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Paul LaGrange The Home Improvement Show
Saturday, September 1st
pauls helps callers deal with moisture issues, sweaty slabs, and air conditioning issues. 

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Good morning welcome to all the all the credentials you're on the big the right with a new Rezko but here's some recessed can lights and corporate Latin America's managing my apartment that. And that call and let them pick it up back up to attack that came in about yours ship as it like. A couple were described in reference to reach that light or victorious war. All right that'll airtight. Don't have the proper triggering notorious. War along addict. One more start the year the commons house because of all open aptly. In in the true also. Saw Iranians. It's close speakers for well you know on yours speakers. Outlaw the opening eight year. Your your ceiling she euros but it can't like Tibet and so in Utica white girl you know. Pre bought leaky. So the wind I would just do you can't go like taken from bill you know they can take you ought to. Because. You choose it in yen. In your treatment. The changing the design that picture. And you don't want as a protection of you go on water or. So it is opposite just don't Uga. Well suggest you do is you actually go to web site such as the form that touchy. Or build our program. And you'll see where it makes suggestions well the only error ID cloture. On the addicts are. In the I would suggest you make like. Eight tight ex chief law which is are resist you walk. Meaning that are resistant rating. At you build off work stoppages walker. She rock or in close your department is water. And the recent life. So what are an opera and include the out at you make it or are you over that recent candlelight. Air he would cheat the top shouldn't sheet rock. In any wood framed me. And so they're not changing the recent can't light so. You make any closure. Were leaving for audiences a clear. That are that case it. A law oh eat eat that dissipated. It is you know a world war to go straight week ago and then you would insulate around your she walked Eric I'd enclosure. And dialogue suggest you take that liked all that in as can play it now changed to tell you. Something that produces a lot. Compared to you incandescent lamp wore out. So that that's about what do you do the same thing we're Cuba. And about that. A lot of penetration unit concerns about. If you are converting to be straight on the related attic in the future. You know changing things standpoint and a credit problems in future at least in the mean time and also. On. Then it will be healed well so we all. Right if you have questions over and see. Improvement or engine efficiency or copper. Well number of Earl Ward she's six or 1870. You secure ones that prevail on the call and ask your questions law look at 878 that it that way. More of your calls there's commercial break. Welcome bill credential and your question relating you'd copper Hubbell group energy efficiency more Easter. Questions on the call that number on what she's six or one point seven. And Utah but certainly the football and speak. More. Pocket money. You. Our yeah. And it'd make you not. Many. Limits. So. Many IT. Yet it's out. There. Each of them back down. Well my eyelids in my. Problem is. And it put that. It's not too many equally great mixture. Of Whitney. And and it and it out. About it and it's been continuously. Again but man it. And then it pops in the again but. Dean cycle. And then went too much in charge of you know it was like we needed to balance. The war. Normally not you know is the body heat islands. Outrage in this it was 21 and then I live. Marriage. And that led to work it out and chit chat in. What and I note that cycle not otherwise meet an image. On the is there a problem with bad. Bad bad room partly. In the water or is it now that cycle and to be on. Yet there's something wrong that only gave it should be sparkling like so either this issue with the battle. Letting water in you don't need it. Or it could be their. Flapper the bottom OBI. Allow the water for the goat in the tank into the Albany it. That may follow. So if you're definitely has some issues were that although it is should not be recycling. It was comical should be cycle and when you watch it. In about that and what you want to pressure up about two maybe three minutes. Afterwards filling up that I connected it should be not making any additional sail solo animals water to go in our. And what has been clutched. It hit. Like a prominent. Underneath the game. And in fact I just at a prominent and that image. Within. Like among job with with in the hey is it useful. You know it is not a water fight broken language. It doesn't like when government body like a better job on the pick here at the war. That is huge metal that I'll bet is. You China. Thank you so much and when. Yes sir you bet and let. Call on mark and and what you went away after all I am sure I will. And then you don't describe home. Like you described the media and I would imagine. You know belated B token if you can hear that fail to make it like is set associated. You know what I maker with a freezer if you get a quorum being. That that typically actually in the well now what it will look like that that not relating to the broken partly. So I'll open it BK one. And admitted it unit or. In the tank and not been easy you know as. City and the name. It's been. A Tibetan he's in the open I mean just look at tank. And the miner will. Outlook they where we're. Thank you so much while I can call it bitchy about it. It and right. It is somewhat or opposite. They you know question you've called it what news well or you order online war be it call it that I. He can attack at age 7870. We can which let me take a look at a couple of these. That at that oh yeah. That he caught the end. But you talked about bright moments like on the replied. Neutral people who lose the insulation attic that there. Is there went back and are more nation about the group of have all the oil purchases as straight obviously replied. To an inflation in the attic thank you. OK so. Some of the web site if you go look at these research on. Any that manufacturers. The chemicals that. Right well. As you look under their. Or they they're picking the next question epic besides. That they capital on them and those type pages. If you. It Bobbitt than I would suggest you would call that manufacturer after the holiday. And that can distribute the installation dialogue. Where they're recommending. The insulation which will be removed. So some of those. Manufacturers of street well chemicals. Would be our life I need. Will be a manufacturer. Of bear. An NBA. BA one you are they're true. It would be probably. Honeywell will be one. Cadillac would be not a go to all common manufacturers. Are pure they break all product. That of these type recommendations on the web site other than I should they choose to look war. Would be. You can search. In your papers written in the building green sprinkles. Are or how would also look under. Former energy. Field America. Maybe any stars so these these are right. Web site topical cream for. They're all so that's right all along that you go look at. And on the district or actual on language describing. Where they recommend. Removing heat is being on the record that situation were the existing field installations. Or applying critical to the on the side of a new. So well that that huge you put it in the right direction. You can have the commission. We're seeing yard neck text. Diana Douglas here need information regarding relating by Chaka double in fuel. Carried Diana you gaming market mention really. It is the third general brought question that your insulin he'd be released. Or the walls or ceiling or wanted to reform and so. That he cute acts back. Indian summit subvert specific questions like issue would you call him an actual question and show. That as well. Not a taxes. Others that records your air fueling these recent lights. I've been there and the artwork are that she could be Ayers sealed air field in existing. You resent it like. And I've mentioned changing the heat index at or relative electability. That our taxes. If you insult a light most of the scope Apple's. The troops and you can what you would easily get just the ball itself or get a LED recess can't let retrofit kit. And that is that he'll bout with the life. They'll all it is they need to make sure you read it in housing or white. That will receive the new barely be retrofit Apple's. That it is that that you can certainly be that as well. Right now but as huddle on Barry PC's struggle. Or war aka that the well. Problem is that. That you would be good to the big box or or restored get me. Plumbing pipe broke. Which are driven in by a piece well. Bob glass or metal was that about what people. You know that. Art opera that it's got to handle ought to shake it all eat. But yeah actually taken a probe pushing them into deeper. Into the ground in your program warp pipes. Challenge here is eat your body through your core strength spike compared to meet record ranch or wanted PVC pipe. Good appease people are so small so I would do. At this point that you get to a strong point so glued to a record. Where that Burkle had that weather in the form or or landscaping. And start there and I would dig that door right for a much art and seeing what direction that it is called. Apple probe every 1012 engines and followed that might injure your opinion on it. In order to the next oracle and so you McConnell is now. Well what it looked like in helping repeatedly. You would like to believe that by going straight and long. In most cases but they beat you but there are some cases were in the air. Dana B Berkeley strict laws that. Well we oh we achieved started. Trotting on that there are huge purple. I would argue that accent but that's at 878 at any. Call. She's six so 18 that is I think I can squeeze it all call important news we're or. Well we'll talk to dated at a market in Europe are more serious at all or do with these great finish at the that would be we can do. You. But. In. And the they. In. So does it. And I remembered and you know I don't like that your. Great to come again and where Whitley panic and quite hear. It's just. A bit. There in the back part about it but it's. Great and easily. The note and crack at that level. Look I. Can't remember the product. That is. Yes sir. So you hear dependency unit at the very no one that. Out rather and let it dry and then you know it gives you a good clean concrete circa. Let it dry in that you be putting a two part. And you go chew. And a pink sort like Al Ain. Until element to all of a party for concrete. And you wouldn't although. The it's a polymer coating. If you can get up occupying get a a two point Oliver coding. You can use that now been made the instrument that polymer coating. All lined out its document order or goal line. What he's become a different color but you may have tried on something it. You go deep in the war like like that like grayer something similar to the country that they're now on the make it work. But preparation that servers is really crucial to make it work. Should we. There. That would sort of nail. I don't know Marie. Yeah I'd I'd I'd think I would I would definitely do that I would. A better prepare countries guard approached. Yeah. That you're. On. What you. You know you may be. And it it is probably crack that crack team that works worked that. Well do you know on these people to war. Maybe I'll look crackers in history to crack and see what happened. And by. It. Definitely. In the necessary that that when you see that when you know he needed that now or are at opera opened up a I have an and in excess of that so. Well. Well well she's gotten a letter. Like did all the work hour. Art and much. They knew about Eric welcome backers are more questions though number six so worried that. And respectively that it right back. Welcome back in the home. You all want the cultural. That what we want. Egypt good quote spot available we. News Bobble war she's six or 1878. She should serve what is that call and ask a question. And ended at 78 but. Oh were you on the board. See. It is intent. Actually. I'll. Or the cold winter and what and so on and so it is about the issue and to meet. So. Well let's talk about that we you know a number of different things he talked about where Christian right houses while we talk about the temperature of the work are also the moisture in the slow. And the more in the summer although there have been in terms it is about actions were most look at what we're very or their corporate walls. We do mission work and stream water vapor coming into the summer. As you or keep your house hold in the summer. It's cooler and Gerard are. There are you. One point. Out war war what the move inward. And Margaret in side where the cooler water. And indeed it did he do it. When. You all New Zealand and also warned recently that shall law it neatly with well. Well she walked or plaster. Walls usually. Mostly for them. The board of a lot of wood flooring. As part of your thing international. And corporate conduct in the war comes who would warring advocate that they've won it are like Apollo here saying she was born Horry. Or she would know. Or plastic lamb and equip our voting wars. That wouldn't need to become saturated well well or can't. Would need to have a water vapor barrier and air carrier and also probably get older you have cold winter on the floor. That you wanted to bury the very popular war. The ball position to be a need in our board assembly and you're out. So we have a couple. Articles posted on all of the law of men should do read and she would recommend. That if you go ul ul dot com did very competent website there's they've batter and called law. What chip applaud on the right in our future. Was it tighten it readies. Installation will really howl or angle installation. And on. The at all opposed it. On. You at least that is. Oh gosh the number of years ago. About how immediately raised. In the nation and all the negative notices that. The saying that we were demanding immunity to choose different type walks. Ward is pretty full based on your thing. There's a war is installed follow quickly. It installed air here manner and continuance. All the scenes that made the edges off. She worked as well what would you call on your thing you look at all boarded the boat people would hate the way. Any penetration like plumbing or electrical in the old work. That also done an airtight manner it would contribute so option present at the obvious that do it. Didn't get that forward to just stick. That would you need the port thirteen installation you need or will what are. The other option in the deck but he described. He should mentions. A holier than spiteful. B close so should I don't deputy. Close you know albeit in all these regions it straight to stop the war. And that there. GM truck air carrier. One of that barrier. Or will it help you lose all these problems. At work and choose. Protecting those wars so hopefully. You question that that while those who would Iraqis choose. To keep steady so you can read more questions you'd expect. We called the shall be available that we achieve is our question should. About how the picture on the ugliest house and so on and Arnold didn't go to commercial lyrical about will start it should question on the oh. Janet Europe that all want them go to where Kabul activists. What about the children go to a lot of speak with David in the good morning Lucia. I I live in a duplex I live on the second war. And again. For a quick and Oprah in the toilet it well like sure metal. What would you open up the that that would sell. Yeah we need you know open up down the toilet you know major partner. We're now all the time I mean clean it would lots of different things but it's now just keeps on coming back. It is only that the global copper is the bulk of Tuesday's close now now correct. Well that and usual connected. Some problems the wax ring where the locals to on the way actually. Walt on Wall Street though the commodity to be changed. But typically you open it in the field with water. You have water in the in the polls right now global correct. Well I'll be that war. Oh right no doubt you know what say you engines nine engines whatever. Mean the whole purpose of that water there you don't know this short spell so it really could use a spell. On. Don't you all know. Now there are okay. David used yourself in the on this one because if if the rock and equity go back to what actually would be initiated. When you watch it there's remove the weight effectively you ought to her arms. Out its pluses far. Our. Let me try to change it lacks wearing now for some reason electric. I mean. That the old acting goat or is it connected through lecturing it's odd that you're not smelling it. When that congress is close that well I can't I get big dent in condom column. Buildup and then when you open them but you know you you know it comma pump up. Even sometimes when Bill Clinton opened you can still smell would get it tore it. Yeah I go Ottawa for how I would that would be and then what happened that that an easy thing BG so. Expect it to pick them. -- Well thank governments are you sir Uga in person to call at about. All it took about oracle on will you shouldn't lose your next. Oh it's important question but where. Welcome back and so it goes along equivalent of a little more shot. I spotlight. 10 it's a the I got a day node in the bathroom ceiling you got a combination of light. Exhaustion and heater. And everything works by the Japanese term you're gonna smell kind of arch smell. He should get on. So. Probably would. It is it's is that doll that or NB heating elements inside that day event like. But the heat import so that is normal like you know what you you'd want you to put the ball and then you look at it as a shield elements give white orange red. Things happen heating element in your. Event white book when you saw and what if we don't and so it's about to get up the Ed Ed what you first turn on it. First android smelled like or off. Aren't in it but he goes away shortly after predicting it you're smelling burning plastic. Burning electrical and that's something different. But it is if it's. You know. At a very distinct and you mean there's no doubt earning vs plastic electrical is very different. So it it's just that bill I would worry about it if that's electrical or plastic bin you can you can get that changed. A record carded a bit difficult the change so. No sir that I. If you are blood expert super he would do that what school for her that street at about eight. And the box themselves. Eat about white. The that you get the same model Albert that there you may just change the inside component believe that rocket box like it is. The group that it all the quite will marvel that you kind of plot in life. These are separate the light in the suffered in the ring and so you could the same model number be real easy just to changeup that you took on the leader saying. Attract. That makes sense and by Demetriou. Yes certainly that would you agree that apple popular that you caller IR will garner all the secret patsy is good morning. Is that the good morning welcome to the show. Now. Do well. Yet on you know I am at the property. That I'll eat well. In now. In. We. Had done troll that this off calls our intent should be. I am in and you knew me as. And importantly your experience at. The end. And here we got it. Up now and not to do. One. It would kind of you. Are. What else I call to find out begged me. Yeah it'll probably be willing plummeting. Would. But ultimately. To have these early eighties all the problems that it early 1990s. It and it is it problematic because what happens is that creating a week. And our market Rupert credit market got a while it is now. And he would go on a boatload of repairing it what are we shouldn't go. She brought it back at that meeting you know repaired changes. In the works worked on that. You know what old ladies and they're spot and he did. To eventually. You know could you couldn't. What it would shouldn't you you got replaced she brought in insulation. Warren built work. It at apple the heat came in app apple will he change all the applauding. Talk about the past I think. Yet and the problems what it. So you can be problematic. You can be expensive she changed the the Kindle but it's one story in Torino. And it is it. It how is. It bottom out then it opulent army unit apart armed. Selling it knowing that was a problem at all on our true. And what they did the fitting that that the problem with it. Did you know it is in it or order. Even you know world on IPOs. The rotting. In the heart shawl which hours but it. Follow. The ball into the mixture wall upper orbit. You've got to get to that won't accept only belt that shall. But the tool that you get quite call it. Yeah well at the one story house probably added twenty and it could be a little kid. So. Much and I think I'm not sure. No you know but they argued you. Well I'll I'll include all the plumbing as well beat sheet rock in the Indian it will fail. Now that upon. Upon orca and anymore where the form located whether you're Wall Street wall. That may not be a terrible price. Okay we'll work it that you model war. Yet yeah. Well you know. The costs want to make sure we are definitely at doing is doing the right. And all there. You know. So I appreciate here and make it all and thank you for. Two. Making it more. I mean you're you're welcome good improvement and I'll. Thank you. Our. And let's take a look at what we kept secret in amused at war the pocket the hour. Yeah it is questioned the upper section every race house about it inflation. Is supportable in bars and probably as well. He will run the ball wouldn't. We do go. Out there that Anwar in cold Turkey. And that actually the purpose that is Keaton probably at all. On the side of the war. Would probably sleeps in when it's installed on their house. Some problems. It bought way to borrow more street you're at the ball in the they'll. And be abused chicken wired Manning and would that it would keep the inflation up to the ball and I'll support. And in in the report to work you see people out it's a war that state there in the hierarchy is probably better that it. Our water that's been so what are in shape or certain should keep inflation up against it. You can go arches are repeat that harbors or big box stores. Like Lowe's or Home Depot. But you can replace those are repeat it and keep inflation from comic. As you heard me say in this on the show about that they would. Well glad installation. The order a great trial. We couldn't do it right all the problems that very and it's not an aircraft carrier. Not one of the barrier. Depending on the temperature and keep it all out for the war and yeah spider hole and other factors. He can be contributing to more problems as well. You know it is not treating those problems in. That was insulation. That all. Users are repeat that you can go more to see the other spot that you may think. Although it would go. Straight to the bottom. Well before that our installation. Let's go back in and readjust. Is what it is yeah relationship on the on the ground pipes. About what can Propecia pipes. Is simple it. Why are okay and do it needs that money won't be one pool you field on locating water. The shaping it into it now holds in. More problems go trick or what you write what you are okay well you got on the continent on the right of the entire. Probably it is. Appropriate and not by The Who agree. Near here. Go back there on that is so cheap to go home and you know more Ehrlichman. What you think the one you know. Yeah that that war started that the debt outlook or. I love the idea because you know football so. Great that populate at the moment alone. That whole but a quick text cannot include all ultimately you know. When he brought what was in the spring home on call period. You spray with Heatley I think our probably multiple. Co anchor welcome to cover it you can only. A pollutant thing wrong with a black latex. Paint and I would be let me because it would be let those of the differently it is in the old. Our hope that the universe show that indeed and you question about it. Ability to go all calls. About news and meet.