Home Improvement Show - Hour 2

Paul talks moisture remediation, HVAC issues, and insulation in the garage this hour.

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Welcome to the mall. Your all the brigade that. Clip art art and she should go work on between now twelve. Just turn out as usual but. Excellent. We have a chance to talk about energy efficiency. Awkward. More here and performance issues related to building site for a mostly energy sure. You make of some high bills in mind. It would cut that thing those arms deal. On call born inside. That case it was a cold so it's epic will try to walk through it. My approaches you talk about human rights and be occurring. And also some solutions to prevent it from happening and do some risk of and also any of Jamaica that could relate to you call anymore. Hanging wallpaper. On the left and it's certainly all open discussion. Actually were arm would want old. People old. Ball would want to call them all old. Future numbers 26017. Is actually nobody old. So they'll be great on the calling it a few questions why you're on the show. Police deny that I am actually but in a panel on the buildings and opera and Jesus. He spoke. Protection. On. Yeah you maybe walk. Call numbers 2601 set. To meet when the show law and questioned. You Gucci arc is a site called house that looks. And that's what that go to our website all hell. Okay opera inside. You see it go Kart and click on it he went up HE GR FaceBook site. Push questioner. So you wait did you write. 6018. At UC EO of heated. My my offer and called audience so be patient give GO producer. On some great the patients from Obama that. That is in our go to commercial break home com. Ancient questions so law and on. Probably she viewed list and she'd be show mark your ball below you'll that turned on the borrowing it was true buy your vote. Will be back over. Welcome back to the hole and prudential Europe they eat and so glad. To either couple folks called in. So look what harper Collins Jolie looked like I'd call screen. What polite. I had Kenny Kirk collar that accurate. Alex. Alex good morning welcome you know. Apollo what you don't on a rainy Saturday. I am trying to stay dry but I'm really. At a well thank god I'm not run by it's a mutual. But I have a multifaceted question. Recently bought any in 1947 all the memory. It and installation is as you can imagine more so my jail long term goal is to. Strip the whole and replace me and insulation rapid. And put party board. The satellite wanna build the deck church. That the small attempt to wall but at the deck. Don't wanna take that siding that aluminum siding or other the F clap or that it. And and I'd do that process just to that wall. Do you think there is company that looked. Not straight home that small area. Or should I just basically we mentioned that no reasonable. So that they're probably spray on Clinton would do it however apple sink. 18 port. Because they could charge you. Almost as if it were spraying. Award portion post because the set up short so we are what college diploma cost because Turbo line. It's about great. A crew spent on arms crapping in dornin in leaving. Although you know there are today. Lucid days were the production caused by whatever else. Court records but that regular that inflation would work and he went to Portland one coaching on the first so what you hit that wall opened. Any crack in crane any any app would allow air to Luke you pocket. And you can greatly when your thing you ought to make her height. And I would look at all the ball good went as the top to bottom. The outside. Anything that little while mortgage or blue ticket airtight and they including Europe to tropical Latin. Installation. And you wanna put that in such a manner that did not pressing you what should. You wanna caught not should around all superstructure. Electrical plumbing you switches that everything you. You make a hole and floppy with no voice of compression. And it feels thing are so that kept their Cuba 46 cavity. And that would work real well excellence which start with the goal of naked airtight and you installed properly following tropical inflation. Actually not a bad approach. And then do you put how trapped on top of that. Yeah yeah I don't saw I would will be yup cheating did in opera in human clashed in the third or any. Penetrations that texture while she prepared any year war company. Bunker and then with the with the party board do you recommend getting their pre collar stuff order the part in it so. You know what a load the Coke products are long lasting. But it really depends on what you goals on which but look at the deport but it's a bit in the meat product like. OK well they're pretty cover that thank earnhardt's. It Alex's is dom. Urging party on their web site and be ready useful tool installed there. Enroute. And it talks about how to install it in the flashing and air sealing. Work's been a problem that website doubting it. When you install and in a dispute economic future in the incredible things you know I talk about. Okay. Excellent deal amendment article. I figure I should go thank you are right com. But go to our. Next caller. That we Michael good morning. It could Tokyo or not caller. Brought about. 40s45. Years old and air conditioning unit went out. And the problem. Will it hit inside you know. Lol at you that that we're at the problem is and might get your opinion on yes. Getting the components replace with you know the same type look upon that I now am. Verses the the new high efficiency air muted because. Erred when you go high commissions in a lot of the internal. They'll work in all all a lot of other things that be changed in the house and you go that route and it couldn't also. Let me know what the call ball would be open one time replacement Burton another type. Meaning you know I'd be right recent adverse. What I currently am. So. Mikey did you hear how does forty what it'll hold their engine system and our work at this image. All right let up. No. But he'd let them move out a bow. On home. I think I've been out about 25 years. And about may be. Years ago in at Procter Katrina about maybe fifteen years ago I'd he would have played. The inside out side you'd. Upbeat flat out about it. It worked. It did not really do enough. Who lit the that I need but it worked. To be out of old doc what Michael. All that the duct work is is that now that been in place. The it tumbled and without good. We only replaced who have been outside and in fact component. No no belt or had been done. Okay the duct work read each sheet metal docking Orton plucked out. Pat Patrick is that the advocate who select the. So whether you're replacing your indoor outdoor commitment to higher efficiency equipment gorgeous. You know lower efficiency. It's confident. If you moves redesigned report. Because oh as you're changing equipment in which changing static pressure air flow and technology. Most crimes Netflix stock you have is the wrong. It. Now I'm saying most and and on YouTube Sergio are so we're on to suggest you do. You are a local elections. Itchy feet below and com your home indeed what's called a Bad Religion and eat well. Nine DOJ he. And also. She can take it need from the heat load. And quick or it's all about you would be quick about. This being your own dock work in the proper sides. To deliver the error to each individual world around parts of pure outs. So that you need to make sure that like her but couldn't bet right and it may be reasoned and may be contributing. What is in years ago when he had the system installed it was a work in those you want it to work. So adopt just bomb and Erik is. You all well your conditions so humble option and also high efficient. That sensible option at that level. So. I would not low range efficiency equipment. If you have a record doc has been connected to you don't get the benefit of the and that it's paying premium dollars. Our high efficiency you gotta get duct system worked well let me let me use the analogy. If you. Replace. Your engine in your vehicle and you get the most. Fuel efficient in jeans and how you. And you get connected to an old raggedy piece of transmission that is slipping in and work well. We need not indeed deficiencies in any book as you transmission connect to the engine the stock options like you got yet. Oh yeah engine and transmission in the rest of the drop trying work well but at the local function what you intend and expect to work. The same approach when it comes to your conditions as. So if you're you're on a budget. Saying hey I can't afford a 2223. Here machine. But I can afford a fourteen year conditions and with the new docs from it and you do. And better air flowed installed airtight supportable ducks bottles. How much Robbie. That Michael then you get high efficiency indoor outdoor equipment usual exit from the dried out. It'd. You me with the upright in bed. On on I. Are him what would but it would call that replaced the up. It goto or Almonte and sort out. And which has. Three bedrooms and doubt that it considered the you know Putin and then. And then they're not up yet Michael on the it would give you pricing zone. I always Egyptian which huge. And appalled how dot com the web site also spectrum. Look under the region for the Sox or for the professional trade would be. Heating and cooling contractor. A record then have them conquer a technical journals and talk about would need to be done with the projector. OK I certainly appreciate. It and you got all that counts. Also that Communists are Uga. Okay thank you so much. Thank you Michael appreciated our look good to our next caller and speak with like Harry and Michael column more banks at all. More and yeah I've not experiencing a problem in rate eased out. We've been here about six years. Four area which is now living room had been brought to what supports it featured in true Olympic. It's. That four. On top of news so boring and it carpenter though race when I moved and it took the carpeting up and then I use salt and it'll like him. The snap then land. Just in the last month or so started noticed seen visible candidates seem like it would soft spot. In the fourth. So called on her knees and crawl space. And and have some areas that we're we saw theaters actually. Look like a mole like prop. Were buried. In Seoul. Basically what I did was kind of oh well I guess eight feet I have about it came at me. Well all of the product of that war. And they have like one Michael won a war. Edit and people running like that before into the for the deck or porch one time it and before they put the child and it looks like shall tech wars new airport which is greater corporate steps. Are nominated for the title on puppet. Damn war I lost. That's what Torre has lost the real strong. It's almost. How you break. The edit them that the K so. Oh what I don't. So are. Replaced well you should be treated lumber one by one of those again. Or back over at all. We treated plywood. It is still an area that is trying to determine whether it finished taken all the way out in. War by twenty feet. Ever summit due on the that your hundred dollar ago. My question is does what it's like get to the point were on it don't count. You know it looked at an analyst Hughes who kind of shall be. And what they've they've talked about it raced home where. You know the difference in the air conditioning in the EE EU. And wouldn't you know JJ so much more pictures that. Really try out. And it isn't just cause. A lot. What thing they talked about was UC age or foam insulation. Huge are that you immunity from from a site. In the air at 11 to have respect. To write a solid. What what your recommendation. I don't pick I would use our that you have your means that mortgage or compensation about it. And I don't know what in the land and on your increased the problem. Because they are used quite useful one year argue that the so they recommended to go between war. And the land it. Yeah which he had oh final layer toppled but. Has been layer our product in addition it was a more issue. Error beer you know I don't what that created more problems would be out moisture couldn't come into the house and unity and in and out. War now. I guess so like Obama wants his life would like you're on house maybe keep this from going through the rest. Thanks so that the Latin flooring in top form you have pop certainly. Contributing to the saturation it would an neat and have seen Decatur and in its report. I think your. Opinion that bird and the two would be. We were talking with her earlier. Age you eat it a draw. You kind of have to draw even in that left right now actually which would. Make repairs recruitment teacher or someone. Apartment or more accurate or egg in the art would that bars and Korean temporary. Quote all a great course you could plug the damn ground and couldn't and movers and even par and on adequate. When it slowly and could equal pay tweaks include execs weeks where we drop. I mean if we're comparable. Are so. Spot. The are you can follow in that election next ever study which to cheap product they recommend war. Want to straw. That will be eager to own didn't need a quote so call war here to agree on board. McNair aren't you want those both of them were actively. Goes O line and speak with Lee lately more. A moment ago. A couple of quick questions for you concerning new construction. Here on the North Shore. Waste lab. And we're in the process. Abuse builders now we've got to commuted one of them says he does not use the cable pensions system. The other student who wore it doesn't but he never had a failure. Using the old style why are page. What we're just wonder what your experience sir what you are about the difference in the two what advantages of the cable pensions system. Yes sir. So will leave it is in many years since in the building and track of other then my personal all the mark parents I'll the last nuke structural what they lose. Ehrlich Hugo. So. But all of the previous year and a vast majority of the acrid slept on nations then rebuilt. When I was in the building business was at least feels whoops meeting. Re still ride. And wire mesh chairs in I don't think that it was not the post and state. It was flat like you describe. There's nothing wrong would have been rebar and chairs and the war bash. Also is on the right and foundation. Clinically useful. Is prepared well. That's also true for the cable post sensing systems. There's not a role that post pitching slept system. Which is I was of those that desire and and guilt that copper level. That I was more Koppel with Greece deal with three more. And I was put those tension although it was a simple homes are used it was a cable while. A book that on the look at that were crushed one written that was widget. But elected me I would go with a report. They'll spot personal preference sit at my level corporate. Artists at the improperly designed. When social conditions and taking account NGU preparation. Q corralled has done well. And it is on the salvation on write an excuse to properly. Both who put all very well in war so I'll call with artists as. Okay well that that could be here we. You do oh well it may not be. But it is a real big price there between the time. And by extension now. They've got to okay there is. It. Leah a lot of problems aren't going to commercial breaks but combat league are. I woke secret so hold on don't want to Wear Albert might develop next guys don't end up Albert and local law will be like that company. What about an album produced no real quickly at cherry you know it's questions the gold belt. Yep we found out what one of the builders who does not close though. Foam insulation. It's just affect you can use. I can worthy exact terminology which of country home and and real. What kind of polonium tight election. And they. Now it. Yet but now before I comment on what you need to. The real name of the product and so and so adult like YouTube or mildly comical back and circle back with those systems or what products using in Luo a scrape on. Email to me and you know I can every email comes back I thought. Well let the right yeah a battle on the record of what he. I email addresses Paul pat LaGrange consulting dot com. What you ideally partly. Bettman app and help every day but will audience because the Albert Albert page scroll it on the more. April the morning. And then lowering it or at least four years and actually post it trainer. Gasoline scores and scores. They areas I. Mean how where and our important and I think and in particular. Battery that it pretty well and escalation and neat. Malaysia and change in news. Dissipate the problem. Keeping demolished here. I guess between insulation and the work so lowering him. App thunderbird. The period power on the carcass. Or saint cause them. Noticeable and excessive rise. That this or some current George. Wondered. It is your opinion it. They'd be sprayed oh she may be used under a latter. Pretty good about that situation. So Albert I think. We almost came. A combination of approaches. On the the wet areas instead of using a close so critical you can actually unique to what's that all face. On board a poly high society on board. It seems a bit airtight and now allow you. If you have probably can also log to remove that area. So that you repair applauding. Or the trial and that'll work or whatever on have been replaced the back and reuse and then brought in and replace it app you're to a pair of complete. In the wouldn't strike so. And you can use and he should have been close so home or the rest of them oppose a court. Aren't because certainly you that approach that you have those concerns that a not a bad idea. Sort of like a possible world where you get our format. Of record Opel. And also these same article almost up to lipstick. Cold War what have your your receipt you inspect and or repair. And needed. Do you have any company that's going on your web site that Lleyton. Were payers or. Situations like that where this week on the bathroom and our kitchen area. Sure absolutely if you go to all out dot com. But whether it's north or I'll order Regina and not a copy. Installation. And he our sister company Entergy and corporate solutions. And you'll see that part that the commission Kris yes there and you can email program called open up the gut. So you don't. Richard. Now that he could all call appreciate you holding on and a question. Go to a commercial break and come back Mike a question. From Metairie in. Look at your question right after we like them and we're back after the welcome back to be home shows you're beer and new book out so well we or called who would be good I'll speak with Mike and Mike moment. I. Won my. Bet. Or adequate adequate there. Core that are close to typical run. When they're they're. Still. In the court. And I'm like. Wait. Because I. Am. So you'd leave you to keep those very open and close at all. Well I hope to. Promote. Or even good for me. So it all out like you need to establish the normal boundary or building a blow on the other the law. You know thank you keep volatile and down below. So you you know a couple of torts is the make that happen probably the easiest most effective. Would be a spray your home however our need to caution you that because you leave that open. That streak on open in the garage and you have a condition. That you can't just use spray on you gotta use spray omen and an extra. Coding on top of that which would act and serve as a nation barrier normal car. As the big get them the company's campus critical. And and also comeback in the at this rate Internet decoding. To serve as they treat thermal barrier of art. As they ignition are here for the purpose usually in the home but. Are you went Chirac it would be a problem which not Chirac and call will be well. And I don't. Like. It. So I'll look at it had to. You know you. You can. Com you can look up in relation on there were an insulator which cases are that the sister a week. Anything up with solutions and Louis hospital spokesman you know could come out and nautical look and you'll keep some spice to what options you. And also due to a poll could they could do it accomplished. I've gotten attention to what. Yes and whoever you are Mike you wanna make sure that they know not Chirac could that community true marched up the debt has not. And lecture your work or commercial building a normally doesn't happen residential. So make sure whoever he hardly knows that. That that won't be left open and exposed. At the coding it won't make the work. Gotcha. Well. Oh. Not thank you like I I appreciate you give Colin and I'll show up. Are. You that. Right folks problem so. Let me let me say that and we've got a lot of phone calls. About what reprimand for different. I home improvement but it may be occurring that your home or place to business or maybe we can als or just a camper Condo. Building it is they could. Premise that they talk about. Repairs at home improvements and traction. Put together a web site you're stuck call all. Website addresses Paul how dot com. That's Paul Howell a column in needed free for the consumer. You go there and resource that's there to see and who I would recommend. For a local professionals and also local supply houses and vendors who sell products and we talk about. Also reckoning your provincial law that so you can that bird simple process to what you get to that web site. You keep what we're reaching York. Which which region in the next drop down box. And dollar popular go to decide who would trade group to look for whether electrician or armor. Or someone for heating cooling als or installation or drainage would Wear an outdoor projects but it immediately it it there. And these folks. Are not a political bureau also actually get on these folks that I thought process. And done some betting in reference to determining. Who the art that there there are legitimate business in the did you call it war. You know pick up there and the venture satellites that are necessary. She performed the tasks they perform feature role. Eagle at the way we've got the name Paul house's horses. On a lot of hoopla the heart called do you work. All they only do so. So it's and they also and you know cop could decide the other for the our purpose that. More on the show on Saturday and twelve so that you know LSU does that mean email or you gonna call the office. You know not always figured intrigue males are always at the office intro a local small problem actually field. Working. I'm not in my office. So. It was a delay or what you would call and email mark got back to election who met. That's why the web site there and it's available in round clock. So free you to consider the bill there it's a great resource and urged you to use it. You can also go to our FaceBook site and chi Chi's. Like it cherry. Which some friends just because we post. Or propped on two weeks different things that we will be helped you. Relating to the topics we are here on Christian burial. You cure you wanna do considered to be lifted. All cells were used to looking chew. Consider some marketing resources and people a year or some consulting work. What grow you business. Earthquake that you know maybe Newt does whatever it is deeply developers in an update different things relating chew. Social media in web site and online exposure and also create content exit that circle there's a world of marketing. Knowledge and expertise to team together all else. So. You can also went on the web site also column Bewkes like that pro business. That'll learn more about that. So hopefully that would. Achieved in the right direction and it may maybe shameless couple in social media is a good place but B. And the pastor vote and comment and I'm wondering at Michigan where you'd be. They consider getting all files and also talking on mark EG. If LP we were she was that it summation statements and choices a works better who use. And giving some exposure. He so it should be. Not done for years it really works great what a great consulting. Also purchased a copy injury copper solutions. Accord would also were. Aren't as good as that together independent culture and it works out Kuwait. Expected to do so. An entity that actually see your stuff on social media need to do and then this year where you. Mushrooms from there. And so certainly. It it's a good resource great for the consumer while supporting local businesses. So where the your you're your actual performance improvement. Or you actually or selling the products were pretty. They also a great place where you telling him and get some exposure. So are out and got a lot of calls today. You can get a chance she'd call me and and you have a question let me give you some resources out you can do that and get to meet one week. You can go to achieve. Our FaceBook site also just honestly did you there. Probably would that gives to our website and click on its book icon you can post your question there. And argue there you make the other questions that the issue of course. Well walk on all outside and you read the blogs and did you question isn't there or you can email. My email address is Paul LaGrange consulting com. Kelly she or a NG consulting. Com you can send your question there will achieve seeing it I can't we don't be back next set at 10 o'clock so. Tune in then you're on the beat it any pentium knicks got a point four more home and show the pleasures banned from public view goblet of glory yet.