The Home Improvement Show - Hour 2

Paul Lagrange helps callers with ductwork and Chinese drywall.


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Welcome to the second hour of the home through and show we are on between now and 12 o'clock talking home improvement repairs. Comfort in the efficiency indoor air quality. And on and on and on if you question. About means there is a great time to keep on modest of course and lot. Bottle for 2601 point 7%. Attacks at age 7870. When we go to phone lines and then in the after the phone call with Paul a whole start addressing some attacks so as to the phones first tape all good morning. Welcome to the show are gonna help. How good on that pop. And a new air conditioning system put into the house. Com and the air conditioner guy he's you gotta come see this. And it showed me but travel about them that speak out about. What revelations that some. All of the 20 gosh market that that. No doubt it yet you corrected that sparked the vet the event itself the carriers they cooler. The doc supply doctor Cox development experience amount. Annually show via the eighties it took a picture. Pan and it felt. All open down. The camps are the nets shot. And he suggests that I would do it cleaned. And I accept that did damage that dull we don't now. Import and I would pick. It did it did that type or. NN news that he didn't really. I was wondered if you have be on a clean and that. The census. So little let me get your question Paul when you're looking at the supply don't work out in the attic. Was its flexible Darko was at its stock market it's a cute story. And it summit down status. And it's written duck. He's rich dark. And so sometimes. Not always. Sometimes it's docked at the sides in the shape in its location can be cleaned. And beans out of the dot meekly. However flex the can never be clean because it now what price vacuums in Portland but. All the way to know than section it's at your house look at us that there are equipment. All the trip a pity she opened one little event itself. And you know he sucked Cameron and took a picture and bigotry of filthy. I'll. Here here's the thing about additional thing about the work he'd get dirty for a reason he got the tip of the buildup for numbered reasons one brought. You may have doc leakage. Hopkins at their forty Connecticut that duct leakage resolve those top leagues that we as a result is that not. Thirty here. Or and it could be a combination votes you can change your return air field often enough. In the in the particular build outlook on passed through return air filter in eating contaminated in two year dispute and says the video stream. Okay I'm out on a on spam that pop like a war on efficiency. Until the pomp my. Duties and no one. Answer so let me you know. I need to go to web sites Paul's house dot com Paul's house dot com. Is that why you on that what's at the very top it's to each step she choose your region. You know north source offshore. Mexico goes where the York. And then after you select your region you can select the type of service the type of professional looking for. In the service you want it pours in to work here quality. In pure quality when you don't care. You can find I any key services. Accusers and the clean. I'm now I thank you are. Eight Hughes. Look at that stood out at at condition mentally now. It was very early explained to me that detonated became as it was stupid and sending it they they. He knows about is that they know in the professions as a point that tan man may have a large back in the so slow. The pair. Yes but you also want to run a car through there were a camera and have them usually verified that every all the particulates have been removed. Associate there are any reaches any any. Damaged there's a dock work and they are in a Unita could those dressed as well. Paula you got to solve the dock clinics. And you due also to make sure you'd change your filter oracle mrs. And if if you're kidding. But Chris is people talk Camille Tom about that change must feel to once every three months possessed with a package says about biases. Good for three months flow that's that good for three months and our climate and the reason for it. It's because ten months out of the year were operating recognition system and it's and it he really should be Gorham by the number. Hours of operation. Not the duration of days that the on. Because we. Do in the summer I changed my pre filter. Probably once every three weeks. Two in the summer and outdoor in the winter and in the spring that's often because of the long run proper recognition systems. Yeah on the same time to think about it to cap. And the large mop of hair that's collected Omnia. Two there's there's enormous argued with and change and at that retreat or. Has it but the majority of the dirt came man. When we train. And that they are workmen operated. At eight scene. Without. And then area and Kuo. A law where the air and it gives. So it's quite possible user and but so okay pocket that's all I'll pop. And RAQ. So are so it's. You could be looked and it's type of service you'd be looking and indoor air quality. So like that have. Underneath his BIQ services the name of the company for cleaning work thank. You are welcome good luck Pritchett the phone call. All right if you have a question now is a great time Q on line and escape its 50426. Or one point seven. Seven Texas a 77 we go to a quick commercial break come back almost not interning some of your text so it'll go to where. Will return route quit welcome back to the home prudential took a look at some you're text. Here's what's his. Canon older Mercury a seat thermostat with wires be converted to me Newark. You took her that requires six ours. Does new worried you run from the arms that unit can be converted enough away. I'm not aware that the burden of what you have to either replace all the wires. Two into an outdoor equipment or at least at a fair use your original four with a pair of two new ways to your tools six. I'm not for me with anyway you've got to convert it. Take for wars and bring it up to six amateur. That's even possible. That the Texas which upper class is best for shower doors. It's going to be tempered glass so it if your. And it's it's obviously single class that's tepper says it's the only thing that's allow people like mark who'd. So you can use work shop worn closures are actually in the window and year. In a bathtub or shower cast beats pepper. Another Texas would stay in the product that kills bolt. Well she wouldn't actually head over to Paul cells that com. And go to our blog postings we did about a block those things in the previous year will be the flooding in both march and artist. And were meeting bowl details how to address the indoor air quality for those house flooded you can use those same products in the same link it's. To the rubber products that are in those blog postings so it can include two. Home go to Paul's house that com couldn't blog and which at the blood can search for flooded homes normal. You echo those articles pop though. Right now the text. Says Pollack had a couple of clean my flex their ducks is that possible to ruin them and eat now. Yes it is possible that you cannot queens flexible air ducts are effective with the previous call home. We were to talk about that is is that with even with Richard talks to open the size and shape and location. Human polls of the clean those deftly it clean. Flexible talks with brushes and vacuum in Greece it. Is because the the killer the inner Mahler jacket with the air who's. It's not that dock workers very fragile so putting in Russia's. And that keeps us at risk of Terry repeating. And then also flexed books rudely or not installed such a manner. They're even rich enough to allow the brush to go through and out in order to make it work. And in sometimes depending on fox talks stalled. It's it's not always a straight line between point eight point B in in gentle transition servers sharp edges and transitions in the kind of sneaky. Which is not the way to install flexed but this year quite often so if by a flexible that I definitely would not keep them clean. And the week entails actually you have to inspect them conceive that inner. Collared jacket is more ripper has little panels that sometimes it's it's hard to tell. You're stuck with its test to its appeals to news if you. Where are someone to come Mitch you're darkly in your your ducts as the year's feast system. You can try and determine if you don't promote a quick or not so hopefully. That helped our Libby keep to use some of your phone calls. Next call is he'll make him good morning welcome to show our help you. Good morning called my house about three years old when they install air condition unit. They put these they did not come jailed jurors where that metal great goes that you normally would and older house they put so buried it filters right at the unit itself. And told me I don't need to have filters were the great or. Just using Israel they feel are that you have to opens up. Probably about a six months because they're they're they're several inches that. Were they correct or do I really need a culture great. So let's say I have my frustrations system detects the airport particulates in my home I have a pre filter and I have any media filter. My pre filter is the one that sticks filter that's not that great that you described. And in the media filters debate six filter that's near. Close to locate what my indoor equipment. So my pre filters designed to catch all the big stuff in fact the previous caller Paul was saying he's got cash so describe the pre filters to catch all book. The particular build up that's the big stuff you know. Cat hair dark haired little kids things like that. And the media filters designed and and to catch a smaller. Size particulates floating in the year so pretty filters on tickets to that stuff to be took his designs it's the small particulates. And with that does it in the improves. Indoor air quality people want to endure multi there's a lot more to it than just filtering the air to catch. Airport particulates. That's just like almost nothing to collect a three legged stool that's as one of the legs of the stool the other two legs would be sanitize in the air. And also control relative humidity in their their other components to go. So. We. That media filtered those to be changed once every six months. I hear all the time hey do you have a media filter. Like your your your guys that Kim you don't need a pre filter. Well that's not necessarily true you really should every pre filter in immediate filter. Bill. That being said. If you're. Air intake that. That grill let register that that you talk about if it's too small and you put a pre filter unit in May be too restrictive for your recognition system. That is a probability that that happens is a lot of times Kim I see where returner in takes on air condition systems. On decides it's actually very common design flaw. So if that's the case then. You really can't put any pre cooked or if you use a pre filter you have to be one of those like the old fashioned blue fiberglass filters that really don't do a lot of good. His sketches or read review the stuff but you definitely probably connect usability the he pleated filter. And in that creek and that's location. And let's decide try to decipher it that you could use immediate so I'm sorry pleated filter at the pre filter location. Some make sense. Yet should thank you very much target only appearance. Or that. All the people at all. What notes does your parents it is now public his. Why you'd want to have for China and for part of it now single story house. And I have to turn for the master bedroom in Guardia Tibetans. So I have two different area in connection produce systems. We can't keep him as you can actually go to your favorite Internet search engine and talk about this putting in. Calculation for properly sized or tactics and that may keep you equation on determining how much. Area a speech he put it Portman and it sentences. At. The bullet let me give you differences the formula I use so you know like for instance I've let's say what you returner takes was when he pitches but when he pitches so what they want me. Announced when he on east. That tells me that that one units but one unions returner and take. Would provide a budget freeze query issues problems and provide a hundred. For Nader CFM systems though. A time when typically provides a pile for Seagram's. In this case this would be a twentieth but when he will be saws properly for ten on their conditions system. So that kind of you uniter too close in the ball park if you don't blow on the use my equity in the kitchen it's close. So ports on your fourth and system lose 16100 C opens and there you got to figure out your accommodation. Oh returner tape for 16100 seat and therefore work properly democratic go against the clock wouldn't go to CBS news update. I'll right now and also local news were not names come back. Look at the action what you questions here on the home front so will be right back welcome back to them home from and so we'll school's strict on lines and speak with Larry. Hey Larry good morning thanks hold on. Now I don't all. Wonderful I'm accurate to I recently purchased for house and we suspect Chinese drywall you have any recommendation. Or Mexico. One suspects on the Astro to lose some simple well I don't I don't see it well what likes to one that she smelled and odor in the house. Somebody out there it's. On tainted like. Back Roscoe. I looked at all apple answered and narrow profit no lack but. Pretty much condense it and it was it was modeled after the stall. As one of Marmara and these. Okay so Lar wood first vote would you have done this would I would have done if you call me at Saint Paul which come to my house to throw all the things that I've done in the past. His idea pulled out outlets and switches and a variety of locations. A looked on the bare copper. Why are or terminals and and see if the Koppel was on restorers would be color. Inspector recognition equipment. Do the same thing for them their copper. Would also booked into your electrical service panel in look at the pair copper and chip for that. How would also try and get into the attic removed ceiling insulation. And funny stale worn. The addicts side of the drywall NC who manufactured game where that product was manufactured the scene was even one vote. The that the manufacturers that were were having problems with Chinese drywall. Now there's no guarantee that it's just. Charlie Strong loan ceiling you can have had the right stuff on the scene and it was being US that was a contaminated. In on the walls or even. Porsche the walls is the lower portion wall. You can attach any trouble but somewhere somehow between electronics. Appliances. They are copper electrical they're competent air commissions system. Spain. That's what you can do all the while visual checks you know OK if you want you can also take samples. You can take samples on you walls and you can send those off the laboratory. In a contestant that's it's really your only other. You know step you can do seem fair fight if you. Chinese strong in that can be done not done before. He gets a little expensive in the annual peach tree right away but this takes weeks to actually keep that pushed. Okay and that question if if we did it. We did testing and it is it is Chinese drywall to act appear in tackles now. It happens. Because every situations different off their customers that they did not optic customers that did. Customers that just removed the part of the walls that were Turkish role parts that were not. It if you knew woes if you owned the home before flooding or before Katrina. And you and you knew with the repairs were easy to identify which you are removed and which he Rocco replaced. If you're buying your second third Tom owners sense that. You're guessing what insulation and she rocket replace them with didn't. I was so there are there actually are systems that acts I've read about. That have come in every media re mediate the softer with everything in place. Amateur those folks are stole. Viable and still in the arts do that if they are new to contact for that if that something you want to investigate. Our fact you can you can go to normally pro and speak with Doug Hoffman a vote that so to go to Paul's house dot com. At least lecture region in the special for you look cool beat indoor air quality. Normally pro and the dumbest name there's Joseph Kaufman. If he can advise you on that as well it dot can also inspect for Chinese crow he's he's our. I. Well welcome note thank you I'll work south we hope you don't have that hope that something else. Because that they'll be allowed. LB cutie Kutcher home and start fresh from the left gold plumbing in air condition appliances. That can get quite expensive. So hope that works Wheeler thank you for calling in good luck with some we could go to commercial break if you have a home prudent question. Give us a call with loved to talk unit numbers fob 04. 260187. Semi tech's at 877. It would be right back after those folks welcome back to the home from so people questioned give us a call I would love to talk to you the numbers I was zero for. 2601870. If you can call you wanna send text it is indeed that 87870. Speaking of which would mean look at a few of your texts. Here's a Texas Paul I applaud. Or he went to unit in my garage what do you think happened. Port if you're sending fewer text in the picture right here see the picture. In your text is in complete so pointed it that you please. Simulate the text explained it differently or you're sent to be me a picture probably assumed it was actually militantly. My email address will be Paul act LaGrange consulting dot com. That's Paul at LaGrange points L com and agreed to spelled LA GR. A G eat. Or if you cause a loan from the volume was a grouch Paula McGraw is consulting their column so depend language yet. Here's how you say it but dispelled essentially the hum. And it's action that's it's just let me let me say this that I knew there are westerners that are work and we're dropping indicate called you can certainly can't excuse you're driving. Any time during the week if you have questions as you can actually post them on our FaceBook site that's Paul's styles. FaceBook site. Or you can email your questions though you use quickly said Kent. I'm not always in the office in fact very rarely am in the office amid the field to entrance inspections that. You know a lot of different places that are whether it's in Dutch Rourke. Or commercial or residential. Identifying. A lot of questions we hear here in the shows they you know whats the cause of this and what the solutions and who should I use. So weak we offer those type of inspections. What are called a forensic inspection. We come to your your home please that this has helped you identify. So we were building science or you don't performance comfort issues. In house to keep these solutions twos so. If you if you hit it to you called me when Saturday's 'cause I know where roaming on Saturdays from ten to twelve. Did you wanna email me your question by all means please do that. Or if you want a post on FaceBook site. It is certainly viewed that as well if you have not been to Paul's house expert site let me take a cute there. Please don't go to FaceBook and put in Paul cells because it's gonna navigate you to a different site. Easiest way to locate our FaceBook page for Paul Silas is actually good pro our website it's Paul's howls dot com. And at the top ranking inside click on the FaceBook icon. And he would automatically navigate sheet view that site and you can see all the questions all the things we've posted. You know we post probably three to five times a week. How hoped hoped would propose and things easier value. It's it's and you can certainly read those and you push questions or two and no issue questions or were you can send me an email the nice thing about sending email is that you can actually attached photographs. Which is always great because. It's easy just to. To tax NC photographs and seeks that when you talk about his supposed to be simple tasks. It's it's in the Celek them catch on the phone can Escude and clarify questions like Q when you calling on on the radio and certainly. Penske those corporate questions that I love helping folks and who listened with the purpose of the show we we've been doing this since you know real Katrina and we're here team. Help you make some better choices which relating to. Indoor quality and energy savings in their condition does and in hold repairs. And so by all means please what is it that that's why. We cue the show and much circus that earlier this news is one of the highlights Moby and a relief to basements and Tom if you guys in here talking home improvement. So all right so their there's boss soapbox on the get off of it. Let me go to a commercial break if you have a question. That you would like to ask the numbers fumbled four to six when it suddenly. Who were right back after this welcome back to the humble roots improvement show here on them don't you know meant this kind of wraps up the universe show it'll actually have Tom to a do anything else in reference to a phone calls. Suspected attacks and don't try and do that. And here's what it says if they knew fluid Joyce is only joint. Because of funny it's just an existing Demps foot Joyce for a toll. This is the last what causes this to last long boy. OK so there there are some technical says during the exit taking full I knew what Joyce and you attach it to the side the of an existing floor joist and you extend it out in both directions past. Where we're at the load is within the news or the structural. Wages in this case and it sounds like you know route to pull it. And that certainly acceptable. Because you're you're actually or spreading the load. Cross with the new choice as well as the old joist and you're standing. And you know there are a lot of times you may go five to six feet. In in both directions away form where that the old Joyce has damaged and you would secure that with. You know with nails so certainly that the number nails if you would include. One Joyce together you can certainly view that you can at some integrity there you would like to keep me this is string Joyce would like to be the same height. So if it's a Cuba twelve what choice the oldest to a twelve you're like putting he knew when to be 222 but twelve as well. If you could expand that. Then you can leave little choice there in there and really worry about it it certainly would strokes would support that. If it happens to be underneath a seam of the a piece of plywood. And joints then you certain security and that would work as well you can always do two sisters and you can put. You can have the original choice in the Saturn symmetry with one Joyce from. Two to make a sandwich out of it and you can sister with both tours you connect to run. Led bulls are two or if you wanna go with bright people with watchers. But you can certainly do that washes and not a concern we've Uga so you do have Los up options in reference to. Addressing. You know that old Joyce that's damaged with the new clothes horse in that same or similar structural integrity. So hopefully that that helps. Let that we not or necks out and that set him with the saint strips so when knocking at the all the prevention except the so in the meat on the few questions you can actually pose those questions. And our FaceBook site Paul's house those folks I work you can send me a email and I'll open championship questions via email my email address if you missed the few moments ago is Paul at LaGrange consulting. That's Paula La Grange consulting that come to agree to spelled LAQ are. ANG it's LE GR a NTE. As send me your email and I'll be happy to correspond. Email with you as well. It's it's always a pleasure and I don't know every Saturday. Unfortunately let go and excited but you know what the saints' draft as pretty exciting so. That's always a good time as wells you can tune in to that. And send your questions on our FaceBook site. Paul Silas. It levee if you again asking you to shall and tell you what it's all about pulse pulse that com is a web site that I put together sometime back that's designed. Two free use the list or it's free to everybody in the region. The listeners of you're looking to you connect with a local professional. Who works on traits and home home improvements. Or he retail outlet or a center that sells the products home improvements. That there. Populated on Paul's house site based on region based on expertise. So. That that's why it's there scope also stuck com putting your region putting your need for fresh tree looking for and you see the folks are recommend. You know I'm not always the office is the question who recommend to this who recommend that that. That's the purpose Paul cells that come if you're professional you would give listed on apostles site. You can go to our website and you can register that way as well our folks god bless have a great weekend.