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Welcome back to the second hour of the whole provincial here on WW ago the negates having so glad you listen to the show. Where were if just to name we're answering questions about her payers and comfort and and efficiency and carpentry products campaigning and windows and just how conscious stuff. So people questioned reference to home improvement. But that's for you fishing camp or your house apartment doesn't matter that number is 5042601870. Or you can actually sent me text as well it heats at the seventy right before the top Bauer who coordinates news in a promised David he will be the first one that would come to. After this break so let's go to fallen to speak with David he David good morning. Welcome to show. Thank you Bob good morning here's my question our home was built in 1952. Story brick house. It's got a central air and heating system. The events of which you're a product boxed metal. And I presume that in the insulation is within those events and my question to you as. Is there are a company or someone that you could recommend that. Could come in and just checked the quality of the events the air quality in the condition of the interior those sentence. Yes sir will tell me your concerns David you're in turn have a particular build up like dusty concern about organic growth is the kind of gives me a better. Opportunity who recommend. I it to defer this football why is convinced. The air 40 commonalities. It's. Please help me so I'm not. Sure hope I'm probably concerned about votes. Particle build up would there have been so breakdown in the insulation. With in those events. Right. Maybe there's something arc and made it may be some more secure over the is has grown up in the air in the that the word Mo is common direct conversation a couple of times. So. I just thought they did the best thing to do is to try and find someone environmentally oriented that producer Erica. So the the person I recommend when it comes to environmental assessments such as yours is Doug Hoffman. In the name his company is normally Perot. And if you can find his cut to commission record to our website it's Paul's house dot com. And then select the region with your north course offshore. And then under the professional trade him to be selecting indoor air quality. Indoor air quality at the very top U deceitful vPro management and that stock Hawkins company. And is as partial concerned he is the benchmark when it comes to you. To order form assessments such as the ones you just described concerned about. And he can measure. You know different levels of concerns those relief which wouldn't get there you're deprived can talk to us okay here's is we're seeing is what I'm thinking this is what I wanna make sure that. We're safe here and and can Doug is really really good at breaking those things down that can help you make it could informed decision on. No one would you have what's there and secondly what is solutions to over common in the future. Actual Paul house dot com indoor air quality in not a problem I'm looking to dug well. Would normally Breaux Democrat indoor quality of our top seed normally pro management that is done Kaufman's company. You're quite welcome thank you have a great day and I'm glad that you are. Not ignored this and you taking care of this for you abroad because it's. Listen we have we got to serve our women's some credit on that are in. Ever go to. Do the same day appreciate it. And they don't forget to change the batteries in smoke detector and you're CO monitors if you haven't done so already. Of the trite plot got as much as the camp because you know always do in this time changes Arnold do it. It's it's a good time to do that and then also it's a great company haven't already done it's a great time. If you have the degree to go to he'd seasoned pitcher heater checked out in this just have to be gas propane heat if it's a heat pump or its electric heat. You wanna give me trained licensed technicians eons when your system. And let them look at let him run it through the paces make sure there's nothing wrong in everything is safe for him I'm really trying to help you avoid. Having a disaster where this small disaster of missing up in Dirk coughing host at the film is set courts a bigger disaster. Like column box up closing or worse a fire. The slots on the time of year when we start having. Silly things like that happened because we do is to take time to be proactive. In and make those inspections. All right let it go to commercial break come back cool start inching somewhere you questions. If you have a question mask smells great Tom a numbers fob 04260. 1870. What it says attacks at 87 he set me. It will come back to issue where you questions wrapped his brief break urine W Libya. Welcome back to the show hey if you have a question that was a great time on the column basket and numbers fog 04. 260187. Would talk and home improvement. Energy efficiency comfort. Lots of different projects that we've been discussed and support today. So on means a great time on the ask your question lob on the radio John record be happy to. Which you enough room cute and he. And listen here's here's some real quick housekeeping so when John put shall hold. Go hand in turn your radio down and listen to the show lie of point your phone and not point your radio so want to look at companies Tex. Good job and really diligent sending in tax analytic north those. Is that seat. Will cut a pinch or use all my new cabinets I want him to match that they Travis white latex paint and they show well. You can put the same acrylic type thing on your cabinets when you pay sports. You trim middle match perfectly however if it was me. If your family was like mafia which if you get the gist of my comments were tough. On appliances were tough on electronics we beat up cabinets as is that. We live in our home got lots of friends of him come over witnessed kind of use and abuse it so if it was may. I would use a two part epoxy paint on my cabinets because it's more durable. It's less scratch resistant. And they bonds' farewell however you want to make sure you do that it's that surface preparation. Make sure you prepared your services so that to auto parts paint. With it here in bond well the thing about the epoxy paint is you can do to close in collar team based what does it mean that the exact. It'll be really really really close. And if it's white in Europe where by the changing you know cause some problems. White paints turn lead to big yellow overtime and with a pox that you typically don't have to work but that was wells are we using to part. He parks the paint prepping the services and make it will really regret it appears to Canadian chance you can. Spray the doors and rush the frame so I think that will be. Really cool you can do that that's that's if it was me that's how I would do it. And it's the not the text says when you see those companies selling bathrooms are windows inside the big box stores like home people are loose. Who takes responsibility. For the service down the road is that manufacturers and installer of home people or lose. Well here's what you need to read the font price because I've seen them sell recognition systems of seemed to windows assumed he sheds and call warts and all kinds of stuff. But they're marking out of their big box stores. You have to read the conference a little bit different each time. Because depends on the product and they're installing however. In most cases I've not read the fine print in the has been. The big box stores that's taken responsibility of course they buckled back on installer if there's college you'd give them that result as well. But. You know if it's a warranty. Like extended warranty that would probably be them them manufacturer and installer and Home Depot would be you know Luke. But again have to read the fine print next that question. In reading for yourself in hyphenated make sure it's the same it should you give by the salesperson. You do your homework and research because that's that's and that's the change depending upon the service they are offering. News and it's looked at the net the texts. This is repeat about the paint on the cabinet Soka. How do you stop a patio concrete slab that is covered from sweating. Hulu well. This time a year that's hard to do. Let's talk about why that concrete sweat it it's it's actually the water it's it's condensation. Sweating same thing. So. People use those those those terms potentially. So what's happening is you're. Ground is cool at night he cools off from the start because will be cooler so therefore censure concrete patios connect the ground it's temperature also cools off. And then you have moist in the year and the temperature of the year as warm and moist. Compared to the concrete slab. And the covering sometimes come keeps it in there and in and keeps the the temperatures have such he beat he kind of builds up more moisture is not very well ventilated in the walls concrete to use. Dancers went sweat. So there's not much you can do about to prevent that from occurring however. If you're looking to dry it and keep it raw like you connect to put fans on it. In the fame and the air moving across the the top of the surface of the Concord will reduce that from occurring in dry faster. It's not eliminated completely but it certainly will reduce it. And that this that I'm here in the in the fall in the spring wheat. You just can't do much about it you know what's winter comes here and it stays cold in the air strike. In this problem be far less effective minute in the current all slows you have some dry areas hold it states. You know similar temperatures throughout the day as well as the night so it's hard to. You hear that news but he questioned. You can sense that taxes its enemies have you know trying to to an entry here of radio. Our. Let's go to phone lines and speak with Pete Pete Pete good morning welcome to show welcome Leo. Good morning my Sean just bought a sixty year old house. As a native frame roof on it and when he's in there or air vents that also is true world we've merged. Ask to root for this question and age BAC guiding it to your finances. There are no sop depends on the house at all. Does it mean in the real pressure GS HB AC sesno. OK so let's talk about adequately should be in and in frost in the gulf south we use. The purpose of Akron which is different here. With the folks do up north of folks up north there they have out of relation because it trying to dry things out at some moisture concern for us were trying to remove heat. As much as possible. And the best we can do that is let the air the incoming air. To come at the lowest point yet which in this case will be to softness and let it come into usable for the attic. But of migrate towards the peak towards ridge and exhaust at the peak. With the wind turbines. However when you have that type of route that they offering proof that you described. It's not uncommon to have gambling debts. At the very end and towards the center have some additional type of exhaust like a wind turbine. So if we're removing heat. I think it's worked better that your book incoming. And exhaust air in coming years past the comes at the bottom. And actually Raza but convection move at the top. Okay how about determine how many. Shop convinced that I need. So Pete the best thing to do was actually go on line and use your favorite search Internet search engine and search for free attic. That elation calculator broker a free attic and always got to have put in the Travers that's on that website and he will tell you how many three. Square inches of ventilation you could indeed innocent square inches in his free air space meaning its unobstructed. I just could you put a suffered bent down there you can't just you know the soffit vents sixers but twelve inches you can't. Multiply six and twelve assists Tommy square inches of penalties intake you have the PGA of those movers and hit the screen. It's not free air space so at least make sure that when you're solving it you're installing. A free air space to make that work. Got you. That answers my question. You look project thank you very particular. All right let's see if we get another column before the break he Mickey good morning and welcome to share it all won't. Alt and question for you to have a whole new war. Check and double. That entry in the unit apartment units that no longer art and it's been cut all the urban and street would like. To have it. One side of vacuum comp it's fine. On the other side of the fireplace. Other white old and it looks more. But build up the crew. Is. I wondered how it can view. Com recognize I'm assuming current programs and close orchard or. Oh. So it it's it's not uncommon for. The moisture from ground contact the counselor actually absorb moisture in the air how voices underneath that that building that chuck. Home. Didn't know what you'll but it you know oh count you know if you are so yeah more. You know when you're not. You know he. Here's a good product it's it's definitely it's it's due from the moisture Mickey. And so this is a good product like the use is a protocol frog skin broke skin. If it's is not written local though yet the order on line but it's easily installed. You were prepped the surface that but it directions on the canyon it's easy to apply. You can pain you can spray Google you know press Rosset thoughts prayer. You you probably want to do the same thing toward the mainstream it's the bulk. The floor lights in your in your space and you're living space. And you may also what do in the attic too because I've seen some Tom's win. There's. There's some heat coming from the attic building today chimney. Annually warm open with a warm air it's not that you mean the cool air around it it's in your in your house because you ran your recognition. You can you can condense that Wayne's saturates what you wanna make sure it's capped at the top who's like anyone Medicare into the the flu itself you wanna seal in our surface the fraud scheme and and you'll probably be greatly reviews. I'll eat. Them in the are underneath it. Yet you you you're not thinking too much he's wicket that he would keep dale to. Probably wanna two courses of work below the surface of the dark and you may have to Manila treacherous and gravel though for the back in order for the with gravel. I apartment he got to district rep packet Kunis. Welcome back to the home improvement show maybe we clear those phone lines so we actually got 12 spots available for you. The numbers follow four to six so 187 the weakest since the Texas 877. When you look at a couple more text. Says who was able to test a bottle floor for asbestos. I live in a sense of harsh well actually we talked about the somewhat early and does. Those type of assessments and Marmol Sussman. In its Doug Hoffman who normally pro management. And so let me tee how to gain access to Doug go to our website as Paul's house. Dot com that's Paul's plural PA ULS house. Dot com and you want to search a region. With its torturers offshore missed the Gulf Coast. And you look under the professional area of indoor air quality. And then when you selected or quality UC the very top discussing normally probe management. And you can see where you can either call or email go to their web site. And speak with goat directly and he can guide you reference to keeping the testing done that final four in the importance fastest. Does definitely something you need to be aware of and conscious of if you're joining type project that you think you suspect. Even speculated as a possibility. That those products have asbestos in it. Boy you want to be ever so careful and protecting. You and your family. And also local workers to work on this project to its attorney your responsibilities well. And then sometimes it's it's not always necessary to remove asbestos you can encapsulate it. Sometimes you do that to remove and dispose of properly and sometimes encapsulated and interval work with different services because what is whether it's flooring are siding or. Insulation there's just lots of different things dispersants was and so Peco. Hum it if for the owls that hurt her new a new leader you know prop what the fourth fifth compliment to Paul's house here on the show this past I'll have if you if you haven't heard of it yet let's put this it's. It's a free consumer resource that logic funding and connects with you know local professionals in these professionals that. Either I have relations with I know them up used in the punch in the past. Or I have got to know them and out of then into the process that their legitimate companies in these companies that you know provide services and and products for your house for the home improvement products. The recent with the website together to some group briefly was because. A lot of times you can call me bottles on the shows like hey who you recommend for pain or for electrician or carpenter. And I would be more than happy keep that person's name and number. But I'm not always on the radio morning here at sedated so. You're called on the week. At the office and I was not always hear prefect very rarely am in the office normally in the field either training or teaching. Gordon investigating. Different you reference building inspections and things like that. So. I can issue questions that telemedicine and put his website to get as Paul's house dot com. It's free there's no charge. Are relieved love supporting local mom and pop organizations. To compete with Hillary in the home proof industry because that's that's half made my career in home improvements. Whether your retail shop and sell products or if you're on local professionally and you'd make improvements searched all the services. Those products and bombings. I wanna promote your companies helped you teacher Damon number two ballistic office with such a great. Local listing audience here and you'll its gulf south region and we undone. We we love supporting our own. Wanna take Peron regret such a unique unique. Climate here. If it and culture that that's it's you it's ingrained in you you you wanna support your neighbors and your friends and you fairly new community and I think Paul's house certainly does that help you achieve doing that if you're business and in and you look at someone pepper Potts marketing services. Or are consulting to help you had a gain exposure for your home approve the professional. How or if you'd just you'd wanna be associated with with also spiral means. Does Madison new business or expanding a current business you know we can certainly help. I have the team to folks that I'd do want the marketing for you social media and in and it increases your presents on web sites and FaceBook and Twitter and all the things that you know most folks. Probably promote their services. You know and whether either existing you've made an existing but such does need to be updated. Or you get someone to create custom content and graphics. We don't we we can provide that wealth marketing in the knowledge and expertise. What your home food company or you retail senator. I if you're interest and go to Paul's house website as well. And what you there at the very top you'll see it. There's a banner and it helps you to describe how it works. And also you could this out of business and that not everyone that sounds look it's on Paul's house what you do there's a vetting process. That we need to go through mature you could fit. And that your legitimate business and can chew on the site shortly thereafter. So if you're a business or retail center you wanna that's the spokesman doing proposals that come. Click the sum up my business have been you'll learn more about that are wouldn't go to a commercial break when we come back. If you have questions. Bubble four to six or when it's having you know to do it or since the text at 8787 it will be happening that your question. Not here on the home improvement show. WW nobody gets that. Welcome back to the provincial here in the negates having be it to a couple facts. Oh this is about opening windows Saddam of one Obama windows and I don't would you that this time of year but can you explain. Was the best way to do it and went to do written how often need to do it right so here here's the thing about opening windows. First almost tar ball how we open when does not just me how to open the window open. How to keep the best circulation through your home. You know so people will call and say listen up opened my kitchen window and you know it'll feel much air will really in order to keep proper movement of they are you need to open up more than one window and need to open up windows on opposite sides of your house. So how'd you would open up a few windows on the front in the back court what the left and right anyone. Which with the breezes blowing or you know would we hear most when there's a when you look at depression era. So neat you open up multiple windows on multiple elevations. You know not just all the ones I'll purchase one win because it's. That work for well. And obviously to turn off your recognition here heat what you windows are open she certainly don't waste that energy. And and then here's the other part to his win you should open humanism when you shouldn't. I think it's it's really important. You know some people have a tendency of this walk outside sit Lou it's cold outside but they'll put a mobile and losing his in the cooler and some are home. With out considering. The moisture that's in the year. If the air is warm and more east or cross art cool and moist in your opinion when does. Yes you or decrease in the temperature in your home like getting cooler air by open your windows are also adding lots of moisture. To your house of the outsiders saturated that is not a good time though you went news. Org or your screen doors. YouTube there was like it was close so. If you want to be cool and draw more importantly you want to be draw. And we don't get a lot of dry air here in the gulf south we have some week and a half ago could. That's since long ago warned the EU to make sure that the outside dew point temperatures. Need to be you know in the fifties or lower. So that that's the number you look at you know look at that relative humidity you look at it that dew point temperature so go to your favorite weather app or or your local. You know new station in news radio and you wanna listen to what's the dew point temperatures. So around fifteen or lower is where the outside air Strayanov where it's not can be a negative consequence. But putting into which forced him out so well with the kind of complete that far. So let's see if we open our windows in the outside areas saturated with led the bush and cider house. You gotta think of all the items your home that absorb that moisture in most people look at this we've put. Your carpet flooring your furniture or you'd trade preach you clue. Here sheet rock. All these things like sponges if they're try because you've been running your recognition of a sudden you open the windows and and that side saturated air comes inside. Boy all these strike continents and surfaces but it's totaled them moisture pretty quick. So the end of the day or two days later whenever it is closure windows. All of a sudden the inside your house has voice. Because nail the flooring in the draperies and Chirac all the things the furniture all the things that talked about have a tool that moisture in his release that. So is gonna feel monkey can cider house could feel moist. And then of course Cheryl was at risk of he decrease in the indoor quality and organic growth whatever of the challenges you may already be faced with. In that you have to turn your conditional on your recognition does a few things in in. In the two main things we think about his. Removing temperature with the heat and also removed from oyster well. You'd have to remove a lot of moisture inside your home because you'd you don't edit a botched abortions across the lead in the windows opened the world com. With the outside conditions worn favorable for that so you operate your recognition it's wasting energy. By removing all of which are so it's it's not a good thing to open new windows doors. When the outside viewpoints or elevated like you know. Both upper fifties and hire you wanna make sure it's in the mid fifties or lower. And it's a good time to do that annually due to soft condition one is off and she can. And it's nothing wrong with getting good exchange of outsider with inside there presuming it and this is preserving the outside air to read your homes is fresh. You know if you if you're in the row area in their burning the came through shooting Phil's house he would open when does that look digital wallets that smoked it's like heroes. Obviously it. You what do you should post judgment there in new ones have come since he would do that this would have thrown out there for those of us that won't think about things like that shipping. All right we'll do go to commercial break come back on it some more you text you to comment. 8787 it will be right back after this here's advocates.