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Saturday, November 18th

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But when it just talking building sites were also talked at home repairs. It prepares to plumbing or electrical or its meaning or. But it's a special project team trying to get things that house ready for. You know family friends to come over for Thanksgiving week is all this is open for discussion will be given a number is 504260. 1870. Witness in the attacks 8778. I'm an acre you don't wait please if you have a question call in jail. If you if you wait near the end of the hour at the end of the show. Can always keep everyone because we run short of time so we encourage you. Got a few spots open for you in the phone Q nail is the rate time. The call in the 2601 late seventies or the senate tax 877 let me keep you question. A few housekeeping items now awarded news is we always talk about here in the show is. When you calling and what you would win when our our our. Producer job which you won't hold you to turn your radio dale. You can listen to this show lives on your phone a promise you're gonna miss anything but if you leave your review turned up. The volumes turned up his could be so mean appearances that work so well. She won't hold certainly don't want to do that so. When when. You call in turn you were detailed in a promise you know commits and he's here everything it's discussed here on the show. And if you texting please tax responsible please don't text when you dropping. Mean which he teachers it does make sure your phone to someone else with him texting your question. In the news is descriptive and specific as possible on your text so that ultimately it's to that question appropriately. A few other housekeeping items if you haven't gone out the vote yet please take on the go vote. It certainly is. You know it's our right it's a privilege it's not something I take lightly. As my kids are getting older and they're voting age and they're voting as well so this. Take the town of unity and even feet you. Even your purse is not in the running doesn't really matter. Go Litsch who voice be heard in in this is the great time to go do that. In in also. An episode as an here because this happened to me this morning house think about it early this morning. In my mom and called in and we talked about the Thanksgiving Turkey and that our first question answers in a few taking them burn out of the freezer and put it retreat of frosting it is. A this year Arctic the great honor of cooking the Turkey. So yeah if you haven't taken you bird out the frigid nails look at them do depend on the size to the larger burden on you need to defrost in the refrigerator. In order to cook that for Thanksgiving. Dinner. Something else tunes to be less adamant that we go to commercial break. We were popular cold front come through and I knew a lot of us have not turned on our heat yet some of us have. If you have questions on turning your your heat of her very first time this season. Males a good time call and ask you know a lot of Tom's like the questions can't turn my heater and I keep this. For dust smell and you know what is that wise it happened and how can afford it from happening and did you get the smell in my house and a before it gets cold. Tonight or tomorrow. You know be be wannabes still looking at our heaters. Because the ski cold enough where'd you may have between you know I don't know. We'll see. Operable terminal one because like he. Electrical. All right. One more time. Phone numbers 2601870. Text 87870. Wouldn't go to commercial break and come back a scene Norman. Is on hold normally come first right after this break. Well I shall have to go here in the big gates said he WTO whom could so Paula grange will be right back access. Welcome back to the home proved and showed this is Paula grange and honored that you or listening to us today. And participating. Let's go straight to phone lines and speak with Norman Edelman good morning welcome. Zeller oh good looks like you're much of a look forward it's similar in just because that you believe it or not says won't zealots are recent happy Thanksgiving to you. But if you are here Amber's show I have. I got a job outlook and battery is that out of polished and it's done that in market credible tree used by our count the social violence must now. The potential for extra vote of forty years in the first console or did that. But out. I looked at. A woman her pleasure at this point on politically it is now. And say they are credible read I'll paint. It's the sale. Acrylic. Edit itself shelf load so if I felt level. It period may benefit the protection level troubled spot to see where all of in this debate. It that you could recommend taller than Bob Bennett event. Eat proxy to party proxy. Where you're. Out there don't they would have it yes sir. Yes or no normal wanting to keep a mom whether it's it's the product you have for the proxy or any of the parties view on select. Is you need to prepare that for Micah. Two receive and in its year bond to that I think it was a real smooth Formica you probably half the rough about the little boots and sandpaper. It. What's that Syria. I got a bit got back. Again tomorrow I'll. Yeah you know and it deeper it. It then I think would I would do was all also take some tackle paper. In which is really nothing but sticky paper it broom group you know obviously you wouldn't quite detailed you would've vacuumed and that would take that tact paper tablet. Run the attack paper along with all services of accounts up to get all that farm grew out of it but what you put your first coat of the paint. Oh we are wary that the paper ball at nine stores or big box were cells that took the paintings to so. Okay yeah go. Authorities themselves and have a great holiday units currently. Hey one more thing don't think about Norman it happy holidays to it to use well at the things given. I think while I was doing this public turn the air conditioned office. In L fans off and and not necessary. Because I don't want armed drug really Q1 a a cold dry environment. Ottawa in the things disturb the dust in the dust stick and then went talks with a weapon white stripe. So a well know is it's not the master I've made mistakes of the past and learn from so. Obviously you'd benefit from my my mistakes at all. I. Soon thank you have great enormous precede colon all right let's go to the next Owens beat were on a Friday good morning happy Thanksgiving. That's. You running are one and live the hey Lenny how he thanks god. Yeah value. And wonderful you look at our car before mistake. On. I got out. Brick chimney. And with the media laps citing how. Certainly in the clocking in to be called on a technical walking out in blog. Claude. Gaps. As much as one. Spot. Got some backing. By date and concern and very. All the walls of artwork but I bought them right in. The credit and the thing they have Infante. A couple of them that tightening. Insulation. What it caught. Opted you know like one. So Lenny it's it's it's virtually the same material that the pipe insulation in the baccarat and almost the same type product. It that but the whole purpose of this is to fill in the gaps are united. Putting gobs and gobs and gobs and in many many teams of of a sealant in that spot and also a lawless use so that when you put large amounts of the sealant caulking and it has received sagging. So does the backer rod. Allows you to be able to bridge that gap for the car for the large cap and also help supported and does have a lot of weight so it doesn't sag. So. If if you could use the cut pipe insulation. I would I would put the the circle apart facing out what you. As opposed to inverted inside. And you what I view of the snugly fit you know crammed in there he is that a nice outfit. And if it was me I wouldn't use it to local. Caulking outward upgraded use a fixture agreed urethane simulate the trader for outside something that. Has the ability to expand or contract a lot. It in it not that they're there are other things out there with the one that comes the money be leads in. In. Home he put there are the product of a brand names out there they have the same properties in benefits as MP one. And so I'm not saying going to get them to saying that's the hype your things sealant I'll use it evolves look for something in that application. Is that is that something that requires. Like pink and and so you know. You know Greg call it like mineral is. Look at. You know this isn't us. Yes. Okay of us. Aren't yet I don't think I also bought the sprayed foam made before windows. Spansion are using. The back writers that. The backdrop will be better. That the back probably better at the faith to think about the foam in the candle more components so you get to come back if you're putting you at the American trim it anyway before what you put the seal on it. So the back around as that you can on larger back deride. Online you can order it's fairly inexpensive amateur if you wanna wait or if you can wait a cushion a much of tricky is done. Well it's shucks I'm not sure when if you have enough complicate system before it rains the seats now. I'm not it's gonna put the mom you know some plastic up there. To keep the water out right. In the and then take my time whether I think that MP wanna. BA yet they have products that come. I don't remember who makes it I don't know it's it's. It's an awards caulk to. Good luck the project be safe. Corporate ladders was to be safe. Oh well all right thank you. Thank you you know the great things given as well you to a ever make some memories. All right folks we have another spot available sense of the stolen the with his phone calls if you have quite notably Tom Golan and ask level for. 260187%. Tax rates that meets at love to hear from let's go to the next caller in speak with Norman another Norman Edelman good morning. Happy Thanksgiving. I didn't. One possible ebitda. Thank you. Want that it is now among Micah crop up time side I'll market. I. Don't know about it cheap or. Okay normally you become a global target market top would you would be cruel or more than. Call it kitten or edit the shots which might actually. The current. Does not or is it. Yeah it's all just. As well how. OK so you're looking on recently. The new Groundhog Day there have seen the movie. I have not what it might move the ball had a shot. All right so. Norman. Yeah. And I'm really lost the confused amateur fewer apron or they won't blow up well. Yes it up option. Yes. So strong or. Is it. Gotcha aren't going. All right well at it. After Thanksgiving yet. All respect that. All right with Leo. Okay. That listen points are that's going to speak with Mike hey Mike if I don't teach you all of your question before. The news break a book which on hold but those were the sort QBs in advance notice just a case have you repute for our news breaks so good morning happy things given how can help. The board all bomb on what portion of the baseball capitol property that was floated away this year. And finally get around the world led invasion or an I was told that I have to replace the fireplace. The wood burning fireplace. On on the security order in about that why would have between them. Mike is in the basement fireplace or pre fabricated metal box that regard fabricated. If record. Yeah so winner did you flood it was a fresh water so war. Report. Hookah. It would it would rebel war came open maybe the crowd went. Out and put on the part where it. Are you happy gas that neither or it's it's a box and you start the wood with without our part would go. Via boat and are okay there's no there's no gas. No oh record store or not. All right on the most. Circumstances I give people advice replacing pre fabricated far place box that's been submerged in water in the manufacture easily the same thing Mike. They need to replace that. Now. A lot of times it's because of having gas having gas valves in in other circumstances contaminated water. And saw water. Mike I need ritual hoax I got more to talk about I've got a good to CBS news break her back up that is. Welcome back to the home couldn't show you have the home repair or improvement or comforter and the question. Love to hear from an issue question you can send me text at the 70s70. Which can give me college course that lives year 042601870. Ripe with and his record talk with Mike. And Mike has a small cabinet flooded. And as they would burning far place and what's so far police need to be replaced and it was my crack Iran but it was a pre fabricated metal. We're boring box with no gas nighter just the box where you start the which far place. And go ahead and get warm there are. My Mike how much water was actually in the far placed box itself. At the house what are rated near port. That the correct answer is. The manufacturers could suggest that you remove and replace the far place box their their it is no doubt that. And the in fact that this of postings after the march and the August flooding. Or our website at Paul's house dot com Google blog postings and read this and actually post some information that was. I our research and reference from different manufacturers of far place boxes. Put your case it was fresh water it wasn't so war. Like he was contaminated waters so you know that that's a concern among that's the that's probably the only concern I have. Is that. It was contaminate water hit silt in the water so some of the silt could easily since the foot deeper so. Approximately deep in the box conceivably could got into the chambers. Of that far place box for air to boot. And it it it certainly could be contaminated it's a great chance it is contaminated. By. Mean and it's. If it was it was my home I'll take part look at it he can clean it proceedings sanitize it before I would remove all that. Rick could you sense of mystery far pleas for or boo wallet replaces. About trying to that first I would even Har someone who does far place inspections. Influence the actions have come look at it. In. What would that not all of them and they people won't like they did replace an outcome under the offer that is it what would this hurt. Anyhow but not vehicle wanna be here but what I understand. And that topic that's the actual date. Yeah it's it's unfortunate stinks. And then. A much treated insurance because it was a small cabinet or no insurance. You know that the minerals or what challenges well. You know dealing with insurance company to sometimes some insurance companies would. You know people letter recommendation replace they would they would give you the funds to do that and in some good a balk at the right you know in this case doesn't really matter if you have insurance. It's our ability to answer end and even note that would've wanted it I appreciate big enough. Thank you beat down habit it's gonna. Yes sir happy Thanksgiving to you I appreciate you call it. Let's go to our next caller and it Gainey was seeping pitching in if not amount to hold you over good morning after Thanksgiving. LO do it in the morning hey don't all want that's in a couple. Fireplace. Freestanding. Air fireplace with no law should scare. Against the wall. You know updated. You'd be better off with electric Danny. Yes you can do with electric far place. It it it it's it it will be more challenging do with gas. Yes it can be done there are some low low Cranston though clearance type far place boxes that you can go ahead and put in place. It in the. Law. Oh. Yep but it if you see the fireplace companies will actually committed with a box and a place it's RE framed prepared. In ready to go to you have to get someone else like a general contractor Rick Mahler to India prevails when. Oh. But it can be done. You'd. Good to Foster Taylor far places and in fact you look at their contact summation you go out all smiles dot com and searched far places. In the replace could be forced to or at least beat the chip. And it say chip this is what I have. Maybe even emailed some pictures of what you want to do and see if it's everything is Kosher in it and I'm not he he can see things that I can't see because I was supposed talk on the phone. Right picture in it he can beat them before you start construction. Thank you very much apartment happy things NT percent the phone follow. Carmen thank you. All right we could go to commercial break and come back Kathy I see your whole don't go to where welcome back to you right after this break. A lot more the public provincial left to go here in the negates that it would be right back at this. Hey welcome back to us so let's go straight to phone lines and speak with Kathy Kathy good morning and happy thanks Kevin. Good morning to epic Thanksgiving. Can you tell from room questions. Okay we live and Ian and we need it are really replace. And my husband worked leaning toward the mantel room. And what we heard about adult group is set go program for basic. Pretty guaranteed for life but it's the street at about after a few years. So I was calling on that your comments pro and con between metal group and a regular. OK so. Let me say this not every metal roof is guaranteed for life. It depends on what. Product using. And also the thickness the gate and how would application. It's installed. Home if they or some groups out there that would. That or medal there where there's this crew since our org are not an issue like east standings seem tight. Metal roof. So put their their lots and lots of other bad routes where. The screws or due to Kabul Province is more than a few years you know typically you can. You can easily get 77. Years out of the seventh in nine years depending on. The expansion and contraction. And if you know at that point you would go back in you would tighten the screws a little bit in the next wave you know 78 years and years later. You would remove and replace screws and the Gromit. You'll there's little. Gromit for what's right and you would try to get a little bit longer or large diameter screw it does require some maintenance. So that compared to use a traditional. Architectural. Asphalt type shingle. You always good to get. Most times you could get longer life of a battle product of good quality. It properly installed that route to new rule out of a cast function room you also pay more money for so you can chipping work. The you know but at the same time they're being in the last ten to fifteen years or write great improvements. And ask votes in the roof there's a better when rating does better you know rating peers that are UV exposure. Because those are typically the things that here in the south that are supposed to roots you know those are its enemies you know it and high winds. With poor installation. Hail UV exposure put Meehan like this in the last 1012 years Kathy. The industries they pick improvements in the guest house in product. I have an asphalt roof on my house when it's time for to go on replace it with an asphalt children. And up and go with the class each shingle. Which is a hurricane reachable for Marco on a 103 among our 32 gusts when properly installed. Would go with a synthetic and delivered atlas of the comes a different and no one in the roof. Could go with another product that's or another additive another feature. His call whole roof technology. Would it reflect some breaking heat back into the atmosphere so therefore I don't get as much free heat from reaching goal in two. Among house you'd have that option to form a roof as well. So it. Cool roof technology to its at a coating that is that's on the roof and product the radiates heat. You know it really depends aesthetically which are looking for about Ruth looks different than nation. I write so what. Wouldn't say good quality adult group when I look at format. You know what like anything. Installation is is key. Proper installations case that you would find someone who has does nothing but memories and and it typically is very difficult for recent company do both listing of two different divisions at different division. That does nothing but asphalt shingle and separate division does nothing but veterans. Some follow someone who specialized metal roots. The lower the number the better the cage to pick of the product. If I was sort of a republic over the east innings seen. I've technology. I would go with Hewlett stick on delivered underneath the veterans does cases of failure. How would having a delight that's for robots that can be like a secondary barrier. To prepare water infiltration from coming into in two months. It's so that that that those with features I would be looking for. If if you're looking for someone to come to to Picayune. To install of the roof from. I haven't won in Europe airy to recommend I have some of the North Shore. In an abuse brings a river area recommend a mature of the group woman compete you know they might. Paul's house that common search for a search for the North Shore region in the roofing and look wore metal roots. And you call maybe in his body close here at the can recommend that on the well. We've had two people come out and give us an estimate. And there it's like. Almost 6000 dollar difference between the two went to a. Yet you researcher found out why is a difference of labor or what is the difference of product there's a difference Erica do you get the funding the bear legends. I had our ups Sosa arm them and got to go to commercial. Art arts epic. Thanksgiving give thanks for the call. Our folks we'll be right back after this commercial break. To be approved storm Paula grange. If you got a question now that it's on the call and we'll be right back at this. Welcome back to the show let's go straight to the phones speak with joke they took a morning after Thanksgiving. And it. Wonderful wonderful heart and helped them. That question Paula. Or. She cleaned it all. And they got all all. Like I'm on a ball like you'll. You don't. Erratic at that organic. Out all the pain and chain wax ring what are really. That it lacked pretty well. It went away a little bit but she it's still smell it now and it now not what. Joseph mennonite Sosa arm I'm run atop a one pitch you on hold because I have an idea what to share with you. Welcome back cracked the top of the hour don't go to where. They folks would come right back for another over the home from shall be right back after this sorry about that Joseph will be right back.