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Saturday, December 30th

Join Paul LaGrange, a construction consultant who specializes in energy efficiency as he helps out with all of your home improvement & repair needs


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Morning everyone happy new year to you and happy Saturday. If you're new to the show this is we do every Saturday and now Indian we talk about home improvement. Repairs. Comfort. Energy efficiency. Indoor air quality. A lot of if repairs this is that it's okay well yeah week but talk about improving insulation dispute that because we do have lots of questions. About insulation in an air leaks in the weeks and DOS. But we also talk a repairs related to. It could be a painting project or carpentry project who maybe you do building the deck core offense. Maybe it would trim like they sports or fireplace mantle. He could be electrical plumbing. It it's all open for discussion so would have approached you work at all and gives the call would love to talk about it. That number is fob 04. 2601. 72601870. Or concern the attacks at 87870. In this is open for eight. Anything he could be a garage she could be a workshop. Limited rupiah fishing camp home apartment Condo. Dog house. She into whatever it is simple we'll talk about it so it's it's it's certainly. Opening would want variety of questions we know when it'll year. On the show every Saturday in the provincial and dumped rubio. And something else to keep the markets is I'm not here to your sales pitch this is this is me trying to help you. Make a good informed decision about your nickel project. In that decision may be guiding you in coaching you relating to eight uses tool which uses met that person do the steps second. We just we could you this question if maybe saying hey you know what. Maybe you really should consider hiring a licensed trained professional. To do that type recruitment and if you need someone to call in here's a resource you can call. So it it it's it's depends on if you try to do it yourself from the beak which he threw it. Maybe a Sinclair for an questions maybe just needs reassurance. May be your your. You're crossed a you know a crossroads it's okay. But to disrupt or to take that aren't or make you pay 23 professionals from your house or running saying two with three different causes of a problem. Well again that that's gonna look to whatever setting music is talking. Through these processes with you that you make a community informed decisions about your projects so. Again when you to those numbers of occurs caller we please don't wait you know we can in the hour. And they advocate anybody's or rather calling in and this too shall live when you follow what your old. And could you first come first serve our promise so. You know call in jail that numbers fumble 4260187. Or semi tech's at 8787. Meet with lots to talk to you who you go to Ehrlich of which Britain come backwards and infants and new questions. We'll be right back to the home provincial right activists. What you heard the number if you get a tax tax then 878 Seve would love to hear from you. To make it to a couple of text for a quick mrs. Appalled look for someone to work on the worse adjustments weather stripping locks etc. Let me keep your resource for that go to Paul's house dot com. The website is Paul's house dot com and us collect in Europe in your region which was cultures where you are. Endured the trashed the professional tree you look for the contractor. And you know there there's. Good premier said the builders and Charlie knew they would be happy to. Help you with that project. This could cut taxes pay up trying to build a fake window that would look like it's looking to space from a son. We you suggest proper optics were elegant lights. As reps during the stars a proper optics we better if you're if you're trying to. Represent this that the stars. And and and look discuss who are brought to. Would be much much better than it currently the light. You you can actually. I think you can get out a lot more true representation with fiber optics in the tent with nobody when it comes to you from. Stars of that do you see that a lot in some of them a movie theaters. Elect these home custom home theaters they have I would delighting in the walls and ceilings to collect stars and it's. That's would gorgeous looks good. All right I keep this text come and 8787 it was go back to the phone line and speak with bread a bread good morning happy New York. Yes there I eat at you as well. You. I quick question about how well wolf. And build an outright. Or an instance of doable full equal all noticed some of the law homer. It has bought mobile. Coordinate Internet it's called. Lumber normal like under its but it magnetic award the road bike you're cutting your opinion. On should not write them mourner to try to. Not get them in Q well I noticed some would put up against about a week in capital whispering and partly to achieve the and it didn't and very little in mail. On the boards are covered with. Yes so here's the thing is first guess you Q how would address this openly like it is. About a community it is some type of organic growth that you need you to address. Before you. Who moved here next up next phase construction. What you need to do to try first so NT NT you have you're right in preventing you from getting wet. It that your efforts will be useless so if you're house is framed it's this partially dried more post look at wet. I think it was on the giving rise. They're going in treating it in there and once that I would do if you party he had this. In Europe can't summon your family maybe that is. Maybe six up to restore problems are I think before our home she rocket to windows and doors were open everything. Public pause. For a short period Tom output fame movers in the bit of ours in this space. And I would make sure Almonte lumber is measured with a more distributed pictures at 15% or less. Before all right insulated on Chirac because once you start insulating and she rock. The ability to test out try and Tom that matter it's right it is. OK so I would first orders review bright that it didn't dry meeting orbit and bring more committed. And he didn't dry and actually although it wouldn't rule on alcohol so. I didn't get out hot weather will allow the you know with the band. Like perfect okay so at this point I would go ahead in I would treat. I would treat you organic growth and if you look for resource for that you can actually look at our blog postings it's to be the same process of method. We suggest for folks that flooded you know earlier in the year. All right so go to Paul cells dot com searched the blog and you can search wars. Flooded houses are cleaning mold organic growth almost buzzwords pop up and eat a certain links we have and it. Talk about the steps and products please just use. Boca. And it would bet the packets that they'll department need to not that worried about ball but treating it is. Obviously a little awkward male beat gathered up my dad. I mean. That did to compete that would maybe talk to each other that he would directly parade that you think that the concern. Yeah I got into the purpose of. So when he when he due to those blog postings you good to see where it's that we sometimes what the black house flooded. There's refresh me exactly you just describe markets he or corner all the pieces put a touch is would you keep it between those pieces with a treat. So there are met that you can use to. Scrub the air sanitize the air that addresses that like an O and generators good good example what would function that capacity. Okay at. All right wolf thanks so much now alone I'll I'll be in on the web site and I are. A few if any of the questions you don't don't don't don't. Don't work reached out reach out to me and I'll be happy to help so our doctor Paul you know don't be vessels were trying to set the words that. You're right Chris sediment have been UT. It definitely helped you and your family and Ross is out that you have questions in the you you don't have time to you soon while we're on the show. Send your questions to pulse house FaceBook site postal office recite welcome back to you it's news we can we go to quick commercial and come back. Will talk with the Tim. And also get a couple more techs come and whether this will be right back here and the idea. Welcome back to the Hubble crew show those goes straight to the alliance and speak with him. He Tim good morning happy new year. Say happy new year ball. Poverty oh about a ten year old college two years ago. And it it has its lack blown in insulation in the attic. And never have looked at our house like this before. But Ken can step. Become airborne if it's a certain age. It's usually end up between the raptors it's not copper during thing. And I mean I'll step out stays cool on wall matter no problem that but obviously walker doesn't stop there were becoming airborne. And decency your system. Well. It when you see your system me like irrigation system. Yeah it does it do that does pretty unity. System kicked open. And then drove around and maybe push in India house. The random as good about my wife and I and so on which scientists. Problems since we've moved in here. And we can't contributed to any thing. Upn and possibly you know this sort of pregnant could be something else but I'm just curious is it pipa or anything like that. Yes so. Loose feel insulation and 85%. Solis. It is that does not disclose who can be also be the fob request that it's it's it's opera's product. If you have any different suppression which in your attic in your house. And there's a pathway connecting the two. Areas like through the ceiling around lighting the war but just any any opening for infrastructure. In Booth. There and it's a very small farm particulate. Right it just depends on what the insulation is I've had some folks. That. As the recycled newspaper which is the cellulose product it's gonna bring him to dark gray color. Our. They describe it to me like a fun fun fun face potter. Opted out of folks that have the lose Phil white fiberglass in the NC. In their recognition dock worker at the supply route he gets kind of car right there at the register. Right oh. Yes it can it can't be. You know it's it's it's a loose so product that it certainly has to it was a afloat into your house that you debris or better or and or each year commission system. If Marco or it would fit screen they're two that changed they are very who have it and its ability to PP attic cool. You know you don't do that none arc on the no our Booker. It and keep in mind that. The opening may be at the ceiling she rock nine not on the top Solder the Selig who has been at the bottom the ceiling joints are captured or so for air to move in or out. Some have two things he needs to have a pathway cracked a Kravis and opening hole. Entities have a difference of pressure. Caller. Typically your control layer to separate your attic from your house. When. More prevalent practice in historic moment that I like about the future ceiling she rock. Com here are so it in a lot of times it's who Chirac is not a complete. On the disrupted air barrier there are openings holes in it that sealed it lets that Dustin and a vineyard you're duct work it's your condition dock workers in your attic in their dark leaks you could be drawn in you don't cleats into your house that way. Right so can pick their there's. There's lots of opportunity for that attic insulation on the inside your old openness say that I'm talk about the particulates. That are trying loading in the air. Well which it on the furniture. Paul that the tortured pitched dusty and one day. You know an important option in the next day it seemed like this gut don't start. Another thing that did tall output to World League bench you know they are wind powered bench. In the pretty good mile route all the ads on the child was originally set to. Two cruelly attic they didn't put his India those in this house when he killed that. And no more than expected because an extra. Circulation air up there are problems soaked and there may be. Just true strong and fine no school has. It's certainly are possible but you know. We're in the south so we have dostum Ottawa that the right one day and have a dusty the very next day. That means you're you're having some. Communication between outside in your house. Or are your house in the attic and probably have some doc leaks that are causing differential pressure. Did there's a lot of things that you're union why could be having its triggers. For your respiratory problems it may Natchez beat. You know keep maybe you're you're. Into relative it and be elevated. And you have some off gassing you inside that house and it's it's you know exacerbating or are you rotating your analogies they write it could be lots of different triggers but. Dust is ms. pretty on common deals with him. You bet thank you Tim companies and hope things get better for you are it was included go to commercial break welcome back we're gonna talk to Adam. And also it to a few attacks keep them on the net he said he sent me right back after this. Let's go straight to the phone launches because atom atom reflecting gates in your entire. Questioner so we'll go to after the news that the suit can sneak in him before they didn't. And today he our active Mormon. Good morning I have a great how to repeat all the crowds are out there that opposed the old lab. Yeah. I had a walk machine. Eight. Ended up not. Give the guy called for a pick that but he did call eight spill over the ball. And make black mold. As you know Clark cut out sheet rock. Look good and only one. I pulled up the corporate route back to it there was a couple spots where the dark. Straight bleached water. Why aren't we cute though would opt awful war to get to police on the house order in my statement as well. Obviously you haven't. You know are really don't know I look under the how it got Micah. Chicken wire and agree to stop holding him quite triple H don't look. Good so. Yes that's sounds like fob because since elation and so first vote. You need to get some fan movers in the human afar is in that you took Roman that is adjacent bedrooms at the wet carpet you to start trying to that would through through. Well I've been there are about two weeks now you know keep it. Close but in the report equipment but it started with though. Hey Adam model which don't hold if you don't mind our own talk about this little more the top of the hour could sort of maturity you questioned thoroughly and in consists rockets o'clock at. I don't feel at that time to do that so hold on whom come after the news a comeback and talk about this in gritty details that we you'll have all the answers. So you know how to proceed if folks will be right back at the list.