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Good morning everyone welcome to the second hour of the home improvements show we were talk about repairs. Comfort in and you efficiency. And I different projects relating and to their reaction have a lot of plumbing questions that. You know every set he's a little bit different between we're all between now and 12 o'clock. In and you know call in it and that you questioned why the numbers sponsor of four to 60187. In which can also sense attacks at 87070. I've been ducked into as many text that went to sleep Rita fuel and they don't and give some group quick answers. Says hapoel what could be causing my mom's east he'd train want to plug so frequently after cleaning every 23 months it's Clarke Ian. With the there's a couple things that's happening that could be potentially happening. Which here is teetering on is that maybe that the saws a pipe is too small. You know that I recommend a one HP BC turnpike at least. And then also if your mom is like changing her condition filter. Often enough in a lot particulates are getting blown through the system. It into the drain that certainly can be clogging it it could be that when they're when you're cleaning up or whoever is when it. May not be completely removing the attraction. So it may be partially. Are blocked it slip in the water turn out but then it gets clocked up again. A pretty pretty quickly so. You know their authors. There's a number different reasons why that that certainly could have been so I would go investigate all of those. That see another one says we have a mole problem in our house bit of pause replace both air conditioning units. Which is turned to ferry pricey project is that normal. It is so does it have to be done simultaneously you can beat you one floor or one unit at a time. You know what I really don't have enough details sustainable won it unions have to be replaced. I have been at fault with lots of forensic investigations. And legal case is dealing with home sick animal. And there are times when reckon we you recommend replacing the dock work in the equipment. Depending on on the causation. As well as. You know when you do what you you do it global. You know the whole house because if you just do one unit it's time. I'd unity cross contamination where if you replace bring new unit and don't work. And you wait a few months to do the second unit what are from mold spores and that sect in it will cross contaminate. And get into needed just replaced so typically you would do global and replace both if that's recommendation again. I don't have enough information to even the address at C that's even. A possibility put that fits in general. That's what I've seen in this with recommended in the past right let's go to phone lines and speak with Gary Gary thank you for older and on good morning. Morning. I've got a technical. Look at new construction and it's a three level house. But lower level well mine beat argues that that B 900 square feet. Potentially would use for her and then there's no record there we'll consider putting many split downstairs. It is dicier instruction. Three story. The second level my living here. We're looking injured putting more traditional. Parker conditioning system in there we're here at work. And then on the power over all of the traditional air conditioning system was an air handler but it would be in the air. Or is there any particular track of heating and cooling system for high. What would you recommend. So. Here's the thing with high performance houses and an ICF is for those them and that's insulated concrete forms that that's the styrofoam blocks of filled with with battles re steel and concrete and you build it up as their corners they're here. They're very insufficient typically when done properly with. At the penetrations of the roof and soon on that they've done right. They're they're pretty airtight so that's what I would certainly consider a high performance how high energy efficient home. So Gary before the first set by some acute use is allowed to go to reference to. The minute splits down below for this with a crisis to him an area that staff Leo away I would recommend. And also the traditional split DX systems for the second and third floor. Which can be really really important is she would make sure that these systems easier conditions are properly sized. With favorable remand you to Abel calculation. You'll swear to make sure you go to a manual T eight dot designed this based. On the manual which. To make sure you get proper air flow. You'll swear bill to make sure that you have enough. Return error. Pop pass of returner places so that. As indeed the bedrooms that with the doors being closed the suppliers in this space has passed the pathways to get back towards a central return. I would strongly consider. Using. A supplemental humidifier for the living space the second third floor. Because when you have a high energy efficient home and and I don't have an ICF house but mark miles has high performance. I use my eighteen humidifier today will be a good example of that or just the week we could have for you in this election days. I'm not running American nations system because it's not warm and summer house but I'm still leaving in the house and hopes to creating moisture. I'm I'm cleaning were cooking were were Beijing where or we're exhaling and Elvis more Oceanside homes building up a building up. Will your commission is not running you need a supplemental to humidifier to address. That build up of internal moisture so beating the I'll be getting a seat. Whole house to humidifier for the living space is a very wise thing to do I would also incorporate. And outside your kit with that the U that a far and that's what I have at my house is it brings in the outside there at the preprogrammed time. It filters it for particulates for dusts. It runs it through the demon Faris who removes the outside moisture. In and the place is it incorporates it with my air condition system stripped its it sends it through different spots the house with the dock work. Com and has overturned so it it handles the shoulder days of the shoulder seasons were made some more issues creeping up. In the second purpose of that whole host even afar. Is it brings him outside there and in Phillips to unify as it you wanna camp outside here to dilute the years inside your home. You wanna have good indoor air quality you would have achieved it could even air flow so the desire out of the systems crucial. And and also you want a commission this at the very end rep what you movement. You you what a check your each supply register that the air flow that's coming out each registered his wood it was designed for. Arguing a check for pressures you wanna check for refrigerant flow through a check for doc leakage. You're a check for the building envelope leakage with the border there's lots of things they hop post home needs to be tested and verified. That it's on right again you know post like pres Reagan used used to say trust but verify. You don't hire professionals to exotic. You need to make sure it's being installed properly in the need to test at the end to make sure it's performing to the to the standard that you designed that it. Okay that you mentioned a specific type of traditional system. I didn't hear it everywhere that Lowe's we hear about what he. It's it's it a DX blitzers it's it's a traditional recognition system where. You have an indoor equipment outdoor equipment connected with copper lines set or or for or warrant. And we deeply human error that it probably separate. Thing that would student center. It's totally separate. Cards are we unique is better straits like while that are shopping bird there or and so or that. He uses the supply dock worker appears central system but it has its own returns dedicated returns under house and if it does connect. With doc work from the human afar to your your indoor equipment so. Are you would like to mounted very close or install a very close to each other. Back do you. Picture companies would you be able to consult on this. If we have the blueprints. It would be possible there's arbor something are meeting to review this structure we're poor. Sure would would phase of construction at right now we're bloopers as of yesterday. Okay yes. And shall be happens has opened up with a very important to remember. It's Eric could not 85845214884521148. All right enacted you eyed when I first reading your talking about. Beating the plumbing system that puncture hole and didn't catch is that possible to do that we are quitting stained sheet metal roof off. It is possibly do that in India and when you know I'd be at the office we'll talk about it more art what what they call. You know what it's it's at some type of even better like a plumbing Stuckey bitter but I forgot the exact name might have a look that up. I don't use very often that you function phone. Thank you Coleman thank you. You bet thank you Gary have protect. Our receptacle all right listen to go to commercial trickle comeback and dispute with Clarence and get a few more you attack so we'll be right back after this certificates of welcome back to the home from Jalisco strictly follow wants to speak with Clarence Clarence good morning welcome to the remarks while ago. Won't know. It's. Yeah actually not well look at at a broken right under my command. And a few water. But in the right in the garage where will it how to order it may even make Milan know. And I wondered. Is that where. You get evaporate and lip ragged. Is it window unique is. What I don't know that Santana trying to. So was declared that doesn't necessary mean that's exactly with the knicks but there's a good chance that the need the leak is nearby that spot. And describe the describe the noise you what here's making to me it based. Is Megan Aladdin knowledge. They can ignore it and kind of like it was nearly enough of innocence that is not as kissing noises not a yet it's likely annoy you get heated. And if it you know it kind of bounce back as in water. That would go rat in the front. So. I can't read merely that reject the water at the leader. You know write it out you Mo is moved into it and ankle and I'd pick who are pirated easily. Okay so this declared it's something I want to check out the first before uber cup that slab. In every water heater has a a pop off valve so that when you're award heater in it's pressurized is accused the heat eat in there's this optimist you know they've. Because of what you were heated tank to explode so relieves the pressure. Sometimes those pop up bells over time you weak become weak and the leak a little water wrote in it also hisses. Com or makes a high pitched sound like that so it may be that was happening is your warning you to pop off well. Is your presence felt was leaking water in his let water go underneath that concrete slab you garage in his bubbling up. You may not have broken pipe in the slide up. You may be related to you pop off I'll I'll check that out first before it did anything else. Uh oh yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah com or put your hand right on it it's a little brass about the sky low low level ought to that it is a close in see if you can actually feel. A little vibration or in any water coming out of it. Or if the pipe is connected to it to keep my distance was behind you could be peca became right. There is an Orlando and it set it up and he met it will though I'd just gotten up right there you are out. But its impact in this predictor. Is rated. You sir would Woodward would put attack you're living. In the army barracks. Orleans parish okay I'll call bush while plummeting. What was your opponent does a lot of repairs existing houses in and they're really good it was dated. Okay and it. Appears. EU hold all of seductive harvester cards. With city. You think I would have it on top my hip but I don't. Little Nokia Nokia Darren Metairie. OK app well good luck on your certainty. I get it I appreciate it out. That gives the guys delivered the project I hope it's not a broken pipe in his lap over it's is that the pop up now going to be easy fix that. To address. But thank yes sir thank you I appreciate you calling. All right so effect. It and other skeptical mister Clarence on the part of mark mark graph please call everybody you the cap all or pot now. And that is revive them marker point years ago this past week. Gosh many years ago that's when 84. Our rights go available memory lane let's get to a couple more tax it says Paul would would cause the outside corners. Of concrete slab to crack these craft are running from the bottom slaps to the top of the brick plates thanks. Well well that that's actually the it easy one home. I see that quite often when you have a brick in the air in the outside corner and in the crack is actually at a at an angle. It you know it's it starts singing in near there sometimes in the middle near the bottom Slavic goes up towards that the privilege. And what's happening there is. The expansion rate of the brick veneer. In the mortar or different rate and the concrete slab in the quarters of weak spot in the kind of bricks off an angle. Because at this week as part of the country at that point this is an aesthetic problem. Presume you look at the restaurant repeater is distancing polling is is there's been cracked bricks and there's no movement there and this is an aesthetic issue. Would they put should've happened when the with the for the perk was installed. You should hear a eight. Typically cheesy black plastic Polly. That they would separate the the bottom of the Brooke mortar. Puerto first course brick from the slab and that would prevent that from happening if you have the chunk of concrete. That is you know it's still there he you can actually. You know put it back in place in and use some form of these simulate. Keep in place. And in associate crack duels he beat chocolate concrete that's missing. But again it's it's pretty common thing you could fuel more on the way it looks he can lead to leave office that cause an additional problems presuming again that your foundation is now moving. And it that's not the cause of why that Brooklyn it's cracked off. Another tech. Sermons. Have raced home on Kris so politics a close in the room downstairs was the best way to get rid of the smell of crystal. Boy I do not collect my answer. Don't do it. Home close in the space styles there's. It in the army steel reason why Korea sold Tuesday. It is is is a terrible. Thing to smell sent house it's very bad for gender equality it's a health hazard. You do not want to be exposed to recruit salting your living area now if there's a means of building an error. Air carrier complete air barrier around the crystal policy pollen. To prevent the exchange of the crease sold into the living space. Then you can certainly do that however. I've never seen and with successfully do that. Bouncing it can't be done as have never seen it done where you can smoke crystal suck living space elect says it is a health hazard you do you know would it be brief and that. With little space so we go to news break welcome Brett back at this. Welcome back to the homo proven. She though few of the question has become the college asked why does fumble for 2601870. With a few spots open for you on the phone system. What can sense that Tex at 87870. Got to texas' can you recommend the roof and company. In the links so. The best thing you can do for you is actually go to our website is Paul's house dot com this is a site. We put together for anyone in our local listening area in our region because look in our pity. A copy that as a local organization. That. Is. Either they have a relationship with cleanup done a lot of work with in the past or seen their work. Or we've we've looked out of in the and there are legitimate business. We've we've from through a process. And it's it's available you can go with your with your ticket to on your phone or tablet or are PC. Or Mac if you if you're an apple user it's it's free there's no charts its pulse house dot com you very simply put in your region. You know north source offshore Mississippi Gulf Coast and what trait you looking for profession this case you're asked about a roof company linked. So what you do you get the pulse wells that companies who roofers we have recommended and at the very top you receive from rafters. Andrew Arthurs is is actually an excellent company certainly trust. To remove and replace should root for some. You know if you're looking to even upgrade to different type of fruits or high performance written and that has axis toppling out would consider. From my house is 1516 years old. One I'd go to replace route but it's it's reached its in the pitcher's wife our certainly would probably go with me at least a class each. I asphalt shingle and H is for hurricane. Four because he has a much much greater wind assistance is that it's heavier single. When installed to the manufacturer's specifications there's actually some some guarantees that actually go along with that. Or in its it would withstand up to the I think it's either 12430. Mom all war 32 dust mop or through second gust. That a credit war. And then I would also strongly considered using a operated. Roof on delayed on the shingles or some meat products are available today that. So to keep you face a potential second tier carrier so in the queen defective your your personal singles or blown off proportional to loft. You have a high performance roof on the limit underneath that there would act as they like so it's sort of a secondary. Water barrier. Two perfect what do filtration intrusion into your home. From a large when defect or hurricane. That's associated with with the greatest wells so. Again that's Paul's house dot com it's free it's easy to use. Which here at that site you see that person's company named a description of what they do. A phone number or some home also have email link she instantly email directly from your Smart device for you to go visit web site. And you can contact them that way in which you're you're talking to tell you you could Muncie a I heard geez. The company talked about on the radio on the home improvement show and us or Europe nation on Paul's house dot com. If you or me small business owner. And you wanna get on Paul's house site as well liked beat listed. Good pulse house that common the very top of the batter. There you know there is 22 halves look at what is how how does that work and you know what is. It's something business I'd gamble there's there's a process to be review before we go to put anyone on the site. Who would make sure that you or your looks in the business and annual license in the picture in your your trusted. Organization year and are out lo using. Local mom and pop businesses are from a local mom and pop a lot supporting local businesses as well I think we are the heartbeat. And the polls of our economy particularly here in. The new Walter you know Brit the biggest smallest community of Lebanon and we love you some local people and. You know it's all about relationships and it's it's a boat you know. Understand their culture and working. With you know with our neighbors and our communities so that's you know a lot of that that approach and that's one of the whole purposes of Paul souls that comp as people used to called. The office all the time and Boehner radio do we come on the radio today on Saturday. And tunis that called to the weaken it would be heeding the call saying he who who we use for root for or who do you use for pain or plumber. So with this site together just view it in it's it's there. For for use again and again. It's Paul's house dot com is principally use share your friends we also FaceBook site. For pulse house you can actually to see that site are our website click in the FaceBook quake. At the top right inside the home page and we post in a report Fatah sweet things that we think will be useful for you. As the consumers so you can go there and you can like and share that FaceBook site as well Paul's house. All right listen to go to a course record comeback looks to more of your questions will be replica that is. Welcome back to the home from show right before the commercial break Els talked about Paul's house is so. You know you can it's free to the consumer Lester actually go there and and locate her trades and professional local traits that. Form services from improvements we even reach those sorts itself out products in the product should be looking for her need in reference to those projects. How what the highlight wincing about his reaction is it somewhere to one. Enough in the past week so. It's it's actually referendum on insulin hadn't hadn't squared. And and had squared is as a company that actually. Designs and deals. Fund would working in and cabinetry. Shot was actually my house companies got paid to come a fix the the kitchen up but you know and it's and some adjustments that you made to to the capita incidence and hinges in. And while he was there you know he actually waited in putting partitions and organized the civil way toward you know when you put that big wide so we're drawer and mean you're you're so where's his scattered remarks. Will measuring cups in the knives in the forks and always will specially things from that data dealers in the cube resolves all the stuff it is crammed in there. Oh you know he can organize that he did for me into the from home job if you want something cousins on the build. Where that's entertainment center or piece of furniture or cabinetry. Those all that so to learn more actually you can exit polls how's that comp would nor FaceBook site you can see some of the postings we've done for hadn't square. Or FaceBook site as well. Who'll stop the craftsmanship. A quality guy and I assure you that a QB peppers were condone charm for fifteen plus years great guy great family. Ari from. A T what. Mean that went fast we didn't go to commercial break we'll come back ms. Mary kitchen you're next on for months keeping an eye on. There will come right back deck to you right after that still going to Wear. Welcome back to show this goes straight to phone lines and speak with miss Mary hey American morning. That morning. In a few minutes ago. Which I haven't quite candid about looping. 2004. But the problem is that on debt that the group. Can't give the name out. But when dealing with them pot corneas. But the that and Katrina. And is building an ailment was completely covered with water he moved out of town and no way to out of the way. Can't. I'm anyway yeah. He operated out of them to that Todd did Muqtada down that it built in the top of the water. But it was a bit good shot and I ought to clip out that was built around. 100 years ago and I did not know their hands he did not come find me an ethnic I want it age. His age he said that tie Cain and but the group. Has that been I think it and then 2000. You know was very I'm not sure if it if it. I can answer that question I I became aware of it around 2000 fop 2006. A lot I'm not sure that he was existence in 2004 or not. It but it is a class each asphalt shingle. And it hit Dallas wondering why he did not mention that to me. And that they would have picked that it Elliot mention that to me. Speech you know. I would've remembered that and I know I don't have late then don't have that they both. But it can't architectural Shane potter and what that means architectural single. The city had used that because of the cape and in the mode visit about the grant town of you know what the Arctic Ocean you know. So are architecture of singles is a laminated shingle with it looks like a slate roof almost has got multiple layers and discuss some dimension to it. In typically an architectural shingle. Is a little bit heavier and longer lasting as opposed like a three tips and what that has got three little tabs on each shingle. With the architecture was like this has got some dimensions to it some some X rated it's laminated I have it on miles if it works relief wells are pretty simple. Old stole it up pretty strong and used revenues are about granting you that that's good news and of course believe. Tenneco like that they Bosnia and in what has Bob looked. Us. Yes so yeah. You know what he had to keep a mama's Mary's because of the amount of UV exposure. And and risk the hale if you bought a thirty years single. You don't always get thirty years out of that you've you make it you know 272029. Years out of and so. It is your shingles getting older in age you may be a wise to accuse an annual or maybe your some inspections after a big storm. By your your license and should refer to make sure things to look at.