The Home Improvement Show - Hour 1

Paul LaGrange helps callers with windows, tile floors, insulation issues and HVAC/venting problems.


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Hey folks good morning happy Saturday to you a little delay is starting normal group show my apologies. But we York here to a mail in 12 o'clock inching your questions related to home improvement in comfort and indoor air quality in two efficiency and into project you have going around on campus fishing camp. You ouster Condo. Apartments yourself boat doesn't matter what topple ball all of it. And so what we give that number has to make sure that I give you plenty opting to call and and as your question it's 504. 2601872601870. Weakens him attacks that 878 said he would love to your questions. About home improvement in repairs in a you know look at how consequences on the show you related sometimes it's plumbing there. Or flooring reports its air conditioned which. I suspect abuse to give lots commission questions and those questions and more extreme copper questions as it were getting into our summer arming. And those culpable this morning did it it it how to warm yes that soon and you can do it again and again today. Or maybe it's outdoor project maybe you building a deck core U rebuilding and repairing offense or. Perhaps trading drenched here back to order. It was this all open for discussion on as always do every set him courage to call an early please don't wait to the end because. He tweets in the next few questions and help out as but he folks you can if you're new to the show and you want me it was it's all about. Well it it's not a sales pitch I can assure you that it's me. Giving you information so that you can make an informed decision about your project. And questions may be an alarming up with. Hey I have this problem but I'd I'm hearing different reasons would be the cause when they explain t.s give me your opinion. Or less because been identified good I'm offered to three different solutions on which solutions to do. I can help you with that if mission as well. Or folly maybe I'm not sure if I can repeat this myself. A wanna do myself at the Thomas at the skills development and we can walk through that process war. If you're looking for local professional mark and try and help you identify any local professional. Or vendors that can supply you those materials you know to complete a project so. Particularly given that never gets to 601870. But he can semi tech's 87870. Don't be shy about calling and texting and we'll keep you questions first come first serve. They've potter our engineer will take your phone call who put shall hold. Company Kirch who while your on hold please turn down. Your radio turned down the volume when your radio and you can listen to the show lives while you hold your phone. Approach you know could miss anything it's going to be. Almost seamless when they mature old. You hear everything that's happening in but set out to you first come first serve so. Start stop lining up to 60 wait 7877. Via text and though we'll talk you know right after his rhetorical but where. Coming right back to that from psoriasis welcome back to the home from show here on WWO let's go to the phone lines and stark instance and questions and some fun. Let's talk to boost the rate first daybreak a morning welcome to the show. I've bought other questionable. Recently moved in Ohio. And we get water common in the rule window and could oh. And now we noticed that the wind that put him. Is of vertical wind up being used as our model in. And is there any way there. Can't rectify that without change in the window to keep war from common and evidently it took drainage problem. From vision use that are wrong light bulb law insulation that. Anderson you could recommend. You know change and I'll wind is Eric Boyd says that when is there anything. Directly in the right way you know maybe trees sees wind as well. Sheer grace though I am not aware of in the solution. To your problem reference to article uses it is. Model that this. Strange point standpoint I don't know anyway you consult. Yeah so I think at this point it's it's a matter is just one went through. Well yes yeah they had noted one window way you know I guess city most of it was. Installed doubt that installed reporting evidently couldn't you know duty on Koppel would emanate. Uses state framed it in on on looking at a right now they framed it in. Defeated this horizontal. And vertical wind it used as our novel. So instead of what no correct winter and and and one day come home heavy rains. That blew into the wind it up that way in red watery like outweighs has gone. Argus that's what we want upon not bad it was the window. On the wrong tight. Go ahead. So again at this point. You'd call folks in the state wins and Dorsey if you know they can actually no we can't change interest that window but it fury and president of the windows two or replace that concern you. They're the experts in the field and certainly. You reference to what your options are. Also expressed to them we do this doll in the law he tried achievement in their rate at that unifying. Those options as well in the in the open up the price up which you know which which critical vote when news indoors and and assess a lot of a lot different thing. Like air conditions in the insulation all the stuff we talk about is how well that that product is stalled installations crucial. And that's why. You know you're on an expert likens the news to do that. Correct and then go to Q you touched on it flawed ideas single on callable on and you. Coveted differences and you know what would be advantages that. Yeah absolutely so. He's in a single home windows were at the lower sash. Operates only in the recesses next. They doubled home is where both the opera in the lower in and then can operate oh. Hurt it can't be ignored or the bottom of great. That's correct so resentment widgets on the cheap house if you are grateful for hours one only. How the bought this they're going to have any benefit but richest if you wanna open your window from the top what you want Oprah from the bottom there's no. You know an affinity just what you wanna have been okay. Well for really really tall windows. There is a benefit because. You would have been able to you if you try to remove some heat in the heat rises towards the soon. You can open up the top of that went to an end let that heat out a lot easier than the lower portion of the window. So could there are some advantages of having to double on windows. And then again as far as the efficient the united it would while. Andres failed we we got now. I own. Yes but you know infield windows is it really necessary. Law against it when the right so I'll I'll talk about them down and gentlemen you know so you know it is it really necessary. You know. To buy that. Let let's talk about the energy efficient features of window at them breakdown segment segment and a and no corporate action to your question. Build a double insulated windows me give two panes of glass is more efficient than a single non that easily collapse. The distance between two panes of glass also makes a difference. In any efficiency the greater the distance. Most or YouTube or on or. Gore. Yes. It's once at the other segment is what's called the he'd literally minutes of code or Lou field. That is huge improvement in the past that dozens tool while natural light on that last. But reflects on the degree heat back into the atmosphere for future home. So it's a real plus for us. Then the other part of this news. Putting it in her gas between the two things that lasts. And that's really the proxy questions were leaving the cast cleaner gas there is small. Improvement with the inner gas oh here's my question. It almost buying windows myself today was very using its way to class. Though he failed. In the mean with the inner gas. I wouldn't go ahead and yet it. But I wouldn't pay extra for meaning like that you know what does this wouldn't homes with insulin it lasts because Louis filled with for an exit thirty bucks. And yet. In her gas with that I would pay thirty books but our current bundled with everything else I would analyst having it. Terrorism experience aren't. Yes it does appreciate you're. Joba make me understand. Thanks a lot. You bet right no thank you great question and in a lot of folks are earned precedent in replacement ones indoors and you know we we almost won you know be muffled try to give you all the information so you can make an informed decision what works best for you in your projects so. Great phone call hey if you have a question that number is 2601870. Or you can semi tech's 877 let's go to our next call and speak with Linda. Davis went to good morning. I argue. Oh. I. Wore it like oh. Yeah. When. I'm sure how no way we. In the I. Went. Similar yeah. Yeah. And I think I'll. Me. And and compound. It. A I. When I L. You know what what think about that's arousal for those they had a cement or concrete base. First and eunuch and that he is brick tile where you resident on. So you would have to put like any mortem that at first and then you can do what you're describing. Has got to leave for the time you withdraw all that effort though you would be. Federal disputing. The rest of glory. It could do it could last for many it's gonna pieces to come. I'd get away. Out. What I. Race is race how's. The house race or slash. Right now have concrete slab but you need the bodies of those chips. The basis the most out to be something. The bottom of those chips and flakes in whatever else in the it could be that it resins used currently as to be in that it is something. Are horrible. That's. I let. It. Shocked. At. The and yeah. Yeah I am not sorry I could give you but it does want to apologize but hey I love the way you think it's a great idea. Pope who works out for our list of folks we've got to see business political comeback quaint to some more questions here on the home improvement show. End the big 870 WTO. Keep those calls common sense attacks that he says it needs seventy who moved here from welcome back to this so let's go back the phone lines into some questions. Let's speak with France's they Francis good morning. Hey thank you for taking my call. Would go about insulation foam insulation. I have raised coal. And right now I'm considering. Putting all installation. Mop floors. At the beautiful wooden bullets. I am very adequate not thank mutilation in my attic. All of which is lonely place shouldn't. A one. One person I spoke June. Really talked about all the insulation. In the eye on my captors but a rule. And since I'm on a budget and cannot do both Beckett do not or cannot do my attic. Not yet so called by now about clothes now. Open shelves now. Internet outrageous but that well but what if I get it wet -- lowers. Now pocket at some point image I'm Nigel. OK so let's let's break it down segment a sudden this talk about it would force vs South Florida and we'll talk about dramatic sockets. So your your wood flooring underneath your support you would want to use a two pale and density. Closed cells brief phone. And you want it to be installed at least two inches thick. Your your. But to count density close so comes in different densities. So you would like to use at least seek to pound density and he had been home to its stake in order to be a water vapor barrier. And that that's the goal you try to achieve this to. Protection from water vapor movement as well as air movement and also energy which in this case through the biggest entities could be in the Wichita. You know typically most folks don't complain to force a hot in the summer they complain about that flows of very cold in the winter. So. I've tried. Advise you where do you spend your dollars to spend it down below on the sub floor were up above in the attic if you're Travis always more extra problem dale below. Then that's different than energy efficiency so you currently in this wood floors has shown some silence. Well what they've been migration or you try to protect that from happening. Then definitely the close cellphones could be the way to go is this if we could just talk about earlier thing phones. It. OK so. Boyish problem right now. Coca. If you try to. Decide which route to take based on energy savings. That's correct yeah I'm late windows right now tell law. That's one thing and then the next thing plus. An Al. Opt opera actor at Jamal all insulation in the in the rule. And he said that are really well are. I'll enjoy. And now I'm looking really do you say things and not at adequate amount of you know lol yeah inflation in my app. So not making mud that it is now back to do one object addicts. Maybe. Do that war. Or would you say. Ought maybe no logical would be out. The ball in the in the. Look let me ask you questions about your attic where is your recognition equipment and you're dark work your indoor Atkins equipment in your dock work. Attic in the yet okay. When you say adequate blown in insulation at the ceiling how thick is. It at least six engines. If if not they've not law. OK so. Here's the advantages of operating properly installed. On that he semi condition at a roof line. Attic space with the opens cells spread your thankful. Is that your recognition equipment. And your dock worker no longer in an extremely high Eumig. Harsh addict conditions that are currently using right now of the contract is ventilated in the insulation thermal boundaries at the ceiling. So since I do what you're you're raised in the normal boundary from the ceiling. Up to the underside of the roof line is indeed it should be installed continuous. And on it erupted in the should be complete air barrier. And he thermal barriers so your attic is going to be cooler and drier and currently he has. Now there are some complexities to that when you're dealing with the existing house and you converting it won't call retrofit. You have to remove the existing ceiling insulation that's there. And France's bottom weight six inches of both relentlessly since I don't know if he needs to be at least 1112 which is that in order for. In our club. The article you need to suck for millions of insulation if you make sure your kitchen your bathroom exhaust fans have been two adopted in Dave Byrd. All the way out about nine TO but outside the reformer who fortunately post office. If you have any gas appliances like against what you are gas furnace. That raises some complexities because now you're taking that gas furnace that was used to be that it addict. And you know putting it in the closed that exodus of the Boston there are challenges. In the he'll call. And finally beat the out the last bottle which you consider when making this choice is purity replace your windows and now you could be. Potentially. Taken a week heat in the boisterous and erratic. Which your recognition is in your conditions to be sized to large studio with saws. Topic because you have less heat come through windows and doors now provision your proving them right you have less likely in your erratic. In what your size your commissions system those that some of the components to the many components. That week we look at when sizing air conditioning equipment. So right YouTube video besides you know that may not be important because your conditions twelve years old. And one of the project she could do replaced next year but you can fix it she early summer. That's the case then I'm not too concerned about it but your conditions five years older Newark. Then you guys you know potential long useful life that equipment and you could be oversaw its for an extended period Tom in that does concern. Yeah. God that's what they networking and that it bites. So what are you but it is if you're saving strategy. You always do the root flawed you have more heat coming through your attic if you're sealing. That you and your floors if your house all the moisture problem that's different than it says so but that's what says you know reckon they'll form. They practice and go to commercially and it was it was Greg talk to your questions. Our folks listened to go to a real quick brief break and come back will it share warp your questions. For the folks are hanging on please hang on don't hang up. After the tech soak it do you promptly as well be right back after this welcome back to the home improvement show let's go to phone lines and speak with and there's been Sam's on hold so. I'm not gonna Sam first but let's go to. This is Sam. And the Sam. It in ST yeah. And Todd got it wrong. He is saying good morning I signed my. How can help meet that. Aren't. Quite there who wind relations. And late in three different. Two years ago. One had a I'd get it called the Villa in the wind. As Mo. Ito. Just. In the short yet albeit what gimmick. And you add in the state windows insulation against gays but tell me. Tired. Kate. Shot that came out the demonstrations to Chile and it could come. It didn't come out. That guy they had they had to elect in May be a bad batch of you so what you take on pol. Okay so some of the sea island's. You go a greater. Propensity to global growth and others. Oh so it really dependable products they use. So you know they feel they do make ceilings that are meant to be outside exposed to you'd be. Exposure to sign in to mole. In out like to tell you that'll never crumble but. What does that the case because we live in south Louisiana but it's growing very quickly. And then went on it. You know sometimes they're called off that is the surface and others the bold is actually in that it in the Selig and you'll. You're never gonna happen that kind of almost sounds like what happened you. Is that it was. It was to surface balls that were growing in the broad in its. That's unfortunate happened to you but yes so this is what you speak with folks saying when indoors. Which you which year my experience with them saying it is on the house in the past. Don't wanna go to that road and even if I'd need a forward difference in the you know make sure this doesn't happen. I would have that transparent conversation with them in and explained Edwards. Because the two like. They've they've all part. You know but I get. Because it again what does oh there. That maybe they didn't take as much and used the best quality product that's what I am Adam. Which is the debt and a column in the city and maybe I'd like because that would be site with a company trying to give and take care. And apple and I have been given in I do it will be but I think it's like that the I. And the eight. Partners can actually wage and yet. Now with it and that's why is it thank you for a long term listener. I would assume this is not a week and so it's. That. Look at it could've been called the global works out when. You. Thank you miss and have a great day our folks wouldn't go to a brief break and come back mister Salem is up next so. Sam hold on don't end up will be right back after this more than home for the show when that video welcome back to the show must go straight to phone lines and speak with Sam I Sam thanks folder. And it volume Mueller was. Remember important to note when uncle bombs were killed well. Look what life in. All eyes on pot won't bleed through that. I'll like it that Google book like that Al. All you know if you're like that small app that. But that particular house. Got to get singles he'll pop act a couple of years ago had a problem with more extra build. More like structures so it's sort of like I appreciate rocky over the top. And stir up some some insulation that would restore all well the problems creep up lightly. And it's. It was good. Team maybe we should that this opera. This is what exactly and as you go out there and wanted to hear. In the summertime so the fact. So I think it's probably highly unlikely unless you have a very intentional purposeful. Halfway. Through the air from the softly you have to reach that heading south Italy's gonna help. And this is very common and very peak of the ceiling or the light north ceiling fans at the very top that you have these issues of saturation in the bowl grows. So what you need duties you'd try and there's there's two things are happening it's become a pressurized. And and indeed the it's you know we heated. In this also more sure rising towards the top. So. If it has he Richmond then then hopefully you're able to relieve the pressure. The other part of that yeah these Xerox saturated do you have a ceiling thinking in that room by any chance. Just like pictures of him. It was a and has. Insulation in the Arctic out while it would do. Should we look at and that's what we don't have that. Mr. I realize that but you don't have the path for the inner circle in the slop all the up to the ridge you know doing. Such as. Excel. If you it's obviously some but it's calling proper or about full opinions it will got to Oakland. Yet nothing. And oh yeah out. A mechanic as the clock and Obama lose you know sorry about it Tom hold on we'll talk about more compact dog on the web folks.