Home Improvement Show - Hour 2

Paul Lagrange helps callers with humidity, moisture, and remodelling issues.

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Welcome back to the second hour the home from choke let's go straight to phone lines and speaker Jim Jim thank you voted on good morning. How can help you today. Yes. There are which called their. Blair cute aren't accurate but it is not orchard Rick. He served block windows yes yeah yeah yeah on yeah. Unum out of the frame or a regular. L. You know in their maker. The current ma. Yeah or pick it. Okay music glass or plastic. Parts. Their glass okay get to hear oh okay all right. So. These are put in almost like individually like late brick are there actually put in place with that with a grunt is their imprisonment of growth between each one in the glass block that correct yeah. Okay so. You almost what it takes. You almost gonna have to remove that mortar between each one album in order to carefully without hopefully operational mess it up. Use like a travel pool in use a small cuts on the drama tool and cut routing chip. And cut out the ground between it and slot that that block lose its could take some effort in some care as you can't get to progress with the did you group. Cracked the block. And I got out about oh. You know it. Polo is there. And I argued that it would work where I could put a nice day I have one of them thought. There within our pay. What. You know cutting weight on and and and go up this. Yeah gave the martyr out art art Arafat who. I think I would start with a troubled Jim because I think that it's that. That's solid that you talk Muslim TV too much vibration too much movement because the length of the stroke. Couldn't presume these blocks away at four inches thick sixers they ought. To. OK so that's to be a lot of stroke that Blake on back and forth. In in athletes give two was our operation you can do more damage than they need. That you would be away. So does that then yeah I know more water on the outside of the epidemic motor in that. Does this mark all rights group. Depends on how was installed a lot of times they don't. Tom but it it depends on how's installed sometimes it do it to like at that. But the very top as one course goes on top the other but between the sides the Richard usually is no quick. Begins is depends how installed you could. It's certainly good. Okay now and it is editor. Art and these are not when there are expected they will follow up. In the fall there called the corner of a border and they are. He got it and I looked at my office on top or Hewitt now there are certain that thank you have a good day. I have its interest in question haven't had that when you before our let's go to our next caller in speak with Patrick K Patrick good morning penciled in on. More. Wow. I quit has a particular. Earlier I think uncle. Or you know what outboard. Yeah and it. Campbell home. Years and views. All the inspectors but even. And and about thirty years. The book over actors. 000. We beat these. Individual contractors that there. You know. Check like that. Check out the moment that the or more. Better watch. Out so we count out. Well. In short the futures yes and and I Abaxis that is on the show before it is if you have a specific concern. About plumbing or elect gore trucks what you went higher and expertise whose license insured in that field. And have a look at that house. You know the home Specter really looking at a very general brought brought solar cross. It they can't be experts and license in the in every field. It deals with destruction. As so if you haven't spent a unique concern. Orgy of a special policy using it looked at. I think eighteen approach of Al Harrington on the Specter. And then also aren't individual trades below him or her. Who is a good approach because. You know bigger look at electrical and plumbing and air condition in structural him stroke for questions or problems. Our corporate. Dessert you bet thank you have a good day. I wouldn't go to commercial break and come back John you'll be up next building up Giacomo right back to yet. If you have a question gives a call 260107. It would be right back after us. Welcome back to show that you heard the numbers. We got a couple spots available for you for colon and ask your questions to six 187. There's in the attacks that eats at me civic was go to follow wants to speak with John hey John good morning welcome to show which folded on. At my parents that in my. Yes. I got a quiet on my daughter's home. She's got Activision can't demand com the man. Adamantly agree on. Adding powering need a complete. Count that term. Okay well it depends on how older unit is John because if it's using the older tech people to refrigerate at 22 refrigerate. Stand in its I'm of the opinion it's it's if you have a leaky cool Dan or you got. Back compressor and obviously it's time to make that change to the new Frederick which is the fourth ten day. And when Bourque parent when you go to port today that means you're giving both indoor and outdoor equipment in some dump stock quirk just depends. In rounds to sourcing and air flow. What do you out of your rap command center. Well what brand you know program. I'll buy I I have carrier my house but listen I'll I'll like carrying train and alleged that blacks that there are good machines. They each manufactures sells different lines within their they're their group and went on same bed as they'll sell. Eight builders grade to a mid level to a high performance I'd fears that level. Oh you know she finds a manufacturer like a carrier unit the you know certainly she can go to different. Segments of price points with in that manufactures front somethings could fit our needs. Not a massive do you recommend everybody special to. Sheriff Julius Eric that's actually on Paul's als website. If you go to Paul's house dot com and select your region in select heating cooling professional you'll see the folks are commence how about a phone number. Mary never Uga on the road get their current information. Yeah I mean. You have a default. Cheer when you must vote it's Erica Oden on 85. 84514. 2148. Who won world yet if not stop April 21 or Ray. Allen and a lot. If no one inches the phone leave a message with the answering service and they'll call you back on Monday our partner pregnant. You bet thank you amber and today. You decide they Q. Right let's go to an X college speak with met he met good morning want to show. Well I don't think you are taking my call you may ask are and where. Op. Refresh slow. Start cleaning types. Cleaning water pipes water approach you have a replenish low end at some place. I think it's a largely unique. Solution in California subject uniforms estimate that make pretty water well backwards through the and out water rich or not do it's not like you are yet to catch what you like. At may be a great home guy could do it you know home do not mean. And reportage maple wanna go back which may land and by extension scales opt out I. And a lot and it makes. Globe he has an actual solution you can actually try to keep it entering puberty at age at which figures which are at all. And the point is that any. Period between me. And I. Wanna I wanna get that done because I'm a range my house. And it's going to be a couple of one clean my rights clean my energy. That I am not me with that. With that yellow urging with. Them and you know each. Digital. You know in his caucus RC unique solutions in the California. The actual deck caught come on look at. Just look oh look at that true. People do to. Watch in the pipe clean now the thing matching some different. Accent from around the country and different things. But I thought I had the opportunity to reject you 10 now your pars. I know millions of Americans out trash pit. With the approach or at least a couple of million users. So I was just sort of historical. Shop and I'd just add that you want so at all. And that's that the bomber I'm definitely go look it up because I'm curious to see. You know what technology and win methods are using in and see how effective is because there are lots of houses here. In the New Orleans region and have galvanized pipes that are. Restricted by the build up and he enters the fight's owed the. Machine you can look you'll both our people to look out because he has machine. That you could access and that it will be not in view from it would pay you a year that the but you be like I mean all the little things like all he could do it you know somebody who. Fortunate I am so he could do it guys it's about what I would prefer like to shop will be like child. And that sent it to think he bought this there's your remote control. And he makes the solution. Makes the waters apple want apple should open should now turn out to. Get into all things you know you're. Ambac and select a twenty minute that happened you'll you'll you'll enjoy it just. Now and haven't. An appropriation. Of the track you'll stroke were just. As many apps now. I don't know about that it. Up and vacuum that reciprocal caught that that's interesting I'm gonna look that up reverse. Well flow from. Or seen excellence is a California that would protect our listener Cuba question give us suppose I would love to hear from that number is Bob 04. 26 or 1870. Or since attacks that he 78 semi speaking of Tex the meet due to a few of them nail. Here's our next Texas has my mother's twenty year old Brooke slapped house. Has what appears to be mole grown on the walls that face outside. About three feet down there's no wheat polls. And is began last six votes and so no obvious root damage from. A no obvious water damage from the root for etc. Hookah well. Every brick veneer it's it is it is should help we polls at the bottom as the water is going through the brick. Going through mortar. And sweeps all the way down in where's Bob ball comes out so eyes suspect what's happening. Don't know why it's only shown up the last six months thus suspect that's happening is the bottom three feet. Of of that wall is becoming saturated. Home. Maybe to mom at some. I'm landscape irrigation and now it's getting wet. That the gutters you removed from her house and now splash him back up. Obviously something's changed in the house is twenty years old this only happened last few months. That there is something that it's it's really has changed. Put you should have some we polls as well. So yeah you know you probably deep into a little bit further. Because. Analysts that walls facing north it's facing north. You know that that could be discusses the north facing Orleans has grown bolt. Organic growth on it and that's certainly possible. But it's it's odd that it's his children. It's ugly face since last few months them. You know rescue funneled where's the water coming from. Your nation gutters which at least that is the root damage. But you'd follow what's what's up with that and you mean when investigate a boat. Helping. That Brooklyn near Walt we've but the bottom sometimes you control we polls sometimes is drooling we pull between the the bottom quarks each Brit is not enough. That's what's behind it is feel with mortar and as we vote. And may be that you you clean the picture of the wall. You let it dry you can entire thickness of the perk right in that you wanna prove on the outside departments from happening says so that they're they're you have some some options. Right next taxes what is the best sheeting to use cork street ceilings. In my instance front impact which ceilings and corporate suits. Well if I was the one he a porch cereal crop which ceiling. I would use these statements issues she's like a James Hardy. Cheating and you get those Ari with you know the coding Ari audit what you can province and yourself. There's there're there very long lasting and not rocked the typically aren't are not revoke you know check it split in oh. And they received me very well and so forth where there's first soffit. War room. For which you of course dealing. I mean this in the two sports bar relief. Good looking at long lasting you can beat him in smooth. Where you can actually keep them with Lee Greenwood green embossed in them that's what looks like would what's in it so you yeah quite a few options. And there are other manufacturers out there besides James Hardy team Tonys have Steve probably. That the older more popular well known. Manufactured that those that product. So. Yes I mean automatic south summit have them they show him have it on the soffit I'm having on sighting perhaps nodding. And also more ports ciller's discuss its long lasting termites don't like it holds paint well. It's the style for a little while so. That that stuff when Okafor. All right listen if you have a text that says attacks at 87 is seven left in turn gives a call. A 260187. Is still got another thirty minutes left to go here at home proved so Bob I see your whole don't go to we're coming right back the F that is. Welcome back to the home improvement show so glad and honored your listen to the big hit seventy today Ian. The public right here on the Oprah Show so well spent in my seventies with all. Let's go to phone lines and speak with Bob hey Bob good morning welcome to the Celtics on and on. Are you. Once in a can help you today. And ligament. Gored to. I. Unit. We oh ought that only caught it on. Don't know are out BP now that it that it got there and I'm not stay in. I'm just honored that they. Got nobody like or are they ought art call. So. Bob there's definitely in the sir in that so some things you need to investigate reference to your conditions system you you're wanna look for doc leakage. You will look inside your indoor equipment at the below motor in the of operative coal. In the during pain and you look and supplies in Saudia supply plenum. And also use plight don't work. And then finally when looked into with that metal PI boxes which is the air conditioned registry screwed up to. Prison just your registers at the facility grows at the ceiling so that that your entire air. Distributions system. And you know if if she's only coffee what their conditions operating. And you've you've attached that pattern of her reacting to the AC but obviously has something to do with their condition. Orthodox or core posts. So certainly. Depending on the aid to the dock work in the condition in which the manner was installed. It certainly could have some contamination in that system in the equipment or both. Probably though. You can be off right T of things that are hurt triggers. Or she's reacting to. You know there's. They're there is certainly some technology can do to help sanitize the air. I think if I wish you'd it was my three old daughter I'll get summit tomorrow home and I would do some air quality sampling smear testing. And also perhaps even some home. Some some take removals and into its surface testing as well even inside my dock work. Where it's all Americans could for certain the to try and pinpoint or narrow down your focus of what could be causing her to cough. You know that the best thing you can do for years is that budget to go to our website is Paul's house. Dot com what should there you can select a region where the stores were self aware of York. And the type of service you look at force indoor air quality. And and the very top companies shows up as no warming probe. That stone coffin I would give Doug a call in have him come to your home and explain. What's happening and let him pinpoint would summit because this may be in reference to the indoor air quality. Thank you so much. Mind boggling thing in the that I ever problem we where did you know we had those. Yeah object that. Yet certainly give him call him and he he could these bother can be something as opposed dust in it doesn't actually have to be mould. He could be dust that she's she's reacting to it and but those type things that. And and are called to specially contestant. And help you figure that out. Sounds like we lost Bob yep sounds like we lost them. All right. There what was its commercial brick and welcome back we'll speak with Patrick up next if your question. Give us a call 2601 point 78 cortex a 877 would be right back access. Welcome back to the home improvement show right before the commercial break we had a Bobbitt called him out is through daughter. Was coughing in relation to you when he condition was operating in. Couple folks of Texas I hate to elect got to go see doctor while you you you may have missed it but he brought historic to a doctor. Before they couldn't funny things so. Yes she's she's she news at they've broader medical care so. This by dimension does she was worried there. So the next things that don't historic in your suffering with this and then you call someone to complete some testing to the inside your house or quality testing. Some air samplings wells surface sampling to determine. You know. Trying narrowed down what's the triggers. It's causing numerous problems. Expert for a score so hopefully orca. Welcome to the good good thank you. Our man a a bit worried though having kids today in and out and actually called up but exterior paint but it went amid its open out. Pitcher brought up the Malibu repeat called about. What to do look at fun to house with a look at low where the temperature issue is one security record date. You know. Now suddenly it always give would be yield. Oh recording of your rights. It's no you mentioned it but I'll which recommended spec have been used house drops and don't get burned up one and and now a non issue is. Well when you look at the house think about whether you want to renovate Monday in the future of fire continued when you're at the stake that logo would be notebook from sort of wall low column that you just can't move. That's also decide the fact that. A home. And as well as Canada. No me all too great great things patched up for a pristine bring about the. Yeah yeah I'd been taken about it when one that brought to particular moment oh they've been. So doubles at that you've been open about so when you meet recruitment is not just say that it is the record there like when you sit well but it certainly did but they're out like this. In noddle like that and at that recent career people acts that make the decision because Russian jets. So prevalent argument music you know couple in the moment which you did it which when you though was Tibet wire. Right the cut so are his case cop copper would would be the better. The federal Waring now. I'm talk specifically for the the small ones they. That there are aluminum lines that are. Left school quarry that's large enough. Where it conducts load in the you don't have the problems that years ago used to hear hate you your house has little warrant the notes switches and and you know there's expansion and contraction problems and connectivity problems did you know. Though the more I'm relieved referring to is not that. But. Between you're your service meter in your. And your service panel. That there's global warring sometimes up seeing large a warrant for. Like eight to 223 vote circuit for like yours through your clothes dryer. Something like that but. It from me my preferences is Koppel warring for. You know that it that it did the twelfth at ten. Twelve and fourteen gate warring copper. Well and I at gitmo like sort of pep Topeka and respect that about which is there a lot of people do the real fortunate beer street didn't convert which can bring. Right with. Me it would go from the debate you know it. I like you guys don't. Not a good idea so up like that helps you know to be glued to tell people Micah but it so it didn't. Blow pretty question. So I did in. Is there. And raise my Activision and you know I do Activision thing with those steps sort of backed bill did them accountable right with a treat it will be one dollar. But I'm in the area about gaining beer. I don't know Russia did there paper that it does probably in saint deal foot exterior. But you know record as shockingly you know let me try to determine which. Is the best that our public one area from 98 chain known as on the deck in the back. Don't let me at a camp that with the. Cut so. For an excerpt product I like the tablet type products. CA BOT it's an yell I go looking can't. It's it's more sustained and it is paint although they beat the this the stains and I've used a lot of in an hour more width of a fan of a penetrating stain for a deck of wood deck or steps like at that podium a paint. Because. Eat this. He catches so much abuse their Patrick and in the in the sunlight in the rain in the dry and hot in the cold and yes and a penetrating staying with the finish on top of it is the week I would go if it was my house. Well it. Go to like a good department stores like Benjamin war they have products similar to that and entering stains of finished. Helping fight and that Jews double digit does it when it. Oh what you get from ought to home resources he Lotta harm local or restored army along open. It that promote a product like this I'm a Democrat. I can't get this one up by the year. It came away at it you'll call on where activity. What would come down through kind of praise on the terrorist follow them. Together. Our bats or represent America look their project. Richard how are procedure call and thanks for the feedback do well appearance look like much. Our folks we've go to commercial break when we come back we'll answer some more you questions Angelo Europe next on go to work right back after this. Welcome back welcome back welcome back says the last segment of the home proved so listen we can knock out some of the calls and text. The schools phones to speak with insulin taken morning. Or Paul. What it at all how's that and Jeter's side. Gupta Rob Long autumn of its plant housed in a copilot are not gonna fall outs are holes in the side. You know and it talked about change and third party you know all by each each Ehrlich of former north of baton. Just go on top of their party yet but a more barrier or. I don't know if Mort track and it would. Further wrought would not just try to product will be about where to put out ever move. Yes it's yeah actually you want to remove it you need to remove it in an empty result wise because as your if you just put the reverse board baton directly on top of your existing citing. You could have some witches who challenges like we do in the inside and outside corners we do is that. Is that the party board the first or Bowden but windows and doors if you practices that could be off. And it doesn't give the opportunity to do any flashing. Behind it for any potential leaks she may be occurring at the windows or any other ball penetration. We ought to mention you your QB trapping in that supersonic about it in yardage got some pride so you know we need you to make that worse as well. Infamous structure standpoint it's. Doesn't make a lot of sense. So I would and you don't want to but I'll take that existing seat Rauf. I would put it won't see them on it it's not fair but humid weather resistant barrier like it's high tech house trap public flash from a penetrations. And then how would you Margaret first what ban on top of that. Oh. You got no thank you. Are limited to a text this is text ties back in two previous call him earlier from Ed tech says we have a hundred year old home. With brick exterior over cinder block with a plaster enter. We're told to put up a base wallpaper over the plaster the copper cracks formed through the plastic insert that we've painted with the old base hate. About eight years ago the paper again lifting and attaching large sheets. And we had to remove the remove it and painting with latex lobbing tear debris. But concern but the darkest night draining war evaporating since the UB team is so much lower. In the excerpt of the group Cooper is on option to a route from the walls. Since they are continuous confuse them details are so this is very similar to a we stopped short speak with just ahead. And it was asked about putting this font you're paying meaning when he gets out of the house with what they opened Spain and now's my concern as well. It's an outside wish to the water vapors dropping inward because we're from outside in caused there it's out of our house is drier and cooler. In the outside environment. Ten months out the year at least ten months out of the year so that moisture work papers come through when he hit that wallpaper in that opening its paint. He did a while to calm through the plaster or she rock. And became saturated in the became elevated its warmth problems. So first farm collected you removed it in which a latex paint that's definitely the way to go you have anything to slow down that. That water vapor coming in Q what do you want it to come in to stop the air leaks you wanna stop the water leaks. If you want to you can actually take a product on the entry of the Brooklyn near. And you can for a protective from ball war such as they protocol frog skin you would clean the brick. You appoint any port mortar didn't need anymore and deported if if any in that you treat this who with Rio protocol fraught scanned. And that would help you would keep that inside of that plaster paper open like that what do people come through you may consider adding eighty humidifier to Europe home. That that would be a great plus to do to help make sure I'll list. Excerpt in the air archer walls or trying to stay dry. Our folks as always is Tom because by some as fast I'm not a Tom will be on next Saturday at 10 o'clock come talk to me and or go to Paul's house FaceBook site and send questions and then during the week god bless and have a great weekend.