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Good morning everyone happy Saturday to you so glad and honored. That you're here listening to all the crucial here in the vacate seventy this would do every said the between now and 12 o'clock and we talk about. Different things that have earned your house and it doesn't gnashing you have to be your only could be a Condo or apartment. He could be a place of business fishing camp. It doesn't actually have to be what most people think of is how sustainable building could. You could be a row towns are those that doesn't matter all the principles. We talk about here in the show that a deal with comfort. Warm moisture or sale transmission. Or any each efficiency. Into her called the or general repairs are dealing with. Maybe it's a painting project towards a carpentry. Challenge you have though a comma flooring. You know could be plumbing or much would those those really matter. Are all open for discussion. And in like said that you know call me and could you wanna wait a very into the shuttle like people which in the show it does orca well formed this take everyone's questions when you went to loan so I'm gonna Kirch call early. You can actually when your whole you can listen to the show live on your phone you're not missing anything so it would when to call in the numbers fob 04. 2601. A seventy. John with our producers' group which won't hold. And Q could teach here's the shall live on your phone. Oh to turn your radio dale as. You don't have to be Indian affairs between would you hearing in the phone. And what's playing on the radio Internet gang up you can turn to renew that call on volume hires you can listen to the rest to show. If you don't have an opportunity to call 26 so when it's seventy. You can send texts at 87870. I'm just ask you to text responsible pleased to that text. Want your dropping how weak to you you give to your destination or. In your phone or your sport device to it pastor and let them send you texts eats at its heavy. It does make text as I possibly can. Right listen we could go to a commercial break when we come back out of this brick. Look at piece of your questions and there was a good time to call in and you in the phone Q and John Cook was set you up first come first serve so don't wait. 2601 a seventy. We'll be right back after this. I'm sure about that you've heard that it's time that our clocks change over the weekend so it's false it would fall back to get our. This is also great time for us to change the batteries. And smoke detectors in a CO2 monitors. It this is also great time if you haven't done it a get a chance you'd do it. You to contact Burkhardt activists and heating hadn't come check out your recognition system. This is you know something's concerns you have a gas heat you make absolute certainty that checked out before you start using guess season. Because of carbon monoxide safety. Not just for money change the batteries in smoke detectors and you CO monitors but we also have to do the same thing with our heat exchanges. If you have propane or natural gas you wanna make absolutely certain you reach out to Burke Carter Cassini and let them send out their trained professionals come out look to system. Even if you are looking to replace should system. Or if you look into keeping the tune up. Mean you need to learn more about Burkle Eric misleading because these are professionals are recommend because they do a phenomenal job. The death swindler more but their companies go to their web site. It's EC promised that com that's eight seat promised that come Burkhardt air conditioning heating makes you tell policy which. Welcome back to the show. You heard the numbers back and give to you give because I'm really encouraged to call early don't wait till last minute. Because if you wait till the last and that the show keep everyone's question. And it really bums me out a rather take this opportunity to help you and give you some answers to your questions. The numbers fob 042601870. Which can also send me tax at 87870. And if you need to show you never listen to the war or you unity is coming to Indian and how it period and Audi car. You know I'm not here to keep you a sales pitch I'm actually my desire is to keep you all the commission you need. So you can make informed decision would be best for you or project. Did you it's you know sometimes I recommend products sometimes I recommend different steps or things you should consider when making certain choices. As you know every choice as a consequence. We we talk about that here in the so often is when you make one change your home. You you can expect it to change someplace else in for reaction theirs or Korea action. Someplace else and and in the building sciences. It'll be talk about in order to help you. When you make those changes to your home with it's a new house or an old home doesn't matter you still have those effects that a change it. And do you view and he okay well if you make this change. In this it's gonna happen over here it is what you need to consider. This is what you need to be looking out for so that when you start seeing these changes you can you can react to it or you just are planning port mail. So that there's no negative consequences to some you choices. Welcome sometimes I'm gonna recommend that you know it. I knew to call about the project but you really need are. Licensed insurer professional to make this this modification this improvement. So. You know what you need to. You'd be informed him that's what that's my it's my desire cute is that you can have the formations he can make the bestsellers. Toward your home or hurt or approach to work on it could be in south project has surprised does matter it's certainly a whole open for discussion. All right so the numbers 260187. In the text 87870. Kirch UT get on board mail. And start asking your questions limit chipped a tax. It says if you had a cast package unit outside you have to worry about carbon monoxide as much of the unit is in the attic. As of those who did that don't know the best package and it is. That is. Sump pumps installed on razed homes where the the entire recognition system. Is one large metal box outside the dock work. Goes on the throw home and typically it's in the floor although sometimes you give her which raises some of could be ceilings as well. But we're at the it's not a split unit most air condition systems are split in his what you're into or would it. In a closet or in the attic you know an outdoor and answer outside. And if you have gas heat against heat is actually inside in that closet mechanical claws are adequately described. In this case that that the texture is asking pat a package unit meaning the package and he has both. The gas furnace in the air condition condenser in one large container box that box outside interest yes you need to you. Warring just as much about carbon monoxide poisoning if the unit is inside your attic. Or chemical closet or outside because if you have a cracked heat exchanger. That's that's the part that when when the gas lights in the boot them. The unit that the ribbon. Systems light and heat up the heat exchanger. You're you're able to pass aero railed heat exchanger in and take that heat that's coming off the exchange opening inside your home. If you crack and that whether that is a package in an outside. Or it's they've split unit in and part of it's in the attic or in the closet you can just as much concern seas certainly get that checked out. Bay trained license. HTC. Dealers this is not something you wanna check yourself there's special equipment. There's signs to look for there's there's different things that when they open up your your your heating sought you gas furnace. It different things are looking for the Edwards say OK you potentially a problem we take this to mixed up. Instant start inspecting it either with a flashlight or put a mirror or actually pick out some of Kabul marks that's their persist on inspecting it that way. Two different things they can do to help determine if you have a cracked heat exchange or not. And he exchanges don't last forever they do you have a tendency of cracking. You know sometimes when it's cold. And they turn on the heat or you can actually hear pinging. In a ping ping ping and that's again that's an indication that you have a crack he exchange and they can start looking for things like that. And so yes you know if I had a package you know beaches is concerned. As I would diplomacy exploit unit in the indoor equipment was located my closet or panic all right so remember. This is a great time a year on time change is happening now change the batteries in smoke detectors police. If you don't have spoke typical by one follow directions and smoke detector and carbon monoxide monitors and follow the directions on where you install it. Is that not always the same in sometimes you get package unit and has both expo detector and carbon monoxide censor sometimes they're separate pieces of equipment. Make sure you actually follow. The manufacturer's directions. On where to and so this is one of the times when you're slow down. And I say this for the guys because most guys don't read directions. Is the argument slim readers directions. However if you can't possibly do it's not personality give it to you wife. Or the person next few could have read it let them tell you ought to do it. And and be transparent enough that you saying you know what I want to do the right thing but I don't take on the read it was little treat for you so. All right hope that help somebody out there. It in if you can't afford to smoke detector Gaudio local far department fire station. They may keep you want for free they may installer for free I know that. That some of the fire department Steve that is well. Those of you can't before what you have to have one please these things saved so many lives in the year. That it's important enough where the far districts or give me some of those with the freeze so go to your local farm report. Let's go to phone lines in speak with Alford they offer good morning welcome to the show. I support our. Apple. I thought they would question mental problem. Sure and only eighty right now Polanco that double pink and I'm about to watch it and try to get home but it this year. Under current and current between them. Can that be clear that there is so old that it. Know that can be repaired. So there are companies out there that would computer home that would measure the size of the window for. And they would go back Kidman and get a window glass. In slick last insert. Made for that that spacing and depending on the sides seek if it's really really large that they may have to do some special things like temper the collapse. Eight and also if if depending on the age of the window that window has a little each film in that they can actually make more with the Louie film as well. And though it what's his manufacturer come back to your home. They'll wool remove your your insulin glass that's lost its seal. That's why Skype conversation to the cause is lost the seal slightly more stress and they'll remove that and put the new open in and they won't have to change your window frame. Now I'm making a presumption when the frame was in good shape and then it's it's not a wood frame that's rotting indicate or termites Tom Jenkins and it says it. Yet it's it's not ordering. There's a girl try to stick your arm to our sport. I had a cup and it came out you know that your typical thing replace. The CY. Because they don't I city it can be prepared. The cut what they what are our I we have company on our website Paul styles that column. I'm we encourage you go to Paul's house like com and you go to a search your your region and then watch it good that the wars in windows. And then you can find that. There there's a company there that we recommend. When those solutions to rich and Luke. Richard waksal the ritual group and windows solutions will come out and they want to use and an. They'll tell you hey this can be donor and maybe can't. And in most towns kitten there are what there are some situations where can't. And that may be wide that other company told you that they can it do that but it's it's certainly worth giving a second opinion. Okay everybody did tell me that they don't repair grants and that's party that are not. Coca bit. They couldn't yes sir so Paul tells dot com search reason and look for the rich and group. Windows loosens Richie waksal you'll be happy to so someone out and look after house and see if it's doable. All I'll bet you serve but that are certainly appreciate it. Thank you effort ever grit that appreciate you listening thank you so much. Go enjoy you're day all right let's go to our next caller speak with Terry hey Terry good morning welcome to show. You do in I ample room and aluminum solid. And I say it added. 1012 years ago that all it's got that orange on in fort wood panels that are put together on the room. And it's it would be used as well back aluminum tape. 1012 years ago it's going to leave now at a contractor government look at it. And it felt about them gun in the preparation stake in port on. Because in the top of everything and it comes out about it and there are a quarter inch thick they painted on. Do you know what I'm talking about aids it's something incensed some like Geico gecko or something like that. You know who do you know the product dumped on them. I'd I don't know the part accuse specifically talk about buried there or systems out there at that are designed to do exactly. Would he describe Terri. It's supposed if your warranty. But what the guy told me as he doesn't have to take up any any old paper any thing. Any sites that a lot of dads starts and it will take start the Libya's it will. It will affect the out there have been covering that we put over to. Is that true what and other guys. Tell me if that's the upstart movement Lou Lou listings and start lifting. It'll start. Lead again but I mean. Yes sir so here here's my team that Terri it in again I'm speaking from experience. Not specific knowledge of the exact product he's proposing. To install which pitcher your home but my experiences that preparation is crucial for this to work. Well and long term so if it was me. I'll remove. The news this the scene tape. I would clean and prepare that on top of the moon's surface of the roof panels. Exactly is the manufacturer says that I'll start with the good clean dry surface in that I replied that product. You know how you view of prisons and I see this quite often. I deal with their condition leaks is that him. Companies will commit their commission guys who come in tries salt leaks around our nation doc work. In with the does that put tape on it. And they'll come back campaign mastic on top of it which is a net not the same exact product but is it that you describe for your roof panel but it's the same principle. In sin is that people loses its that each and domestic cracks as those lead to begin its its useless. However they would of clean that that metal surface where the docks connect it in pain images with mastic it'll work so much better so much longer. So from taking that along with my experience of sealing aluminum panels. And outs and and seeing groups and I would say that preparation the surfaces crucial. Two overall performance if it was an opera removed the tape of him extra you say hey I'll be willing to pay you extra to do it get it right. Right and I kind of thought the same thing it's like payment card you put you have to take the only old paying off the fortieth. Put a new piece of new paint over it. You know. I don't know the guys that there was simply no and world whiz. Some kind of a cleaner and the entire room will be equally and completely like almost brand new and yeah it wasn't gonna take off the old days. Hey if it you know if he's to go that far man can take the old tape off and so yeah got the job he's ticked him off inclement. Move yeah I think that's a little bit of thank you. Terry caddie because Tuesday CBS news break coming up but if you have more questions dealt with on the go on and ask those questions on numbers 5042601. Point seven. Recently attacked at 8770. Return back in action where your questions after this news breaks so don't go to where a lot more home per shows left ago. Welcome back to the home approves so let's go right back to the phone lines and speak with bill hey bill good morning. Welcome to the show. Paintball I'm taking my call. And I want to put paint or on top of concrete slab can turn like two by six on edge. To raise that or in clinic in direct contact. With that sentiment or do I have to and so the special. Let me ask why he would have raised it up that that distance. Entered mirage and I need to run out of some. Parties that sort of bank and I wanna be on electrical underneath feared you Wear a tuxedo. Yes sir. OK so the interest is is yes you can. However you want to use a treated to about six that you would use it into the sixth that they're two types of of treatment. Come after the war won his four. Current contact other witness is not. I would suspect if it was my home I would spend the extra money. On those two by six the sleepers the turn appointment and I would go ahead and increase it you know would of paid a premium cost to keep the once they have rated program contact the reason I say that bill is because. You know eventually you just like getting moisture to that concrete slab and made have been already twenty years male so I would much rather have me a ground rated. Product that is his desire program contacts. And then not. And then I would also. Be conscious of the fact of the plot which he used is that I would also go with the trip plywood is well. At them and most times when those products were chemically treated. Of they they're moist so how would make sure that I would measure the moisture content. But the entire thickness of that plywood. Before I did not finish Florida top of the because you that you don't have to moisture problems. There aren't. I. Mean no remorse you career between our creed and that. He can at all at I'm not sure if you really need it but you certainly look at what you want and if you would if you would want to do that that I would do likely to. Park scrawled on a proxy type product. Do you prefer that voice from coming up. You know those those are somewhat effective it'll. Cover 100% of the of the flaws but the duke over a lot. About it you know something else to his I would probably. Make sharp enough blocking in between the the floor joist so that says it'll have a tendency to want to roll over the edge. Roland Ohno on its of course what the plywood on this that is its higher everything in. And then that the fasteners used bill could be very poor because this is a trio product seek anticipate any fashion is gonna get booted. Or stainless steel faster or like screw. How Luke plywood dale. Certainly glue in screw. It used on the groove plywood on those sleepers. And I would make sure that they'll put the right size in the number of fasteners there on that. You don't want to squeak. Sergeant what would it. Change. You bet good luck the project it's I'd just like. Says like any cement ability in this but there's been against the law. Every day. The other yes sir have a great day. All right if you have a question now is a good time to call a basket that numbers fob 042601870. Architects covenant 87070. We'd go to commerce Burke welcome back a seamless and your whole walk on the next after this commercial break he has it'll go to where would be right back that's. Welcome back to the home a provincial here in the negates having so glad and honored. That you were listening to show let's go back to phone lines this instance more questions and speak with Palestinian and good morning welcome to the show. Good morning Paula thank you. So I am I in the appropriate term but I know what the problem is denying that you needed help me trigger a exit that we built up about twelve years ago. This particular problem. They are places and she's back at our place in the living in the term that are in our. And they back to each other and they're both coming but the thing. Kidney. And to what they didn't. Talk a little round. About what you as a that we they're. You know he's not living room a whole lot. But Ireland Ireland it. The insert the glass and heard it was it's make a long story. What I found out and the quality. My company is that they never put it chimney cap over that particular channel. Before it goes. Put it though I go to court. So at every three or four years. Money and mine aluminum in our in the door in our. It starts to run and I see water dripping down to that are placed in her that someone will go they're painting with. With a sealer. Is there and harm. These darn short hearing won't harm wounding him. And we got the terror the entire thing down and it lets you run would but you can hear the very top of the dale. And you can actually extend the pipe up a bit more if you need to put a cap on it. In the review the top of the make a little bit taller. I. Question number that for something. Easier prey like this so you. Flex up as well flexible rubber that was more. In no ma'am and then not long term it here's the other part is if it's been leaking inside. The inserts then it for less for years has also been leaking inside the wood frame things that you need to open up inspected for. A rot in an indoor termites and you don't have any termites does this is something that needs to be addressed. Aren't we need new. I hear from hormonal. Yeah I can go to Paul's house dot com. And select the region which will be you know sure because it's. What you look for if they don't want you to go to contractors that's the professional trade. What'll it look at the contractors. And you'll see our recommendation. Can you bet our thank you have a great day procedure comfortable with the project commercials are that that happened that's that's the frustrating thing and so. Sorry you deal with that but of I'm glad you take constructive stance because utility can only get more ugly case not to get any better that's for certain. All right we could go to commercial brick welcome back aka probably four pop tech so the key to us and keep those text comedy 87870. And also if you have questions you can ask it here live on the show at level four to six 1870. More of them home proved so here's the big it's heavy right when we return after this. Welcome back to the show let's get to some of those texts. It's the first text is. I have to put T won eleven or my house. Is there much that product reciting. What you feel or what has been your experience bitumen eleventh. They're they're different grades and qualities of he won eleven ovens all the budget with many years ago. Residential and also commercial and so on some condos in in townhouses. In and there are different grades so you it's been a long Thompson's site they installing two when eleven but can tell you if you UP. It would get for me there's an untreated products they're treated product. Need to clear you can get you know you know not so clear and if you stating it or pay any at and then you can also. You go with this a secret product as well so. And different fixes you give father HD to three quarters. It's so cute yes it's not a bad product. It it's lost its properly installed. So I think I will be even more concerned with what's behind it maturity and good drainage. Arco. I've checked how trap and that the windows in on the finish at penetrations in this frustrations of penetrations those walls were properly flashed. I think double paint all sides of the team won eleven product. I'll open it up and then as we get to. As you go on polio you know easy clashing between the upper and the lower. Seem so that you make should give you quarter combo on it and in super product of course you know it's wood products that you you gotta keep the pain it. You gotta make sure that it's stage crying and it will perform well. So but it's pretty cool products it is a good. So product and of course our Ugoh. The more difficult it is to work with that you work with scuffling with things up you know. Off the rails at it's it's challenging it certainly can be done. All right let's continue was more tax act fact if you attacks and that 87870. And opened happy to read in the area you question. X Tex says what is a good quality non or based extreme pain and former. For new aluminum ring gutters and downspouts is that impossible to paint. The interior go others. And who would not be paying them before installation after it should apply this seems to alone in counts before are after cleaning. So here's to think about Haney aluminum surfaces. You ought to make apps with certain that. Their complete clink in heaven you'll want it because then that's getting hit it. The bonding of the primary you know the paint. In did the type probably uses the it's catching tight primer it's a self etching proper and you know it's it's done with an easy step but it obviously becomes in the promised you would go to local things were openly. You tell your preening in the would tell you would repeat your nation course sets itself matching problem and and then. I if I was selecting the paint. We use a latex paint either. Something with a flat or bat. Sat and tight finish I would use a high cost us any higher losses that shall the factions and if it's a little gutter. It's a little bit being nor simple it's to show very easily with the high cost product. I think I'll would go ahead and I would go headed in pain at first in depth of my caps in a scene stealer. At saint Thomas I mean of course at the benefit of talk to you could you sit in the tax. I'm I'm sort of guessing what you want to use a little got a with a baked on finish as those come and watch a lot different colors. And you don't work out items typically have every now and again so. You know I think it was me and outlook for low maintenance type. Product I think obligated they want finished the comes on with from the factory in and be really happy with that. That seat next Texas what is the best way. To take am pop when sealant. Well so they are two ways of doing this there's there's these great the hard way and and easy way is when the popcorn ceiling was not paint it multiple times. Typically when a pop on ceilings installed. It it's mixed with some paint and so he serves as little polystyrene balls that we sprayed on there. And went to the ceiling she rocked him and normally most people like that and if that's the case those com affects it very easily you eat you protect small section at time. I think out echoed you know fourth of April section at time. Obviously in the fall for each other room equipment sales drop offs it's a messy process and some other masking. Indy would whet that area in the best way that I have done in the past to continue to hold repetitive or multiple rooms ought to take a what those will pop up and sort Sabah. Bulls were yet supported liquid need to comprehend when you pump in pressurized it and you got to wander in and you would wet. A small area Tom like a four foot before the sectional for for pay for section. You would dampen it and you take a wide putty knife. And after set their for a few mishaps has been wet and you would not have been very aggressive and actually at a very flat angle. And you it's great that popcorn texture right off the ceiling. Yorker to couch the scene Chirac is certain spots. You know that's as part of the process. You also could have to more than likely retake and flipped the whole ceiling before you do anything that you texture. But but he can be done. If it's been pain eight. Me and that is more of a challenge you may cheese at that point to rent. Like it wallpaper stripper those those steam type ball pepper strippers actually steam it and scrape it and those seem to work well for that type project. Put you know it is this is a laborious. Project to compete notably Gary cook has only taken ceiling dale has kind of messy neat and clean it all up. Then you gonna go back and you got the decent taping missiles floating. It's detection the ceiling in the prom yet in the penny it. So it's cool rate once it's done and it's this particular lot of work to get their but you know great duties so project. Let's he'd never attacks and actually this is in reference to a phone call when earlier says the man that called him with the race war and that will be built. Those wanting to raised floors garage isn't what's what's left at the Texas. And made the call about the racing the Ford is rise he can run the electrical under the baseboard. Yeah you know I type of seeing some folks do that I'm not sure exactly. With configuration of appeals garages with these gold toilets are not the it's not like they'll probably get a pretty good handle on that project. So. Hopefully. You know don't go well. I listen that is the whole of may announce a fast first power who got a entire second hour of left of the home provincial here in the big 878. So if you have a question now is a great time you don't want it Kabul 4260187. David I see your old and on. David don't go to where this is the Taba most people hang up don't hang up David hang on listen to show you would be first will come back right after in the news hour. In give more tax set and then 8787 I would love the answer all your questions will be right back after this here that the gates opening.