Home Improvement Show - Hour 1

Paul aids callers dealing with water disappearing out of an upstairs toilet tank, a gutterless house causing water pooling, and explains sand pumping.

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Good morning everyone and happy far Tuesday peek into each in one of the dads out there certainly hopefully my dad's listening out before the states you dead. We've spent that they were dubious reaction go to so it's been for the state today this afternoon. Hopefully them the ring and messes up too much because I was planning on doing some outdoor barbecuing so. You know not like barbecue and home and ice cream to celebrate today so that's what employment dornin. We'll see what happens to others the way apple will just write the promise you the flexible will not break in it's the degree we can I want to adopt him to wish everyone. Who's a dad happy fourth Tuesday in the flow. If your child here and talk you dad recently announced a critic Tom the pick up the phone doors cinema tech story email hole or settlement harder soften. So anyway let's talk brought home improvement welcome to the home from chose this battle of two and every Saturday between male and 12 o'clock. Who we get a chance we talk about different projects you may be having. Donna journal NB prosecute that you heart professional you're a maybe it's a project you're doing yourself for. If you're helping a family members of fame member coming over saying hey let me help you do this project can you put some advice on. Which steps to do first or. A pro we're products to use or had this would uses a sounding board saying you know mature should harp professional do this or. It is is a project could you myself and won't talk about it along with. But the projects could also be copper problems in the G efficiency. Indoor air quality concerns may be some moisture challenge of inflation with his previous summer and they went away this winter and of course ballots shown its its face again and scan can pretty ugly scenes saying. Men are really wanna do something. It took to avoid that. Maybe it's into your caucus or maybe you have a problem with dust or problems with mold. Or do you got some off gassing of different products and Hosni constraints Moehler whatever the case may be weekly could talk about all of that. It's certainly open for discussion to a nail in the end of a 12 o'clock in show. Could encourage you called in early please don't wait to the end. I always in the show folks hanging on line or protects and haven't gotten to. So sentiment early let's get to first come first serve that number is 504. 260187. It's 26 or when he seventy. Or you can semi tech's 87870. In like keep it as many calls and text as we possibly can so. That being said. A T what access the couple folks that of have called in what would make it to the phone lines and in them will do quick commercial break in the give back to your tricks questions but think it can sneak in a called war. Our first brick let's go to phones and speak with Sean H on good morning welcome to the show after fathers figured I'd. The moment all I can keep and the I'll call them frequently not that report and I have got my property and we equally at a property inspected would have read. You know the race held in court read and that property there inspection determined that the property an analogy grow mold a little that bin captain. You know being that. Rental property we wouldn't you know blue morning Everett mediated and I wanted you know to chip thoughts on. If the property's really weren't born Judith and with the call then. The the mediation. You know I'd get a pat on all in any concerns as well. Sure what course from what let me commend you Sean that you've taken a practice steps of wanting cheeky. Com that though organic growth of mold or wherever it is the taking care of because. I have found a home having the best approximate self that's a very common question even get questions here in the show's sake. Hey I mean department arm and a townhouse are meant renal. And I have these concerns and not just. So I think it's great that you're concerned with the tents is I think that's the a good point. Vote for and people making your property your mail with the Jimmy Choo shoe was or somebody else's so beg backed few question. It it's it's one thing to repudiate the organic growth it's another thing to prevent it from coming back. And I think that prevention is where most people's it'll go was forced they should we need to considerate. Builders are someone to come in and repeated remotely think it's a comeback. And that's not necessarily true particularly here in the gulf south because we have so much. Moisture in the air. Even if you don't have any sink. Or plumbing leak or roof leak. Maybe to his high levels of relative humidity inside your house they're hired off an intake above 60% relative humidity. That'll all's all your building is simply become saturated and that saturation. Even notice shape show up. In condensation does shall open water war sustaining that high elevated moisture content. Can support the growth of mold right. And well. Involved to be cleared and NATO want that the not in car. On the lead crawl the okay and it's and it appeared that you know off the front and is in quote the act and how the clothes that I go open but he. It is they Betty the it put a narrow. Path I get ample one in the house. Welcome. How close that he Jason houses offenses or structures to that said the sides of the. Pretty close. One. Nancy. Ten. You know there is a redwood and it's probably about five easily. That was that property is happy with the when he easily. Who connect I feel much better on the side that's got fifteen to twenty feet beside the sky at the fence you snuck in your Lotta air movement in there. And and keep remarked sometimes revelation works against you doesn't work in your favor. But but having a in our climate is best to have a fully bent to crawl space. Wore a crawl space it's closed off. Around the perimeter it's got a ground cover and you maintain its more should contact mechanically like. Using the human afar. Having a crawl spaces in between those two extremes. Becomes problematic particularly fit at that Holmes kept cold. Mail them let's talk about the those duke mold underneath the structure. You'll be surprised how much of the air on the term house gets inside your house. Hate that though the contamination here that's underneath that building right now on the bottom side. Of the of the sub floor assembly the floor Joyce you real intent inside your home but it does indicator seal. Most all homes don't have their computers. So you still wanna used to resolve it in and that's to be a spot this could be difficult. To prevent it from coming back. And let you go to that that path cut so you old clothes and off. Make sure you have no no rain water giving them or house close and open ground covered putting the humidifier and what you view that. They need to get this problem licked but if if you're a flood zones on and then. You don't wanna do that because there's a risk of you know when you whispering float like committee you know may third may template type event. You know leisure equipment dilution investment so you know we're a balanced everything got you got to make that a so is it works Dini removed absolutely it's worth giving that organic growth mediated. But it's also worth investigating what parts of what would challenge as you could be facing in which solutions or realty to prevent it coming back. Okay are the recommends somebody important noticed remediation and treatment and then. I look at it here. Yes so go to Paul's house dot com that's our website Paul's house dot com and it it it's 88. Website designed specifically. To give you the consumer free resource defined eye and and connect you with local professionals. That provide you know products and services in different home improvement projects such is Armenian balls so the category you'll be looking Porsche on would be. South Shore as she says it's it's on the last night and you'll be looking for indoor air quality and under that category you'll see the folks are meant for. You know will be caught or repertoire and a de Aaron. It depends every house is a little bit different that some of it is based on the area that needs during mediated some of it's based on the access to me Housley calling girls and repudiated could be harder to repudiate note points. But a more easily accessible. So on every jobs will be different if you want is Gaza there have come look at it. Text in who pumping you know that I had to Wear them more Opel would be completely replaced others are bumping nick beat. Remedy and then you know taken care of a quality program. If there's no decay in the would support meaning it's it's that's so voices started to decay. Then the mold can be repeated it in and they should be fun but if it is already begun. And that's a different story and yet the trio. How much of it is it is at the very bottom was the thickness of this war. So you could have yet coffer or something like that go in there and I grew up on the Uga man hypocrite that thank you for column. Right political to a real quick commercial break a season folks on hold Kevin from its Citi Europe next on underwear and on. Hang out with this we're coming right back after this looks. Welcome back to the home proves telescope back to phone lines and speak with Kevin hey Kevin good morning. By pointing to call you sir it. Television entity and own peers and program. You know this kind of sidewalk. And the is that there in the homes are close quarters there so on the one that has much open my neighbors in this sidewalk they'd come on up against each other. It was a it was the same case on the other side. What they toward it has been down there when they did he took on that sidewalk. And now and flakes gallery and you know whether it's oil is gonna be rooting. Your knees that sidewalk in and try to get it in the. So when he toward and the house did the obviously changed the drainage problem war running between between now and the life in your home. So. They really should it's it's against the law for their water deterrent or law. So I think at this point that we need to contact the owners of a lot in Macomb where. I pray and said listen guys we need me to do something. It would would you make one up to a new tool home was built there. Is maybe. Perhaps tackles whale between. The outlook or or thought right inside the far outside of your saw walked towards their property line. Incurred will bring it towards a drainage catch basin or warts the street. And rightly beat. Because if not. What's gonna happen is that that's holes and you root note you'll lose the sidewalk. But you don't want something that close to your house he wrote in the soul because then that could contribute. Long term now but he could contribute which foundation problems. Which is right so you wanna avoid aren't so you want you workers. It could it's like it's really wanted to he could Nam opera because sidewalk is there to really bond properties higher than it. If that's important with where's the water come from Ozzie renting. I would just when it rains you know and an update its you don't have gutters so the water cut off and then it just you know. And that is it you know it's grabbing the caller is gonna go to the low point and and it's going. All the sidewalk. Is that his property in the comic cotton underneath that you know touch of he's already said yep that'd so did so in the trench errors. And then what and then went to the church. Well you'd have to do some depending on how trees are between where where that is in relation to the streets. And in new drainage humanity do some sort subs sub surface drainage and catch basins. And collect the water there and then put it 28. Green. Ortiz who was system of course the kids who system yet it. Apartments inspections and things like that make that happen. But that that's due due got to stop these erosion there dirt there's no doubt either you got to capture the water better with daughters in put it directly in two. Subsurface drainage or you have to get some way to convey that water from where it's coming off the roof or to your sciele walked. You may catch basin or towards the street without you wrote in the soul okay all right thank you. You bet thank you a question but one question. All right that's going in speak is it is that Leon from from Mississippi in the field. Cling cling on a good morning. Cleo clear on what is it he lost them. Hello yes more than a good guy. Two questions please what is it about the and they lie icon which is it true that there's some. And kind of put it that that are out there what you can flush or drink yes all right my. The answer is due to technical data going. And I found true I can't get into net nimble. And figure and the the tank is conduct which figures. Due to fluctuations in year treasures something's. The Palestinians. Had gone by now you're upstairs. Is there any problem I had to take to the tank and go about teaching before listening. OK so. I don't think the two connected and I think having plumbing. Just you can hear me. OK I don't think that you eat there or connected your plumbing and should not affect what's happening in the tank of your tool it. Oh so I don't think those connected in a I think all of you found out if the water is. At the what do you fill your tank. And of course and that's stop this connect it to change your pulling up on news the war against the bowl blow it on one of that stoppers a long on the was the leak out. In due in two but tentatively saudis should refill them on what your problems with your bow to all the though. Oh. So I don't think there's two problems are connected. What is that the thing that the doctor is full. Right. Applies to you to change. That much. That that the little handle on outside of the tank and trigger a pretty. Prince and mid conflict in the county. It it does I don't see how that you would would if you if there was this problem is connected coupon events the water inside your bowl. Will be going. Not sought to tag it. They're both going to jail. Okay how often you go out there and in in them gives you his films are popular tickling your bathroom. Oca but it. When you go to dust once we go what should of flushed at all. And this is but I watch because I think some of the water in the bowl is evaporating in Italy and why I say that is because this time a year. You reckon she's running removing water. And if no one is refueling and apple is no one's washing the tank is not being used he couldn't have some evaporation. Hell. I don't wanna rule out completely. Because of the bombing that's but the vet itself does not affect the tank but it would affect the bull. Could describe what you do as a which is what can happen when you give up their you do you're dusting you'll like cleaning good quash it. And if you go back the following week kind of monitor how much what you actually lost you lost only a half inch. And that's probably the unification air condition system. If you lost like 23 inches. That's a different story than it could be related to department cuts. Think it's questioned. On. Count is it's going to cut 14100 changed and Paul Crowe. Four feet. I. I haven't gotten back steps will. How is eight years bill and DD. Betray that arises and the stringer. Added a lot out. Years. I'd like to do. You do to reprint my state years. I'm. Like a kick it was outside. And pilot had them maybe it's a little more substantial. Yep so Cleo I'm I'm running out of time but I suggest I have for you very similar with a view at the broad walks in the docks and appears in Florida and Alabama used a synthetic products. So it doesn't rod into campaigning stand it I'm so out of town on soc can go any further the split. Listen keep on listening of some of those has some of the suggestions I'm sure that a pop up Bob repeat them are folks who bureau back after this. Welcome back to the home improvement show here in the bigots have any let's go back to phone lines in speak with Jim hey Jim good morning welcome to the cell. Morning pol going to take him a call you sir can help you take. Well I've got I've got two bedrooms and miles fullback. I mean fullback arms and down and worn out on the volume triple. Turnaround hot water. Come out real good I mean it's exceptional. But when you turn on a coal. That by about one chartered a hot water now I had to plumbers out there it. They can't find anything wrong and collapsed Plummer had a actor told the probably read and their copper lines that they're hot water street quarters in a Cold War package. And so. Now not the bathroom has no problem whatsoever. Great flow so what do you say to problems. Jim this is this holiday vanity ornate single level. Shaw Fossett. It single level our. Hum. So let me say this. Mare my bathroom is the furthest away. From where my plumbing interest my house plumbing does miles right inside my bathrooms on the far left inside. And I upgrade the size of the Koppel our move building their home building this pressure was dubious challenge from it. So there are times though if someone else is using water in the house like washing. Close arsenals take showers same come on to go ashore march our volume just a little bit less and I have a single emotional hours well. By put on leading up to lose it there are times when I'm home action this was. Previous to me getting a whole house filter since I had the most votes as problems on the way but there's been times in the past that when I have. Infrastructure being worked on plumbing work on in the subdivision rejoice is a division. Lou bits of debris would keep into the plumbing system you'd be surprised it actually comes to our plumbing system. In the gates in to the valve on the same amount of Fossett's try to turn off. The main water at the house I would take that single in a volatile part. And you would look at the colts on the hot side and you would see some debris in which you remove debris that in the pressure becomes equal. And industry returns. Well I agree with with a with a three quarter half inch piping. In the recessed say that is because once he gets into these single and a valves. It it it's the same size anyway. Let me apologize and I misunderstood your question it is a duel on the porch out for him and Cold War. And we keep the first plumber actually blew the line or blue. Blue hair into it now. And and this oversee could see that in the or handle area and so. I own peace said he did not need to do not accept one another line. Which also thousand dollars a party a party entity this deal forward its books. How long has been happenings is something new is always in this case. No it's been awhile and I can't I don't know for many years or whatever case it they've. Come. It. Soon. Where it's a wash Louis album presuming. There's no rings and it. If you tried changing change in the belt if you try to take the cold valve output on the hot side into the makes a difference no Arab world are. Of course is to turn the wrong direction because it's cold vs hot but at least give you an idea. Is it the valve or not that's contributing to the low pressure or aren't while they're trying to. It meant that that's I think that's where I would go next at least a rule that out I mean sometimes when you dark lasting diagnosing these are problems you needed it loud. A lot of stuff first he kind of narrow down your focus I think that's where I would go next in our of that damage in if it's not that call me back next week and we'll figure it out. Aybar crushed at Barbara are you bet you same at the far opposite to you. All right we can go to commercial break we'll come back Cathy from Canner Europe next and dog would got a lot more on the potential left negotiate the question. Now it's a great town semi attacks and 87870 it gives a call would love to talk to 260187. With a replica that is. Welcome back to a home a privilege show. Boy you gotta love lob radio laugh commercials it sometimes I get the talk confessed to mama. If you Stevenson. All right let's go back to fault lines and Kathy good morning welcome to the pseudo. Oh. How can it help. Well I don't. Nicole Brown box play. Bain. I'm not sure if they really. Deeper and saying out album with mine. And then you go off and then you know it's I think the idea. What. Her dad is it that way out or why. In the or I'm sure the island under. Outlook that situation. Probably heard that it highly exposed to a year. That they could deteriorate. Is that true. Yes they have it is. You know here's the thing about the singles though the reason your fellow man in the gone back is because those avoid. Underneath the between the bare bottom if you concrete and what's this top missiles over the years it's it subsided. Your house has a move because this supportable collings. Com so it really is important that you stay on top this Cathy because you don't want. The water from rain or drainage to go on the cure foundation because if you start giving water and 48. That's a whole different problem and that's much harder problem though the column in Seoul. And enterprise how much of moisture gets in your house from the water. Also you don't want rodents going there as well. So you really wanna make sure that you or really proactive in keeping that. Outer perimeter of your slab. Field with you know with no dirt but also maybe some side the grass to prevent some erosion. It is going to be a maintenance problem all the way to Opel calm this. He's actually harsh some of the going to on the pumps in anything and that's that's an option in fact that that's certainly a viable option. It's it's it's it's not cheap it's expensive but it will solve your problem. We talked and we we talked about why you wouldn't pay maybe a bullet. Yeah maybe it should be. In one day now so far. On the play it and then come back. And music city and on paper but. I have been checked out. Why weren't you. Yeah there. So. If you go to our website Paul cells that com and you look at the foundations. You'll be one of the publishing companies were commence classy. Nicklaus he pumps. You can look at NC and NC keep investment that would. What do retail if if you're seeing one spot it's only put blog what you're seeing is a lot an hour or smaller than what's actually happening beneath. Yeah they asked about it you can imagine what what's there what's that much it removed that edging in and hits below the great team. When you what's good with the the size of the boy it's could be fairly substantial. I hump what you say what he sang and what is news. So. There is wet open as a drive pump they take that real fine sense of typical like river sand it's typical pump sand okay. You and they put it through a hall. And sometimes it's went sometimes and try depending on the technique and they take a hose in the actually compact the same and underneath your foundation with its heroes in this it's giving that voice filling become a compact it they drove those bottle will be more. Let that very get full compact and got to draw those are will be more. It's actually come its its compact thing. The sand underneath the forty acre house. I'm so another words not bump and I do not. Number it probably we. Our now I'll let my era in the meantime ms. Kathy would you tend to herself as we you know describe first is don't let those holes opened up. In Kiki some press on top of the trite slogans that he Russian. Do you have a dollars in your house. Yes I do. Actually did not hail ball. Katrina. Opened saying now. And then I. Can't replace. I. Thought it not yet garbage or law. Like it may be at an. Yeah probably contribute a little bit of make sure you're downspouts or getting that water away from the edge your house and even if you need person extensions on them. And yeah even further away that would help. I have a bit but now I can't. Which column that you go right on down by others last block you those last class jewelry products are quite. You can't. Excellent. Our taste and good luck that project. Thank you very much he buys. Thank you hypocrite that I. All right we go to commercial Brett welcome back almost like giving T some of your tax if you wanna settle the question via text the numbers 8787. Who come in Iraq right back so on the provisional right after this break. Welcome back to the home proved show limit you to a few texts and it's the first taxes. When you don't Beth from exhaustion and if you don't talk outside of the addict you inducted into the EC dot com. Our Brothers exhaust docking attaches. Tunics Austin will water came out and the AC man came out and had a hotline. So was cleaned out he says that she cleared the exhaust from water coming in. Well let me say this a bathroom exhaust fan. Should have a damper that opens and closes when the fans you are off. In the exhaust docking should go according to decode is well was good building site should go outside the attic that into the attic. Outside the attic and issued an entry either house offered wore a gable and walls or roof it's got to get out of it yet completely. Column should never connected to and they see duck. I've never seen a bath exhausting to clog. I am policy of resumes clog with insulation something but that that normally never I've never seen that happen either as a way act and seat possibly. What kind of caught it it it doesn't get clogged with wintering in like that stock closed strike up its path exhausting. Now the water sometimes Lotta times I will see. Water and sought a bath and exhaust and that's a result of condensation. And that's a possibility in if you brother keeps her house really really cold or that bathroom through the cold in its below the outside viewpoint. And and it's in the dock itself doesn't have a damper and it. I can see where water would collect in the dark and the thing turns on him maybe some water. That you may be seeing some evidence of a considerably. I could certainly see that or there's a negative pressure inside that bathroom Packers certainly similar conversation would would collect so you don't. No trying to thwart although cynics. All right next texts and notes the where nexus love when this tax relief scrolls. OK I have a 4000. Square foot single story home. At 25 tonne and 14 and inspected so a total fourteen tons have an open floor plan. Two American machines compete against each other at the temperature in the arms that swing Wally will connect you to correct. The first volume fourteen tons of recognition system and 84000 square foot home. I'm not fair and there's no way from the team to tell you this over the radio without doing a whole budget hours and hours of calculations. But. In order to determine your conditions causing it. You do what's called a remote remand you to look speculation. I think you're oversized. I mean I pay fourteen tonnes at a 4000 square for the homeless. Is grossly oversized unless you get really really tall ceilings and lots of glass facing east and west and south. And lots internal heat. And it's an old home port installation up and see where you may need it but even still that's a lot of there. So the competing temperatures. Maybe because your recognition systems are emphasized. The other part of this thing it should the rest you questions what can you do to prevent. Because of thermostats a swing wildly you'd actually get terms that's today. That have remote sensors are you would have your main thermostat where it's located today where sent mail. And you can put. Another remote or even to other remote centers in different rooms. Where that air condition is servicing and it's heating cooling that space in this today that thermostats that has got to. Either registered the temperature at the remote and operate their commission based on the road war. You can averaged a locations. Average two remotes with the location in Darmstadt and while the act and recognition operate. With those spaces being with average temperature so that would help you with the wild swings of the temperature and fighting competition. Put that sort of let me help you would be be over sizing. You know human would teachers expect by two degree from remain legitimate situation to see. If you're properly sized or not and that contributes to the couple problems if your conditions too big. Then you're not getting off all the moisture removed within you need. Because your conditions or operate longer particularly in the whispering in the fall. Even in in this Tom of of the summer season and I know were hot but it went out is how was it going to be in August September. And in typical because on our case is systems for the August and September so your conditions automatically to largest on your anyway. But if it's too large because there are design criteria is the latest in the too large as you want to pick of the units. You can keep in the knees twice. So that that that some challenges that you probably look at them holistic approach Africa. Right listen the whole the first all the home from show is done but would go to a second hour. If you have questions and annals of great Tom McCall the numbers fob 042601878. And also you can Simpson taxes 8787. Comeback will start get to bolster text in your phone calls we'll be right back after this don't go to where. We're coming right back to the home from show here on the big 87 need to be done audio.