artist at the flooding that reach and review are that makes you tick I was right steps and uses core products. I appreciate that that would be pretty. There are more moisture meter. Wish we can get that old beat boatload. You you maybe you can try it maybe ease you ordered on Amazon. And you what can bush to meet with pins and that when you insert pins and the would have measured the amount of moisture. I Coca. America looked project thank you happening UT. I listened to go to commercial Britain come back we'll talk to Craig and and also start pinching some of your questions you sent me the attacks. We'll be right back at this. Welcome back CD homer proved so here on W the bills go straight to phone lines and speak with. Craig K Craig could morning. Happy new year. Good morning happy new Kia. I have any panic room that I won a complete. It's gonna be built at the end of cable so the has new law. The table land and in the cathedral ceiling which the raptors third two by sixes. And in another portion of it would be restored to Colombia flat healing room and they'll look at. To my question is what I've in relationship you'd beautiful. War. The house is about two years ago there has conventional that inflation. And a beverage and I. So most times when when people. Call me silly him have some problems with my upper floor. It's it's always hot quarts of more shall probable home or. You know what act I can never really. Go in that room because. You know the smell this is so bad. In this our time it's related because it's a what you just described. Hey I turned in my attic space and to living space. You know I've I've got a group Selig combination part of it that the walls I got a flat ceiling. Sometimes the the floors over the garage or non living space sometimes it's it's over living space just depends. And they are all always comes into a few different things Chrysler become a run through those. Is in you party expo one and that's the type insulation to use. So we're trying to insulate. A I'm living space from a non living area we need a few different concepts we need to have a continuance. On interrupt the air carrier. In thermal barriers so that. Not all insulation. Is an air Barry you mentioned fiberglass insulation fiberglass is a thermal barrier thermal control layer only. You have to combined follow class or any fibrous insulation. With any air carrier in order to make it. And is going to be touching. And fully connected he can be separate you can't have an air carrier three feet away from the insulation. It's got becomes truly a touching each other in order for the thermal insulation work well. And lest the it's a new ID and not and that's what's voices such as spray your thing foam or rigid foam board. So in your case I would say I would go in use spur you're thankful because it's probably the easiest. And in it gives you that uninterrupted complete. Continuous. Horrible Derrick an error in the air very combined in the same location. Now you do have to do something with. Condition that's the other part that people complain about the most is hey I edit all edited doc to that space flight systems system. Would that never works out I don't care how bigger commissions system is that that never does work because the dock system is not designed. To have that extra Ramon. The dock system was designed for the regional lay out and footprint of the house. In and out air flows supplies returns is based on that configuration fuse it don't work. Supplied to a quirk that room it's never worked so. You that you could have two. Configured your recognition system for the house and the new space. Or did any dedicated air condition system like a duck this many split a forest new living space. My conditioning man when they do we knew it to other extra tonnage but the doctors. Follow me enemy be it from your feet degrees warmer there are out on me and put that system. And. Yeah and I hear that electric and half half half extra tonnage with its yes that that's part of it. The other half of the story almost like a select all operate the rest of the story is you'll just need extra capacity extra tonnage. You need to happen air duct system both supply our return. Designed for that extra space. In your house has been. You know not having experts on these years in it's it's it's not work it you know yoga all your docs or or a lot of docs to make this work so. I like having a separate unique individual recognition system just for that space separate from heroes. Where you can control key and you can you can have some moisture control. And you can in the Wichita on this basis wells yet heating cooling which control. And this with the sept Boris you're home. Because they're functions the vast. Aren't you know audited you get a benefit of of me trying to solve all the people's problems that the that's the question before Stalin like what you war right now. Study they foam walls and and and again part of it will be a flat ceilings within. You know. So every house has looked different the only way act in the only suggest I can get you to this point it is call our sister company managing comfort solutions. And have them come look at it because they may see things. There that you're not describe to me and I'll give you better vice but I actually being there I think they'll be this. You know go via a bit result of us that okay the steepest Craig do that that you be fun because I'd seen everything. Who wrote remember that the goal here is duke rape in a separate living space from the attic. Bought at the same time you because you're only doing a portion of that. Of that space you need to see how the rest of your attic is not to be insulated with foam insulation. Is court to react in the federally and that being negatively affected so that's cleaning somebody's eyes there Wednesday its building sites. When the stance at a total elation. In order to make sure that things aren't you know creating any form. Output are also achieving the goal you want to achieve and that is a culpable Rome that doesn't have a bushel problem indoor quality problem copper problem. So but must just use either caller sister company and have them come look at it and they'll tell you with the candy can't do. And they they get their say you know what does that really good idea. You know that that happens a lot you know wicket Holmes is saying maybe what you foam insulation because we know that's the way to go when you get there he realized. Yeah that's not really political bureaucracy you'd have some problems. So there are there's a lot of jobs and our current Connecticut's looses walk away from. The coast at a rate moisture problems if they did foam insulation. So. Better know or in the early end and then after the fact. Charcoal then before I'd and trying to look after her. I think Chicago before and and haven't ever sketch who would you wanting to do. And our way to make him walk you through it because of this that changed he's beat me again it's easy change of paper than at the Primakov back later and refrain something. Creator corporate. Yet go to apostles dot com searched but of reaching your endorsements offshore whatever it is putting insulation annual fun and all right thank you. Did you bet thank you have to protect. Their right. To look look a couple of these tax which opens in east Texas but his term he used to beat them. Let C. The Texas juvenile place that you talk about wrapping pipe for the upcoming cold weather. Absolutely so if you haven't paying attention but he isn't real local weather in this the Tom a year if your pipes are not protecting the are at risk. A freezing him bursting so. You know go to your local big box or your heart restore its and split pipe insulation. You would keep that you need to measure and at the size your pipe before so you can get the right size insulation. You wanna make sure that if you got a three quarter inch pipe you can record rich split pipe insulation for. You don't want one inch because they went to a space will be to dig. To go around the three quarter inch pipe and Asarco worker well. You want to be continuous no blank spots. You to take the scenes. You you and make sure that all your pipes wolf Carol has raised hot and cold pipes are protected. Particularly if it's galvanized or its copper. If X piping that they say text biking tennis ability to you expand. When it freezes and then when and when the when nick it's what we get the have you it's warmer in contracts in the true I've seen it. However we're talking about some really cool weather. You know we're we're talking in depending where you are endorsements offshore could be into the upper teens to low twenties. So you wanna be very proactive book that I'm planning on. Running my water at night a real small look at stronger than a drip like a steady drip. Only running one Foss my house is the faucet furthest away from where the hike interest my house so the Maher mar water. Comes in my house in the right hand side in the Fossum and Ron is on the opposite all we have left is out of my bathroom. Animal run the hot water the resort run hot waters these these because. Typically if you do research and found out what pipes burst vs the hot water pipe that the cold water pipe. Because it's not the water freezing their cause the part the first it's the water freezing and having no place for to expand. That's what cause burst pipes when you have cold water you can stand up and you'd pull it causes a pressure relief there we have hot water hypocrites about to close that trip. Small small drip got water. We brought back at that is. Welcome back to the home approve a so let's go back to follow laws and speak with Scott he's got good morning. In the air happy new year follow thanks to the McCall. Is there. So I also sent the text but then. The more information. I am considering removing my ceramic tile floor and my engineer are what sports and replacing it. Either outlook tree final four years two final. No wonder if you have an opinion on those products someone told me that. Becoming the standard or. I just wanted to get someone no opinion on. Okay raced house slapped home. It is safe slab home and I was unable to put. Org would reel or would like I want it cheap because contractor neglected to Calvert saint slab so. That's why can't engineer art wood in the ceramic right now. How old is the holes cut. Juniors. Seniors OK so here is the risk with use in the type prosecutors describe. It's all related to moisture. How however. Typically 810 Euro hole on this whole ten years old doesn't have a lot of wanna come Monday. Older homes that or forty slap house is that a forty plus years old. Where the plastic that was put on meet the country's deteriorating. Law also grow moisture coma. Now I'm I'm saying that in very general terms. If you have what you problems already you have a port trying to trend the outside edge of your house. Wore a you don't have daughters get in the water away from your home. What if the sprinkle assist in the spring water pitcher you concrete slab with the outside walls you can be given some moisture into your concrete slab. In the still wanna come up in two. The drier air inside her house. Which sheet funnel. Not be able to do that. Male with tile flooring. Water paper does come through it. With the engineer wood flooring what do paper doesn't come through it you actually comes through it but what happens is the collier thing finished. On top of what profess to go any further so indie Arie is what you hit engineered wood flooring nail. Do you have any discolored wood or any with its copping a changing shape or size that may be related to moisture. Now. I don't think that more sure as a problem. Development you're actually getting into my next question that you advertise. Engineer what are final. War group and so on. One issue. Yeah I Seattle like they say that only tell you why yeah. Yes it's very home. It's turned water resistant or you it was or what professed fondness but they they're they're saying it however in our climate. That that does create a problem because. We weaken. 405060. Inches of annual rainfall and we get more sure it's coming in through the country. Or coming through the edge of the concrete slab. And that cheap phone doesn't cover everything insider yours yours are forced your house. Soul. Well you know this. You are like people Arnold what are you rule it out on floor. These are you know. Three to five millimeter. Yup you aren't. That is our herbal or I don't know they advertise it as everyone keeps suggesting Warrick told the full image. Just probably the part about it. I just don't know enough about it to. Or merely. Yet we hear your careers the events of that is that if your house flood you can take up that bottle flooring and you can clean input about bail. Are out of control and in and that that's that's what they're saying referenced being more proof however if you have a more shall problems come from underneath it great subtle problems. So that that's my concern now in your car race he doesn't sound like that's problems that should be an issue for you at all. Now if you had signs of moisture that you saw with each it would have forced carries it did you wood flooring. I would say they Scott maybe something you would find something else to do instead of that. But from what you describe it doesn't sound like it's going to be an issue. All right good quality wise you know we're not going with a final or are going better off going. Ceramic and engineer awkward. No the final actually for from a durability standpoint. It art what thanks I appreciate information. You bet thank you have great about it. Are we could to commercial break when we come back will go ahead and speak with Debbie and then Rome. At that Roy's all wholesome guys don't hang up hang on welcome right back to you here on the home prudence. Welcome back to the show let's go straight to phone lines and speak with daddy hey Debbie good morning happy new year. Whatever you think. At all right Devin we lost this art this move on to Roy hey Rory good morning happy New York. Good morning Paula and happy new year you I don't look question I'll borrow on the continuous flow or groups. Cause I I'm not committee with them recently taught art house. That has two problems there in my own it warns the course outside walls of house gas fired. The art supply pipe it and the pot war it's George pipe or ball well insulated. But the little metal housing that can change the mechanism Cornel. Is not what I need to what I need to cover that. Given the of freezing temperatures that we're expecting. Insult we. Okay Roy that is a great question and and I'm gonna hearts. And limiting what I mean by that column I do exactly what you talk about I've seen it probably hundred plus times. However rump punting to the manufacturer's. Web site. What should go look up who to manufacturers named in your model number go to the web site he secretly tell you to do. In in the reason I say that is because there's some pipes I know that you can protect within that housing in the other you cannot. Because that's a far hasn't. So our home. You need to go on you figure it out and and hate give you that answer but I think it's the safest answer for your house so you don't cause any far problems. All right. If the hot water not running. A law. Would there could be at risk BR. Burner igniting. Because of the cold air outside or it will it would only night with a water flow. He should only ignite with the water flow however it would be concerned if you concern about that you can turn it off. And you can drip your brought your hot water faucet as a small smalls. A little bit more standard and drip. And you don't so people describe it as a pencil tip like you know condemn number two. Pencil lead at the site as opposed to what's the typical led a small steady stream of water outside. Turning your hot water. You take us what you off so it won't be running only on. It. All right want appreciate there are calm. Integration and again happy new year you. But thank you have to use as well. Are critical to commercial break and come back with a talked to daddy and they'll probably wrap up the socially a financier accused a couple of text before week. We wrap things up we'll be right back after this.