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Paul LaGrange The Home Improvement Show
Saturday, February 24th

Paul talks with callers about their different questions about how to improve their homes.


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Welcome back to the home improvement show just what into the second hour home to a now in 1230. We do have an extended stay today that we didn't have. How would normally happen only in the show at twelve so. What an extra thirty minutes of talking home improvement different projects. Let's go straight to phone lines and speak with Phil hate Phil thank you so much for holding on a million had a are an extended hold I apologize for that. That problem at the top while who produced comparable. There are reasonable movement from the culture and homes. All. Seven point 20 well look at it in widgets and while we're. So but that's old growth and they're probably being excuse at all four or and destruction. OK so. The question. First oh what part of the state you calling from. Oh. West Coca on T reason why I'm asking the question because he should go further north Wednesday. You get your way in cahoots a little bit different so many years ago before we networking and we had these stringent when codes that work. Adopted by the state. You have actually had a choice if you what to do extra wall sheathing. Is innate wood products like plot widows the what you can do foam board in the future your. You would products in the key Ares would need to preach hopefuls drive. And that useful board. But since the change in the cozy adoption the coast of the went cahoots. It just vote where you or Lewis Macon wearing them in sync and there shall prevail. We need there's no way we in building home today. With reasonable cost that did have some form. Walsh even though was. Owes the yours that award apply with all of note in the world want to Lincoln's. So that being said if you want it to you have any continuous insulation. Board foam board on the outside at the wall sheathing and being extra step. Act occurred in in there's some value to that I did that tomorrow on sixteen years ago but the house is a wrap my term house with plywood in there and I put it. One inch thick foam board all the around on the outs of the of the plywood. And I want it to continuous insulation board I wondered that full warts also acts. As an air carrier. In water vapor were taught report that the barrier. And also. Drainage playing football great war. So I can now use a house trap where it might foam board and use house rap and other places where it didn't hit home port. Differences that in a foam board room barrage. I didn't have full board on my stock queries the beach you can't do it there. So like use house traps in those locations but where I hit foam board. I taped all the scenes that a butt and up. To reach the full board foam board and whenever an arbitration coming through it. I I flashed all Latin tape all that prevent rain water and air company. So with you if you install your foam board and such a manner you don't need. How trap on top of that. If you want to use it you could put out traffic in jokes with a picture while assembly. If if if you were to view me how trapped probably you would do your wall sheathing. You when you would have all eucharist trucks coming through your electrical your condition close aren't you warming. You windows and doors installed last to a halt for a and then you'll which reform born on top of that. But Annika I'd never COK. We're. We'll we'll while apparently armed with some of the vessel awful. Who bought locals who were. Open almost beat his chipping it up like the bottom plate. And indeed Eric. And every area whether to attack upon. I'm hoping to it and we can keep the sheets. Yet you do you are trapped in the new in the particle board up equities on for a what you put default aboard upn and taper everything and that you were about our trip at that point. So you have just we have some options. There you grow up and thank you Arlen thing. Thank you for holding our Christian Obama right listen if you if you have a question now is a great time to call in and ask your question numbers 50 work. 2601870. 26 or when he said he would consider me tax at eight Stephanie seventy speaking of tax thumb almost not reading those and they don't put. Let's go to commercial break welcome back out of the break almost aren't in action these questions on the yet back so. More on potential human being gets in the right activists. Welcome back to the home improvement show we're in today for an extensive thirty minutes though the show ends at 1230 so security team. He called an incident in his tax. The numbers 5042601870. Or sense attacks at 877. Speaking of text let me start going through some somebody's cousin. Always have a chance to you know to the tech you know since great Texas Nolan keep it on some well deserved. So here's the first witnesses are having single glass aluminum. Window that it can replace. How connect you to make them more energy efficient. How OK so you. Single pane glass in it's clear glass it's not insulated. It's aluminum frame so very conduct of no doubt dictates a lot of heat as some options to that would be to take. You can install some went to film when he saw out of it. You know this is different from the wind hits you would see in the cards is actually when do film that's designed for residential or commercial windows. You can actually go 1:3 AM web site and learns more. About the prestige as one earnings of some of when the films of use the past that's one option. Another option you can actually put in someone do inserts. Like a magnet tightened to insert that helps as well. With energy efficiency in sailed. And then finally he say hey I have no money at no budget. Whatsoever I can't afford them Mecca diner can afford window film. You know what's my next best thing. Home. Well you can pick you can take some old fool in the capital and fool in the inside a vehicle last govern your whole window now block out reject the body heat. And also blocks everything you can see out in people keynesian. Put it does help one intricacies and oh another option I was thinking of twos. It's a wooden fool trek is that you can. Decent some lines some black out shades of when to treatments blinds that helps to Orson shutters these are all things that produce some heat. That's coming from those windows are no other text saudis termed occur hourly wage for different traits like plumbers electricians carpenters. It's fairly easy term through cost political support to determine. I agree when it costs as part determined in and not you don't just want. You know. General like you went exactly the Euro in some tips and plumber would that mean electrician or journal labors so. You know there's there's there's some software is out there are some. Packages you can get you can subscribe to. And in fact commercial. Builders uses all the time when there estimating jobs that you glom on to us and its search about that in a pop up or go to like. The plural of labor statistics and Nokia decent general statistics. For your region like for a state Louisiana. Or deceit and what you calling from so that helped you at least you a better idea which some of those labor cost far. It won't be exactly the Bureau of Labor Statistics that you. Nicholas. Or if you wanna subscribe to heed those all want services to keep the exact rate. You can certainly use that as well. Or are you friends with the commercial contractor. Maybe these scripts were unique and some assistance there is well. Next tax rate is not one. He says I'm thinking about installing a gas ankles water heater. I have three full bathrooms a kitchen in the locker room is it worth the money to install one of these. In the next question for that relate to this also would be that is on the attic or worse. OK so gas tank was what eaters they function very very well you having need. For unlimited amount of hot water. In a gas tank with water heaters as were you looking for the colors as long as you have that Arafat's internal and in that water heaters running you can get hot water endless amounts of war. But that's the benefit and beauty of those gas tank it's what eaters the other part twos if you need to put them in any small compact area. There kind of small footprint size. That's another benefit. When tank was won his first came out they kept pushing and pushing promoting peace if you lots and lots of energy will that part is that true. The you know when you do it NG cost comparison. You know stable in this cause so much money heap he could quote eat and what he wore. Now that does not talk amateur need unity desire or need to have endless water the only data it is with thankless if you don't have that need. And a tank unit. From operating standpoint is. Not too far more that two which is greater than thankless but it's not that much greater in their form lasting cost purchase and install. The tank unit for septic tank which you questioned businesses while you needed to what you wanted it is. You know. Talks about is where the money title but we were decision effects or. It was worth the money not whether it's install better indoors meaning of sorry the attic or outdoors. Com. I would try to keep that close to you need you warding need. You you know you don't wanna have. Your thankless what do you regret and toward either a long distance away from where you what do needs are but as a mean term hot water faucet. You don't speak for all of that water that's in the pipes to. That's Kohl wanted to go from the tank through the pipes to keep that faucet. When you open up outside so you wanna put that what heater you're located closely to your what needs as much as possible or somewhat century located. To reduce the wait time. You have for you want to rise at that bathroom kitchen or two out of the cases. Right keep those that come in 87878. It's a few more just a little while limited phone lines and speak with Alan hey Allan good morning thanks for columns show. On market all. This figure this out there that have a leaky window. Must sun room. Head when do replacement. Last march. Aren't you. And I'm sure ought to put on the window as well on a prelude of what. Indonesia the league in. Out but I certainly know look at it. And don't we've seen game action in C a beat the record at the Hamachi is attacked student. So I guess I guess in our sport there. Group America. I'm looking and he's got his ring. Or siding Stucco walls and Alan darker darker. Stucco cut year Coca column. So here's the thing about replacing windows. Yeah they're always a challenge on preventing one leaks long. Right because when he put them in place. There's no nailing planes to connect. In weather resistant barrier on that stock go to port to connect everything to it. And so in that water could becoming a number different locations. We've prayers were ordered entering into is coming at the top of the window or the side well look like a cop you're a senior attacker at the paint while out media. When do. Cases two story house a singer's story on so once or. OK so how much space you have between the top that window in the and the Saudi year Europe and south. Old boat. Odd you know connect so you do have a pretty good distance Erica has so all we nears its taco. Citing hardy board wrecked the all the water through Palin won three different rates but you still that water go through that been here. In the key to the top of the window incumbents aren't your house so I I suspect probably gonna have to wanna do and Allen in news. Is coming out of that old caulking sealant they used our window in the Stucco. On him clean and nor on the outside. Welcome removing an all out completely clean hit in the marine plane could polyurethane seal it's in its place. Poker in the is probably something you have to keep your eyes on the net do you ever so often yeah credit was Windiz you're relying when it sealant. To be you waterproofing agent and it just doesn't last forever. Welcome our our burden. Good luck on the back Lebanon works out in you know. Fortunate for you you have some dry weather heated then they'll know the good parts you get rain coming in a in a few days to contest CEO of the job you did. Brighton art or art ball got there are the you bet thank you partnership. All right we don't have a lot time between now in the news so let me go back to a couple more east texts. Good morning and I use liquid paper buried under my home of swap with the Polly iso four home ward. On top. Thanks David. David you you if you use a poly iso foam board and 82 wood joists. And take all the scenes of foam board the foam board. And you've as the foam what do bucks a piece of wood framing you caught that. Selig with a good group boss probably years things Selig you don't need any other. They prepares that foam would use your air carrier you vapor barrier in new federal Paris you don't wanna. You you don't need to put any good vapor barrier in addition he. So you would what do you both you U which is used the the home port in when it's installed an airtight continuous manner. That use your water vapor barrier or any thing Els in the distance that. It's the net attacks was the longest sue which one you can have. Without a lift station while that's a tough question and answer let me tell you why it's a difficult but does the height difference between. Does Sewart leaving your house to where's connect to the soup like makes a big difference. So the pitch the fall is just as important as the last site it really it's a question. When are having more information so he just likes company 77. Who were right back after this news break here and a video. Welcome back to the show here in the negates having this go straight to the phone lines and speak with Shannon patient and good morning welcome to the show. Hi I'm Carrie thanks and taking my call. And I. Renovate and I'm not I. Certainly did not do that I had a contract and we get a renovation on any track on double A and got renovation. And the hasn't completely insulated. Men rule was put down this at all and they told this kid and a firewall. All the way into the attic. I want that they use that channel because that's the cancellation guy. Told them to do that not idea that was properly installed and my tenants are complaining. That they are there he's doing everything in between that kind of law and I am trying to find it. Pounding underneath has repeatedly that has not been dying would be effective. Or in any other found this thing aside from. Completely ripping at a at a law and starting over time and I just looking for an information here. So I don't believe that it. But it was step back before this I describe this sales there or complain about it well flanking a few walk from the floor or is well. You can get a lot ink I was actually there yesterday and I can Allie in come markets are packing definitely you're walking mean act on the day hearing. Ethnic conversations calm day year but clearly they can hear music on. Once and sent back nine and again briefly on my habit and I think about later and he can hear her washing. He can hear them washing machines. Eight there during a lot. Which is super concerning me hard that we got into the act and you know put a lot of time effort and money in it and I just don't know. I don't know what's normal what's not in Amman hat fashion in the evening you hear it I just can't imagine. What could possibly can view of what could've gone wrong you know on the action and Oprah back period you know wall in the federal law. As cynical view that I am that. I think that you know. I was told she. Was nailed to the back in to eat the entire purpose I'm. Actually I am looking at the unit Ani found anything. And so. He beat you you got to look at the the operations in an adherence and sounds of walking in insulating on the floors. Would be something that would at least it and you wait some of that sale and walking if they are hearing it. North of here Clayton of dishes and washing machine is. It is either over the dish is the sink in that this war torture scene of that common set a wall. Now and will be on the and I know wall and don't cut. So from the day or some additional things you can help it's it's never solve the problem because with with other in the cutting back failed because. The duke Duke Realty the best we have to in this. Is this connecting. The wall framing from unity a unity and having two separate frame walls with that gap. Between the units out of both frame walls at its gap. Because that operation won't transfer through. That's the best we don't know I realize you wanna cut that portion of house in Euro yen or you're some concepts. Are. You can. On that several wall on both sides nail that his hopes on both sides but on that several wall you can put bookshelves. You know don't TV unit sites in the senate who bookshelves you can hang. Tapestry. You can hang curtains a fabric you need something that use of soft in texture and fabric. And also different in size in different shape. So the sales when it looked ability to bounce off of it back into the unit and that transfer through. In the gasoline of course would help a little bit against you you're right it's it's more than that. Righted it probably not a wrestling. And the commitment the only thing close felt on the the only thing you would put underneath. Our rate have you wrapped iPad and yeah. Yes. But what let me say this that and opens so product will be better for Sam attenuation in close cell. So like. Open cellphone does and address the water vapor migration that we have here and and Sundays at one in port. So at about her. You know you'd you'd you con are economists I don't wanna be with. You could. I would like I mean you know his own mind and he has about that would work I would. Certainly and and the money acted I know that I'm not a great in handling Barry I am not sure that it even worked. Give me an idea wrap a package. Correct so we can. What apple asked her why her voice. You can you can do so through rock. I can't do that we'll debate or adopt while everything I mean if we get sound rock I won't even imagine. Doing yet be sanity board. You do snowboard and then sell rock. You do sound wouldn't sell rock if you want to have done that before between bedrooms of the of the book to master bedroom in the kid's bedroom. We're admiral complained they can hear each other that helps our house. White noise to gushed that helps a lot. Hello. I mean I mean someone told me there these things Argentine eclipse you put him on the you know on the channel for about I mean that. That has that we just in and that you know like it would cut into the fact that it's it's hard for me even Adam. Going back I think he is this what if I could do now why would that be sufficient to do it on one. R.s have to do an about fat. Do when there was side though wants us on. One side fine and you would have to do the entire and a Lawler compute you. You know could you do the background or are they have to be done completely in order to truly house. Note you can do in the primaries. And now its arsenal on the back. My I appreciated and you'd think at and it is even more. Doing cars that aren't they gonna do everything else first before all the important things. Okay you so much I appreciate your time thank you quite welcome good luck of course we are this could notes newcomer. To break we'll come back Kuwait's somewhere your calls and your text as well keep them common a lot more Oklahoma provincial left the duke his record to 1230. Today so. Stay on Lama coming right back after this. Welcome back to the home improvement show keep those calls coming to six 187 me. Or tax of 87 he's having this go back to phone lines and speak with Colleen. So. It was telling. I would lost the other two mark it's a screen is not refreshed well hey you know what Vincent this is a dual band events Europe good morning to. As a goodwill. Eight getting you must throw this but it I Niko is. Want to make eye toward upcoming. We mean the ones that come and now. It into that could make Ike. I know we awarded gluten and I make. How old guys maker. It is so I think. And oh that it. OK when's the last time you had cleaned or servers. And it happened once full cup year. And we had this year I come out a forgot what it I was glad I got a notice that. Oh. We could get caught. You can contribute to it certainly depends if that vote is blue cloud or also could be a solenoid. That turned sort of offer opens and closes a little water in and out. Could be the civil right gone bad. I think that would be great column Serb. And yelling so so appliances someplace like that the fixes appliances they'll be great. Oh yeah. OK and you bet no thank you I. They call all right listen we we just two people on the open it's got the benefit of other folks hanging up so if you have a question. We got a lot more show to go at 2601 point seven your sense of Tex at 877. Which would make it to some text now because I have a lot more to go through. All right here's next texas'. Hey a new people who have dug a large pot in the front of their house. And use the dirt to for the foundation. This section relating to a phone call that we talked about earlier was he got his make rich and with Dick upon use enterprise foundation. So back to Texas and new people to Doug upon the use a different foundation is stocked with fish but I don't know who would wanna swim and upon. Well hum. I have upon I have friends who ponds and how we have stocked with fish and listen when when you're out there in your yard working and it's hot and sweaty. You jump on upon any time I do when when you get high I mean listen if you will of the catch fish out of any dose fish. And in the water to clean up for you be willing to jump from the pond. If it's not he did not think I will be eating the fish out of upon. If you got other contaminants in the pond so box when the pop swim in ponds a lot and I. You know maybe I'm weird witness but yes you when it comes from the pond come off plays so off for you in and out jump him with yet. All right here's another one says I have an electric attic vent later. But in the summer my attic is still unbearably hot. But it helped at a second battle later in a different area of the attic space. Who boy. You know that I I'm not a big fan of attic power violators and let me take you walk. Because a lot of times our homes are connected to our addicts. And via air leaks air leaks from the attic go in the house in the house and the attic back and forth depending on the conditions. And if you got in the ceiling that's very well connected your attic like it shouldn't be. Like it yeah lots recess candlelight so you got lots of openings like that. Those power exhaust fans if you have enough soften the Malaysian would draw the cold air from your home into the attic your attic does the cooler. But every. You know part of air is being removed from your house this can draw it into the attic yet that same quantity of care is being sucked into your home. In different spots. So. It's an outsider comes into your home it's it's it's cut dust and moisture in each. You you you need to. Run your recognition more to make up for the year you saw opinion. From the outs they're segment because you want according attic power violators in what you get a good continuous air barrier separating your living from your non living attic. Really don't work and don't work well victory problems so adding a second little later. Is is probably not something you wanna do when I was suggestion is go back and looking look at the amount of air coming in at the opening. Go online. And go to Paul's house dot com has search our blog for attic ventilation. And you see we have an article post about out of analysts that helped you. Identify some other things you can look for Alec Ellison. Our listen we've got to go to break we'll come back we'll get to more attacks in your phone calls so more home group showed left to go we'll be right back at that is. Welcome back to the home prudent show let's continue one inch in some questions here is the next text. Is a little house with two daughters in my life. The bathrooms are within twenty to each other on top of waking up for work in heaven did do a cold so our. All right so. Them huddling access I can tell you how warning track in in a slump you get two teenage kids in your house your all is typical sellers throughout wanna say it. But importantly. In the state that. What you say they've probably would you could dues you cute home. Capital on the Cold War longer to the to a hot water run local one out the pipe long Wiggins sour. So waste water Orton get re circulating pop and you can be certain that one at that very injured efficient. But it's also doesn't waste water and he keeps you instant hot water. Four or you can take that one bath from off and give its own water heater you can certainly do that he had a couple different options. Our folks we've got a global Cabrera back after this war the home group and so.