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Paul LaGrange The Home Improvement Show
Saturday, February 17th

Paul helps callers figure out how to correct issues and find the right contractors to do the job right.


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Welcome to the second hour of the whole prudential. Today we could go to twelve parity we know in Chile twelve. But that's a bonus rounds today because though Saturday. And so on it's some questions you hear about home improvement. It just union. That we do every student from and well. Look at the so that we expended and they note thirty minutes. And we talk a vote. I think that happen in your house does this work maybe chew rekindle our capital or are. There and can't. Any different things related to repairs could be plumbing or school. Installations. In the nation quit it don't work a hole deeper into air all the dust. Meaning it is we discussed all of it and I'm not here giving you these skills which it certainly by my intention animal heart. Ballpark is that you viewed the nation so you can make and school choice would you decision. Based project news. In my used in the right part in my taken the right steps. Would mine not considering that all you need to make me Wear. Or perhaps it will be scrambled comport well light as a precaution do this trade group which cradle will. Person would you recommend that we talk about old saying in in the devices. And Ellen and twelve or so I'm gonna hurt you calling don't go. Polls well I'll keep those calls come and it's probable war 26018726017. Will continue to action in 77. Which will keep a couple of these texts and the head any change school age yet. Are soft first taxes while holding the battle building. And is the bills waiting in ripping or intrigued by attic insulation. Would tentative. Well or what was happening why it happening. I'll forest team boom and sweating we're dripping. Duels pool services such as you metal framing battle between you metal walls and no room for digital some muted inflation or not. It's it's cold temperature. In the outside here is Maurice and in saturated with moisture in the warmer. And in this surface temperature of that medal or maybe you are Korea are spec probably concrete is it to an open space like where rose work. Amateur here how shall look old metal building or for instance torture collage of its problems went there as well. So those schools services reaching dew point that condensed. So there's a few things we can do to slowed own. Compensation. And in that is. One or two things either region increased the circuit structure of the coals or parts. I get insulation to it. War we can remove some of the more street in the year. If you noticed when we have these life. In cold temperatures have. Running crow. You'll problems running problems is what we you know these saturated air which street in the air. So remember the two options are offering solutions who's warned that this surface temperature. Or remove some abortion in the year removing watching me here. Sometimes depending on which Ratliff may be easier path to. Because when you add insulation to that circus. You do need to be done such a matter where the insulation used is an air carrier. Wanna be prepared and all swapped horrible barrier and it's going to be continuous is going to be airtight. Has got to be installed in such a matter that you falling. The demand tractors correction I'll install those ought. So important to call it is sometimes easier just more the year. In the either reduce the risk of Serbs is conducting war limited and the what you do that is. Actually it was mechanical human case or preventing. The problem their company but that that's available on defense and source control. So depending on where the mores problems are what you wrestle with that may be faster easier achieve. That ours address that concern or election advocates may be easier to and it's in the insulation. And I don't know separate boost should. Conditions medical conditions from the warm moist conditions of the year so I'm hoping and pictures your questions on. You know what's causing this wedding though split in how can you be used to score or prevent from happening very rarely does is ending the Malaysian. They'll say that because we live in the south. Bert simply Q and Italy to us states. That aren't wet and saturated with more outside. Saturated there and expects to draw. He can't drive away with more wept. It's about simple way of describing it. And drive away and air the dirty and it grew. Steadily shall work for a do we do some. Sometimes you'll end of the year that it but it very rare. And they're very short in in in duration. So. It back real good draw like that it would it would would have towards watched her she raw warring. All of these little buildings simply absorb moisture should chicks and pumped a few months. For absolutely release moisture. Yes yeah outside they're ordinary case in the air strikes law which to be greatly. And so battle here is that they can hold out it would. So LeBron pretty quick. But you know conditions return no outs and where. Pretty fast as well. Hopefully that helped. People kept coming it's 877. Program commercial break welcome back this question. And Europe next on the online and Oki predictions and you text shall also will be replica of the go go and where about the children's goes straight the phone lines and canceled some more questions. Head and said good morning welcome to show. Mail. Order and that problem and what could do it. We're going distraught that Dustin they would look like and will come protections and built in and saw wrong. And you know the older. Not so docket the flat note that probably yeah. Well well. And now. We know you're not done yet so we're cleaned or. On the world. Because it would pat insulation and in the field. Am. Problem. Probably okay it will kill or combat. What. Is it back a little. New role. Is the role connected to roll is a outlets that. Yes prom do you have lots of resent him like your parents. No all have. Two bedrooms. Kitchen and into by who is Dan writes. And you close a lot of losing her bedroom or watch or the most Leo. Well to open. A Coca. All right so here's what I typically on what what we have a dust probably like what you're describing. Is you you. Probably held some duct leaks in your emissions system. And what's happening is that win you'd at least Likud does it. Typically draw and who's. The duck in particular dusty part in the warm moist air from your attic and regions under conditions that have been. Sent to then you dock work and so bill routes. Beat the other part of that in would be every nation to lead secret the difference pressure. Between your attic in your house. Outside in your routes. When that happens to close the door as well as he did it that close. Couldn't bring people closer don't wars and running again it causes an attempt to pressure integrates into where all of these problems in one of those. Indoor ought to problems is elevated dots. Now you know it. You know we we have been so. We we were not accurate and now we can make it better we can reduce it. But we still gonna do it in you know there's something else that you can also do is to put doormat. Both inside and out on the beach victory in the war. Are you be surprised how much stuck in which you see so model diplomats both inside and outside a lot of money in stores. President you know when it. Don't succeed we become it. Well in the and so for you your textbooks. But our probable will dock workers make in between they need to be replace. So when you give them replaced you're Egyptian. You want personal nature of the size properly. In just because it's it's I territory in stock male born from. They are conditioned to that kitchen emissions mean that right side so I would that would injure Walpole license. Air conditioned deal in your area she saw each dot features like that states. Are we in install in the right manner. That it is page rate Rhonda Singh point eight point B with easy gentle transitions. Are what supported with. Shuttles that laying. It indices of insulation but you know adopt prop was supported. Imelda and to hear Hewitt so those in the quakes and I would net in the product like the most. If they domestic products like being on product that huddle like the tapes in the regional like Detroit has guns. On that that mastic last a lot longer. And maintains the the airtight as of that. Condition dot compared to the tapes do on the tape and it breaks apart and in what airs week either ride back to what you wore today. A little lower lip and poverty as it's. Well the yes sir simply. Hitler don't outgrow so in addition to getting the court need to get your indoor and he. The global order in the backward or you removing clean orders with the whole clean system. The clinging indoors equipment cling to work. And that also in the tree you'd change your return or they'll oracle and that's a vote in the contributes to Boston's. You know it in our army you need to and you want to look at running her conditions so much. Program the year at least once every thirty day news group east returner so. Forward it embarrassment Turner Field. The two of them are reaching out. I like the pleated filter. And there are three grade the pleated filters that are there are low medium and are great and typically would use it would be great. No. I I don't know the sides of the capacity your equipment I don't know as you return air intake that'll be up and discussed with war. You're a treaty dealers is that what he changed the work pictured you Turner's polite silence because if you put too large or should restrict. Well eighty return air filter. Or in your system because all the problems. Opening up new consider it and is having need. A media filter installed as well in addition to the result. And so and so you would change once that we don't it is called pretty well. They're skeptical of the you know. Does. It bears in the in the in the repeated in politics. Via the beat out such as calls small particulates. The prequel to mrs. An in built almost optical out and that's what all of us as our. That allows. What do you know policy keep true indoor equipment means well so are able to tomorrow as a result their. And I will be your filter. That it literature that Rory put. You put that right who would indoor equipment's equally between your return there on. In indoor equipment has about four provinces why. The same size and shape indoor equipment. Couldn't. Can you change you change. Pocket. A move that would tournament do. Video good luck on the phone call or racquetball and thank you look good product called speak with Steven he's been in the morning. Well you. I have a little wonderful marketing help you. Yeah not a problem with a win in you know in my war mean run. If it's not want them onto the top. Out. Of leaking right there were problems that the boundary. And I do wonder. You know on the one typical problem when I wondered. What I'm looking forward. And replaced and so like that from the boundary. It'd be easy. Well and I'll murder goal. Coca. So. You have 12 optical Nazis even of course. You know slip and you describe minority government they're looking at a you can you can re routed. Where is that actually he's going to each year you slept though occasionally unity and that. Maybe its own outside wall in Iran that way. And actually you know I'll only connect which used to assist and support New York. Or second options you'd be creek country in order to remove the country around that connection. Replace that hyping it at all connected to where it currently is in the configuration Gian. And then. Actor country in the archer. This year and everything else goes along with the. Now lives that's kind of what a load in you know it's it's away. It's away from anywhere were active router into. Say aren't like that perhaps I'm out in the garage. We'll only up. I am the only that probably rate in the concrete that you know that. That bode well option. Yes it is and I don't have any room inside might have. And so. It just looks like it's in the expensive. Drug. Yeah. Well keep in mind it like and plumbers optically folks that work Oren. Existing houses big east in this debate see this often and so that it may not be is that you think. Another use your own country that you are you only breaking up our real around that city Oakland when we get below that it's like. Deteriorated. You know it is it's to turn it further instances as. Debt you're giving too much much larger complicated project to an opinion. Yeah that's what I think and that I don't know or the plate bill and it's got to go. Under the garage. Probably. You know which yeah yeah so it's it's be rich and one half also. We're probably looking at it grows on the garage. You. Answer. You know sir all right bill that bad news. And just felt that it continues it's only leaking small. But it looks like something that could go wrong right now. I all right thank thank Marco. Yes certainly that thank you proceed color mute you have a good day as well. Correlate with it goes to a previous news break however you called mail they great are calling it horrible four to six so one and 70%. It section 87 needs and that would love to talk to you probably talk about it on the project W right back to the home from true right now this is great -- where welcome our folks. I'm back to the home of group and so okay we go on this show to 1230 today. We have some expanded arms so keep those tax and keep those calls common. That phone numbers 26 so 170. We're concerned detection except me except they go back for the post mentions more questions. And speed quickness is win and the score and good morning well. To show you now. I'm wonderful oh yeah I'm but it is I have two questions number one part of our senior. And I don't have a problem match Keating in that amount amount the way out I don't know is there on one. Now Liu could threatening to kick that it is spelled means pick after been power walking should now. Who won't take advantage certainly we might be that he didn't appear pride. Yes ma'am and that's the squint where where park county ignored or so sure it's I don't know. Flat they'll. Do you have access to a computer. OK so want to go to Paul how dot com. India and in the region that you you don't know who wore four year yours your region and the type of service. You wanna select contractors. And turn here and Justin when we needed. Didn't see premier. Southern builders such troll you. Are okay. Charlie didn't die if he does new construction he also knows. Renovation work like about terms that you describe. Are saying he'll be happy to come you know and in talk about what your goals or indeed do you prize were executed them. Old game and I have one other place that I noticed. My own war and he hit it in the wrong. Warner hit enter and neck pain in the water league trip and holes. You know look into. But his ballot and doing it again now who can keep it and it is no way around and warning that it apology to BP well. Thanks so that when you contact a plumber argument you know lights and ensure plumber come your house do that. Your every relationship plumber summit does work I don't know right now. Okay I'm I'm trying to pick somebody right here in Slidell where you'd. That can help you with that. There was a solid day. Home many years ago when I was building homes in Slidell. In in the in the mortuary in Heatley and audio did well new construction repairs. Is being DiLeo and Owens long. And Buehrle who realized. And it will be happening oh. Home. It. Owens OWE. And Buehrle oh OK okay. It gets lit it up on. Bank you don't the computer I can duplicate up on it but in the play book award. Yes I would. Okay. And so will be happy days. Again you know make them license picture he's on and so on Libya equipment or what. There. Hello to quite welcome thank you described below the those. Design squint thank you so much. All right listen. Go to any other commercial break. Ito called comparable to back at this course and speak with resolutely. And then it seems there are you calling in sales will slow the numbers of 042601870. When its intensity trip is that. Right activists. Welcome back. He'd be home improvements show we are corn two extra there and that is well Ernie. So keep those calls coming back coming my way. So we're gonna support and love the judicial Tom is one of the ball on and speak with looney including good morning welcome to the you know. Blow. I don't hold it all out there on the problem. I was sure Flickr and forty he has retired now. But I have a suggestion. People aware of the market share Rose Bowl and the insulation. When they go up in the attic they can whoever began. And it things like it's mostly old. Boxes in the attic or joke boxes should be accessible. Readily accessible. So the Bible and attic where. You're likable to try and wise and all the insulation. Yeah. That it would be what it will lag out of water yet. At different locations where you know it actually cost money that shape the technician. And a big advocate a lot easier. So loom many years ago I was teaching folks all how to do what relation how to improve existing houses. That's. Insulation. In indoor quality and judiciously and like that. And when we get to be loose insulation which a lot of homes. Thank bill could do what position program. That's what they install. We used to teach them how to fly the location of the social books. Lot of times we could do it we will look we didn't vote. The didn't that thickness of the insulation that are real would you do that so he's the fire at them. It's OK you know in union jacks box feared that help identify. The locations those guys cause they and some that inflation is twelve of fourteen suspect in. It's like nobody's trying and trying to find feeling at least in that area verses on on a small little school joked box. And I'll repeat tomorrow or auction and more potential. And you'll be sure it. Let go out. Oh. Have to be accessible. And they have to. Trouble connecting yet to be able should large bowl. Right then I bet that it should be a beautiful life. I'm a little while met. Another war attic of war. Stewart. One that it does a pretty very. No I'm not to have these people would racial slights. The old record bowl. The policy problems. People would have been in Iraq inflation around they would will be and it would cause via verbal blow to trip out. Eventually Wear out. Knock it should you have that somebody. Usually feasible actually shall we shall we don't you know that these. Then again you know. Like these. And the comeback in the Arctic and all that god. Picking and I'll crowed about the bobbled it can give it a problem with the to temperature. Sure that the net is sure alike were. That won't appreciate your suggestions in the technical it and listened to. And via portable sport and and should drive like flag what. Go. Right Leah habitable and go you know capital of all right have a good. Majority. Yeah yes indeed done vote for Wednesday here. At our government committed story. Stoner on on a C two weeks so. You know that'd be. True they should be ready and the more word. About Gordon. I do appreciate it greatly move. Partly that we Iguchi a commercial comeback won't speak with merit. If you have a question nailed a great on the call and ask your question lockyer notion that numbers on the Euro war. 2601870. What you consider it section 87 utility will consult your tax right after the sprinkled replica that's what I'll go to war. Back in the shadows of strictly on line and speak with the. Berry and Mary good Mormon. Or are you pop. Want to pull out now to. But nineteen to Asia and how to correct. And I renovated and I put a new high efficiency air conditioner and a war it was the old. Ductwork and just heater no air conditioning and of course there's no inflation in the attic either. And I was wondering. I lashed. The actually bit the attic insulated and wondering. OK and leave it that way. I really didn't wanna put in the contractor wanted to put him at the cell installations are Atlanta helps but it ends. And and it really didn't do that and it seemed like the only other options are bad. And probably bet that at a chilly Arctic yet you accurate did you say yeah. It's not a gable there at that group. Sent a smaller older oral side yeah Gulfport side into town you know I think it's you know right. On the outer. And it wondering if Iran and any problems leading insulated or there's some options. Have you been somewhere yeah one of these conditions or just freeze. Yeah. It is where is it toward the end of summer in. That was credit and the guys are still working in their shadow they really didn't running very much ideally and it running. Try a little while after the guys. Finished out and and we had a couple other issues like on the that we had to take care of that anyway. I would wondering what the best thing to do it's dramatic. What she would keep your house said analyst summit typical me rail. 68. That night and usually. Bumper that seventies in the day. The implications and not having inflation at this yeah. Critically with patty bird Lowe could truth like you describe. In it as a dork Armenian college Ingle is to receive these huge amount of greedy heat from the sun. That Alec has to be hard. The knowledge he could come into your home. The of the un insulated sealant. So you can have all parts aren't. Cheap about how culpable. And not held. What stroke problems. You have sort of keep Nicole and the second part of that problem is preventing which problem because you recessed can lights in and yes and connection and some communication between me. A hot attic chemicals right below watching keep your home below simply Q breweries which sent night on 68. You're below the outside viewpoint and some of the cold sources there reached a point in the aggregate debt and getting it where it is. So in and that treatment would insulation you have in that attitude would you not or or the past it's still gonna happen. And so. Here here's what I would suggest you do at first when X is one crucial question. When they. Yeah and the equipment as you said you installed the a new high tension there are different system. The big side there's the capacity the carnage. Or having civil. Elation or not. They they indicated it was for installation. Look at that they tried at bat it's gonna say it's about. It's a one story about probably allergic 15100 square feet and that. I believe it is safe wanna say it's a short term I remember right. Strain now and Katrina can't remember. So I think your first question about your connection. The installer and have Kate wouldn't we all value insulation in the ceiling did you calculate. When you'd determine which size equipment and need that could be your first question accurate. Because no matter what can use of the Arctic could it in order back in the so right design has a much would you often have. Sir your your goal. You went or she'll almost as candlelight and assuming arbitration in the copy and urged him to make sure you got attic revelation the outer perimeter. Some proper that. And then you went ahead and you best that could be having those sorts probably actively. It's like as soon as it was a little. You can do so you'll probably the chronicle work well opera on requests that you can about it. They air at the clock drums are okay but keep it in the world right.