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Our own will hold pretty true that we are you got all kinds of things the right forum. Insulation. Moisture problems one marcher car what while my recognition girls sweaty and we're gonna be prevented. To you whether tripping two wars to have. Measuring air filtration also got a couple text on. Different projects all and you know what to do would replace windows souls or so any those topics and more related to homework Ayers. Any news agency. Corporate. Indoor air all of the unique in what is goat. Could do would hope that aren't as stripper that have been out there could be an apartment could be a Condo. If fishing can't be Uga. All the building sites we talk about your on the show related to go out on the so weakened slightly in leak I'd building. But he doesn't matter where you wore a while you're you're you're also economic also knew Colin please let me know that comes in a lot of Toms made sure. He's gonna differ a little bit. The cause of the folks up north. In the and a primary heating climate. It's very Bert if we you don't so it up armored core orbit has just. There's much wearing off and on YouTube moisture that we can't language you know we deeply anxious lead the different but it but much agriculture. Cool recruited. Well cut and unique whether we got a pin as well. So the you know the product maybe saint but we are how we saw Alex. Are usually different in the post a column so you have a moment question you have to call. That numbers 260170. Or consent to accept eight revenues seventy. Which when your chance to look at some more marks. That she questioned about opera that. You recommend installing top of that around in our home. I'm looking to make improvements and what counts are immortal pop outs they had something that's a place. From there or experienced opera. But they want any top diploma or would you recommend. Well most proms the top of parents are not in the front group of Hispanic reasons. And that's really the only reason not to have them. I let it sit so that most problems you don't put it near the war because people like that it is kind of supple that you. They're big and top of that debate. There's Wear and being in really kicked out large with the rest of the appealing which are up but inflation which are you can see that your book or. So better than an audit at least it used to be years ago so the question is how much what you that program and how much well. I'm the human resource watchable. It's so all along calculated straight. And you wanna search for free. At a revelation calculator. What she you to that site is yet if you question about the the attic in the parameters. Good input in the nation in it'll tell you. How many three square inches of attic and only should you need. That attic space properly ventilated. And then receive free. No actually. You're you're looking for described or that you could beat Spain in the country Spain. In concrete. And those are gonna gonna treat the concrete steps. A big treat towns in two wars when you're a local actual weapons remorse or be because they're different indoor rink. Usually used as a UP blocker per. It in this case I want to reduction steps into the indoors. And intrigued me in Lou deals are spending more and you'll be Brito posting all around you think the steps source seal. Over Spain the steps moat around you don't have a sealer afterward took the picture picket and hit it you're standing at you condone what it is. Do you meant there it is you or not I don't wanna put to pick. Article on there and do malt and Oates a better for concrete that way and also. And the structure of the top most Ayers you won't put so much in the conflict so that when they. You rouge according it's a lecturer got enough action to a spot that slippery. Was that. Our would have been to cover article calm cool to more trucks won't be questioned he on the on the phone or old walker on wipe out the history break don't go where. Or so let's go. Welcome back and chills mostly along equipped Russell well good morning. You know good morning. What the end some clothes. On cell phone in my house when the bill of about ten years ago. And it issues with my obstinate air conditioner. Koppel Cortland there and did not change a couple of times in the last I would change about or aluminum coral. And I'm still I'm still having problems with its street and I don't know what's going on. So what what part about. I see your off and that. There were mentioned won't vote. The ropes where you're in 00 Walt polls. Iran or folks there and it's it's the current epic battle bowl. At. 10000. So what it might. Went straight weeks and install. Meeting here is what installed current or are they are there. So they're worried that tracks all of these for Europe and own one. All right it is called here I want to describe as well. So we have a aquariums and when you're installing a plastic product like expert here in oh. You know the correct more extra current trip of the serpent it's boring. Typically in the cooking support too confident or are greater but look at Angela. You have the right pressures. You have the right temperature indeed the pressure went up their credit by the equipment in the installed via what it. Didn't go right is that the that the garner you know like that from circuit it's the wind liquid Korean. To be installed and they continue here I manner and Erica now. We're here are Colbert Report in our outside in the air barrier separate. Yeah a more competent. Well almost being what all let them write it and are on the equipment on right. The commission and noble award for summary of unskilled ones than that. That you can look at what I note that that is not. Not a not a part in my conditioning equipment. And the cool. Now that being. There are a lot of reasons wall yeah why are there holes were won it could be that. You don't have any out there and your old. That you could be that you're eating off yet public Campbell under house. Let me out other that would in the year and your role. It could be that you have some some problems here at our problem because being aired ish east mission. It may be and you said it's creeping up in the upper level program or freezing up because of the confidential will trigger in order flow. They measured you and treat day you're expecting a lot of that they've gotten all the was called. In that regard and external static pressure in the air well structure routes lecturer in law in the air blowing. I'll supply come back to return Acropolis. You know those are the. I don't know but all of that I am stance on the dangers thing and the the home was sprayed directly. To the underside of the room. So there's no normal barrier between that and thus fall that was sprayed right to apply. On on the wow it was yeah it was like foam board. That was countless alt border plywood I can't remember. But anyway it was sprayed in the walls to. But you know the outside of the home. You know it's hard. Our hearts are like you know Harden over in two Hitachi don't feel anything. It's you know I would support products so. I don't know if I'm still having issues with the ball more it is something announcement on them. So what what I do for an investigation wrote it would take that all wearable look at all the things that control into the former problems. End. Released by accepting OK I'll. How affecting it wanted to pack it in and I don't art solutions how to prevent this topic or reduce the risk. From what happened there are some situations you can bet you don't would reduce the risk while we're all happened on the very very trading conditions. So. You did there could be a lot of calories in which victories sequels. I can now contesting it I am not. A fan of to date technology Wilbert manufacturing all. The two being in the right wing of the Cole who are getting soaked in. We're using this symbol turtles. Yeah interaction there are some battles that are that are touching each other. Did that improper cold today or B Altman are starting in particular committee very very. I'd cheat in in Bristol lash. And what you could pretty high per worker mark four and a unit. And you have a charging probably yeah but that means it's pitched or wrong. Our home or if you. An air distribution problems in Europe in which there is air distribution. It can affect. An increase your -- all mean in sort of trigger. So. Either there's a lot of our student in that you replace them numerous times. And he filed the technician removed replaced all week he could be that there are some some I don't that are in that line that Koppel like acting. During subsequent to your outside Quebec has contaminants. Yeah that could be effect in the new poll. So in that there's a lot to it it's it's there I would know. One answer on and introduced would be poking crying and I know what. All right well I appreciate your. Welcome and good at the Kohl and you know well as a result or you. And it. Are located unity question on probe question duke called numbers are war she's six so 1870. Now in big guitar into you online you know achieve and last year where a lot of or concern the attacks. At 87870. LP Ichi mutual as well and it could be any type of question relating cheap errors. And you efficiency. Copper building performance problems and in UBC Byrd. It is looking Tuesday and bring them. That our receipt that didn't advice column in the cheap about it. Embalming Nicole I'll be happy to know run through the mail it in chief and also the monster. And officer will be applying the sign outside LTO. Make some decisions in the some questions as well make recommendations of nuclear war. Professional that I recommend often. I achieve bake a lot of these prayers in but that puts it after it's all out that column. Also web site it's 32 consumer. It's a resourceful. She and they can neck with you know local special that I would. Reprimanded in that be good for our products or services. For any home improvement projects. In the secure business in say it will put the money on what on people also like. You know and we're also thoughts walking resources. Along with you know some different media strategist and consulting. All want one shall stop that they'll achieve that sushi goes on special. It helped keep his growth and increased awareness that I can be like get blocked hosting. It could be traced a bit Haitians. It can be had on FaceBook there's a lot of ways we provide social media strategy that helped you the picture exposure. And and respect a continent bankrupt achieve that. He looked like communicate about switched to the coast. So but not any and get on all. Of that process. Just just could you call them like that mean. It'll. You know it was for me to put money market almost putting money record on the in and make sure that. You wanna you wanna be a person on that site that is gonna do you could all work. That the the dome steaks and make that so on that. How much like any responsible the cubic steak you circle back in the truck wreck those Hispanics. So again also that come right back at CB eight break. And entry and more prudent course.