Home Improvement Show - Hour 1

Paul helps with HVAC and other home improvement questions.

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In morning everyone happy seven each city so glad and argued this to last year when deputy available home improvement show. If you have been outside yet boy he is a hot one I want outside this morning before the sun came up in the it was hot and muggy already. So obviously you probably heard there's he index about trio there for us when to skew view few helpful hints at different things around your house. To you try and curbs on the intense heat. You know just do what he's its docket open if you do you quite a few problem. I think cumulative UFO positive effect in keep your home or your body will be cooler so what this kind of go through a list of things I jotted down this morning. In house as those preparing for the show. Keep your your window blinds you drip for his clues particularly if the face. Windows face east and west and south. If the face north when open those up and get some naturally and and you can not a bad idea because when that things a days is also keep your lights off. A few of the older type of lights that that incandescent and intelligence. They generate lots he would keep to his office much akin. Yet the new work LED or the CFL lights it's not as important. Some additional tips also keep your house cool and keep your body cool. Is operated ceiling fan on isolating him or box him. Where cotton clothing. I'd definitely limit outdoor activities to you earlier late in the day. If you haven't done so yet change you return air filter. Whether it's a bit when I had a friend call me at yesterday's sank an eight. You know discussed in open all day long my house is sitting on degrees in my house is this hot. And eloquence and Celeste and he changed a filter. It's been a few months so darn good change to filter. He come back a few hours later in the and the temperature at his house has dropped to 70 degrees by 9 o'clock tonight so. You know from top clock to not a clock it if it did make a difference and so changer returner Phil to be having done so last thirty days. Adam. Leave your intercourse open. Keep all you extreme to assume windows closed and and you think and woe is not common sense yeah well. You'd be surprised with no kids and pets people leave their doors open law so keep an extra it was disclosed. Try cookie which your microwave. Vs Europe and or your stove top or better yet go outside and grew outside. You marquis to salon this heat in that an oven or stove top. So trying in the next day to do you change that could cook a little bit Utica route to eat war. Grill out Solder use a microwave. Here's when you knock a light that comes in anyway no alcohol in Minnesota's. New energy drinks. Tragic and some water somewhat with some lemon or some line more cucumber watermelon it maybe a sports shrink with electric lights. And then finally you're not always hide your pets in your lock stock also. You may consider adding a few ice cubes. Do you that's quotable if you have a lock stock. However you can do that the better help them cool off and give them some shade of Italy at Shea please create some type of shape. For your pets is is to be extremely. Hot today and tomorrow. So all right so. Well let me get off my my public service of are they about the heat index and let's move on the home proved so. So if you're just union or we do this every Saturday between now and 12 o'clock in the talk. About different project here and house for you fishing can import. Maybe it's that we can haul more in the apartment or Condo does matter it's so we're all open for discussion that number is 26 or 187. That's fob 0426. Or 187. We can send attacks at the 7870. I'm gonna as I do every week I'm army encourage you call an early don't wait to the end. People for some reason always which the end and it can never keep him. You know don't give tennis are among people ghost taxes and don't give her one. Proper mama Thompson you have a question. Where there's related to heat the heat or to your recognition not running right or maybe. Under conditions apply wrenches are dripping. Or maybe it's only dripping to fathom about the rest of the house or you got dust is the problem. Or electrical improvement or plumbing or foreign meaning carpentry. It's all open for discussion love to hear from you. He get chance to talk Cuba so it in the numbers fob 0426. Or 1870. He can't call center attacks 87 seats that are listening to go to commercial break and come back. Was sought if your questions will direct activists. Welcome back to the home from Joe's goes straight at salons and start having some fluent in connecting some folks. Our first call today is David hey David good morning welcome to show. Okay well he got. You sooner. Yes our question. Attic insulation and that would keep the attic cool. Although it's there it like it's a little harder all the there's these braille and its relations. Keep they don't shape. The directors. The heat punishing the child would would would you mean by that David. You know your attic it is spread its relation. On the raptors. You bet is that keep the attic coup or are what does that do. When it's properly installed. You will and in this whole house approach it does keep the at a cooler and most importantly David Dreier. Because it's an airtight continues insulation barrier as well as an air barrier that keeps the outside moisture from coming in apparently excellent company and if it since all right and it's a thermal barriers who rejects. Some heat from coming in from the outside the green something coming your attic. But it's not just adding insulation it's. Removing your existing. Fibers installations at the ceiling basement archer your exhaust fans adopted to the outside of campers on them. It's making sure that your recognition system properly sized you know have darkly senior commissions performing well. It's also if you have a guess what your gas furnace. It's providing for the Bosnia for those gas appliances with and they knew semi conditions for issue creating. So it's night. You know you hear folks you know all the Tom and and it is to install foam insulation and assaults all your problems that's not necessarily true. It's foam insulation is a wonderful product I love it I haven't miles. Are recommended for lots of my customers. There's also a boatload customers as they please don't do phone your house because crate moisture problems you can have issues. Or if you have passed termite issues there's some concerns there it's so you can it is. You can't just take one piece of advice without taken that whole list Nicole house approach and developing a game plan would she do. In order double dress into air quality of moisture in comfort in settings. You got a recommendation by all four. Is there any insulation company error. No. A two what you call our sister company its energy and comfort solutions energy for solutions. I have trained I trained the sales folks that aren't on that team and they know exactly the bill and signs that I know. And they'll be happy to a vaginal come to your home state aide David York and the Dayton this what you need to do and here's the price. Or they could get theirs that you know what you really should not do foam insulation should consider. These other improvements. Ones who lives in politic. But what about to get security addict well on course you would know the old but kept it would be seventy degrees it. In my attic Israeli side and under water what all what got to get appears manageable. I'd go out there about at least but another LA and later as you know. So if you go on foam insulation you can read of all you metal hitters they're there is no attic revelation that point but you just stick with the ventilated attic. You wanna make sure that you have air coming in to your attic space at the lower part of the outside wall. So but the soffit or porch ceiling or something coming in. And and then he needs to needs to exhaust near the peak of your your roof line. That the riches. So they know what what about detectors. Okay well I'm not a fan of a power validated the coast power battle it is create more problems in the in the safe. In the algae in the tentatively say. Because the cool Harry kits from. The the nature at a cooler but sometimes when it's properly done it comes from the outside soffit. Or sometimes it comes from house most comes it comes from your house and the cold they are you pay good money for your house is going up in your attic. And as the air's been removed from your house into your attic due to air coming in euros. You know need to remove heat and moisture in particulates out of it. To replace the air that got removed by the attic. So that I'm not try to what question trying to keep the history of the hot. I'm ideally you. Well I mean if you could handle our battle later I wouldn't term mopped all male panel and on until 110 degrees. I was at a house early this week it was therms that was at eighty degrees. Well you know what if you cut and attic exhaustion thermostats at the eighty degrees in May never turn off from the summary it's good when daytime and nighttime. I. In and that their crates of problem. And you know he used to be real careful about that. Well thank you well it's legend that is some budgetary show. You're welcome thank you for Carl and Greg Dyke and stay cool. Yeah. Let. Those who call us aren't let's go to our next call in speak with Francis say France is good morning welcome to the show. All at do they do well all you Yasser. I have a two story hole. And drop down attic stairs. Now hope the 88 via. Line here crow but had a would it help India. He and he my second second rule the sir. Can you read by me. He hit it related to. And comfort we still will. Sure that their call had a chance of them proud of the more popular ones call an addict tent. There's a company in a more business markets the stairway shop in fact died in these avatars here in the show in and they do an excellent job. Announced airports they also keep these at a tent and stock. If you don't wanna go than him you can always good to be website addicts and dot com. At a tent that company get the measure the size you stare. And at the farm one that fits that size and he takes about fifteen maybe twenty minutes the most install it makes a big difference. Okay. I don't know than the accident. Heat rises. So consequently. I didn't understand what the good that would do it he'd drive me try telling adding. He not coming guarantee. Second. Move. Yes it does France's. Yes it does so let me tell you what let me give you Provera profound statement in and I want to listen carefully because. This is pretty profound. He rises. All the time until it doesn't. Yeah all right so let me explain that. Your attic becomes pressurized. Particularly. In. When it's under ventilated went small and compact. It's not very tall you meaning you sealing his second floor room close to the ridge or to the roof line. And when that addicts heats up but the ready heat from the sun skeptically when they're under ventilator and up properly ventilated. The pressure in that attic deals up in bills up bills up. And high pressure which is now that attic. Always goes in transfers to low pressure which is your living space down below so where ever there's a pathway like you pulled out attic stairs. A recess candlelight. An opening in the top plate penetration. That intense harsh at a condition from pressure who pushed downward into a lower pershing zone. Like your living space. And hot also goes to cold so when you increase that temperature that attic hot goes the cold so. It's I can't always say that heats the rise in scope and actually convict you know move up. And exhausted at the top because go to U hundreds of homes every year where that's not the case. He that your company. Q you mentioned the concrete solutions with a look like and I mean I've. Eaten in the thing. So and then promptly. I kept the gym that story in my mind as a pole award. But I want to give that much help and cook. Well if if you're interested in solving a and you problem or heat problem that involves. Come spray foam insulation. Or some other methods patrol the more sure such as mechanical. Do you verification then that's the specialty imaging called for solutions that's what they do. That's that's the way we put the company in play in order form the function they've been doing since 2003. And what you're looking. If you go to our website Paul's house dot com. Paul's house dot com put in your region and also put in insulation. And you'll see the website email on the phone number. But managing compass solutions but but France's if you look for someone to come and you and energy audit that'll let holistic approach you were just talking about with David. And actually would be on the greens consult that would be CS though they aren't consult dutifully. For. LA GR eight in EG. LaGrange consulting. In Metairie rules. We are in the North Shore yes that was my company. Oh okay okay okay RE. One last question I didn't. A problem. Would it be yen. The connotation. Yet. Opal mine. Where the water from the condition of fully into yeah did you gotta directly into. My drain on my main. Yeah. Apparently Malan and his climb up yes and output in Torino in whom. Not good no neck contrast. Bollywood the water. That. If he had gone off on it and he's working fine. Yet it probably unclog the drain but it may have caused damage here and excrement. So you shouldn't use drained no he should use bleach or anything socially like that that's caustic to Americans equipment. If it if you Sam barber to go to news break but if you stand by I'll talk about that more. When we return from the CBS news breaks I don't gonna work we'll come back we'll talk about the Francis. Plus just in Europe next you call. We'll be right back up Davis welcome back to the home improvement show and just mumbled to go to Mexico and speaker justice and just hang on but what address something right before the news break. Group or talk and Francis prep for the CBS news break and I had an obstruction. Clog or even may be a complete blockage. In his dream line present commission so. When your commission operates in the summer Tom known as it moves he'd also lose moisture and generates lots of water. And it at least once a year not twice a year we should be putting in order VCU license AC dealership putting for use. Got pay import piece of should be awarded. And tablets and trips which is a product that slowly dissolves in keeps those train lines open. If you don't wanna do that then you can and once a month. 21 cooling season during your conditions slowly pouring in. Some white vinegar down your drain line for that in no doubt help as well. But I hear folks all Thomas C without a problem too erratic some undue and friends that inspections and couple people don't file which trump or houses and incomes and solutions a seat bottles of bleach. And sometimes drain out next to there and screaming in the attic and as a rule on. Hold on. We can use those products in the straight line. It is not helpful to the pipe. It does remove the attraction of a Mets team won't function. What does home hopeful too is the air conditioning equipment your proper to cool. If the if the poisons gases from those products due to Europe rapper Kool he did. Particularly in today's proper equal that or from home multi type of battles. Which the two different. Different medals a connected is probably the weekly and in those type assets were bleacher gases caustic gases will. Started hearing quote you could give it some corrosion and eventually gets. The free normally so whatever you do please don't use. Drain no war or bleach scoring glitches in your recognition separate lines. Use like eight and Kapalua and stripped. That could be installed by year your licenses dealer when it's when he Specter equipment twice a year. Org you can slowly poured out once a month about a cup a couple of like vinegar. And there so hope that answers those questions out there was gonna call and speaker Justin hey Justin thanks hold and on good morning. Keep your user. And it's your show religiously every weekend. And Clinton on the first on home and not the buy outs. And I'm very active despite. Higher contractor. There's an elementary question. Our contract inspect investigate White House the first shooting if you look at. When this first three things to look at the first you can go check on the out mixers so it's from nearby. Well it. Just live. In the past ever contractors if it's a general contractor then then they go look at one set of drivers. To do the that the the structure and maybe the foundation and the framing in the trimmed their work in the cabinets and carpentry and such. But if you're looking for specialists I would encourage you to our team of people. A license AC dealer licensed plumber a licensed electrician but I have them look at there's levels of specialty. If you have foundation problems in license foundation engineer. If you suspect you have some from some donation concerns. Because it'd. An analyst and I out like the fact that people get home inspections before they buy it. Home however Armstrong. And I'm first I'm. And I'm. Yeah I'm out outward funny team of people though experts in their in their in their wheel house. Plumber electrician. NEC guide a foundation personal war or general contractors have come inspector home and write reports for you. Would you view their opinions. Hiring a home inspector is did you warn. These two to one person do all these trades it's difficult. That I would be an expert in everything. But you know that's just my Augusta. Are you going with so one person he says like to see some actual work he simply more cannot go and find those people specialize in that. And that takes it. So was so that's not a bad approach you your heart your home inspector he does big global look over. From you know 101000 feet up in the air he identifies you got these concerns with this elect but this'll what are your concerns without their condition. In that you are a license local electrician. And they see guys to comb and take from a 101000 square foot look and bring it down to a microscope. Answer okay inspect your racy these the problems you should solutions here's the cost to do it that way you have you know I don't really establish. Your. All thanks so are you bet thank you good luck with purchased the house is exciting you. Appreciate it. You bet thank you might listen to go to commercial break and come back with the team this Irene next Irene and head. And all and do not hang up. Welcome back to you right at his brief Rick welcome back to the public and show let's go straight to phone lines and speak with Irene pairing good morning. Morning at the all new sorry guys. A lot of more and I enjoy doing this highlights our weekends are paid you to call I would have anybody's. All my goodness I can't I have a lot. That talk about but I only do one thing today so. Hit no this odd trip being in Asia if if I think my house the on the left side. And it's a little white person that comes out from the patient. Anna I'm all right from the profits and I didn't notice any difference in anything outlook on the other atom growth yet in this profit. And I didn't see any water dripping but about a month ago well. Maybe a little longer than a month as little. Damp spot. In my. Wheeling. But you know how they build out these feelings that may have a little. They have. Whole kind of feeling a couple of they they have different levels. Well yeah those little. Call silly drop yeah yeah yeah that's right and it's all the other rights there are fireplace but I had so people local topic check. Five roof leak stated in me. Leaking in the group they didn't see any water in the week. And one of the persons was replacing I'm motor in my own heating system. And he paid as much as tickets hell don't know he couldn't advise me on that is bad it was a maybe a pipe that wind down. The fireplace. I have never. You that fireplace and then host the long confidently as the fireplace. And then two days ago I noted. Where this little. If I guess about solving water spots like water and was even though nobody found water a little black. All. Aren't in inside that water park and hasn't been oh my god I hope that they're about to fall out. All right so. Disarming us there's talk about the white pipe drinking soft persons get back to the park place okay. You you're you're white hype coming out of your soffit. Is it could be one of toothpicks. It's either that relates to your recognition. Was related to you wanna hear. So you get to get some of the climb up and yet with a flashlight very carefully glued to the pain and on the directories consistency there's water and saw that Iranian. Or the opinion on the fuel water heaters who does water there. You shoot those are mercy payments should not have any water in either one of those ions. So that tells me either you water here is leaking in ops you gotta get this fixed quickly. Or the primary drain for your recognition system is obstructed or clogged completely. In the water is not going on the primary drink like it should it's actually giving consumers opinion below your recognition system and turning them away. My goodness okay. When. Both about current and checked they say they were no water. In the you don't want to ask you. You come back and check again because that pipe outside you set to Star Trek from within a week or so. Well it's been gripping moment and that it has. OK you got him the look and have them take have them goats that pipe that's in this office. And follow it back towards the senate theoretical wherever that it's it's directions moving in and see where that pipe is connected it typically related to. You water heater or your recognition system. Oh my goodness okay. Okay now. Let's go back to your fireplace. Sometimes. Your fireplace. Cap that stat battle flue pipe that goes out where the the cap is connected to the rail flue pipe some Tom starts to leak after a long period of time but being exposed to the outside elements. And most object teensy leaking issue in the had a quiet trading. So in next time it's raining while it's raining. Have some go up and take a look at seepage if that though round height above you far places where if it is and that's the problem. Home couldn't okay. And who would be able to do that. You actually can refer to come look at it they can owls put a gardener knows only too so if if it's not raining whether there and put a god knows there's even leaks that we try to make it leaked. What is at camp. No reform would take care your Farr please sleep okay. If if it's. If it's an AC problem and obviously you call their condition company if it's a Watergate a leaking and that would be a licensed plumber. Poll OK I would need to Kolb who had killed pig. Well first he went to Somalia their first of funnel which appliances leaking is that the AC or the water heater. I was taking some time in some money because it if it's. If it's the air conditionally and you are plumber come look at it he's that riveted thankfully but it charges service call. Yeah. Yes so I can get a layperson they Wear it sleeping. Yes. Oh Brooke oh my god okay and then I'll have to call up a plumber. And air conditioned for. It depends depends what do what's what's the problem its current. Okay on Sunday and the recommendation. For and immigrated to New Orleans area but. On the West Bank. Yes for him so if you go to Paul's Alstott column that website but also stuck on putting your region as. South Shore and then look for your trade would that be a plumber or heating cooling specialist. Okay that for the West Bank this. Okay and put in heating and cooling and then put in work group front. Approved for or plummet that's correct depends which yet you refer to the trite. Yeah okay thank you phone it's I just hated how crucial is that I don't want my feeling a follow him. It's it's not something you wanna dredge if you going to problem who wanted promptly. But thank you are as slim salary thank you for calling thanks for listening have a great. You bet that we get a code to your commercial break welcome back at Europe next. Rest yell folks hang on hang out listen to show love what you're holding. We'll get to you as quickly as we can we'll be right back after this welcome back let's go straight to phone lines and speaker at it thank you for older and on good morning. Very good morning thank you for taking my call. Love you share I like two in the mechanisms on the broadcast. Italy to details on about and much about wanting heaters. In my house along with sir that you can change and those. That you could extend the life for the war. Recently I was a dramatic. And I noticed that Pia there was some corrosion or. On war stand around some of the club. The scenes in the water either. So my laundry out I expect to be about thirty years ago. I don't know another shirt common two have a war in the last. And who are so often it was time during two to change. So how warm and is that something that people should be news it's changed. The large. After a few years and years and should do their. Yet so you definitely should be changed yen ride on your award here. It's a sacrificial rites that depending on how horseshoe watery eyes that's all along that rod blasts before deteriorates. It's it's Ers have to whip. Fish menus and opera motor their there's walls. Sacrificial plates that are are mommy to the outpour motors and the motors in the water. Instead of the one attacking them battle of the motor taxi sacrificial plates. So it's sinking in reference to him and ride mark concern here is is twofold as you boarding your tank. He's he's thirty years old and you're starting sees some deterioration at the scene. That you may be a little late on changing that rod. But it certainly can change in the artery make sure it doesn't leak. But you know on average people should be changed America probably ever thought the seven years I knew nobody does that. I'm on this to argue with the manufacturers adjust and also removed that are partial watery eyes. And I confessed to my water heaters or. Sixteen years old level and changed them wants. Now but I have real good water worm that plus side apple calls. Want a system that no one put in place so. I'm not as concerned need to do in every office and yours not construct so which it's actually Tom do. Yeah I thought about doing it was by opinion ago acceptable but couldn't get DO. The rod took to loosen Obama so critical turning to work in Toronto also is it it's something that you can pick up the the big box problems. Not that I've seen so it maybe you could go to a plumbing supply house we have the order more in line I have not seen the big box. Harbor Stewart's stock that put the arms supply houses an album and of course she can go along. I don't know the question below about a mile water. Power but at my house and you know neighborhood. We seem to have a problem minds. Are you familiar with the happen you know. You know if you should be seen a lot of brownish color wars and occasionally to come.