Home Improvement Show - Hour 2

Paul LaGrange talks wiuth caller about home improvement, remodelling, and other home related concerns.

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Welcome back to the home improvement show this the second hour put on between now at 2 o'clock inching your home for the questions and comfort and energy efficiency and just talk about different projects let's go back to phone lines and speak with mark hey Marc good morning. Welcome to show thanks voted on. Paul got forty year old final thought how. And I posed the inside wall. It kitchen remodel Kono. And Anna wore out feel a small gap. Or putting Brcko insulation. And what we have is a our blue gray. Old board. Cut. Me and headquarters there on plywood plywood. But the full board could first network fielder got. All calendar for product I don't know which one do you. Wanted to go late tech call and so on. Another one is upon Europe and he would enable say on the packaging and it'd eighteen years through a variety of our. What I read something about you know when I'm burned foam board trouble and all board could draw an adhesive. Which is at a cult like you. And in a ball three different types through the king and no window and door sprinkle field. For a month and again my concern is conditioning unit they own their own board was really sick. Or would it burned. Currency you can't just use anything because it could possibly melt the barn that the foam board. So I think would I would do is I would take. Of all the things you describe my two favorite out of their repeat the polyurethane sealant. And they the silk and Oz latex caulk. That and a the result like it is because they remain very flexible in the great for air sealing an easy to apply in most times it does not have a negative effect when it comes to news. Foam board but it has depends what type of foam boards but that. The blue foam board he described. It almost sounds like an extruded polystyrene. So it should be OK so I would open. Both those products. It obvious pretty small amount like an inch long with so. In the middle abort that's like in this manner of the two before stud so that you can hold air it. It's not today because you from their book about your certainly be easy to yours. So put in about interest so. It if it's gonna melted a party is gonna happen within the first few minutes. Call out of trying to put in there would part of Javier social in the senate that don't the only product. Is the war in interest foam board construction adhesive that says emphatically won't burn or milk whole. Yeah in monetary why don't like that when the first order it's a very it's a sounds like a very good it's piece of but he he soaps typically. Right rigid and I'm very flexible he wants some link that's going to be flexible so when. The foam board in the would expand and contract a move because of different reasons. Yeah he maintained that Ayers deal. OK so between the polyurethane treatment and I'm in my hand and the silicone latex ball call. It even normal work my preference is the collier things sealant but out of so that's also more expensive product to put that does work much better. CNB OK. And. For some bigger cap. Would that be right. That that's correct Solomon let me tell you let me kind of help you to farm with a big gap. Anything is three eights of an inch or less you use the car to anything greater than that you would use the foam in the care. I know one more question we cheered. All. At the top. And the bottom. Ulbrich trawl. Where the stood. On exist. In other words at the feeling in the floor board area north of GAAP Payer. And boy excellent arm feel noticed that yeah and they beat field just as well as any other crack. Every nook cracked. Training whole pathway that can let error on moisture move you when your seal. The last oak tree uploaded and fair ball speed eight king fear air conditioner. It's changed. It look we had ordered the thirteen previewed shears compared to what we have now until you're the first they would get that there. A. That's a guy that's working out for you mark. But our pursuit thank you have a great day present a phone call. Okay we'll get to go to any real quick commercial Britain come back and back to Europe next so hang on Mac coming right back TF has prefer. Welcome back to the home approved shall hear the biggest seventeenth let's go to problems and speak with Mac Mac thanks. Hold on good morning. Well they call you sir. You know bought. Or double wide trailer watch it went all the manufactured old. We re Jewish alms so we got a lot. The first issue but we got a little on the route in. There was a lot of water we got in the state two years ago would quit raining. And the other issue in the master bath room which is on that same end of the home. Or the on the walls of well on top shall war. Bet against the merger of the union. When bush would line or. It would note it would look like a leak going on your crown mold. We don't easily. So the former K well in we thought we were two separate species and the older. Would go by the hole was actually condensation. And it was abnormal. Concentration. And the other. Hugo shower. Would also condensation. On it there was no way that the war but there was a leak don't know on the wall. Because I actually rocket from Seaman 44. And so water is spoken through boat that got it the it would it would actually cooler while there's no way. That's the compensation issue and she thinks it is very ill. Actually air conditioning issue. And is there now that occupation is. In the feeling we are you know on the top. And deal that would be open or at the war that was nearly underneath the com. Underneath that go shower he said it felt like the air indecent blowing like space. Alone and it will be caught as electric king in the dark girl all. It sucked in and he said though that. The difference in temperature right in the shower in the cold air quality at the Colbert would work in this award and all. Because that's probably causing bad boy stay on year on sheep. So would tell you keep the house set Mac OI thought they were keep it like Saturday we don't run or four laps but we ordinary week. Coca right so there is that if you keep that that home at seventy degrees is a good likelihood that it is. Condensation so let's talk about what what causes conversation. Conversation occurs when. You warm moist air coming in contact with cool air or cool surface. So it condenses it reaches two point condenses and starts you'd dripping org it's kind of frosty looking Michael watermark. Column. And so when you have a merits line of a double watt meant to fracture home. That merit sly and he's the air sealed at the bottom with two paths meet. Also he's the air sealed it at the very top. At the attic floor or your ceiling revealing space where there's two halves meet. A lot of times manufactured homes that marriage slide is not very well air sealed at all. So you can get moisture from when he to crawl space coming up that wall. And also heat from the attic pushing dale. And if you have. If you like for instance when the guy opened up the trap door near the bathroom he felt the cold air blown out. That could be related to duck leaks air conditioned dot clicks. So. You debts debts could be nerves phone calls you would call the the folks that came in sold you the manufacturer house. And have them sent out an air conditioned cars in the column measure. Air conditioner Buckley talks. And I suspect that's probably what's leading to the conversation. And also what's leading to them you feeling cold air come out spots where you shouldn't feel it. As could be looked cool and he's their so he opens up that trap door it is critical but he should feel like conditions cold he should be like a political. She told the day. But then I would expect. Here. But it. Did you do. It. And it. Okay do you have more recognition of 21. Coca so you need to funnel where the jumper Nokia's because when you have to half of the mobile home. And you won recognition system that works both both sides both paths. What happens is they had duct work in one half in the other half as doc work in the air conditioning equipment. And they install it jumper dog from the path that as the equipment at a dock work. To the opposite that only has the duct work in order to feed that dog with the cold air. Eight did that doc jumper could be underneath or can be up top in the attic depends on the back for. I've seen both locations. So the leak from there. It also could be leaking from all the all the supply to meet them at that the duck. Connections. And and that cold air will go wherever it. So if the two married salons is not see at the bottom that suit the top markets drive. He could be moving to that location as well there's a lot of places where air moisture can move particularly with the manufacturer house. It. Thank you bet good luck with that that doesn't work college back and I'll I'll give you some more stuff to look for. Commend you bet thank you have to. Write the smooth bulletin next caller can speak with Sam and Sam good morning welcome to show. Equality bill. I think get that back which shield idea on on to. But at least a Colorado when it rains and them what do a book that called on the court today though it is somebody step that soul. Your Internet whatever. And stoked along with I can't remember what though the top plaudits for elected the most and everything. That stuff works as advertised and it's very rare anymore. I have questioned. Our board that coma got to do some work projects. And I got a strip or stand down. Side in front port is redundant deck in the back which is due. What's on. And it was so it's like so that would bode pretty much to bury it would return on our front side orchard. LB happened at bear hood. And tree it would now obvious cap both war. And our cap but what they call at key. Lasted ten and twelve years plots out no there were other. The UST no more. So I'll one up front cab is the best product on. And it services that would be an actor out there and treated would have been no outs in the on. Course that you were the thing that's Conosoga field. There are so white upon their Cabot product or so Mo equivalent. That won't be effective. There is makes statues have treated and bearing shear and in all likelihood. That occur as I did. Would single out been covered. But elected to that would greatly responsible. Manner and with so much problem but if elected would great look to. How would stick with the cabinet rank is is an excellent manufacture. It and it. And and I think I would go to me he local. Shop like a bit more market companies say customs took Kaplan has now reached just because I used ES Tia capacity if it's a problem product. I didn't realize they don't they can and I didn't I didn't realize it. As a way to get on up there restaurants on thing. Western port Chet Ulbrich. It's just to where. It is what it appears later. It's fully exposed not been our board. On. Conditions are. Listed under ten years before so that vote will play. But it is great to get more. Yeah that's a shame and an added realize that you know so maybe. That's where I would go house on the go there because it's is an excellent product the other product abuse. Is the elm. They they call it it's it's still the deck and finish finish or forgot what it's called the but it's for debts and for offenses. In elects and massacring them through. This it's the SPF and I'll always use that works well. Yeah. So I won't you know this that does not make yes Kia anymore. I itself caught Australia in December oh which jokes and good the bear problem that oil you gotta re do it my two year. And now that you noted that there would suit. Yet so caca trying to avoid it's a good product we keep on regular average years or so and arms up and so are all on the ticker on the spoke week to week. You know so not in home deals were cap as a place you go to choose it what is so that. You ought not understandably so you know yeah Buick. You know I don't know. But it would surprise me if they do they don't they can certainly tell you about it that's for certain because these folks are very knowledgeable vote. Different codecs hey I armada Tom sci mom and so Sar but he could Tuesday's break a hope things work out for you found that product and I appreciate your phone call. Our folks who come back Billy you're up next we'll get to that phone call right after this. Welcome back to the home approved show previous coliseum was asking. The local paint store help paying. Work with Cabot stains out as well on the website I didn't see any sample is certainly worth. And asking the question maybe that website at this contain everything they have in their store but certainly worth calling and asking that question. Above the hill family their real look at what they do it. If they can't help you should give some advice where you go to punched in the face about the product right let's go to our next call and speak with Billy Billy good morning. Welcome to show. Medical data plan. To have my house that packed some act of beta. What can I do but what would call that went went to start. Well that. It era the Passaic. Video. 100 no lack abated crime. Struck out where the kick in there at. How old is the house though that outlet for you. In just the start it. It by Bynum optically it okay did you make any changes to U plumbing. No indeed. Can you pinpoint where it's come from the south it's come from outside. No it. You've been in the room and kick it erupted back part Indian. You can. You haven't changed faucets or water heater or air. Actually I thought that but now worn. Out. Went to change faucets were about three months ago. Normally when you are high pitched squealing like that. It's it's either restriction. Or it's related to. And in this wouldn't be when euros in which you batted it houses forty years ago I didn't have this little new homes today and it's been our houses for at least twenty years I remember. On the outside and but where you connect to Gardner's two of those holes they have since been calm those pipes. There is a little backing break right there and it's it's designed to prevent. It's as an anti siphon device so Indy events that you have the garden hose connected to it and that hose pipe is open. And that the opposite in the hoses in a ditch in the ditch has water and if some reason you lose. Water pressure in your house it will siphon that water from that ditch. Through that those into euros if you have this device. In a that you contaminate the water damage to what assistance so that's why you have it goes sometimes squeal. But I can't imagine your house forties old would have been lets you edit it. You know them. Candy instinctive to the army. I haven't thought it. Which do that well but who but pretty much scope. Okay it's got to be related to the it was their toll there before you do you noticed a political issue that brought it. One of its what do those valves and yet when you replace should tool at war and the new faucets you got some type of restriction right there squealing. I think I would call the plumber been so those we have come back and take a look. What an idiot should be. For what you think about it should divide. Well on the outside by the hose pipe that's that should be. It's into high vacuum or anti siphon device but I have backed him. Yeah but I don't think you have that means for you is all it can't match yet and heroes. What it looked like it back it's a small piece of brass. It's round in the screws on to the bottom view of your house bill. Right before you and you connect to god has to. Okay yeah yeah. Take a look at receivers if it's there in May be that you met the replaces. But you'd you'd you know house resort can miss. A spot in the people like him. Actually it data abated crime. Yep yep yep whenever you turn on the water on somewhere else on the house it's that this high squeals. Well they do without the war behind. You could hear about the war in India. Net does that make sense that. A car outside. Men I was sent to help you better. I was in your house second I'll have a better idea of a gives him advice that he. You know it's kind of difficult for you from. OPEC. So they keep trying to restore equity. Let's go to commercial Britain come back from Europe next a C Delores is color and so. Folks hang on hang out licences show why you're golden will be right back at this. Welcome back to the home improvement show us what take a moment and thanked. Almonte listeners because the course wrecked a few viewer called in and also since the tax and referenced Steve. The previous call ability who had some high squealing. In his house has high pitch sailed in. I was. You know he mentioned pipes and folks in the pipes and I had narrow my focus is the piping or tobacco prevent her and you know I think I'd I have myopic view and a caller called and said hey you know what he he could be a wind turbine. The roof went where the birds a hop. An and he's and that person try to meet some Toms those pairings. I get older get rusty can corroded and they start squeal when the wind's blowing so. Really am hoping you're still listening them to be something else would you look at. When you hear the squealing maybe you can go up in your attic in and I know it sounds like it's in the back to your house but a bathroom and kitchen but it. Maybe go in the attic and if you have a winter when it's the allies Salmons lottery then why you're here and it in and connect it to. Perhaps the parents combatant or is just another possibility billion like set thank you listeners for for colony because. Panel most think of everything. In the persons in the Texas at any hype itself. Maybe the each sexist and maybe located outside the bathroom and him in those two while. In the bathroom so elements has had a bet that guy as part of the evening piping. You know that they're there are some things that you concern me sick check appealing figure. And really try and arrogant and your focus to what it could house Wednesday right let's go to our next call in speak with Tommy hey Tony good morning welcome to the show. Component owns. Over record the last caller call. Out of it and say the packed house but my area my air filter and air conditioner and then she went into two dirty. You know it'll work so you try it and but if you are very in my match to plant a wouldn't keep him like I did remodel an audit it and I argued. It's a Mark Kirk grants. Help pick up and I'll be even like where court. Our products are in that particular operation and no. Are they cute tall. It's a march court grants and loan equipment on the couch it in a yeah. I wanted to he knew local product market used to about room. They're good they're a topic expert who won. The shot on the north side that would help it. Keep to stop grown no that's a long period time I watched every year which means there are so. We're in the net alone a loan it to be able to produce sector stores. So the product that I use at my home are recommended often reference to you addressing. Organic growth like that it would would be. Two products one movie you're in easy magic. In the other one is back shield yeah in fact one of the Carlos we called an early today saying how great this product work. And home. Probably the best indeed Tom easiest thing you do is go to our website Paul's house dot com. And on the of the blog posting you'll see where I posted. Links to both these products. That related to the homes are flooded. We've had some content. I twice this preview share. And probably the most recent was one event rouge and I was just posting some blog post on wood products people could use to you reviewed the bold. For house second flooded he will use both on the end you magic actually cleans it. And tip actually it actually helped protected prolong. Into the next ammonia between the two yen and both those or water based type products. Very you know. You know in the ninth for cost and I chemicals but they function really well. Now just to be clear. That the first word it or energy or even. And I like an enzyme Kenzie. We NC water. In the country. Yeah so you know. You can use that on your roof as you use only serves inside and outside however. I am not a fair and clean it in and take the reason wise because. Those those right duels that topic you reaching out there protect low places protected from. From you you raised in from when he ended in and from other harsh elements outside if you give up there with the a pressure wash or even a scrub brush or even foot traffic. On up there on the same spot you've you've seen people walk to where stale -- active you're reducing the life missing and you do that. I'm right LC you have ugly shingle last longs should expose him and things lost in life. You know out soak the personal than he did you could spur you hundred tall forward. Per source route. Yet when you could certainly tried the product works for that it's it's you know the focus on the roof is organic product. You know organic and and if you will help with that. You bet they keep reciprocal. About the project be safe and gosh state stay cool but it's out there. You know today this could be dangerous project. All right let's go to commercial written come back Delores are up next. And though Marie which argues it was temple in the chose so hang on don't hang up come right back back let's go straight to the phone lines speak at the Lawrence Delores the morning. I'm confident about my whole right when that cherry cherry pick at all its support Gallo. An opponent of abortion but it is still does that didn't build. Went into unaccounted opted different words making a potent that it. So that's that backflow prevent it we just talked about earlier problems with the the stability. Or your house was the must have a respectful for better so what happens and you turn the the the vote though hose pipe off its current pressure and does it comes race horse like sideways almost in the percent and the tunes tops. Why right that's that's normal does not at all. You. I. Am. No I hope that is the part that's doing it can't stop. Oh crap I was born and it never happened in the initial you delegate Eleanor. You know that that's what's stored. Thank you very match that take you bet you're looking at it for you decide. Stick counselors right let's go on this call and speak with Marie Marie you can wrap up the show so let future you're answering real quick. Thank you pop. Record the opening comment about leaving them behind so many using natural right at the clothing lines and using electricity and life which is the better. In today's heat I I think. If not it's it would onto my house mark my blinds or are closed right now. And my lighting is a combination of LE DNC AFL. And as to see appeals go bad and replace Willie these so is not traditional white suit its traditional halogen lights. War incandescent as or produced lots heat. I think probably the lights off him in the open a mob blondes particularly if that window. Has an open hand or porch that it's blocking some of the direct heat from the outside so it it's just not really is not a black or white answer it's scalable green there. I read in the natural light in the day and I think there like appeared generate heat that I look at it. Under normal days I would do the same thing Ali my lights off and Oakmont blondes but you know today's heat advisory that kind of changes things a little you know changes things up a little bit particularly if you. If your condition is struggling can keep up. It is. You know I'll do it yet have enough. Thank you appreciate that you get same have a great weekend and stay stay cold drink drink some cold water of the some evidence on them and it. Cucumbers watermelons lime something. You can what I. Guess in cook outside our usual Mike with regard to eat. Nothing wrong about the activist rate percent of advocate. Our folks that that really ends are our show column. Could be back on that studies at 10 o'clock if you didn't get a chance to call me and you can always and be it message via FaceBook go to Paul's house dot com. A web site and while your at that website top right hand side to click on the FaceBook icon at the home page. Operate in you can send me FaceBook message. I knew quite a few folks have sent in texted me and couldn't seem hardly any attacks I apologize for that. Some comes. You know show doesn't. It doesn't take off into the and then he Soviet Union indicated everything so. If you if you center attacks and then in the I didn't intense interest. It sent me a message on FaceBook go to Paul's house that common sentiments as via FaceBook that as well a couple of to hear from you. Home if you have a question that once went to next week and call it a lot XP can speak Tuesday. But in the meantime by all means send their FaceBook message. You know is always. Gosh. This is a good time doing insipid became the show but now's a good time to go check on your neighbor or elderly or folks that have infants. Receipt of Roger you can't be too safe. So stay cool out there drink lots of water stay away from the alcohol and the energy drinks and sodas. Because they'll put you off where I enclose. Being proactive check on some might say makes a Mother's Day and god bless.