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Saturday, November 18th

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Welcome back to the second hour of the home we're provincial here in the big 870. If you haven't already done so. Please go exercise your right to go vote. Men and women have died force defended our freedoms to use that right please don't take lightly. Take the time go out and vote it's all to this moment comma I assure you. Problem. Right before the break it is victims aren't the top of the hour news we were talking with Joseph and Joseph was describing his daughter. Corporate and home clean did in still had a strong. Urine smell in the bathroom and could get rid of that suit joke mean the great ideas took the told apart replaced lecturing. But you can still slightly smell the yearns though in the in the bathroom so. Joseph personally apologize sometimes you're caught against the clock and keep intercourse with a so thank you order on. Once they don't want a series there are so bullets are required to do what shrinks to solve this problem. As much as I hate to do this to you I'm with suggests she take a tulip again in a double Waxman on it and while you're there to. Sometimes. With a close up around the the mounting bracket that flange. I think I would cling around all that as well. And I'll goes far is going to locate pets to work. And Keating. Are you teaching these products where the lycra you know dog journey each house and putrid smell it's enzyme and and I would clean that with with that product. In that the double wax ring approach it will affect now. Eric. We. Yes. There are obligated and yeast that you can't smell the darkness. Down. Hey you're not. Loan you're not alone because most guys can't it would when I'm dealing with the a a lady in our house is as I can smell list I can tell you probably have to Tom cousins is like asthma thing but the ladies could spend the economic interest don't we do. Yeah had a problem. I think this would operative who was me I would pull tool of media and public cleared up around the flange it was spread of that enzyme wanna kill it. The double wax ring on it and put it back down. And you bet the doable blocking or sanctioning between the tool in the war to get perfectly flat where it doesn't rock but. That normally solves this problem. Put it ought to double. Note due to actually means you can view from atop each other out when. You sir all right don't get shot. Can come later rescinded but thanks for serving your daughter will be dead too happy Thanksgiving to you but India. Thank you sir all right if you have a question now is a good time. 260187. You would call and ask your quest a lot of you know this is. How we always keep to the end of the hour and to go to the second hour and it never there was questions cause. Everyone waits to the last minute. Don't do that we don't want to spots available for you read Colin L. In Q don't hold and ask a question blog at numbers 2670. When he can semi tech's 87870. Which I haven't had a chance to keep any text yet. Look let me read a couple of those who don't have been sent a lot attacks today normally and sometimes you know somewhat Texan Tom sheet so. Let me take a look. In his questions as what is the formula which the ratio. He used some washing the outside your house when using Joseph Max with an outside bleach and water. So three. Here's what I do his first ball. Weeks we go to mentality we thinking more bleach is is better the crews to more bleach you have on it. It's gonna kill everything and that's not always the case or what she to follow. This mix ratio carefully. So in India on the TV the ratio because the pencil quantity you're mixing. 80% water. 5% Joseph Max. In 15% out to a bleach with any time a crow ruined so 80% water. 5% of the Joseph much product in and day in fifteen simply something else too is that Joseph much product needs to be agitated mix and shake and really well. Before you put it in there so. What you get the apes and watered the opposite Joseph Max with 15% bleached carefully mix it up there I'm I'm gonna. Trying to achieve to you. Wear long sleeves where some globe some art protection and you know it's not something you're displaced theorize sort of body. I've been also would encourage you if you're spread around landscaping or or or or crass that you would water down well first. To me confused covered if you wanna go to foreign coverage I've never hit the cover of all was awarded their well and typically if I had a problem. Something else I do too from spring it on on the facial soft reciting huddle with that dale first two particular summer Thomas. It dries quickly Hubble what do dealt with water first and then put on my application. My picture. Sometimes a requires subscribing sometimes it doesn't just depends on which you're getting often how. How much it's fair so. There you go. Otis is a statement Ford summary earlier we hit some are calling to you look for are a backer rod it would actually caulking. Around a far place large gaps that was landing in one of those blisters and that Texas building specialist companies here's Burkle broad. And they also have. I guess he says it cica psyche and one ace in local phone polyurethane sealant at so pick a different buildings customs has different saws Barack arrives. You know from quarter it's probably to forage so it at that as pretty big and never actually had to use our cry for which it. Letting immature which saws gap you're dealing with a good buildings because his company you know sleet and get that your thing silica was referring to. Or something like it at that location. Listen to go to commercial break if you have more questions as said a minute 87870. Or two that your question a lot now it's great time to call in and you'd in the phone unit numbers Koppel for. 260187. Units to six away at seventy Davis the whole book that you right at this commercial break don't go to where. More home proved showed left to go. Welcome back to the home improvement show on Paul the grange. That's coded phone lines and speak with David. Hey David good morning happy Thanksgiving. Area houses was the show. Joke call again. The power plant odd radio wow problem. Like field at the moment the big roar. And now they would grade you opt out they got in the one black ring to end network now. It is like it. Discredit him about it because of that talk about this site. And as you brought that. Did. No joke I've never done that before opening of which I went. Out. And order. Go to with a kind of goes to tell you how long has been since I changed election could in fact. I still have wax rings in my shop for and that's how much people are a bit further so you know. Yeah excellent well thanks for the call David I'm I'm hoping Joseph is his listening in the heard and who flew to consider that product is so. I powerless the issue at all. And the color and a lot to do that. Thank you so much appreciated you tickets on the the call and thank you are happy Thanksgiving. IQ right let's go to our next call and speak with Debbie hate Debbie good morning happy Thanksgiving to you. Hi good morning happy Thanksgiving YouTube. I have a question or guard is at it ain't. And the bars to build new house and she hasn't that the saint. And they were Kellen heard it she is not able to use in hyperbole. Do you note that correct that no harm at septic tank. Yes so let let me tell you been. Yes if so limiting why they're saying that because any treatment plant a septic type system. Uses bacteria that break down the of mass waits in the use bleach or all the cleaning chemicals. It it will kill or affect the growth of the microbes. So yes I you know I used to have a home where we had a a treatment plan and we can use bleach on the train. But if we if we cleaned with bleach like in a mop bucket we would ex ability to use that would dump it out side on this trip down the drain. So you need to be careful boat wood products used to wash clothes with the 'cause. It does affected yeah. I I mean it find something else to Debbie they haven't holder that would be kind of coach along the same launch a sing both fought in this was tough for us and this is a real tough one for us our family. It is it's better to wash clothes want to lose every day every day the week as opposed to waiting for the week in Washington a twelve backs a close. You would you do that many close of one time. It floods the treatment plant its at Texas with lots of water and the water affects the microbes as well so it's better to. It in the recent tough for us is possessed schedule you know running and got an all weeklong and we wash clothes on weekends. So it's you know doubles heart pros because it is that it's so much fresh water to the system. In certainly affected and it's better to wash a couple of loads every day as those points weekend in two and a whole bunch of seeing it passed along to maybe she can change are scheduled to make that work it we couldn't we didn't. And we survived. But here's a consequence if if she does it if she uses bleach. If she or the chemicals in the kills microbes as she floods it would lots of fresh water. She could be pumping out that treatment plant on more regular basis then nots. So she probably not the hearts would come in and pop outfits that tank probably be 23 years. You know because she's she's. She does at the microbes that the breakdown all that solid waste. At. Good deal thanks for car present at the Thanksgiving. Thank you. Let's go to our next caller and let's see if we can talk to this end before we have the breakaway for a news break Avis and happy Thanksgiving. You can't. Get you a quick ish or it is pretty and you. It was well hi. Up the court and get. It. On my. Back into it should wash. I got out back the other way. Lot of came. Out to Latin. And prepare. So you would call a plumber who would what's what's happening is. That just war shirt ranked connection. Really needs to actually in it he he's come up higher in the lower you into your. Fro being into the kitchen sink so. I'm guessing that that drain line was installed improperly. So that that's probably what's happening there. And Hank Aaron won't let it. Yeah but you know what I. Think it. Happy Thanksgiving you hope he could this problem worked on the scene and thank you for call. Cuba minnows quickly and we'll get tougher. Another phone call let's scoot to wane anyway good morning happy Thanksgiving. Good morning happy Thanksgiving to you. I am my question is how often should use clean it chimney. That conduct. Goes along with us how often use of park place is very. Well I'm a moderate views. Tags so. If you are using good quality dry wood it's not a sappy. Then I'll probably see what once every two years but I know folks who get it inspected and cleaned police inspected once a year. Oh. So. If you want it here have done all right. Yacht I would definitely yes now let let let me in particular because you said of use and it in a moderate manner. How I'll confess to you Wayne that I haven't used my fireplace and probably. Three winters in the when it did use it was only like once that winter we don't use off our place a lot. But occasionally we do. So in your case if it's a moderate use and it's been six years I would definitely have someone come inspected and that probably want clean. Well we haven't had much winter lately but true. I'd probably needed and clean can you recommend someone. Acts can this we don't want you to do what she achieved send me an email asking that question how would respond to you. I don't have this personal born on Paul's house and probably should. But it and but upheld vehicle for me to trying to won't pulse how sites soon but what don't like it is not like to recommend them because I under the could work. But sending email and will reply to you one day next week. Okay air refresh my memory and email is. Paul acts Le grange consulting dot com. Paula arrange consulting dot com. Well AGR a NGE. Correct. Consulting dot com that's correct and so being. Okay thank you interpret it that good thank you thank you Wayne happy Thanksgiving to you as well thanks for the call those of that's a good questions probably something that he distorted trust in this from the years it's getting cooler. And people start using their far place. Probably start doing some maybe some some partly safety tips as well. Yep bomber at our. You are. Yet boy that's not comply with no it. So thank you get ivory should take you way hypocrite. Heard listen we don't have a chance to get to another caller before the CBS news break but Jason us your whole book it's usually after. But if you have a question now's a good time we it was clear what to launch real quick and fast questions call and as who question while. At on the home improvement show the numbers follows through 42601870. When concern the attacks at 87870. I would love to hear your questions. In due to them remember today is a building they please go look size you're right in your feet to go vote your voice be heard. Doesn't matter if your person your routing fours in the final running or not but go vote let's let's take that responsibility. Hugo vote in remarks are from the friends and family friends and neighbors. To go vote and a lot of people were actually taken a picture. Of them at the totem pole outside saying any amounts not just voted to just a prompt us to go from honest to go vote so. That's always a good thing to do was go to try in. This of excitement and take some action go vote. I can't say it often enough it's important to do and represent yourself. In our community will be right back after this. Hey folks welcome back to the home proved so let's go straight to phone once and speak with. Jason hey Jason good morning. After Thanksgiving and. Haven't you football. I am past unfortunately it was a in the report should call warrior. Which I've never been involved we're about around the mall tomorrow researcher in the understood capacity ought warrior. A Chinese dimensions in the last few years. My not mean erection again that's front especially in the display or more current waters. So home looking at possibly you know fresh in my question is. What if any artist drop than or availability might be even. You know cost the heat water bill on Monday to be controlling. What would sized tank did you have the fortune isn't it up for certain though. Okay would we choices now can you fit. There's oil wanna consider it torture will be at 38 gallon the 48 you know on the would be understood quo nominees. Is normally and much much of the ball was. A front door it was that better but I don't know that or drop compressed is on the problem. How many people have a new family. Pushed a little summit two small children currently. Home. If you consider clone with a guest thankless water heater. I'm actually ma. OK so the nice thing one of the nice things about it thankless gas water heater is that smaller in footprint and saw a news. He keeps Billiton have on them tomorrow hot water so there with a capacity is no longer an issue presumed to get the right size unit. It's really based or and flow of water so you to determine how much hot water you can eat any one given time so. If you're playing on use in the shower and washing dishes the kitchen sink at saint Tom would measure how much gallons per unit upon what you need. At both those locations at the same time and that that would help me decide. Which side as gas tank was what we eat in need. That would. Listen that that for the reasons you just described is a good reason team changed to a close system. The other part of concern about Jews in his. You can give to young kids if you stay in the house long enough the young kids the teenagers like in the blink of an all right but I have enough hot water. I I have teenage kids are at their their grown the most of the this Duca. 11 teenager go one on the degree come up. For some reason particularly towards and I don't know why Omar boy teenagers take like an hourlong fell more. And it date they'll go through my water heater tank water heater. Like seem. So my thought if you're thirty gallon capacity unions not to be enough when you boys or when he cute rather get older. So you may choose to go they thankless gas water heater. But there could be some other considerations you have to look at trees and some of it is. Is the gas piping feeding them what do you know large enough for you to Nicklaus. You get a you don't consider a pre school term Google bought one minute you know these are search first. And the other part he's your flu plight that galvanized double walled pipe you currently have nail. Need to be removed and replaced with a stainless steel unit. Com listings do flu pike. Old war if you go with any CO combustion unit that will be changed you typically a PVC type. Intake and exhaust. So you know do you research you know little to. Arms supply house and start asking these questions so they can make a good informed decision was score this week. I Dugard. You quite welcome hope it works out for you but after Thanksgiving to you have a hypocrite Thanksgiving with your wife and it's unfair inference. Lecture. You bet thank you. Appreciate you call it right to go to commercial break and come back as he David is on hole plus a couple Texans came in twos so trying to everybody. Right after this break. Here on the home from showed that negates them. Welcome back to the skills to the full house speaker David hey David good morning that we help. Advocate weapons. Yeah. And apparently it. The pot law back into water are you sir object on that line and the people from. Up backing up into that initial option. What they've had a thought that was the purpose of increase had taken a drink on and on over aegis warship back into your. Well people that you know it's not people who and I would. Slide schedule and end it because element and they wanted to outlaw. Come up with the walker not explode back in. Article man our precede Karl thank you so much. Activity. At the behavior. Yeah I hate not primarily normally happens in the office at that while Turkey a little bitterly. On Thanksgiving celebrations and I don't know but he was having fun with. David thank you. Absolutely. All right thank you much Obama aren't limited to some these text as you've been semi about a tax second after the hour and then. The ticket on the commercial breaks are let's see now the text says I have a hand built knew would come a top for a kitchen. Ready put in the sink in place was best witness Hussein failed. Which should I use I would use farmer's body. And something else to I think operatives if you caught that whole thing at saint. That edged that would cut atop I think that would seal that first with a sink sealer. He sealed at the top of the tops the give them Rory edge of that of that wood that's cut the knicks to make sure protected advocates point to dozens well. Double put almost farmers' party on the bottom lip of that sink in place dale. In into its Indian security in the you can trim off the problems tolerant on this and politics and Newsday wrote a few that. That seat. Good morning just built a house and coveted. In water is very hard watched the life scrub the scrub but if we failed to control removed the ring stained from the bullets. Any vice will be greatly appreciate it. Com wolf first or you can use dress to harbor water into the big something good to know water dot com. Robert yeah action to Paul's house and local polls host dot com control water they can help you with the port water. And identify if there's any other contaminants that cause in the staining. You know one thing that I have seen that really helps with the oh the horror aboard a stains. Is. Levin. Vinocur and walk arable bacon solar so if you haven't used it yet some lemon some mixture of lemon bacon soda water and com. Vinegar white Vinocur how I'll republic trauma that first in NC what you can do. You what let's go to commercial Britain. Boom come back I got like four file of the text that you took this so. Let's do this real quick Brooke welcome back out it's some more attacks here on the home provincial will be right back surface.