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Saturday, December 23rd

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Welcome to the second hour of the home provincial here and WBL. Right before the break we had barber or hold the scoop straight to phones and speak with our. Hey Barbara Merry Christmas thank you for all the noise. And it. I I resent candlelight in my kitchen. And I'm open I'm not cook up and they can't collected GAAP as. I tried to death in the lip. A doctor. And has definitely been cleaned with a solution what would you recommend. Yes so Barbara thinking maybe you you're getting some home some buy products coming off the top that cooked popular in the may be able greasy road thirty. I think we use. I would use some waters quite been occurrence elements news. An outward would obviously have the switch off. And and how would. Lightly spray that that solution or to the rim around that Rees has candlelight. And describe it that way it continue to take it but you have someone or you people taking that trim off of those ceiling and putting sink. Us open there. I didn't think it then. Yes so Tom what you can do as you can actually take out the life ball. And you can slot that trimmed dale away from the ceiling actually slide straight down. In some moment easy in this connect some a little more difficult. And I'm mature if you if you collateral or you capabilities that you that may be something you have. We want your your family members or your friends come before you pick ticket you know you can. But you sync you can clean it. A lot easier than up in the air. Well right right but what. The proportion of people. So what I would do is I would use a hum. A cup of vinegar. Half a couple water and out to Cabrera large Lebanese squeeze all adjacent to it. And so not. You can soak them or you can actually is saturate them the let's have that does work you know always front you do Schwartz Barbara. It. And you can claim that what you just wanna try them quickly you don't want them to stay wet because then that they seized on the rust. Yeah and I guess that would just like. Like that argument. Yes exactly now okay what do you need some light at the right thing that would typically match. Chimneys we talk about. It is out there like he did and yet seen solution that would be on this investment. Yeah. And it won't line. It doesn't matter would have you comfortable with. Our long. Okay thank you appreciate it Merry Christmas thanks for college. Right let's go and speak with a righty righty thank you for calling in thank you for holding on their Christmas. Aircraft mostly through tax. Got a very tight energy efficient else. And cover energy career and later. Now I'm bombing concern is trying to keep humidity though most tournament. You know doing great if I can maintain 55%. Of elected to get over sixty because. Election allergies and stopped and remembered that that dust mites can. But over sixty that. Even to beat air conditioner barrels leader and super tight don't work. When it was built I had the phone Dario falls placed cheating on mixture walls. Along. Ivo. The only thing I could maybe treat illnesses appeared just with your comments on is that. I noticed when the Portland flattened on the slab of hooked concrete slab to took great being. On national post tension anything else. And women but of this queen down certain paper here. Among around things I noticed they really don't. Overlap and they don't sealed overlaps. They don't let it go down and in Upton did the bitches for the putting stuff. And I'm wondering if the capacity didn't. You know I don't know where else abortion could compromise in the attic which is well ventilated. Do you know anything about that relating to a much more streaking come into the final underneath. It's yes I I I do a home with top before and the health. When your first when your country. Most of this year is ceramic Tyrone. Couple of the rooms are. You know limited. Well Florida. Do you see any movement are signs of copping a warping and that laminate flooring area. I would say very sly I mean I'm I'm talking about an isolated. You know course and she went up but. In other outside corner that as out of consequences. Oh. Right so alms. Moisture does come through concrete and win. That ground covered that this queen you talk about is not overlapped. Properly in this cycle and on the great gains in coming back up eat eat and contribute to more assurance miles. There's don't know about that. Now you which sees signs of that at the places if you had one of trees and come from the country. You see signs of that at the eleventh Lori you probably wouldn't see sides of that at the ceramic how realistic is really really bad. And then you would see you seize on some moisture actually at the growth lines with that you wouldn't instrument. But I suspect Rodney. The problem Europe the recent your relative humidity is high in your house is the New York City. Not because of us the your moisture to slap. Although you're getting some moisture slap you made it very long run Tom European it's bringing in the outside moisture. Under at least you don't remove oyster and and that is something it's right. Communicated very poorly by the HVAC industry is easy and get a high tight I was UD ERV. You need outside there and it's been removed the moisture and he doesn't. And I'm well I'm unaware of these are climate. The I'm glad you brought that up with calls. It even though it's integrated with the rest of the Leo. By an evolution system instead of like. Well it runs track but all the time I don't think I've ever gone manic in our did not run. And I thought that you know it would shut down when there are running. Because what he needs fresher now. Notion anywhere. And I would like to you know have its own way round. And wondered what it is apparently. They don't we did see peddling when it's running. You know it makes air handler. Roland not a car accidents. But it seemed like. Via ERP is it is should have to do controlling rather where. So I think he needed deacons to look at more how they should be control. In our climate. You don't need a lot of outside there you do need some. And it really depends on the cubic on the home. The number of occupants in the house how you'd run in your house as well as impact on how much outside their use to bring. So if you or your don't use forming a lot. Then that's probably why you haven't some elevated you know 55% and greater RH and soccer or house. Now okay. You know just that Tom a year when my air conditioner horribly runs at all. And and I held that elevated relative in the team my house because machinations on running. So therefore I'm relying on a whole house. To. Control the moisture and some house I don't even technician worked across is not hot. But I'm living up right on we're completing a book cooking we're bathing regenerating moisture I needed the home. You're a whole host the humidifier to address our winter now. You know I have heard in burden that they are trying forties where you install it so that you can during the conflict and everything. It's it's integrated with your recognition system and you think you'd artwork running on the pitch on hold any good commerce Britain won't come back you know I'll talk more about this because. Oliver taught you how I have my whole as the unifier. Connected to my outside their source and that's how bring bounce out there will be rep packet to this folks don't go to where we come right back to the home improvements. Welcome back to the home from the show right before the break we speak with Rodney Ian. At some concerns oil in to work relative humidity so let's house. Tight energy efficient home could into its features but still the relative humanities that you know that are percent of symptoms but gluten Har. So. Rodney welcome back to show thank you for calling it anyway column. Would describing or want to describe when America that break was the way I have mine outside their content my home. It actually comes into doctors source through the ceiling to mar rear patio. Goes to the docking in Q it's connected to. My whole house to human afar it runs through media filter. In the media filter. Removes particulates in becomes unified. In that it takes a dignified air. That places it. Inside my American nations system. In the distributes the air around my house very similar to what you described. Which you are Yorvit went in my. And when the moisture increases and saw my house for any reason. It's like this time you're Americans is not running in its cycles Owen so when the humidifier calls war. Operation it turns Owen. My faith and voter. In Louis beat for the central unit and he distributes that even a funny or throw all the duck or program pals and returns back to a central location. In his own dedicated. Returner taken even afar. Pale in addition to. Moisture increase in my house in Macon and operate you can set it on that control win and how much outside and bring in. He can say hey every our war to win the daytime hours I want to bring in ten minutes about southern fifteen minutes twenty minutes what are you need for euros. And the nice thing about it brings in the outside air filters it. You know bringing in outside roar moisture. Unifies. Brought so that that's why I problem with the fans of those type. Set out as opposed to New York City but I know folks that have very sick good success we are these I I can tell you that I. I have been one problem. And I've tried it I've played with that most accomplice customs they haven't really don't like it but there or fugitive. You know what makes cents I mean you're shut out Cuba deal are gonna look into the but. It makes more sense to Richard describing. About the ERV becomes. I don't know within that a date within 24 hours to vote. Now what a front comes through in the Ayers. You know about the relative humidity is very broad viewpoint slow my house committee implement. It must be pregnant and that drier prefer the. It's the RV got it because Roddy you Graham Zach and try that much where the moisture goes away that fast. Would you keep that you know cool front that came through today or is coming through two depending where you live and you stuck in your houses and houses kitten dry tomorrow. That's not come from you slab that's coming from the outside there. Right right. You know migrant calculations shortly after a built by house when the change. Basic units. To figure out community feel the pressure actually need based on everything you mentioned. It ought to do looked and compare that to these are the difference the discomfort the bottom. Kind of shut the hospital so little operate alone would be but that would what you describe. But sounds great a look at which he sent out. I guess all the running intimately human communities I would have done much to hear. Electrical and that that. Right. That's correct and does something else to Roddy is when you're doing those type calculations that you describe how much how many sitcoms about they're bringing in. And I'm presuming your falling like an ashtray standard which the standards in history 62 point two determined not to be elements there in the south. And my house I think I've done that calculation. And a cut in half. So that tells me I need hundreds if terms of bringing it easier films. Because that entry standard is not. It's that calculation does not for the south. That's not for certain Louisiana Mississippi you know the unit that it's like our zone north of bill O. Right right so. You know take that standard and cut in half. And then see how you do it in and monitor enter quality you can eat the increased amount of outsiders and then make that a test. And it usually very broker helpful. What you are welcomed their Christmas I appreciate you calling and hope things work out better for for the moisture in the conference under house. I agree on. Thank you great day. All right so listen we and that's callers teeny beanie we are a file to get into our news and it would it would not and the on the key to Europe. You're tar question yes but let's get started what you ask your question and I'll which all combat units are good morning Merry Christmas. And I didn't want did you all got two questions on that. So out. Meat eaten Spain Euro zone's main room and I've tried and clean it don't come off wanna put in the room couldn't scratch as being you know all the Oakland which are meant. Denham will get back to Iraq does is break don't go to where hang on we'll come right back at the this. Welcome back the show this goes straight to phone lines and pick up our conversation we started. We put these brick with me in so. We don't make sure I understand your question yeah and natural gas stove. And the rights and around the partner or heard stained with with some brown stains. While we're at it again. And left and staying there. You know like and finish things aren't on the coroner on law and I tried. I tried everything clean and alone in it's put tried while so well and is always the scratch while scratching since. A tribal. Or vinegar and it's just been more. Arizona that is. I would give you one more thing to try and Adam I'm hoping this works you can use this to actual clean in Southern Europe and so a the reason I'm thinking we can use here. As is because it it may be something similar is like a baked or drip food or even the heat they've pitched tarnished it will they come from the burners so. What do I do was dampened. Dip in the area local with water. And that takes some bacon seller and sprinkle the bank and Soto all around the Tampa area that is to scholar. And you'll probably to put it in the eighth of an inch thick. It'll let it sit there like two hours in the comeback and wipe it up again. More. So. I I. You may have to do that multiple times but I didn't mean opens like that in the and that seems to work. In the Kentucky Evans got a phone keys so declared it would be Coke. Some open networks or rent your stove. Eric and I want our take their computers and draw off I don't know yet agency. And the epic line are going wrong but it won't solve the foreigners. Who are passed it and use Covert. Ani a new phone. And yes so hum. They're there's a there's some safety switches inside a program old heat exchanger and these little by little switches so I in almost sounds like when those bundles which is meant going out. If it's if it starts to ignite in the doesn't. Maybe it's does that night in and turn right off war what these are does that. There at all the other man in the popular with the public letter on loan and then it is. Click the yen and cheap couldn vote won't hit the ball well. Does this deep does the gas valve open up and throw gas across the niner. And out and walked they keep him in Coca in making a deal about this year. Well it would so. He could be a couple of different things if you questioned you need to hire licensed insured. I expect you'll you have some of the cut that service your equipment to any. All right I would give that company call and say hey guys come out and and look at it and why they're there have been inspector heat exchanger makes respect cracked. Some of them Sharyl the uterus but you know those gas exchanges he changed the last forever and you know there's definitely a license the issue there's crack in it. Welker back. Argument any thank you good luck in her Christmas. All right we could go to a commercial break we'll come back Caroline will come to you next don't go to where we'll be right back after this. Welcome back to so let's go straight to phone lines speak with Ireland hey good morning Merry Christmas. Good morning saying you quote very quick question. Think reporters eager. It's a good question. Let me ask. If you'd let me ask if you question for. We had originally we have first came out and he would go and accurate and it is currently our level I'm build up. Comcast's. At a county kept building up and you know -- an airport according to it in an output. Epic and plug it come along way the year. They still require maintenance if you if you have calcium problem these two requirement is there's no doubt about it if you had the need for unlimited hot water. Or space is a problem that a gas tank this water heater is the place the day. You don't have those needs there's not a role that old fashioned tanked. Gas water here. If the people make this big East Europe that take us what you save them gobs and gobs and gobs of money but that Bernard is actually that true. They're convenient to keep you lots of unlimited water there their tick up small footprint. All the things are great. But. If you have any maintenance problem. War if you don't have that neat from a lot of hot water and you just look in the save money but those return investments would never work. Because a lot more money for the cyclist and you'd be. He's no different from there are correct. Correct or pollinated admiral thank you so much you that mayor Christmas they only think it. All right let's speak with Brent hate Brad good morning or Christmas and help you. Good morning and a column about. Rapid. Water heater. Electric outlet in my attic. Honest on the island which is thought to Wear on in England just in relation rap on. Yeah I have mine wrapped. I think it's a good idea it's you know those those blanket you can give our. I don't know last a mob bottom there were fifteen you know eighteen bucks to want that expensive. Where you want to make sure that you install in such a manner that you can. Do some maintenance to the water heater. The you know covering up some of the infrastructure. You want to be at full contact with the blank info contact with the one eatery when a tape of tape the edges but you're not smashing compressing insulation. When you hopeful that blanket. You know it's it's probably. I don't know three quarters and it's thick dependent when you bought but he would keep it the full thickness don't don't compress the insulation. Couple that take up completely. And it'll save you some bucks you can put your money back on it for quick it that it won't tickle. I have read them couple articles that have been on the view I mean in my mind here in I just probably only less than a year ago. And they have occasion have to worry about what happened in new ones but I did not get made that big of a difference if you rafts that are not the NF. Read that too and what's happening is the new tanks have come in with better thicker insulation. And and I would agree with that statement in general who would you would you pay for your your blanket. Fifteen hours you have it seems about some. All right so by the time you can spend fifteen to twenty bucks and spent twenty minutes at thirty means installing it. You to keep that money paid back within a year to in the NAFTA that you get all the savings so it it's it's yeah do it I did it. When you wrap it up but leave it in air space at that opera at army and a wrap double tank. You can rectal tack on electric he can't do that in gas and electric which you sit you have much a tank correct yeah yeah yeah. Yeah so that's where electric water heater tank what he's you can rappel. A article thanks so much. You bet they something EST may reconsider Brad come. Meet in the in this is more true than it did then. And then not on orbit and were you worried is that it is in the attic and sitting on top of the piece of wood. It's not so bad if you have a electric water heater. And that tank is directly on the concrete. In don't think you have separating the bar in the tank in the in this country is and mercy and you can actually put insulation border rigid insulation would between the bottom of the tank. In the concrete and you'd be surprised how much coal country drawers and yet the bottom and you tank so that that's a good cheap improvement as well. That eat if it's touching country. They did certain wanna consider doing. Yeah mine's an attic and I get pretty cold but but that's water on our but aren't. Or make you bet thank you have a great day. Or a papal. Merry Christmas to you thank you for college. Something else do you got some Maine it's that you wanted to take me in his atomic got some free time with the holidays come up. And one of the things up in what it is me tame of one leader adults who's leasing them but if you are. All cells dot com. And look up our blog in theirs and it's there on outs he. You maintenance team you'll want either both electric and guess what yours are folks who went right back after this don't go to where more than home from show when we return.