Home Improvement Show - Hour 2

Paul talks with NOFD Cheif Tim McConnell and WWL-TV's Carl Arredondo 


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Welcome to the second hour of the home improvement show here on the delegates of any. And it's you know a wet injury in the very windy Saturday. You're just tinian and not realizing what's happening with the weather. Ball means somebody encourage you achieve stay on. Doctor bell we've been giving. Updates on the weather event ever so often in the first hour. We have frank prevent from the National Weather Service had give us an update them we expect in the morning again who later on this second hour as well give us update. And this week in the CBS news breaks in the end. Reduces this. He can weather warnings at that that's Ritalin which it. Is make sure it's yours you've taken this with a one seriously in this watches federal for our region's seriously. Because there's always possibility for. Beat each when guests a straight line from the storms that could cause and that it's. Or maybe some flash flooding so depressing news this stay inside picky prepared stay inside and don't code trotting in the streets and obviously news if if there is some flooding area please. You wanna make sure that we or our cautious about where you're driving particularly in summit the underpass is though passes are at risk. How would take what we have chief Tim McConnell that goes on with us as a guest as chief of the new laws part of completes welcome him. Chief Tim McConnell. I'm here to straighten out on them. What area could be traced to drag. You know we predict gas and it was the Butler services happened today run severe thunderstorm warning in jail under a tornado watch as of this morning. And Albion placed until at least 2 o'clock today. That the risk that these saints and asking people to you know inside the can do that property on the bridge chorus. It was wave of pocket restrictions on neutral ground it's not walks. But to you know instincts that the risk you faced today quality probably rate is damaging winds the gusts up to sixty mile while. The possibility of tornadoes and they'll come up pretty quick. Hail and flash flooding in here and won't know the rest of the plant flooding a whip people to please don't trotman standing water. Wanamaker upper spot on out. Put themselves at risk to trimester beaten you know they drop Asia original ruling on beat the water is and equity in the underpants is removed want and sent people out there restroom. I'm not prepared and monitoring the flooding and it is in in any areas blog to the barricades. In place a parakeet pre stage. In those areas that we note that unknown not be put problem. But which two to four inches of rain expected to buy area and and locally in in some areas the six inches recipe would heed warnings. Responsible parent quickly Larry. And the work which revealed by about 7 o'clock to nine intimidating disgusting inside and make she'd say well really hurt people who do. We do have our DOC at at a level to acknowledge or respond agencies and the other. Our key agencies. Such as certain ones would and not all of them all the work commitments. So chief is really the best advice is be prepared stay inside protect your your proper text your cars and this waited out. Absolutely absolutely don't put yourself at risk. Not written but that would obvious situation that but others pressed to come up rescue. Yet this is definitely not a time to go around driving in and and sightseeing stay inside out. Absolutely not this is particularly those with a brisk tornadoes and money into building we ST that. Two good comes the hate that it just what areas where this. Taken place right now under a rock band site. An inanimate tornado one of Vermont people that. If you have one remember just last year and at work and one hitting the wall and you go to an inferior Roman almost level of the structure. But anyway windows doors and outside walls. And test chief account the walls are department thank you for help protect our community does an awesome job thank you so much thank you share. Stay sese chief thank you so much. All right folks listen we've go to commercial break we'll come back. Who kept inching somewhere you questions like that architects review view protects someone is 8787 it would be right back after this. Welcome back to Tokyo in the home improvement show. We have a guess with this caller Redondo from the to do a TV local news station give us a weather update good morning crawl. We mourn her power. I wonder if we'll tell us about the storm where is hidden and and what can we expect from a. Okay what we're wondering tornado watch that watch is being chipped away at polite tribute of course east work. The main initial intent on the line is expanding into pearl river county. Just moving into southeastern intently error while ago. Oak harbor a accord between span and into war we payers now allies across the South Shore moving larger compares it would lead prayers and inexperienced outward into terrible payers so right now fortunately we don't have any severe thunderstorm or tornado warnings it does appear that he. Wrecked put severe weather now is going by the waste side as. The director of rainfall heavier rainfall is now. Bumped up the list so much of the area the lender urban what advised mutual want to change that means street flooding is possible with some heavier rainfall amounts that it may now turn into more of you know a possible you know floating object. In some are not everywhere but the video line continue to push eastward so. Fortunately the record you're weather is diminishing across. The majority the area with steel from the war and so outward toward just east Tacoma. From there eastward. You still have to watch the red may be additional severe thunderstorm warning. Right now again they're no warning across our area but we still have that threat from copy and think Tammy pairs in Judea Mississippi county. And then Amman Orleans I think the darker outward toward coastal areas are steadily directly to the weather but. Right now if heavier rain may be an issue. If we get them street flooding to direct the the next couple. All of ours. So crow let me ask you with they have the rink we also have some high winds still social and even though the franc as it moves through to the west and absurd yet the the west and sought a part listening audiences know about the winners of the still the concern for the. Those are heated. It is to the east have now from a prom I would say we read is that possible prompt pearl river county Cherokee county southeastern and Tammy payers. Orleans Saint Bernard Blackmon and lowered chip and lower Gucci and the lower terrible payers those the only area still would they win the race because the storms are still in that area pushing eastward. West of that area in May be just more rain in May be the issue so right now. The severe weather threats are beginning to diminish from west to east across our Aries there. It's looking a little bit better we haven't had too many reports of any tornado hit that one war on in the northeast are partly on Katrina fortunately. At that point we haven't heard any damage around McComb area because it was moving that direction we had to wind damage around that cruise along the line toward. On the other items they line pretend to go and watched in pairs but right now we have that too much. Reports of damage yet that we've seen are coming into. The station here I don't know you heard any more wind damage we have had that much so fortunately. We may be eaten at your weather and without much in the way of damaging winds are severe weather across our area. Well thank goodness because I was definitely concerned about the win and then of course the flooding understood to be aware watch for the flooding and and really at this at this point the best of vice. Relating to flash flooding is elevate your car protect property and staying inside. Our pursuit that doesn't. And don't right what are road you can't see the under. Yes great advice I appreciate you give us an update caller on notes that you so much and and be safe as they try in this weather. Are argued there. Thank you much are you folks. Let's go back to our home improvement show in the week said. Quite a few. Ricans with Russian news a special guest. Here that it will certainly make sure that we are keeping you abreast of what's happening with this weather event. I haven't had a chance look at any Texan Libby scroll through some of these Texan and start inching those questions if if you have a text question in my descending you can certainly an 87 he sent me. Or if you like caller that your question lives that phone number is 2601870. That see we have a couple Texans are relating to. Adequate ventilation. An addict then burns up instead of repairing or replacing the at a exhaust fan it would be better. To install the rich. Instead of replacement or should I do a where it would bird or some type of pass of venting. So if you have any power exhaust fans and it and it's quite comfortable as let's go voters thought the last in more than a few years they burn up quite often and has stopped working. I'm not a big fan of power exhaust fans in recent ports because. That that motor really crates more problems than it helps that he you know that the goals have proper ventilation. And we're and his were due to without relations its air that's entering into lower part of the attic. Like it deport ceilings are you patio ceilings and openings and sockets here at east inter at that location needs to go through yeah addict and be exhausted. And removes from the attic and hopefully it's taken some heat with it as it's removing near the top or near the ridge. And Atticus Austrians. Typically you know home. They they pray a lot of moisture problems is relates to a cool services reaching two point and those problems. So depending on the geometry your roof you've you've made a pimple have a long enough reach to to a Richmond. You may choose to new duty passive type exhaust acting like a winter or difficulty. You know world bird the church properly size. For sizing I think you know in the cheek at the right amount of air coming in the lower part. An exhausting near the reach it go to your your favorite Internet search engine and search for free attic ventilation calculator. And put in the geometry the premise is asking for the attic analyst calculator. You know tell you coming free square inches of inhalation need to properly but like an addict. And it it would help a lot in relation to try to lose some of that heat and that having those pressure problems with the ethics osment. I would rep packet to this mortal home crucial here on the negate seventy after his pre CBS news Brecht. Back to the home improvement show so glad and honored you're listening to a skier went up that Leo and is the show's been out of rubble today in reference to entrance and questions and also. And taking the opportunities to keep you up to date on this with you that so appreciate your patience. The ticket to greet and some of your text. Tennessee here's a first Texas. This is actually questioner in reference to you over first caller Gerry called earlier. And he had some issues with us. At home has been through the gut and and rebuilt and the question is would you think about products like oxidize used to help control voters and dust. Except for a installed in the AC air handler. An interest you dock work. This is items. Mrs. Adams I'd love indoor air quality. Improvements that we can make and when we talk later called for a few different things first bowl we wanted to control the temperature. And also the relative humidity. And and sometimes it's done with they supplemental do you bit afar. And sometimes it's controlling the relative humidity of the moisture content is done with your condition system. Depending on rent an and also filtering they're getting there he could filter or pre filter and also a media filter through to cast particulates. In the years great. And you you mentioned oxen dollars ox doses you know. About the multi cluster are announcers are and other technology that really like to help control with. Improving indoor air quality with voters and in dosages in you know off gassing of the season the sanitizing the year. So if you're looking for some information on what products to use C sanitize the air. Then by all means I'm gonna connect sheet view on Paul's house dot com. Than you can muted you can put in your region and then entered the type of service professional. Ortiz like indoor air quality you see that we know. Some folks there that work will column. Improvements. Indoor air quality in Peachtree City and you can find it at that look like forced her first one is normally pro. In in Nome pro management. They they help identify solutions war. Improving addressing indoor air quality challenges. And like that the next entry into the into our quality category and Paul's house is Burkhardt. Any air conditioning heating and there are also committed to you. Resulting in helping you with indoor air quality and ease. As well so great text good question. A lot of good technology that's available to us that we certainly. Improve our indoor quality. And he hears about text in the distance related at commission as well when it goes back to a previous question about in some from gentility Michael's calling it. And he was asked about replacing just the outside can answer the outside compressor. And here's the Texas when they changed existing in dancer from the 22 for urgent for the portend a you sing you can keep your indoor pool in the Atticus holes to flush lines and changed the file when he entered unit. Most times the answer is yes she can power this and caveats to that. And if you do to keep your indoor proper recording and make sure that Cole has been pressure tested to a hard enough level. To operate with the new friction is in new Pritchard the Forte reporter operates. At a much higher pressure so and he's actually have a tag and stamp on it saying it's been tested for that increase pressure. If you've flushed out and he changed the unit that evaporated bowel. I don't turn the expansion bow toward the the pistons at the new technology. And then he should do to keep your indoor evaporate accord into a hole. Presumably doesn't have any leaks and presuming that it's it's also a maxed system but in indoor and outdoor systems again they're public so there's a few different. Caveats to that and reference you can maintain it in the best person to answer those questions. Will it be you're licensed trained each speculative relief shipments and and if you don't have a relationship with any of those folks and you look for someone. You know utilize the website at Paul's house that Thomas was therefore is there for use the listener to find and connect you with local. Distances and in trades to make home improvements it sure that your house. All right Tom let's go to. A brief break welcome back pocket entering or your questions via text. And also a sea change is on hold and welcome to our questions right missed open where more the home provincial left him. Welcome back to the home improvement shows let's go to four months and speak with chains hey James good morning. Nokia today I am well you talk about the weather where York. You know it's better now. For superior order in Springfield but it's just kind of trouble Mel Chernoff. Yep still need to be cautious about it there's still some some watches we need to watch for for tomatoes and I went so even know you're you're on that side of the parish and it's a little bit better ormat massive bills will still need be aware that. Appreciate you give us a report how can we help pizza and. But whenever. Well we know and there are a little movement and equal. Home government on its current Katrina. And just replace. All of the scorers were the rubble watchers. Because they were incredible. My question is in some places it's its ruling. It's in middle and some of the saints star power in Kabul. They're. That would coatings what you can actually go where I guess my question arises. It got the direction we're going to expand like the war. Which just look at. Actually replacing. No listener I think. The battle is itself as indecent a remembers a room at the church well. So the roof itself is is certainly got some useful life left to it I'm glad that you replaced the masters and and also that the washes or go with that. Home. I think at this point of good options which you have a coating on top of it that would certainly DT thanks though to extend that though does it. The light for the roof also would. Allowed to have a equal route technology which you connect reflects the Rick he packed out. And I knew that you armies and best of improvements in reference to the air leakage in the and the installation and and the conference on the building. But if you can your first on defense is that metal roof and if you can reflect some heat back out into the atmosphere. With a reflective coating. That would keep Buick in and other at a benefit in addition to extending the life for the of the metal panel. A personal. So you can attest. Powerful the company that that this approach struck out on it folks c'mon take a look at it. When you say struck out meet meaning that job is too small for them or what what's what's happening. Noticed that actually identifying accompanied. By called. Problematical what or a different direction on about what can't go at or call. That would. Yeah I can definitely help you connect you with somebody who offers a service that's not a problem. I'll put out asking changes it's either send me an email or call me at the office on Monday. And apartment that happened for. Are. There. So it's great thank you for calling have a great weekend and I'm glad the weather is getting better in Springfield that means it's gonna come stick it better for me here in covent in real soon so are fortunate that port. You do the same thank you for calling. Our right to go to a commercial brick welcome back I'll start incidence of more attacks though. We're pop the one that shows you gotta another text that the and he can pressing question as good Thompson and 87870. In the meantime I'll start inching the tax questions we are out so will the red practice don't go anywhere. Home improvement show will be read a couple more these text column. This was enough time to beat everybody's homes are and to viewers it. In the in the event that ticket you're Texan it's depressing question bombing sent me an email. Appalled at the greens consulting arm and open championship that way we can actually coach a question and Paul's house Facebook's site. Here's a follow tax this is in reference to the attic ventilation. Text that read a few moments ago. It's asking what's the search engine against the Vatican relations in the Europe your favorite. Search and does matter does it in the descriptions you in your search putting free at a ventilation calculator. Free at a coalition calculator and the you have put in. As a premise of archer your your attic and roof and it will tell you how many free square inches. Oath at a federally and you need and that's titillation below par data coming in. As well as the opera port near the ridge where the segment where it's exhausting out you need to use free square inches me when Odyssey free square inches. Meaning it's not obstructed by screening or metal grids or events or anything like that it's it's open for you unobstructed. Is the freeze courts as they are referring to are no other tax analysts see. Paula have a piece of flat work that has not cracked but when how settled the pulled away. About two inches is this something BCG effects are actually peace UT can definitely fix that. You know have them give them call. And have a month took a look at the new fuel price. It's really neat with a company can do in reference to injecting. Foam and in the flat work in union back a certain levels of giving it. Pitched so it's rated away from a building or beating to different pieces of flat work where walker you drop was lower sophomore slower than the other. He even thinks so that's amazed with the do fact. I see that technology used all over the place. It as well as and you wouldn't think of but it works well they use at the airport quite often and even on the runways with airplanes committed to beat each of the plane in the fortunately it would withstand the but it does. So yet give the folks at pizza EG services call. And have them come look at your footwork and he would put the candy were you. Cecil more texts. Right here is a good one when it's relating to you and the elation there's saint do indeed they have. A pit to attic when I have spray foam insulation. In miniatures know if you wanna go one way or the other either one attic that is very well ventilated. Meaning it's here airs coming in in critical part of the attic and exhaust near the top. Much like we describe a few moments ago as worries in the preakness at Croatian text. Or you wanna have a completely on but it addict insulated with face greater thing foam and that and that that really creates a semi in his space. That attic space that attic now becomes part of your building livings pictures you're living envelope so to speak. Where it's controlled with both moisture and temperature. And you don't wanna have any penalties under the scenarios because. They at a will be cooler propose that the spray formed solely because in sudden affecting. If you get outside that elation you bring in moisture in those schools surfaces within that that attic space. Would reach two point condense really quick release in fact. There's a lot of friends investigations that I do but we kind of here in the office would describe as they failed foam job. Where the foam insulation that there was this all wasn't installed in the airtight manner. It wasn't complete it was a continuous. And it lets in the outside moisture in the energy. And that's when the you know your attention to work your proper coal. Sometimes rhesus candlelight sometimes exhausting eons in anything coal in their attic is could reach two points could sway. It's gonna condense in him what's he gets wet and stays within you start having all the problems they're related to enter quality problems or organic growth like bull growth of or Fung guy and that you have staining campaigning in when installations. Musty smells a deal with and all of them because all of this was batters they try and that deal with these washed problems. Speaking to stay dry. I'll work Archie police stay safe stay alert to dub video. And they will keep you in touch with the latest cautions and watches and warnings so stay tuned for the way the latest weather. I'll talk yelled next Saturday. Hear more on proved so at 10 o'clock. God bless and have a great day and stay dry be safe check of some family members picture there okay.